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Nowadays, technology become one of the most important basic need in our life. In education,
we use many kind of technology such as internet learning, and when we are in class, we use
technology such as projector or LCD to do a slide show. When discussing the effects of
technology and education, the first assumption must be that this phenomenon really implies
the association of the internet with education. The use of technology give many benefits in
education, however, there are also many negative impact, for an example:
1. Use Of Internet
Most of the student use the internet for their first reference when doing the assigment.
They love to open the internet and search in google or yahoo rather than go to the
library and find the reference book. In their opinion, using internet make the easier to
copy and paste the information that they get. In addition, the use of internet will make
student dont think critically when the get the knowledge. The situation is different
when they use a book. When they use a book, it will make them to read, understand
and type one by one the information in order to finish the assigment. From this we can
see, technology make the student become lazy to read a book and depend 80 percent
from the internet. the plagiarism activities become worst and the quality of learning
will decrease.
2. Use of computer
Nowadays, most of the student prefer to use the computer to do their assigment.
Software such as microsoft word make them a lot of easier to write the assigment.
They just need to type or draw the table whatever they want. Its different with ancient
student when they have to write all their work so that they more understand what they
learn compare to student who just type using a computer. So that, the student now do
not know how to write the creative mind mapping and cannot do any work if they dont
have a computer.
3. Teachers using slideshow presentation in class
Most of the teachers in school or lecturer now prefer to use the slideshow presentation
to teach their student. They just need to write it and project it in class. The student just
see the presentation whether they understand or not. Its very different with past 10
years teachers. They very creative to use teaching materials, body language and
interesting activity in class during learning process. Nowadays, if the projector or
LCD did not function, the student or teachers cant do anything in class.

4. Scientific calculator
We cant denied that the calculator give us many benefits in mathematic education plus
now we have a scientific calculator. However, the usage of calculator actually make
student very lazy to memorize the important equation or formula. They just have to
press or key in whatever they want and they will get the answer. Formerly student in
past 10 years ago, they have to memorize all the mathematic table and formula. For
instance, in PMR mathematic test, they provided a formula book for student to refer.
So that the student know how to use that book or just remember it. The situation is
different now. Student nowadays very depend on calculator and they cant solve the
mathematic question if they do not use a calculator.
5. Electronic dictionary
Electronic dictionary make a lot of easier for student to search any word that they cant
understand. They just have to type the word and it will come out with spesific
meaning of the word. However, this electronic dictionary make student did not know
how or lazy to use the dictionary book. Student who use the dictionary book will read
one by one and at the same time they will get to know the new word beside of the
word that they want find.

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