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: Latifa Ayu Lestari

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: 1406606354

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: Faculty of Engineering S. 204

1. Title of the Article: Taking Responsibility

2. Author (s) : The Jakarta Post Weekender Magazine, July 2007
3. Explain in two or three sentences why you have chosen this article.
I have chosen this article because I really concerned about environmental issues. This
article describes how Industrial activities caused negative effects to our environment.
As current generation, This article reminds us that we must have a huge responsibility
to maintain all natural resources on Earth for the welfare of us and our next
generations. As a university student majoring in Industrial Engineering, I realized the
important roles of Industrial Engineers in creating a sustainable environment while
developing manufacturing processes. Industrial Engineers deal with removing wastes
in processes to make systems more efficient.
4. Explain briefly in four or five sentences what the article is about.
The article is about the greediness of people on Earth in this era. They use natural
resources unwisely. They dont think about the negative effects that they will make
for our future generations. They are killing this planet. For instance, they are
exploiting fish that caused reduction in fish populations and clear cutting million
hectares of rainforest which has function as the lungs of the world only to make
enormous profits for their industries and themselves. Those who are in that partially
renewable resource industry clearly have a responsibility to minimize the devastation
they have caused. This article also tells us about the nonrenewable resource based
industries has an even more compelling and specialized obligation.
5. What is the writers message or purpose in writing this article?

The writers message for the readers is as the current generation we have to realize
that we have a huge responsibility to maintain the sustainability of all natural
resources on Earth. Everyone who lives on Earth has the responsibility of leaving the
planet in a condition that is acceptable to those who will inherit our environmental
assets as well as our planet liabilities. We have to always remember don't destroy the
environment with the dangerous actions only to exploit the natural resources. For
example, blasting coral reefs with dynamite or pouring cyanide into the waters to
catch the fish only to make profits for themselves and their industries whereas it can
decreasing fish populations. Those people who make a living by taking a species from
the sea must also be stewards, responsible for the sustainability and well-being of that
species, same about those people who destroyed the renewable resources. Those
people in nonrenewable resource based industries have a moral duty to develop
alternatives to replace the resources they are exploiting.
6. Give your personal comment on the article as a conclusion of your article review.
This article is awaken our spirit and reminds us about we as the current generation
always have to keep in mind that we have huge responsibility with our actions of
using the natural resources for based industries both the renewable resources and non
renewable resources. We must not take actions that could cause damage to the
sustainability of environment. If we as the current generation could make a beautiful
harmony on earth, this planet will be comfortable for those who will inherit our
environmental assets. There are many ways to maintain sustainability of our natural
resources. For instance, make forestry a truly sustainable by doing selective logging,
restricting the cut to the annual growth rate, and reforestation are all straightforward
ways of using land that has already been exploited and avoiding moving into the last
few strands of untouched forest in the world and we have to start using alternatives
fuel sources. So, lets be wise and save the earth for the welfare of us and our next



: Nyoman Sri Handayani

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: 0906534395

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: Faculty of Political and Social Sciences Business Administration

1. Title of the Article: Wanted: Mars Dead or Alive?

2. Author (s) : Geoffrey A. Landis
3. Explain in two or three sentences why you have choosen this article
Ive choosen this article, because this article tells us about the an Earthlike planet, which
is Mars. When I looked the title, I think theres maybe ever had an existence in that
planet, thats why the writers gave dead or alive title. I want to know the answer with
reading this article. This article also give me some interesting and a little bit shocking
informations about Mars.

4. Explain briefly in four or five sentences what the article is about

Its about planet Mars, an Earthlike planet. Scientists saw the surprising thing about Mars.
When the Mariner 4, a kind of space ship, flew past Mars in 1965, they saw that Mars
was bitterly cold and dry, and theres no way trace of life, not even microscopic plants,
and have no water. Mars has a very thin atmosphere with ultraviolet light which kills the
bacteria. Another modified view of the planet was captured by the robotic spacecraft and
said that Mars is inhospitable now; scientists think long ago, Mars had liquid water, like
the earth. Thats why, a lot of people still discover more about an Earthlike Planet, some
people think the answered of the question will be surely answer when human astronauts
venture onto its surface.
5. What is the writers message or purpose in writing this article?
The writers purpose is to inform us, the readers, about an Earthlike planet, Mars.The
writers want to tell us about some facts of the planet Mars, or a picture about this
Earthlike planet. Is it possible, or impossible for human to still living there? Is there a life
in that Planet? On Earth, in every habitat where liquid water can be found, theres some
form of life. So, if Mars once had liquid water, it might once have supported life as well.
The writer want to make us know, how about the atmosphere in Mars, and make us know
about the differences between Earth and Mars planet.
6. Give your personal comment on the article as a conclusion of your article review
This article tells us about could life still exist on Mars,or can we live in there. I think
scientists should make another observation about the planet to get more informations, so
they can make sure the answer of peoples questions. People said that Earth is going to
crush because of the irresponsibility people that wont take care of their own planet. That
was the reason why scientists search the new home for us, like this Mars planet. Mars is
certainly the most Earthlike of all the planets in the solar system. There are still many
debated between the scientists, some said Mars was alive, but others said was not so
much like Earth at all and they have all proof to prove their own thoughts. I think maybe
the scientists can make a conference, to collect all the evidence and make it ones, so they
will get the answer of the peoples questions.