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1725 Nacimiento Lake Drive, Paso Robles, Ca.

Cellular Phone 831-241-4681
Fred K. Reed
Objective: A position in which I can contribute to the success of a
hospitality business or management company.
Industry Specific Skills

• Extensive experience in hotel operations including the successful

opening of new properties and the improved performance of
established properties.
• Excellent communication skills; able to maintain positive
relations with staff and customers in high-volume, fast-paced
• Highly effective team leader. Very strong at fostering up an
upbeat and engaging staff
• Complete accounting background with 2 years of controller
experience at the Inn at Morgan Hill.
• Five years of IT background.
• Familiar with the GDS and other new methods of marketing.
August 2008-current
Fred K Reed and Associates, LLC

• Restructure company to incorporate oversight of wholesale and

retail gourmet cheese business.
• Compile legally required documentation for arbitration regarding
Paso Robles Courtyard
• Serve as General Manager under direction of Archon Properties
at Salinas Marriott Courtyard, improving guest satisfaction scores
and Marriott operations audit.

March 2006 – August 2008

Fred K. Reed and Associates, LLC
Property Managed: Marriott Courtyard, Paso Robles, CA

• Served as the sole intermediate between the owners and the

franchise during finish construction, start up and operation.
• Organized and coordinated the installation of the FFE.
• Guided complete property through opening including key
position and all other staffing
• Early guest satisfaction scores as high as number 5 out of 704,
and never below 90% (brand average 78%)

October 2004 – March 2006

The Pine Inn, Carmel, CA
General Manager
• Managed the day to day operations of the entire property
including nine retail spaces, one Hotel, and one Inn.
• Organized purchase and installation of new PMS
• Performed many Front Office Manager duties such as hiring and
training staff.
• Managed and lead team, including implementation of staff
meetings to promote manager support for all departments.
• Prepared and submitted a complete 12 month rolling budget and
• Prepared a complete marketing strategy including GDS contracts
and relationships.
• Innlink, Synxis and Dragon communications.
• Organized the installation of WIFI for the entire block.

August 2003 – November 2004

La Quinta Inn & Suites
Downtown San Francisco, CA (a.k.a. The Opal)
General Manager
• Converted an all airline crew hotel including: staff changes,
infrastructure changes, significant accounting changes, sales and
marketing to rejuvenate interest
• Achieved 90% occupancy in the 6th month.
• Turned a profit with 20 million in debt service.

1995 – August 2003

Reed & Associates Hotel Management, Saratoga, CA
VP of Technologies and Communications
• Directed the building and opening of four properties
o The Hilton Gardens Inn in Mountain View (Cala family)
o The Hilton Garden Inn in Cupertino (Peter Pau)
o The Hilton in Scotts Valley (Schilling family)
o The Hilton Garden Inn in Livermore (Sabash Patel)
• Trained initial staff including GM
• Provided short term (6 Month) GM relief for transitions.

Bachelors of Business Administration in Hotel Restaurant Management

from the Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality and Resort
management (Memphis State University,,,,, AKA University of
Memphis) 1993

References - Available Upon Request

Interests – Family, Charitable work and Golf