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Present Day Truth

This is a personal account of a seemingly insignificant quick event, but from a spiritual
standpoint it was astounding, as to the day and timing. First of all let me go back 7 Years
Me and my family was leaving the area of Commerce Ga to move to Hilton Head Island
We put all of our things in storage with plans on returning soon after to retrieve them.
While we were stacking the boxes all nice and neat and stable, something strange
We had a box of cookie jars in a box, with the top cookie jar being a white ceramic Lamb.
Still having no idea of how it happened, I had a box of sermon tapes from my pastor
called The Revelation of Jesus Christ and that box fell over and hit the Lamb cookie jar
and broke it open.
Now maybe a month before we were moving, before we had any plans of moving, I was
counting change one day and heard the Lord speak to me so clear as I was separating the
pennies from the rest of the change. Suddenly the Lord said to me Behold, this indicates a
Change coming to your life. He revealed to me that by me moving the copper pennies
from the silver ones was the fire leaving the cloud and we was switching over from the
pillar of fire to the cloud by day. Sure enough within the next few weeks we were
suddenly moving to a paradise. It thundered and stormed on us the entire way there that
night, as we was so packed down with personal items and the rain was so heavy the entire
way we could not go literally over 40mph. We finally arrived crossing over the Atlantic
via Graves Bridge and we entered the paradise known as Hilton Head, or as someone
told me, Hit On The Head as to the stone removing the veil as to a circumcision. Sure
enough before the year was up we had a run in with a law man named Prince who was a
black man and we met a savior to us who was a very large man whose name was John
who had blonde hair and was of a great build and stature like an angel. It was during this
time a song the Lord gave me the chorus to some years ago, he revealed to me the rest of
the words for the song, The Revelation of Jesus Christ - A Song for the Lamb. I also
since being on this island paradise, felt it was time to purchase an Ark of the Covenant
replica, so I did and that had many significant things to it that I will not detail here. It was
here on this island the Lord Himself came to me and gave to me The Revelation of Jesus
Christ. So we see the sermon tapes rending open the Lamb of the Lambs body, a
revelation to the Lamb.
Now to the present. Here we are 7 years later. I have in my hutch my Ark and also a
white ceramic candelabra with 7 candlesticks on it. About a week ago I was rearranging
my library of books and needed a place for two very special books. So I was looking for a
place and ended up at my hutch and thought well these books are just as special to me so
I will place them in this hutch with my Ark and candlesticks. I also had up there a unique
wine glass that had the Seal of a Lion, on it.
The two books are The Revelation of Jesus Christ Vol 1 by Rev George Pike Sr.. The
other one is the Mystery of the Seven Seals by Rev. William Branham. One book has a

white cover, the other has a black cover. So I put TROJC Vol 1 book on one side with the
7 candlesticks, the 7 Seals book on the other side with the Wine Lion Sealed Glass.
Now let me drop this in. I was at a relatives house some years ago and was reading the 7
Seals book, not thinking of anything else. Suddenly the Voice of God spoke to me so
powerful it literally jolted and shook my entire body. He said to me, The Thunders lay in
the Body of My Son, and to get those thunders you will have to go where He is to get
them and to bring back those thunders will bring Him back as well. I suddenly seen a
vision of the dead body of Jesus laying in a tomb and I knew the Thunders had to do with
the Body and also to get them one would have to be dead to self and to bring them back
would mean the redemption of the body, the resurrection of the dead and the Physical
Appearing of the Lord Jesus. They would also bring about the manifesting of the Great
So I knew the book the 7 Seals had to relate to the Body as did the Man who preached the
sermons. This William Branham also heard the Thunders but was not allowed to
understand them. Showing the time was not yet at hand, but that also the thunders had to
do with the Body, or the bodily perspective. Paul said the receiving of the Body or the
Jews was Life from the Dead. The Thunders are contained in the Ark that sits inside the
Holy of Holies. So we say it like this, The Thunders are contained within message of
The Revelation of Jesus Christ. We know the message TROJC was the thunders as to
sound unto the spiritual Jew to bring him to rapturing or translating faith, and it has done
its work and has already taken the invisible Bride out of the World of Carnality and into
the Mind of Christ.
So the 7 Seals book has to do with the 7 Thunders as to the Bodily perspective coming to
light. I am saying it is very symbolic of the Thunders. Now Bro Branham could not
understand the thunders, nor could He reveal the 7th seal. So we see by this God has rent
the veil and stopped time so to speak to bring in the age of TROJC. So back to my books
and the ark. On May 9th 2015 which is very significant as to the last sermon my pastor
preached to his people 19 years earlier, I had asked a brother Charles when the day was
our pastor preached last, me not knowing, he wrote back and said it was that very day, so
it was strange I would ask that and it fall on that very day. Later that day I was looking
for a measuring tape to go do some measuring at a place that keeps Time. I was looking
all over for it and went to my hutch and opened it rather quick and in doing so, it caused
the 7 Seals book to fall over by the suction of air and it hit the Lion Sealed Wine Glass
and broke it open! The glass was busted all to pieces with the only thing in tact was the
seal of the Lion itself. So I cleaned it all up and placed the Lion seal on the Ark of The
I head the Lord say to me....7yrs ago, The Revelation of Jesus Christ broke open the
Lamb having to do with the Spiritual part of us as to the Invisible Bride or Church, the
Spiritual Jew. After that 7 years I had just the last few days returned from the same place
of storage in Commerce Ga picking up some things and returned back to the Island, the
only time in the 7 yrs I had been back there. So now suddenly I seen the Lion being broke
open by the 7 seals book.
The Lion and The Lamb. The New Wine of the Thunders to be put into the New Bodies

or Wineskins. God saying I am about to do a new thing and that is to reveal the 7
Thunders that will capstone the witness or witting of full Bodily Redemption. It will
manifest the Transfiguration and bring about the Tribulation. I have been watching this
great time inch closer and closer for some time now and I believe by the Lord breaking
that Sealed Lion Wine Glass that He is saying The Time is at Hand. The Lord gave to
me, while on this island TROJC, shown by the sermons breaking the Lamb. So does this
mean now He is going to reveal to me or someone else the mystery of the Thunders? I
believe so.
I was a measuring tape that caused this, and in Revelations we find the Outer Court being
measured by the measuring stick. The Outer courts is the Bodily perspective. I measured
4 Signs, as to 4 being the Jewish number and them also being Signs. Each one was 42
inches in perfect width and length. 42 Months of Tribulation. This was at a place that
sells nothing but clocks and watchs, God saying again, The Time is at Hand The Signs
are shown!
Folks I tell you, something more incredible than you have ever imagined is about to
happen and take place! God is about to Personify Himself in the Bodies of His Saints
and all of the world will know the door is closed and something has happened! Power and
Great Wonders are about to be seen all around the world. it has been said we will see the
Days of the Old Testament God once more, before the end and I believe it will be so.
I have had a number of things revealed over the last few years that have greatly to do
with the thunders and have served as a precursor for something that is about to be
revealed. I have had experiences and visions showing to me something pertaining to my
life and the Thunders, to which I have posted in many other writings. Whoever God gives
them too, I humbly pray and desire and seek to come to know and understand them as
well so I will be changed as to a manifesting. I pray to know the person God gives them
too and I pray to be able to work with them to spread the message if the Lord wills. If He
shares them with me, I will be humbled and yet will be so eager to share them in full
power and love and faith to those to whom are predestined to receive them also. He may
give them to the many membered body as a whole at once. He may give them to one
person. Time will surely tell. I am being very watchful and praying to be a part of this
great astounding new revelation to come forth. The Time is surely at Hand! God Bless
You all!
Patrick Henry Nichols I
May 12 2015
Hilton Head Island