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ans AT600 Ultrasonic
Flow Meter

w meter for liquids

is de signed to bee accurate, durable and
AT600 clamp-on ultrasonic flow

ans AT868 Ultrasonic
Flow Meter

AquaTrans AT868 ultrasonic water flow meter is a rugged, low-cost transmitter .

DigitalFlow XMT868i

XMT868i ultrasonic flow transmitter combines state-of-the-art flow measurement capability

with a low-cost transmitter for liquid application. Appropriate certification for installation in
hazardous (classified) locations.
PanaFlow Z3 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

a three-path wetted meter designed specifically for low-risk, accurate and repeatable
measurement of nominal temperature liquids.
Sentinel LCT4 High Accuracy Liquid Flow Meter

Sentinel LCT4 is a new addition to the Panametrics line of ultrasonic flow meters. Designed
specifically for high accuracy measurement of crude oil, other liquid refined hydrocarbon
products, and other non-hydrocarbon liquids, it delivers extremely reliable and repeatable
results and meets the strict performance requirements of OIML R117-1 and API MPMS.

Sentinel LCT (Liquid Custody Transfer) Flow Meter

designed to meet the strict requirements for custody transfer of hydrocarbons. Its four-path,
Robust Path Configuration provides trouble-free operation that will not drift.
Sentinel LNG - Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Cryogenic Liquids

has no moving parts and uses four-path Robust Path Configuration. Sentinel LNG uses
Bundle Waveguide Technology to direct greater tranducer signals into the process while
protecting the transducers from cryogenic temperatures.

TransPort PT878 Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter.

measures flow from outside plastic, metal or concrete-lined pipes non-intrusively, so theres
no pressure drop, leaks or contamination.


DigitalFlow GM868 General Purpose Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter

GM868 general-purpose flow meter measures gas flow in pipes or ducts.

DigitalFlow XGM868i - Gas Flow Ultrasonic Transmitter

XGM868i gas flow transmitter is a low-cost, transmitter-based version of the GM868

general-purpose gas flow meter. Like the GM868 flow meter, the XGM868i transmitter uses
the ultrasonic transit-time technique for measuring gas flow.

DigitalFlow CTF878 (Clamp-On Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter)

CTF878 brings clamp-on ultrasonic gas flow metering to atmospheric pressure applications
at velocities up to 150 ft/s (46m/s). It uses the correlation tag ultrasonic flow measurement
technique to measure accurately and reliably the flow of natural gas, compressed air, inert
gas or any other gases.
TransPort PT878GC Portable Ultrasonic Gas Flow

Clamp-on ultrasonic gas flow metering. Designed for short-term flow survey work for natural
gas pipeline, compressed air, inert gas or any compressed gas applications, it has the ability
to measure gas flow rates, log data to internal memory and export flow data to a PC.

DigitalFlow GF868 Flare Gas Mass Ultrasonic Flow Meter

GF868 flare gas flow meter improves the efficiency of petrochemical plants, refineries and
offshore platforms. It uses a proprietary algorithm to determine instantaneously the
molecular weight and mass flow rate of the flare gas.
DigitalFlow XGF868i - Flare Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meter

XGF868i not only improves the efficiency of petrochemical plants, refineries and offshore
platforms but is used to conserve energy and reduce product loss by identifying sources of
leaks into flare systems.


DigitalFlow GS868 Steam Mass Ultrasonic Flow Meter

GS868 ultrasonic steam flow meters solves the problems of pressure drop and rangeability
found in other flow meters by reducing operation, installation and maintenance costs.

DigitalFlow XGS868i Steam Mass Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter

a complete ultrasonic flow metering system for the measurement of saturated and
superheated steam. no pressure drop; has no moving parts or parts that foul or collect
debris; seldom requires maintenance; and provides reliable, drift-free operation.
PanaFlow Z1G - Volumetric Gas Flow Meter

It is a single-path wetted meter designed specifically for accurate and dependable

measurements in gas applications.


PanaFlow MV80 In-line Multivariable Mass Vortex Flow

MV80 in-line multivariable mass vortex flow meter

consists of a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor and a solid state
pressure transducer that measures the mass flow rate of steam, gases and liquids.
PanaFlow MV82 Insertion Multivariable Mass Vortex Flow Meter

MV82 insertion multivariable mass vortex flow meter

MV82s multivariable design consists of a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD
temperature sensor and a solid state pressure transducer that measures the mass flow rate
of steam, gases and liquids.


We offer reliable moisture analyzers with a combination of features to suit individual needs
and budget. In addition, the aluminum oxide moisture probes offer superior sensitivity,
speed of response, and calibration stability. The moisture generators are designed to
generate precise, repeatable levels of water vapor pressure in a carrier gas stream.
Moisture Analyzers

Aurora TDLAS Hygrometer

The Aurora utilizes tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy to measure moisture
in natural gas rapidly and accurately.

Moisture Image Series 1

The MIS 1 analyzer is the top-of-the-line model in GE family of Moisture Series


Moisture Monitor Series 3

The MMS3 is a single- or dual-channel analyzer with an alphanumeric LCD for

moisture, oxygen, temperature and other parameters.

Moisture Monitor Series 35

The MMS 35 single-channel hygrometer combines our M Series moisture probe with
state-of-the-art electronics.

DewPro MMY2650

This trace moisture analyzer is designed to operate with the DY5 or DY55 planar gold
aluminum oxide dew point sensor.
Moisture Transmitters


HygroPro is a loop-powered, intrinsically safe moisture transmitter for measuring the

moisture content in gases and non-aqueous liquids.

DewPro MMY31

This dew point transmitter is cost effective and designed for "in-line" installation
where trace moisture measurement is required.

DewPro MMY30

The DewPro MMY 30 is a loop-powered dew point transmitter for analyzing moisture


HygroTrace Ultra-Low Moisture Transmitter measures moisture content in the parts

per billion range in nitrogen and argon gas.
Portable Hygrometers


This portable hygrometer for measuring the moisture/humidity content of industrial

gases and liquids.

PM880 AC

This rugged, line-powered, portable hygrometer measures moisture in gases and

non-aqueous liquids.

Moisture Monitor Series 35 IS

The MMS 35 IS portable hygrometer is certified intrinsically safe, is battery powered,

and is housed in a damage-resistant case.

DewPro MMY245

This convenient, portable instrument can quickly spot check the performance of gas
Chilled Mirror Hygrometers


The Optica Chilled Mirror Hygrometer offers precision dew point measurement.


The OptiSonde Chilled Mirror Hygrometer offers precision humidity and temperature
Dew-10 Transmitter

This family of low cost, high performance chilled mirror dew point transmitters is
comprised of pipe, duct, and wall mount models.
Industrial Relative Humidity
DewPro MMR101

The DewPro MMR 101 is a high temperature loop-powered moisture and temperature
DewPro MMR30

This compact, mid-range moisture transmitter probe is designed specifically for

refrigeration dryer monitoring.
DewPro MMR31

The DewPro MMR 31 loop-powered mid-range moisture transmitter represents a

simple, cost effective solution for mid-range moisture measurement.
RH-Plus MR2350

The RH-Plus MR2350 is a moisture analyzer designed to operate with the GE MDR3
relative humidity probe.
Calibration Systems


The Humilab Humidity Control Chamber is a NIST traceable relative humidity

calibration system.


HumiTrace is the market-leading system for reliable and precise calibration of

virtually any relativity humidity probe.


The MG101 hygrometer calibration system is used to generate precise, repeatable

levels of water vapor in a carrier gas stream.
Sampling Systems

Sampling Systems

Sample handling systems are essential for getting top performance from your gas
and moisture analyzer systems.
Moisture Probes

M Series

M Series moisture probes are coupled to Panametrics hygrometer consoles by an

interconnecting cable.
TF Series

The three-function TF Series probe measures pressure and temperature, in addition

to moisture content.
MIS Probe

This aluminum oxide moisture probe is designed to be used in conjunction with the
MIS 1 analyzer, MIS 2 analyzer and PM880.


PanaView Instrument Interface software allows access to many product features

from your computer.

Moisture.IQ Analyzer

Part of the IQ Series of moisture and oxygen analyzers from GE, the moisture.IQ is a
multichannel, multifunction analyzer
Each channel can accept:
1 Moisture input (MIS Probe or M Probe)
1 Temperature input (MIS Probe or M Probe)
1 Pressure input (MIS Probe)
1 Oxygen input (electrochemical sensor)
2 Auxiliary inputs

XMO2 Thermoparamagnetic Oxygen Transmitter

Measures oxygen from 0.01% to 100% in gases

The XMO2 transmitter is a compact, rugged, online transmitter that provides computerenhanced, drift-free oxygen measurement.

APX Advanced Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

Measures O2 from 0.1% to 25%

The APX advanced paramagnetic oxygen analyzer combines the benefits of the GE
Panametrics XMO2 and TMO2
CGA351 Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Analyzer

Measures O2 from 0.1 ppm to 100%

Using an advanced zirconia sensor to measure Oxygen
The Series 351 zirconia oxygen analyzer monitors and controls any variable gas stream or
atmosphere that is clean and dry including oxygen-enriched air feed to furnaces,
combustivity index of blended fuel gases and oxygen content during heat bonding of
Delta F Series Oxygen Analyzers (very fast response)

Ranges are available from 0 ppm to 0.5 ppm to 100% (Minimum detectable change 3 ppb)
Using coulometric sensorthe ultimate in sensitivity.
The DF-300E family of oxygen analyzers provides access to accurate, sensitive and rapid
oxygen analysis and flexibility across the broadest range of applications.
Oxy.IQ Galvanic Fuel Cell Oxygen Transmitter

Multi-range: 0-10 ppm to 100 ppm; 0 -50% O2

Proven galvanic fuel cell O2 sensor technology
TMO2D Display

The TMO2D is an optional display and control module that enhances the performance and
operation of transmitters such as the XMO2, XMTC or O2X1.
XMTC Thermal Conductivity Transmitter

Range: 0 100%
The XMTC Thermal Conductivity Transmitter is suitable for thermal conductivity analysis of
hydrogen and other gases.
H2 in N2, air or CO2
He in N2 or air
CO2 in N2 or air
SO2 in air
Argon in N2 or air
H2/CO2/Air for hydrogen-cooled generators