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Trolleybus model 42003 two-axle

The latest member of the Stadler Rail Group, Stadler Minsk, is producing
the new model 42003 trolleybus. Super modern design, up-to-date body
arrangement, highly comfortable compartment and drivers cab. Improved
construction of doors and tip-up sits provide a more rational space
distribution. Compartment ventilation is achieved by movable windows
and powerful conditioners with climate control function. The trolleybus is
equipped with pneumatic suspension, with which a floor level can change
within 90 mm. This design solution helps to improve cross-country ability
and provide comfortable getting-in and getting-out for physically
challenged passengers and passengers with wheelchairs and pushchairs.

OJSC Stadler Minsk

47 Zavodskaya Str., 222750, Fanipol
Dzerzhinsk District,
Region of Minsk, Belarus
Post address: 64 Perekhodnaya Str.,
220070, Minsk, Belarus
Phone +375 (17) 295 41 32
Fax +375 (17) 328 05 51
A Company of Stadler Rail Group
Ernst-Stadler-Strasse 1
CH-9565 Bussnang, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)71 626 21 20
Fax +41 (0)71 626 21 28

Technical features

Vehicle data

Modern exterior design, striking addition to cityscape.

Easy-to-change external cover made of composite material.

Vehicle length
Bodywork width
Floor height
From 1st to 2nd axle
Front axle
Twin axles
Front overhang
Rear overhang
Axle arrangement:
Front axle
Rear axle
Number of seats
Passenger capacity (8 pers/m2)
Number of doors
Unladen weight of trolleybus,
ready for operation
Maximum technical mass
Pneumatic tyres
Continuous output
Line voltage

Maximum speed

Internal cover from pieces made of plastic and aluminium panels.

2+1 or 2+2 seating as per customer requirement, in rows
or opposite.
Partition between drivers cab and passenger compartment
glazed with a gap for ticket sales.
High-performance heating.
Technical devices for physically challenged passengers
CAN bus control and diagnosis, remote data transfer
The trolleybus is equipped with the following arrangements
- a ramp for an easier entrance of passengers with wheelchairs;
- the system of body pitch (kneeling);
- a place for a wheelchair, a special system for its fixation and
special seats for physically challenged passengers.
Rear axle drive, control by means of IGBT converter.
Visual and acoustic aligned passenger information system.
Optional features installed on the customers request:
Air-conditioning of the compartment and drivers cab on request
from customer.
Conductor seat and heating for conductor area on request from
Automatic central lubrication system.
Fire suppression system.

12 300 mm
2500 mm
340 mm
8085 mm
2096 mm
1889 mm
1360 mm
2345 mm
Portal frame, steering axle
Portal frame, driving axle
2 double-leave
10900 kg
18000 kg
275/70R 22,5
no less than 160 kW
550 V
600 V
750 V
60 km/h

Power meter.
Video surveillance system with information storage.