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is Waterless Car
Wash & How to Use it

Generally, when people hear the words waterless car wash for the rst Fme,
their mind is momentarily confused. Many people have confused to us that
they quickly think to themselves, how could it clean without waterand how
can it not scratch my car? Waterless Car Wash is not exactly Waterless.
Waterless Car Wash is a technique used to wash a vehicle without the use of
soap, water, buckets and hoses. Waterless Car Wash products clean using a
very small amount of specially blended spas, lubricants and water. This is
commonly known as a Waterless Car Wash. Again, this technique involves
using a highly specialized product that contains many dierent ingredients
including; weBng agents, lubricants and protectants. The weBng agents in
the product soCen and emulsify surface grime, while a specic blend of other
uids lubricate the surface with a microscopic layer of protecFon.

The protectant is a unique

blend of substances which
provides a bonded layer of
protecFon against any
remaining abrasive not
b r o k e n d o w n b y t h e
detergents and weBng
agents. The protectant oCen
contains extensive
cross linked polymers which make it extremely eecFve as a car wax or glaze. The
product oCen contains a complex mixture of cleaning elements along with the
glaze ingredients.
Using the correct applicaFon method, the product liCs and suspends dirt from the
vehicle by emulsicaFon. The waterless car wash product surrounds dirt
molecules, liCing them from the paint surface before you start to wipe the dirt
from the surface.

At the same Fme, the applicaFon process iniFates the cross chain polymer linking
process that results in an extremely shiny highly protecFve glaze nish.

All this happens very rapidly due to the balance of ingredients within the product itself.

How do Pearl Waterless Car Wash products Work

1) ACer spraying the surface and the folded
microber towel with Pearl Waterless Car Wash
product, the dirt parFcles will be instantly
liqueed and encapsulated. Pearl Waterless
contains special soaps that dissolve dirt on
contact and gently liC and suspended them from
the surface. This liCing acFon prevents dirt
from revisiFng the surface of the paintwork and any possibility of scratching it.
Whilst these soaps dissolve the dirt and grease, the weBng agents keep things
lubricated and also protects the surface. The Polymer and Natural Waxes create
a super smooth/slick surface that protects the surface against the elements
aCer your car is clean. This includes UV rays from the sun.

2) Where does the dirt go?

The encapsulated dirt is trapped
by the microscopic bres of the
Microbre cloth. This special cloth
is designed to carry/soak up 9
Fmes its weight in water. It pulls
the liquid dirt away and traps it in
the towel. Please note: Once that
secFon of the towel is soiled, you
should unfold and refold it to a
c l e a n s e c F o n . T h e r e a r e
limitaFons on how dirty the towel
can become and sFll be eecFve.

3) How do the Pearl Waterless waxes work?

The silicone polymers and waxes (Nano and
Carnauba) are deposited on the surface when
you spray it on and wipe it o. Nano seals and
protects the base metal and Carnauba the
worlds hardest natural wax coats the surface.
It repels the water and makes the surface very
slick, shiny and with an anF-staFc quality. This
helps prevent dust from a\racFng to the
surface. It also keeps the surfaces cleaner and
shinier for a longer period of Fme. This way
you can play/drive/work more and clean less.

4. What is the Final Step?

ACer spraying the product on the surface, gently rubbing it in with the rst
microber towel, you will quickly switch to another clean folded microber
towel to remove the haze before it dries. Yes, before it dries is the easiest way
to remove the lm and bu into a brilliant shine! Tip: Working in small,
manageable areas is the best method to use to be able to apply the product,
gently rub in and wipe o without it drying too quickly. Start at one corner of
the roof, work your way around to where you started. Then clean the middle
part of the carall the way around. Finally, clean the lower/bo\om rocker
panels of the side of the car bumper. The rst towel will be pre\y soiled, so
please remember to either fold it to a clean secFon or discard it for a fresh,
clean one. Your car will be very clean, super slick and very shiny. It will stay like
this for 1-2 weeks. The second Fme you clean your car and on going, you will
noFce that the cleaning operaFon will be easier and go much quicker. You now
have this layer of super slick polymer/wax coaFng on the surface and dirt will
not be able to cling to it and the towel will ride over it be\er.

Waterless car wash has gained in popularity over the years and
we currently provide products in 60+ countries. If you are
interested in cleaning your car without water, or starFng a
waterless car wash cleaning or product business, please let know.
Thank you