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ANGELA PERRY 281-875-3441 aperry520@aol.



* 25+ years of direct experience in handling confidential data. Firm believer in strict

* A pro-active support person dedicated to managing successful business demands.

* Strong ability to organize and direct various tasks needed to manage daily operations.

* Knowledge and implementation of OSHA; specifications relative to materials handling;

acquisitions; EHS compliance; regulatory compliance and retentions; wastewater
engineering; PUC, EPA regulations; hazardous waste management (CEQA, NEPA,
CERCLA/RCRA, DOT); FAR/DFARS; DoD regulations; ISO 9000; HIPPA; SOX;
document control regulations; legal documentation in the field of research; wind power;
power lines and cluster research/EMF's; barcoding; scanning; litigation preparedness;
e-mail archiving; word processing/editing; medical coding; medical terminology and
transcription; wpm 97.

* Excellent oral and written communication skills.

* Proficient with Windows, Microsoft Word & Works, Access, PowerPoint, Excel, MS
Explore, MS Outlook, Lotus, Peachtree, Quickbooks, Lawson, Word Star, Word Perfect,
PeopleSoft, Scheduling, SAP, SharePoint, FileNet, Documentum, Hummingbird,
Accutrac, Oracle, HP, Canon, IBM, Kodak, Fujitsu, Bowe Bell Howell, Ricoh and


Energy Company (Short Term) Houston, TX Sept 2008 to Nov 2009

Duties included, but not limited to, scanning and classifying highly confidential records
in the accounting and legal department. Faxing data to e-mails using all-in-ones. I
trained employees. In addition, I boxed and put confidential information in shred bins.
Company was relocating and I was to be there only two weeks. Because of my skills
and hard work, I was there for three months. Reason for leaving: Assignment

Information Records Company (Short Term) Houston, TX June 2008 to August 2008

Duties included, but not limited to, scanning and classifying highly confidential data.
One-month assignment, for which they kept me on three months because of my
knowledge and hard work. Reason for leaving: Deadline was met and assignment

Insurance Company (Short Term Contract) February 2008 to May 2008

Duties consisted of, but not limited to, document control, information
management/regulatory compliance/policies/retentions, scanning, data entry,
reconciliation and filing. One month assignment but because of my performance, I was
there longer. Reason for leaving: Assignment ended. My duties were completed for
their arbitration.

Logistics Company (Short Term Contract) August 2007 to December 2007

Safety and Compliance - Duties included, but not limited to, ensuring data was in
compliance, data entry, background checks and driving record verifications. Was to be
a two-week assignment. Reason for leaving: Assignment ended due to a merger.

Energy Company (Contract) Houston, TX June 2004 to June 2007

Document Control/Records and Information Management Team Lead - Responsibilities

included, but not limited to, supervising and handling of all incoming and outgoing data;
data entering into Accutrac; filing; regulatory compliance and retention;
scanning/imaging; e-mail archiving; checking data in and out to customers; preparing
and sending data offsite; (technical, business, seismic, well data, etc), barcoding,
inventory control, and shipping/receiving. Established a library. If need be, delivered
data back to the Program and Project Managers after determining the retentions.
Reason for leaving: Division outsourced.

AP Professional Services (CEO) San Diego, CA May 1997 to June 2004

Work included, but not limited to research documents in preparation for construction
defect litigation, information services/regulatory compliance; procurement; water
resources; wastewater engineering; document control freelance specialist; preparing
and reviewing contracts; occupational health and safety; hazardous waste
management; endangered species research; research on power lines; environmental
engineering affiliated work; legal documentation; bate labeling, archiving; medical
records; records management; retention; scanning; word processing/editing;
transcription; telecommunications; legal secretary; and executive office administrator.
Assisted a company with its merger: Asked to assist the Administrative Assistant. When
she and a few others left, employees asked me about their medical benefits. It was not
my job, but I made sure I accommodated all who asked by calling their medical
provider. I left no one unsatisfied. The payroll clerk also left and HR asked me to assist
with their payroll of over 1,500 people.
Environmental Company Fullerton, CA April 1996 to May 1997

Project/Office Administrator - Responsibilities included, but not limited to human

resource specialist, accounts payable, accounts receivable; document inventory control;
logging for the groundwater and environmental company.

Organized what rigs were to be used each week. Utilized the forklift. Keeper of
certification records to make sure each field employee maintained and kept their
certifications up to date. (A desired one-year contract; long enough to assist in
organizing the company.)

Environmental Company San Diego, CA 1992 to 1996

Executive Administrator - Responsibilities included support for the Program Manager

with duties consisting of the composition, content view and supervision of incoming and
outgoing correspondence; prepared travel and expense reports; itineraries; scheduling;
maintained dictated meeting minutes. The position required the ability to handle
confidential data, exercise independent judgment, and execute appropriate procedures
on discretionary matters.

Inventory/Materials Specialist - Worked in the warehouse and responsibilities included,

but not limited to, shipping and receiving of material; verification of invoice and inventory
levels of incoming materials to ensure accuracy; procurement; preparation of Material
Receiving Reports (MRR) and Information Services; preparation of material status
reports designed to evaluate the condition of received material; regulate and maintain
material storage facility to meet OSHA regulatory procedures; supervision of specified
government property; preparation of documents needed for material location
transfers/rentals; supervision of rented/leased equipment; fork lifting; assist purchasing
department by providing inventory analysis data needed to assess material needs;
general maintenance of records and data used in monitoring material stock level;
compile and distribute reports detailing material use and requirement need and various
duties needed to control inventory allotments and expenditures. (One of the last
positioned, with my knowledge of a layoff, but took that chance for the experience.)

Montgomery County Courts Dayton, Ohio 1979 to 1992

Court Stenographer - Worked in the court system typing in stenographic code and
transcribing stenographic notes from various pre-trial and trial cases and depositions.
The position required an accurate demand of the English language, confidentiality, and
the ability to intimately work in environments that can be chameleon in nature.

Bachelors - History/Political Science Central State University

Wilberforce, Ohio 1976

Certified Court Reporter Sinclair Community College Certified

Dayton, Ohio 1977

Government Contracting/Acquisitions/Regulatory Compliance/Inventory Control

San Diego Community College San Diego, CA 1996