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Note:- Summer holidays will commence from 18th May to 30th June
2015. The school will reopen on Ist July 2015 at its usual time.
There will be PTM on 16th may 2015 from 9:00 to 12:00 noon.
English Communicative:General Instructions:
1. The following assignments are compulsory.
2. Marks will be awarded for the same.
3. Do all the work according to the instructions given besides each
4. Submit the assignments latest by 10th July, 2015
1. Prepare a proper presentation of citizen forum on any of the following topics
(according to the group no. mentioned):

Cleanliness Drive

( 1 , 5, 9)


Eve Teasing

(2, 6,10)


Noise Pollution

( 3, 7)


Girl Child Education

(4, 8)

2. Read the novel Diary of a young girl thoroughly from 1 to 5 and develop a
project on it (project should be interesting and eye catchy).
3. Write speech on the following topics and prepare for its presentation in front
of the class room:

Power of effective communication


Values are most in students life


Effect of listening skill

4. Prepare power point presentation on the poem (mention your group no.)
include the details of the poet of your poem:

The Frog & Nightangle (1, 7)


Mirror (2, 8)


Not Marble, nor the gilded monuments (3, 9)


Ozymandias (Gr. No. 4, 10)


The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Gr. 5)

(f) Snake (Gr. 6)

5. Write debate on the following topics & prepare for its presentation:

Social networking technologies have brought tremendous changes in

education in & out of the class room.


Will the grading system & CCE remove stress from a students life?


Parents time or Expensive gizmos What do the children want?

6. Do enough grammar practice & 10 unseen passages in your grammar note

Note Compile all your holiday home work in a my clear bag.

MATHEMATICS :Q1. Make a square grid and design a crossword puzzle with mathematical
Q2. Make a Power Point presentation on the following topics according to your
GROUP I History of
History of 0
GROUP III Pythagoras theorem and its uses
Contribution of Indian mathematician
Contribution of foreign mathematician
GROUP VI Use of statistics in real life.
Q3. Solve the following on A-4 size sheet
1. Tick the correct answer
(a) Polynomial x2 + 1 has ____ zeroes
(a) only one real

(b) no real

(c) only two real

(d) one real and one non real

2. If 1 is one of the zeroes of the polynomial x2 x + k , the value of k

(a) 0

(b) -2

(c) 1

(d) 3

3. For x = 2 in 2x 8y = 12 the value of y will be

(a) -1

(b) 1

(c) 0

(d) 2

4. Every linear equation in two variable has ______ solution

(a) no

(b) one

(c) two

(d) infinitely many

Q4. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 12. The number obtained by
interchanging the digits exceeds the given number by 18. Find the number.
Q5. If and are the zeroes of the polynomial f(x) = 2x2 7x + 3. Find the
values of 2 +2.
Q6. For what value of K will the given pair of equations have no solution
3x +y = 1
(2k -1)x + (k-1) y = 2k +1
Q7. Solve for x and y
5/x+1 2/y-1 = 1/2
10/ x+1 + 2/y-1 =5/2
Q8. An NGO distributed K number of books on moral education to the students.
If K is the zero of the polynomial x2 100x 20000 then
1. How many books were distributed by the NGO?
2. Write any three moral values which you should adopt in your life by
reading this book?
Q9. Ravi used 2 public bags and 1 paper bag in a day which cost him Rs 35
while Mahesh used 3 plastic bags and 4 paper bags in a day which cost
him Rs 65
1. Find the cost of each bag.
2. Which bag has to be used and what value is reflected by using it?
Q10.Two students want to award their selected students on the value of
discipline and punctuality . First school wants to award these values to its 3
and 2 students respectively, while second wants to award for the same
value to its 4 and 1 students respectively . If the amount of award for each
value given by both school are same and total amount spent by each school
is rs 600 and rs 550 respectively then.
1. Find the award money for each value.

2. Which more values of students may be chosen for the awards.

SCIENCE:Q1. Prepare a project file on any one topic ( as per allotment):1. What do you mean by series and parallel connection of an electric
current? Write advantages and disadvantages of them.
2. What are the various factors on which rate of photosynthesis depend?
3. Prepare different types of pH indicators using raw materials found in our
house like turmeric, onion, cabbage etc.
4. How can you generate electricity using vegetables or waste of
5. Prepare a working model showing respiratory system in humans.
6. Prepare a working model showing the heating effects of electric current.
Q2. Write the following practicals in your practical file.
1. To find pH of following samples using pH paper.
2. To carry out the reaction of an acid (HCl) and base (NaOH) with litmus
solution, Zinc metal and Sodium carbonate.
3. To observe the reactions and classify them into
(a). Combination

(b). Decomposition

(c). Displacement

(d). Double displacement reaction

4. To show with an experiment that light is important for photosynthesis.

5. To show experimentally that CO2 is given out during respiration.

SOCIAL SCIENCE :1. Read Newspaper Daily

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Q2. Prepare a power point presentation on great depression in relation with the
recession in modern times.

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Q3. Make the maps of different soil types separately on different maps and
write the characteristics of soil along with the map work. This work has to
be done in scrap book.

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Q4. Prepare a project on the comparative assessment of power sharing in India
and in the USA.

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Drawing:Note:- Do any one of the following Make a designer carry bag by handmade sheet.
Lamp shade by handmade sheet.