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Applying the January 2015

Fixed Air Lunation to your

Locating what area of your life will be re-ignited during this

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Applying the January 2015 Fixed Air Lunation to your life

Applying the January 2015 Fixed Air Lunation to your life

You do not have to use your birth chart to consciously tune into is being seeded. You can simply meditate
on whoever/ whatever you feel you need to replenish. However you can use your chart to guide you
because everyones birth signature contains this Fixed Air pattern, irrespectively of whether you have
planets in this sign. It lies in a zone in your chart, called a house. This house highlights an arena of your life
wherein you are being prompted to reflect upon. To understand where the 0 degree (and 08 minutes) of
Aquarius falls in your birth chart you will need to locate where this sign falls and make a note of the house
that the sign occupies. To do this, please follow these steps:
1. If you are a client, then Aquarius is coloured light purple on the chart I gave you during your

2. Alternatively its symbol looks like two waves

3. There are thirty degrees in every zodiacal sign and the forthcoming lunation is taking place at the
start of the pre-first degree of Aquarius, which is the very start of the first decan.

4. There are 12 houses, or zones, in a birth chart and they refer to the areas of life experience wherein
the archetypal potential of your life will find an outlet for expression. If you imagine your chart to
be a wheel, the houses are contained within the thin black line portions which makes the birth circle
look like possessing spokes. (Please note that the houses are listed in an anti-clockwise manner, so
the first house cusp is at the 9 oclock position (if you pretend that the horoscope is a clock)). The
picture below depicts a birth chart, with the position of the lunation on the outside, which will fall
within the 5th house.

Applying the January 2015 Fixed Air Lunation to your life

Figure 4
5. For those more technically inclined, you could check what planets in your chart are being triggered
by making a note of any planets that are at 0 (plus or minus 3), since this lunation will harmonise
with those points. Also, you could check any planet that falls at 15 of Mutable signs (Pisces,
Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius).
Since consciousness is the key factor in determining the quality of your life, there are differing levels to
which each arena of a chart can manifest. The left hand chart (figure 5) illustrates in a one-word concept the
practical manifestation of the houses; whereas the right hand chart (figure 6) illustrates a one-word concept
of the archetypal or spiritual manifestation of the houses.

Applying the January 2015 Fixed Air Lunation to your life

Figure 5

Figure 6

The following is a general guideline to help you become more aware of the arena and people in your life
which are being reignited during the forthcoming month:
1st house Practical: your sense of identity; your image; your body. You!
Spiritual: How you embody your spirit
2nd house Practical: your talents and skills; your attitude towards your possessions and money
Spiritual: Your sense of security and attachment; what you value
3rd house Practical: your sense of perception and how you assimilate factual information; your way of
thinking and writing; your sibling and neighbourhood relationships
Spiritual: How you bring the building blocks of life together to develop your knowledge
4th house - Practical: your attitude towards your family; your sense of culture and heritage
Spiritual: What you have inherited; your DNA; and your sense of place
5th house - Practical: your relationship to any children in your life; your sense of joy; any close
Spiritual: How you authentically express your soul and seek joy
6th house - Practical: your attitude towards your bodily rituals and diet; your sense of service; any
relationships to colleagues or staff
Spiritual: How you ground yourself on a daily basis
7th house - Practical: your intimate friendships and/ or long term partner; any legally committed
relationships; clients

Applying the January 2015 Fixed Air Lunation to your life

Spiritual: What you seek in another that you dont see in yourself; how you seek union with
8th house Practical: your sense of debt (both financial and psychological); your attitude towards any
financial or emotional investments; your partners finances; your accountant or tax
Spiritual: the issues that enable/ hinder developing intimacy with another soul; how you
merge with another
9th house - Practical: your philosophy and sense of belief; your sense of adventure; your teachers and
your in-laws!
Spiritual: Your quest for wisdom; understanding and gOd
10th house Practical: your attitude to your career and/ or any authority figures you may have in your
Spiritual: What you aspire towards
11th house - Practical: your sense of community and group involvement; your wider circle of friends
Spiritual: Your sense of hope
12th house - Practical: your relationship to gOd, divinity, spirit; your sense of philanthropy and
Spiritual: How you either escape or transcend matter; your experience of the Divine

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