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Your Live Interview

You should have received an email invitation from HireVue indicating the day/time of your Live interview.
This invitation contains valuable information for you to test your system and contact HireVue support with

You will need

Webcam Please ensure that you are webcam enabled and that the webcam is compatible with the
laptop/desktop you will use for the interview.
Headset We recommend using a headset to ensure best audio quality for your interview. Please ensure it is
compatible with the laptop/desktop you will use for the interview.
Internet Connection Please make sure you have access to a broadband connection that has at least 250 kbps
upload and download speeds.
Pre-Interview Connection Test The test will take less than 5 minutes.
Web Browser IE8+, Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest) or Safari 6+
HireVue Live browser plugin Will be installed if needed.
Operating System Windows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.7+

To ensure a successful interview, complete the following test before the interview.

Pre-Interview Connection Test (To be completed before interview)

1. Plug in your webcam if needed.
2. Click test your connection in the email invitation you received.
3. The HireVue Live Plugin will be downloaded and installed at this point if you need it.

4. Click Continue to complete the automated equipment check process. This will test your connection speed to the
Internet, your camera, your microphone, and your speakers to ensure an optimal interview experience.
5. On the Checking Your Settings page, you can select a different camera, microphone, and speaker to get the best
results. Confirm that you can hear a test sound coming from the speakers you have selected. At this point, you
should have four green checkmarks that indicate your system test was completed successfully. If you do not have
four green checkmarks, follow the troubleshooting prompts and retest your system.

6. Click Continue to complete the equipment test.

Day of Interview

A few minutes before your interview is scheduled to start, click the Click here to join your interview now!
button in the email invitation. (Make sure your webcam is plugged in, if needed.)
You will be directed to the Accenture landing page with your code auto-populated, click START and follow the
on-screen prompts:

This page will appear once you have entered the Interview Lobby and are waiting for your interviewer:

NOTE: If you do NOT see the interviewer on the screen once the interview starts, do not worry, you will still be
able to hear them and complete the interview.


HireVue Support is available 24/7 via email at or via India toll-free phone at
0008001008466 for any questions or troubleshooting.