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Lesson plan

Date: the 30th of April 2015

Teacher: Stepan Cristina
School: Scoala gimnaziala nr. 3 Arpasel
Grade: 2nd
Textbook: Splash!
Lesson title: Im making a robot
Concept/ Topic to teach: parts of the body; present tense continuous
Specific objectives: By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

Identify parts of the body;

Match the words to the pictures;
Sing a song related to the body parts;
Write and say the new English vocabulary for body;
Use have got/ has got forms with body parts;
Learn body parts and make sentences through them;
Describe body parts in short sentences;
Practice listening, reading and speaking skill;
Apply new vocabulary in previously learned structures

Teaching materials: a puppet; board; laptop; a song; flashcards; posters; worksheets

Skills: listening; speaking; reading; writing
Classs management: group work; repetition drill; question and answer drill
Teaching techniques:

Number of students: 5
Anticipated problems: there will be explanation in Romanian ( if needed)

Stages of the new lesson



Aims: - to create a warm atmosphere in the classroom;


to raise their interest

to have fun

Procedure: Teacher shows students a video: Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Students sing the
song with the teacher doing the hand motion for each body part. The goal is to keep up with the
same rhythm and cadence as their teacher. Teacher continues until students are all over the place
and it has turned into chaos. Students have to make groups of four and mimic the song. The
group who performs the song in a perfect way will win a happy face.
Interaction: Ss T; T - Ss
Timing: 5 minutes
Skills: Listening; speaking



Aims: - to motivate the students and provide the context for new activities;

to engage the students in the new English class

Procedure: Teacher brings back the puppet from the previous lesson
T: Do you remember.?
What color is it?
Is it big or small?
T. gives the puppet to a student and asks him the following question: How many eyes has it
Teacher gives the puppet to another student: Can you show me the ears?
Has it got a big, blue nose?
Students look at the puppet and answer teachers questions. They hold the puppet and point.
Interaction: T Ss; Ss - T
Timing: 5 minutes
Skills: listening; speaking-


Activity 1
Aims: - to introduce the new information and check learners comprehension of new material;

to help them became familiar with the parts if the body;

to develop their listening skill

Procedure: Teacher introduces the new vocabulary by showing students flashcards on body
parts. Teacher tells the names of some body parts and the students repeat after her.
Interaction: T SS; Ss T
Timing: 5 minutes
Skills: listening; speaking

Activity 2
Aims: - to improve their reading skill;
Procedure: Teacher asks students to open their books on page 56: Im making a robot! Teacher
then reads the lesson once and the students pay attention. When teacher reads the lesson for the
second time the students repeat after her. Teacher gives Ss roles which they have to act. They
perform their roles several times.
Teacher then draws a robot on the blackboard and points to its body parts.
e.g. This is the head;
These are the eyes, .. etc
Interaction: T Ss; Ss T; Ss - Ss
Timing: 10 minutes
Skills: listening; speaking; reading; writing

Activity 1
Aims: - to write the new English vocabulary by labelling all parts of the body

to improve their reading skills by trying to guess the people by their description;

to be able to describe monsters by using have/ has got structures

Procedure: Teacher gives each student a worksheet containing two exercises. In the first
exercise , students are given two characters from a cartoon. Theyll have to label all the parts of
the body. In the second exercise students have to guess the people by their descriptions.
Interaction: T Ss; Ss T; Ss - Ss
Timing: 10 minutes
Skills: listening; reading; writing; speaking



Aims: - to reinforce the learning that has taken place

Procedure: Teacher helps organize groups.
T: We are going to work in groups and draw a monster. Each group will get a blank sheet to draw
their monster. Your group will choose seven slips from my hand: yellow; red; blue, green; pink;
T: You are going to read the sentences on the slips together and draw your monster. Read
carefully and pay attention to the colors and numbers in the sentence. For example, if it says:
Ive got four small teeth, what will you draw? ( T. asks students to mime). Name your monster.
Teacher chooses one student from the group to tell the others about his monster.( The slips
should be in different color: sentences about nose yellow, about mouth red so that the teacher
doesnt get confused and one group gets the same body part twice). Finally students choose one
member of their group to present the monster to the rest of the class. They name their monster.
Interaction: T Ss; Ss T; Ss - Ss
Timing: 10 minutes
Skills: listening; reading; writing; speaking



Procedure: Students are given a small sheet of paper with the song: head; shoulders; knees and
toes. They will have to listen to the song two times and complete the missing words.
Interaction: T SS; Ss - T
Timing: 3 minutes
Skills: listening; writing



Aims: -to reinforce the learning that has taken place

Procedure: Students will have to draw and describe themselves using Ive got and I havent got.
Students have to use their imagination for the I havent got sentences.
Interaction: T Ss; Ss - T
Timing: 2 minutes
Skills: listening; speaking; writing

end !!!!