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February 8, 2010 • Issue 11 • Volume 15 | WWW.VANCOUGAR.NING.

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Students take a
stand against
tuition increases
and cuts to aid
Washington State University Vancouver

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•$52,083.34 The amount
President Elson Floyd
made in 2009 each month.
Annual salary in 2009 was
over $625,000
•$3,800 Spring ‘10
tuition for full-time
undergraduate student per
•$4,228 Spring ‘10
tuition for full-time
graduate student per
•$8.55/hr Washington
State minimum wage
•$17,784 Annual income
with a full-time, minimum
wage job
•$550-$750 Average
monthly rent for an
apartment in Vancouver
•$600 Typical cost of
books each semester
•5 classes Average
amount taken by
undergraduate students
•12 1/2 hours of classes
a week for the average
undergraduate student
•30 to 45 hours of
homework and reading
to accompany those 15
credits each week
•16 hours left in a day
after sleeping 8 hours.
•4 1/2 - 7 1/2 hours left
in a day after class and
•$11,115 Typical annual
income with a part-time,
minimum wage job
Jake Kleinschmidt/The VanCougar
The state-wide rally, organized by the Washington Students’ Association, allowed students the chance to speak up and be heard about •75% Of WSUV students
tuition increases and possible financial aid cuts. Over 250 WSU Vanouver students, faculty, and staff took part in the walk-out. receive financial aid to

Hundreds at walk-out rally

attend school

In case you missed it:

tuition and the to send a message to education in south west Washington explained the main purpose of the
Mayor Leavitt Olympia. the message is received more loudly rally. “Three main points of this
•$52,083.34 The amount
among attendees The plight made by the students and with more impact, and as mayor, rally are one to show people we
President Elson Floyd
did not go unheard. Reporters from helping deliver that message for the are aware of what’s going on, two,
Jake Kleinschmidt/Managing Editor made in 2009 each month.
the Columbian, KOIN 6 and other students of wsu-v and for higher we’re not just showing up, were
That is over $325/hr.

news groups attended to witness the education, I think the mayor’s office calling legislators, signing petitions,
old air and a strong rally, one rarely seen on a commuter helps lends more credibility and and sharing our stories, and finally,
breeze was not enough campus. Speakers ranged from some force behind it, and I am happy we’re recruiting new people, there is
to cool the heat in the students personal stories, to to do that.” Says Mayor Leavitt. He so many new faces out here that I’ve
hearts and minds of WSU Students displayed support from Mayor Tim also mentions that in his future trips never seen before on this campus For more sources of numbers,
visit us online at vancougar.
on Thursday. For two hours, over Leavitt. to Olympia, while the meetings will before, and especially those getting
250 students gathered at the free “If we come with a united voice not be focused primarily on tuition, involved.”
speech zone to rally and inform expressing our concerns about the the issues will part of the discussion.
one another about the increases in accessibility and affordability of When asked, President Ferderer See RALLY on page 3

Budget concerns for the WSU Board of Regents

Board of Regents students to participate in the statewide
campus walk out to protest the raising
meeting at WSUV rates of tuition. After En’Wezoh’s
focuses on the budget report, President Floyd thanked him
for all of his work and cooperation
with the administration.
Sally Thrall/Campus News Editor
The other updates also commented

on the budget cuts that WSU is
ecently, Washington State facing and what those budget cuts
University’s Board of will look like for university staff,
Regents met on campus faculty, students and programs.
in the Firstenburg Student Commons. A representative from the faculty
The Regents’ meeting focused on senate, Mike Swan, mentioned that
dealing with the budget issues that budget issues ruled the concerns of
are plaguing the Washington State members of the faculty.
Legislature. Following the updates from all
The Board of Regents is the of the University groups, the Board
governing body of Washington invited Chancellor Hal Dengerink
State University and, by extension, to share an update about WSUV.
the branch campuses. The Regents Chancellor Dengerink prefaced the
have the authority to set tuition update by reviewing the proposed
rates, appoint the President of the governor’s budget.
University, and oversee several The proposed governor’s budget,
other aspects of WSU. Members of as it currently stands, suggests several
Mark Balyshev/The VanCougar
the Board of Regents are selected cuts to State public schools. The state
and accountable to the Governor of is facing an almost $30 million deficit, implemented at WSUV—programs described some interesting trends around his administration’s goals of
Washington. Most of the members of meaning that budget cuts are eminent that could work to increase future of student demographics at WSUV. building: building communication,
the Board of Regents are respected for many state funded programs, enrollments. The University has had She mentioned a growing amount building leadership, and building
members of the community that have especially higher education. Higher to sacrifice implementing the first of diversity in the student body sustainability. Ferderer talked about
experience in business administration. education institutions are going to Doctoral program at WSUV. The enrollments. Minority student how his administration has tried
However, one position on the Board have to absorb the cuts and find ways University had been ready to start a enrollment constituted about 15 to increase communication to the
of Regents is reserved specifically for to cover the gap between spending Doctoral program in nursing, but it percent of the incoming students student body by using avenues
students. The student regent position and funding. now looks like that program will be for Spring semester. This Spring’s like The VanCougar and KOUG
is currently held by Kasey Webster, However, for WSUV, “…budget postponed. Additionally, the Masters enrollment has shown an increasing radio. Ferderer also talked about the
a graduate student at the Pullman cuts are a matter of lost opportunity,” Degree in the popular Digital Arts number of male students enrolling new student government position,
campus. explained Chancellor Dengerink. and Technology program, as well as at WSUV, making the student Director of Leadership Development,
The Board of Regents met at the With plans for expanding programs a Bachelors Degree in neuroscience, body more representative of the which was implemented this year.
Vancouver campus to conduct their and building space, the Vancouver has been taken off the table at this surrounding community. Before The Leadership Development
meeting. After a report from the Chair campus has been saving up funds. time. finishing her report, Vice Chancellor Director is supposed to plan
of the board and President Elson S. Having a large amount in savings These postponements will be Youlden stressed to the Board that programs that will give students the
Floyd, the Board of Regents listened has allowed WSUV to absorb many faced, despite the growing number of their research has shown that students opportunity to develop leadership
to updates from several University of the budget cuts that are facing the students attending WSUV. Chancellor are sensitive to the upcoming changes skills. This year, the Leadership
groups. ASWSU President Derek Vancouver campus. Dengerink opened the floor to Vice to tuition and financial aid. Development Director has hosted a
En’Wezoh informed the Board of The lost opportunities that Chancellor of Student Affairs, Nancy Finally, ASWUV President Nick speaker and a goal setting workshop,
student activities going on at the Chancellor Dengerink referred Youlden, who explained recent Ferderer spoke on behalf of the and is planning to put on more events
Pullman campus, including the fact to are many of the programs that happenings in student activities at students of WSUV to the Board. throughout the semester.
that ASWSU was not encouraging students have been waiting to see WSUV. Vice Chancellor Youlden President Ferderer focused his report

Mark Balyshev/The VanCougar

2/9 Strong Interest Inventory for those with undecided majors @ 4 p.m. in VFSC 104. Open and free to students and alumni

Beyond Socialism and Capitalism: Third Ways

Historian Allan C. fulfilling life. Agrarian followers have
worked to fight the industrialization
Carlson coming to speak of farming and economic systems
at WSUV based off of large scale capitalism.
Furthermore, many agrarian thinkers
are strongly against the expansion
Sally Thrall/Campus News Editor
of national government, giving the

movement a conservative flavor.
n Feb. 18, author and Carlson’s work with the Howard
historian Allan C. Center will also give him a
Carlson will be coming to traditional values based perspective.
Vancouver to discuss an alternative The Howard Center puts a high
socioeconomic system: agrarianism. importance on family and what has
The Office of Student Involvement been termed as the traditional idea of
is hosting Carlson’s visit. He will be family—a heterosexual couple with
speaking at two events on the 18th, an children. The Howard center believes
afternoon conference and an evening that this combination is an important,
keynote. natural societal structure. These
Allan C. Carlson is a historian and values are also usually associated
author who graduated with a bachelors with a conservative pool of thought.
of arts from Augustana College and The daytime event is entitled “The
a Ph.D. in modern European history Greediest Generation: The two-fold
from Ohio University. Carlson is nature of the post-WWII state.”
president of the Howard Center for Allan C. Carlson will discuss how
family, religion and society. Carlson one generation in particular, which
has written several works including one scholar has termed “the greediest
Third Ways: How Bulgarian Greens, generation”, has benefited from both
Swedish Housewives, and Beer- phases of the welfare state—new
swilling Englishmen Crafted Family- deal legislation and social security.
Centered Economies-and why they Carlson will be offering his historical
disappeared, a widely popular book perspective and faculty member Allan C. Carlson Photo Courtesy of
among agrarian school of thought. Dana Baker will be offering an
Carlson will be coming to campus Rebuilding an American Economy the University’s long tradition of in free tickets, come by the Office
alternate point of view on the subject.
to discuss current events from the Focused on Family and Community.” bringing relevant speakers to campus of Student Involvement. WSUV
All students are invited to attend the
agrarian perspective. Agrarianism is Allan C. Carlson will discuss great to discuss thought-provoking ideas students who get free tickets are also
free event on campus. There will be a
a school of thought that values rural historical thinkers that created their and current events from all sides of entered into a raffle to win a seat at the
complementary luncheon provided as
life, farming and focuses on giving own societies inside of the bustling the political spectrum. dinner with Allan Carlson and several
well. The daytime lunch starts at 1:15
back social and political power to 20th century world. These societies Carlson will be speaking at 7:30 important community members.
p.m. and the conference will begin at
small communities. Thus, proponents focused on democracy, localism, p.m. in the Fort Vancouver High If you are interested in attending
1:30 p.m. in the Firstenburg Student
of agrarianism seek to give political labor ethics, individual property School Auditorium. Tickets are $10 the Public Affairs Lecture Series, or
power back to local communities rights, and preserving the family as each. Complementary tickets are would like more information about
The evening event is entitled,
and stress the importance of people a societal unit. The evening event being given out to high school and the program, please visit: www.
“Beyond Socialism and Capitalism:
cultivating the land for a more is open to the public and upholds college students. If you are interested

As the rally continued, the person who receives it,

Candid Cougs Rally

administrators as well as rather than seeing it as also
professors started to turn being a public benefit, and
out in support of the rally. thus a shared responsibility,
Vice Chancellor of Student so all were balancing higher
Continued from page 1 Affairs Nancy Youlden education off on the backs

hone banking said, “All of administration of students. And I think it
Jake Kleinschmidt/Managing Editor was set up in the is concerned about is poor public policy in the
administration the students. Southwest long run.”
building during the rally Washington is being hit Chancellor Dengerink
“If tuition goes up $900, how will this affect you?” so students could call particularly hard by also sees the difficult task
legislators about the employment problems and for the people in Olympia.
tuition hikes. However, is suffering from it. The “The people who are in
Evan Moriwaki- Environmental Science many voices were ignored. State continues to cut its charge of setting the state
“I haven’t told anyone this yet, but the only Representative Pat Sullivan budget more and more each budgets have a horrendous
alternative I have is to join the Marines...” asked that the students just year, and we don’t feel it task of trying to solve both
stop calling. Representative should be put on the backs the immediate problems
Derek Kilmer said he of students.” and long term problems.”
wasn’t even interested in The total cost of running Chancellor Dengerink
History - Jeff Sanders
voting on the issue. the campus is not increasing, said, “There’s no one way
“It will make me work a lot more hours if but the government is trying to do it. Following this
I can, it will put the squeeze on me because I Despite the large group
of students who attended to transfer more of the cost up with telephone calls,
support my wife and 8 year old daughter.” of tuition to the students, e-mails, and so forth to
to show their support,
not all of them were in rather than paying what legislator is extremely
Josh Jones - History they have been through important.”
full agreement with the
“I have trouble paying my bills, and I’ve been sentiments of the speakers. grants in the past. President Ferderer is
trying to do my best without loans but I would Some feel that tuition is Chancellor Hal Dengerink already planning the future
have to do that and take a semester or two off not a right, but rather a said, “All across the goals to carrying this
to work.” privilege that should not country, people are looking message straight to the
be fully supported by the for solutions for how to capitol. “Our next step is
Biology - Sarah Smith pay for higher education, Coug Day at the Capitol on
government. DLA Sterr
“I will not be able to continue to go to commented saying it is and increasingly people Feb. 14, 15, and 16., where
school. My husband works many hours already an ideological difference. are seeing students as the we will have a lot of impact.
and I rely on pell grants to pay the rest.” “Educating the public is a source for funding higher We can share our stories
responsibility of the public; education. There’s this and our thoughts directly to
we need to start looking it notion that the higher the legislators.”
Eva Trimble - Psychology “I’m graduating in education is the benefit to
May, but I know a lot of people who will be as a public good.”
here, and I know they will be affected greatly,
and it impacts my view of Washington Schools”

Electrical Engineering - Devyn Puckett

“I might have issues paying for next semester.
My parents cant afford this tuition and I’m
already on loans.”

Evelynn Feaster/Larissa Lutt- English

Feaster: “If it goes up and my financial aid gets
cut, there is no way I can afford to go to school.”
Lutt: “I’m dependant on financial aid and if it’s cut,
I’m going to have to drop.”

Jake Kleinschmidt/The VanCougar

2/10 Selecting a Major Workshop @ noon in VFSC 104. Free and open to all current students

Wish you were here

OSI and Campus local pictures. With over 71 photos More than
to choose from, some guests 80 people were
Reading project sponsor
spent over five in attendance, a
Travel Café event minutes greater number
j u s t than Mantzke had
Katie Wells/Editor-in-Chief
staring originally expected.
at the The ‘calming’
With small, yellow and red pictures. atmosphere
squares in hand, art viewers judged For those and the inviting
photographs from all over the world. that felt feeling of the
They were visually taken from Peru hungry after room were the
to Thailand, Guatemala to Spain, their pictorial reasons for the
Hawaii to Israel, and everywhere in travels, there high attendance
between. was a buffet of she said. “It was
On Jan. 27, students were filing in food from all over just a great time
to the Firstenburg Student Commons the world. While for students to
where they instantly assumed the role eating, attendees come to an open
of art critic and judge. The Travel had the chance event and not feel
Café, put on by the Campus Reading to draw pictures obligated to do
Project and the Office of Student of locations anything. Since
Involvement, provided an open event they had been it was so open, it
for all Cougars to come together. to as well as made students want
OSI Marketing Intern Kendal place push- to participate more.
Mantzke had been planning this event pins into a It was a very chill
since the beginning of November. world map event.”
The main attraction at the Travel showing When the Travel
Café was the photo contest. Over 100 t h e i r Café closed shop, the votes
photos were submitted by students, vacation were counted. In the ‘abroad’
staff, and faculty for a chance to win spots. category, Sue Phelps took
a $50 gift certificate to The Bookie. home the $50 gift certificate

Joseph Tiegs/The VanCougar

As guests walked through the with her ‘out-the-window’
doors of the Commons for the event, Kenta water scene. John Won received
they were handed their ‘voting Ya m a g u c h i , the second gift certificate for his
tools’. Each attendee was given three the guest speaker, gave a ‘local’ picture of one of the UW
yellow pieces of paper to vote for presentation at the Travel Café Libraries.
their favorite photos from abroad about his 90-day biking trip from
and two red pieces of paper for the Alaska to the Tri-Cities.

The Power of ONE: WSUV students go to D.C.

Power 100 Summit something called the Living Proof Americans, and other Westerners, livingproofproject.) kids made me realize how important
Project, which aims to change the how people in Africa are no longer For me, the part that struck me the work the ONE members do is.
Conference in public’s perception of aid in Africa. barely surviving, they are thriving. the most also had to do with kids. The more we talk to our senators and
Washington, D.C. For a long time, aid programs have Yes, more work needs to be done On Saturday, we met Pam Cope, representatives about how important
had a bad reputation as inefficient and – life expectancy on most of the the woman who started the Touch A it is to get these people out of poverty,
Melissa Boles and Serena Kandoll
corrupt – in many cases, aid money continent is about half that of the Life Foundation nine years ago, after the less kids there will be that are

would never reach the people for average American’s life expectancy. her 15 year old son Jansten died of forced in to slavery, or experience
hree years ago, the ONE whom it was intended. In correlation However, the Living Proof Project an undetected heart defect. In lieu of other consequences of poverty.
Campus Challenge, a with this, many people in the shows that progress is being made flowers, Pam and her husband Randy Also at the Power 100 Summit, I
competition that engages Western world thought of Africans and will continue as more aid flows asked people to donate to Jantsen’s spoke with the four other members
college campuses across the country as disease ridden and Memorial Fund. of the OCC in Kenya trip that
to take action in the fight against depressed. In recent The money they occurred this summer. We shared our
global poverty, began its annual years, however, aid received from experiences with the other students
Power 100 Summit, which brings programs such as this fund helped in an attempt to really showcase how
the campus leaders from the Top UNICEF (United them to start the important our work is here. It’s just
100 schools to DC for a weekend of Nations Children’s Touch a Life like Pam Cope’s story – the more
advocacy and learning. On this third Fund) and the Foundation, which students get involved, the less likely
annual Power 100 Summit, Serena Global Fund to Fight has helped them to people will spend the rest of their
Kandoll and I made the trek to snowy AIDS, Tuberculosis touch the lives of lives in poverty.
DC to represent Washington State and Malaria have numerous children I came away from the Power 100
University – Vancouver in the top dramatically in Cambodia, re-inspired, and Serena has told
100. influenced disease Vietnam and me that she is even more motivated
Over two days, all of the students prevalence – in many Ghana. to help out than when I asked her
attended numerous sessions, African nations, Many children to go with me. If you’re interested
hearing from speakers like Robert malaria rates have in developing in learning more about the ONE
Draper, correspondent for GQ been cut in half, four countries have Campaign or getting involved on
and contributor to The New York million Africans are families that are in the WSU-Vancouver Campus,
Times and National Geographic; now taking ARVs such poverty that please contact either Melissa Boles
Ambassador Mark Green, Managing (antiretrovirals, aka Anti-HIV or into African nations – Bill Gates they sell their children into slavery for or Serena Kandoll in the Office of
Policy Director, Malaria No More; Anti-AIDS drugs), and deaths in himself just pledged $10 billion over the $20 they get for the initial sale. It Student Involvement, or go to www.
Franklin Moore, Deputy Assistant childbirth have fallen drastically. the next ten years towards vaccines in is these children whose lives Pam and We really can make
Administrator, USAID; Rev. David Even with all of this progress, developing countries. Randy are touching, by working with a difference!
Beckmann, President, Bread for the Americans especially still thought “Ms. Canfield’s presentation was native Cambodians, Ghanaians and ONE is a global advocacy and
World; and ONE CEO David Lane. negatively of aid funds and the very moving,” Kandoll said after Vietnamese to pull these young kids campaigning organization backed
For both of us there were particular Africans benefitting from them. returning to Vancouver. “I definitely out of slavery. They have turned the by more than two million people
moments that stood out, and for This is where Living Proof comes felt teary-eyed more than a few times lives of these kids around, bringing from around the world dedicated
Serena that moment was when we in – videos showing laughing, happy seeing the beautiful, happy, healthy them out of slavery and in to a life to fighting extreme poverty and
heard from Sally Canfield of The Bill children; stationary with smiling faces of the children featured.” (If of education, fun and healthy food. preventable disease, particularly in
and Melinda Gates Foundation. African faces; and fact sheets you are interested in learning more Their lives are no longer buried deep Africa. For more information please
An outgrowth of The Bill and showing how disease rates have about the Living Proof Project, in poverty. They are happy. visit
Melinda Gates Foundation is tumbled. The project aims to show go to Hearing from Pam about these

2/16 Test Taking Workshop @ 3 p.m. in VFSC 104. Free and open to current students. Learn tips and tricks for improving test scores

Bird Club excited for new plans this semester

A brief review of the Last semester, the Birder’s ornithology, which are also
Association’s meetings were still in the planning stage. The
Birder’s Association
held every other week during workshops will focus primarily
Club at WSUV which members plotted out the on the physiology of birds.
club’s future agenda, which left When asked what made
Chau Nguyen/ Involvement Editor
no time for scheduling an event. him become so fascinated with

That is about to change this birds, Smokey said, “Most
he main purpose semester, as the club is inviting people have asked me that. I
of the club is to a guest speaker to campus. The just tell them it’s something
raise people’s guest, whom Smokey met while that just feels right, more like
awareness of birds in the volunteering at the Oregon Zoo, a calling.” Though Smokey
community,” said Joey Smokey, is a falconer who used to be the has not taken an official class
the Birder’s Association club coordinator of the birds of prey on birds, he believes his
president. The club is new on program there. Still working in volunteering at the Oregon
WSUV’s campus, having just the conservation field, she has Zoo for five years, as well as
been founded last semester. accepted Smokey’s invitation doing research on his own, will
So far there are only about to speak at WSUV, though the benefit the club and its goals
six members, most of whom Birder’s Association has not set a for bird conservation.
are science majors, ranging specific date yet. However, when According to Smokey, the
from biology to mechanical the actual day and time have first club meeting this semester
engineering. But there are also been confirmed, Smokey will will be soon. Anyone interested
a few graduate students, and the be going about campus posting in joining the club can reach
club’s advisor is Dr. Christine fliers and giving out handbills. Smokey at pt40master@
Portfors, a neuroscience Another event that Smokey to be put on the
professor who researches the is excited about this semester club’s mailing list for meetings
Chau Nguyen/The VanCougar
auditory system in mice and bats. is a series of workshops on and event notifications. Joey Smokey, the Birder’s Association club president, plans to make his club more popular on campus with
some exciting plans for Spring.

KOUG Radio t-shirt party

If the shirt fits: KOUG was Jimmy Kramer, who’s simple, Altman was more than happy to
radio creates wearable geometric fusion of the name KOUG explain the instructions multiple
advertising Radio caught the eyes of many. It times to students who wandered in
was also a perfect design for screen- and out of the event and said, “When
Triana Collins/ ACE Editor printing, a printing technique that you have people who are excited

uses stencils and inks to create about learning, it’s its own reward.”
n Monday, Feb. 1 from awesome hand painted clothing. Cara Cottingham, Station
5 p.m. to 10 p.m. the art Hundreds of CD’s donated by the Manager, had worked hard planning,
room of VMMC 107 was Portland Mercury newspaper were organizing, and ordering materials
transformed into a sweatshop-free picked out of huge gray bins and for the event. But at the event, she
t-shirt factory. KOUG Radio hosted played during the event. Most of the was relaxed and all smiles while
the event, which was centered on a CD’s came from local artists in the making numerous t-shirts in the
logo contest and featured food and Portland and Vancouver area. The hopes of giving them away as prizes
local music. students had the opportunity to hear and gifts for interested students. “I
Artistically talented students from new music as well as vote on whether think this t-shirt party is the most fun
all over campus submitted their or not the music should be included thing we’ve done since the station
designs to the campus’ radio station in the stations rotation. opened. It’s great to see everyone’s
in the hopes of their artwork being The event would not have happened excitement.” Jacob Casey, a DJ
plastered all over bulletin boards, without the help of Jeannette Altman, specializing in modern classical
posters, and t-shirts. The contest was a fine arts instructional technician, music, agreed: “It’s a party! I think
based on visual aesthetics and the who donated her day preparing the it’s great and the design is beautiful.
creative artistic definition of KOUG non-toxic materials, aiding students It’s not often we get together and
Radio. in the screen printing process, and creatively express ourselves.”
It was a hard decision with many cleaning up. She seemed quite To get your own KOUG Radio
visually appealing works to choose comfortable with the art form and T-shirt, become a DJ, apply for one
from. After the deadline ended, a vote said that she had learned screen- of the many paid Director’s positions,
was taken amongst DJ’s, directors, printing at WSU with an instructor or just get involved, go to kougradio.
and fans at a meeting. The winner from Portland State University. com.

The crew were getting ready to transfer the images onto the shirts. Katie Wells/The VanCougar Katie Wells/The VanCougar

Come find your match at the WSUV Speed Dating Event Thursday, Feb. 11 from 4:15 p.m. to 7 p.m.! Sign up in OSI.

Free Coug: living on a budget Spotlight: Kate Tijerina WSUV student loves rations should something extreme
Mediterranean Sea... while the what. So if you really love someone
Cheap activities for the volunteering happen. Their pets are taken care of
slow sunset throws splashes you give them something edible.
average, poor college of neon colors across smooth, Learn to make chocolate rosebuds
as well, with people delivering cat,
Triana Collins/ACE Editor dog, and fish food for those who can’t
student to enjoy without harmless clouds that sit like lazy and other sugary treats at the library get it themselves.

going broke sea lions on the horizon of your for your sweetie. What, don’t have a ate Tijerina is a WSUV Tijerina enjoys working with
picture-perfect life. Yes, that sweetie? Make ‘em for your mom! senior who thinks the seniors and likes “hearing their stories
Triana Collins/ACE Editor would be quite nice wouldn’t What, your mom’s a total controlling world could be a better and jokes”. She confesses that she has
place and is doing overtime to make her favorites: “I like the sassy ones.”

it? Well, perhaps that’s just not bitch? Make ‘em for yourself!
alentine’s Day is a very realistic. In that case, I suggest it happen. Although her mind may be Tijerina believes that her decision
special holiday. But heading over to some of our What: Anti-Valentine’s Day filled with the injustices and unmet to work with Meals on Wheels was
needs of the Earth’s inhabitants, she a natural progression that started
there are very important local wineries for some wine When: Friday, February 12th
somehow manages to brightly smile when she and her sister became
rules to follow if you want to do it and chocolate pairing. Bethany Where: Salmon Valley Community Library
through all the grief and sadness. And their grandmother’s caretaker. “If
right: Vineyards, Rusty Grape Vineyard, Time: 6 to 8 p.m. by strategically managing her classes, my grandmother hadn’t had us she
Three Brothers Vineyard & Cost: FREE homework, and heavy volunteer would have gone to a nursing home,”
1. Don’t give people those cheesy Winery, Confluence Vineyards, “Cupid is stupid” is the motto schedule, she finds some time to talk Tijerina says. “Taking care of her is
mass-made cards. Make your own. and East Fork Cellars are all based for this public event. If you are a about the beauty behind it all. a commitment that I miss. It was a
2. If you’re just starting to date out of either Ridgefield or Battle loveophobe, or scared of heart shaped Hailing from Ridgefield, Tijerina choice; I never felt like something
someone, don’t overdo it. You Ground, and will each be hosting things, go to the library and watch a started out at Clark College, and then was forced on me.” Both of Tijerina’s
don’t want to look obsessed even the sweet stuff and the strong stuff movie and eat popcorn with other transferred to WSUV. She wanted to grandmothers played an important role
stay close to home and admits she is in her life, which she was more than
(especially) if you are. (and maybe some live music too) like-minded people. They guarantee
“ridiculously close” with her parents. happy to honor when they needed
3. If you are dating someone, DO for your Valentine’s Day pleasure. “no lovey-dovey anything”.
When she’s not studying, playing her. “My sister and I absorbed all of
overdo it, because then they’ll feel piano, spending time in nature, or their inner strength, compassion, and
guilty for not doing as much, and will What: Green Home hanging out with her family, this public drive,” Tijerina states. “They helped
make it up to you on the next holiday. When: Saturday, February 13 What: Suffrage Celebration affairs major volunteers with numerous us young women to be involved.
4. If you’re about to break up with Where: Water Resources Education Center When: Saturday, February 20 on and off campus organizations My grandmothers provided support
someone, DON’T do it on Valentine’s Time: 1 to 3 p.m. Where: Battle Ground Community Library including the AmeriCorp, WSU and guidance, and told us not to do
Day. Unless of course, you never Cost: FREE Time: 7 p.m. Student Alumni Group, and the Social something just because everyone else
want them to talk to you again. In Do you have a green home? What, Cost: FREE and Environmental Justice Club, in does it. They told us to research it
which she is a key member. first. They were so incredible, and had
that case, DO it on Valentine’s Day. you don’t?? OMG. That is so lame... Dr. Linda Allen will be giving
The recent disaster in Haiti quickly so much wisdom from their 90 years.”
5. Finally, wait until the day you better do something about it right a presentation on the 100-year
sparked Tijerina to help initiate an Tijerina’s volunteer mentality
after Valentine’s Day to buy candy/ away or else you’ll never get ahead in anniversary of Washington women on-campus coalition. She organized started when she was very young. “My
chocolate. Then it’ll be hella cheaper. life, never make anything of yourself, winning their right to vote. Isn’t it so meetings to discuss the situation and is mom would have us do stuff when
6. If you’re super extra cheap, take never make your parents proud, absurd that they ever couldn’t? currently trying to get all the clubs on we were little,” she remembers, “like
your date out for some FREE events. etc., etc. But, there is HOPE. The campus to be involved in a drive aimed church activities and Cat 4H, where we
Water Center will be hosting a day to at sending donations of money and volunteer at nursing homes, walking
discover the energy wasters hiding What: Belly Dance hygiene kits to people in need. “It’s our cat around. In high school we held
What: Chocolate & Wine Tour in your home and what you can do When: Friday, February 12 going to be a big undertaking, Tijerina a 9/11 fundraiser, events for women’s
says. “I think everyone wants to help shelters, clothes and food drives,
When: Sunday, February 14 about them. Learn the simple way Where: Mint Tea, Downtown Vancouver
and many of us are able, but we don’t and volunteered at soup kitchens.”
Where: Various Wineries to fix leaky faucets, the easy way to Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tijerina gives credit to her family for
know the route to doing it. Having
Time: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. compost, the mindless way to recycle Cost: FREE the platform of WSUV, and past inspiring her to lead a life of service.
Cost: (mostly) FREE—check (blue bin = good, black can = bad). Zaina, an international belly experience, has given me the ability to “My parents taught us compassion
with individual wineries dance instructor, performer, and help plan and give to an effort.” and to try and examine every situation
What is better than a nice big What: Valentine’s Treats teacher at Clark College, will be at For the past 4 years, Tijerina has from the other person’s point of view,”
glass of wine and some matching When: Tuesday, February 9 Mint Tea gracing everyone with her been volunteering with Stream Team, she says. “We were also able to give
chocolates on Valentines Day? Where: Cascade Park Community Library mesmerizing mid-section. If you an organization that is part of Clark more because we were provided with
Perhaps it would be your Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. haven’t been to Mint Tea, this will Public Utilities. She is currently a a lot of privileges. Therefore, we were
Stream Team Leader, which entails taught to give back.”
sweetheart dressed in nothing but Cost: FREE be a great start. They offer organic
training volunteers to plant trees, Once she graduates, Tijerina’s 10-
a velvet bathrobe feeding them Greeting cards are so passé. I savory meals, sweet treats, beer, year plan is to be either deeply involved
teaching about local wildlife and the
to a 5-star penthouse mean seriously, what do YOU do with wine, (with many vegan options) as benefits of protecting our watersheds. with a nonprofit against sex trafficking
suite hotel, overlooking the them? You throw them out, that’s well as Fair-Trade gifts for everyone. She explains that when trees are or to start her own nonprofit with her
removed from the area around a sister. She is deeply passionate about
stream, the water temperature rises and the horror of the sex trafficking trade,

The Rant
Nobody can, the unemployment education system which to continue the fish stop feeding and laying eyes. and says it is “absolute torture. I’m
rates in Southwest Washington are this route by choice? I think at least “The rising temperature really cripples not just talking about prostitution. I’m
alarmingly high, a hike like this is part of that population would go on the fish,” she says, “so we plant trees talking about children that are stolen
to provide shade. It’s fun and I like or sold from their homes because
nearly impossible to afford. What do to join the work force because they
Jake Kleinschmidt/Managing Editor being outside.” Sometimes, Tijerina their parents can’t do anything else.
these problems leave students with to no longer wished to pursue their
gets to experience the fruits of her They are sold to pimps, live their

do to save their wallets? education. labor, as was the case when a stream lives on some kind of sedative, and
k this time, it should Frighteningly, nearly everyone America needs to be educated, she worked on had salmon return after are sold from man to man to man. It’s
really be the RAGE. I talk to says they cannot afford we shouldn’t turn to the countries an absence of 14 years. disgusting and disheartening. It’s an
I freaking hate this 14 to graduate. Some are supporting future and say “Sorry, but you will Starting this past summer, Tijerina evil that has always existed and an evil
percent tuition hike. families or their family is supporting have to be a higher class citizen in has been working with the Loaves that more children need to be saved
Not because of the fact that it is them. The level of dependency is order further your education.” That’s and Fishes Center’s Meals on Wheels from.”
going to nearly make it impossible great and thus causing problems of spelling disaster in the name of program. A non-profit, secular This passionate workaholic plans
organization, Meals on Wheels on dedicating her life to researching
for me to graduate. Not because of finding alternative means of income. Oligarchy.
delivers hot, nutritious meals to and finding out the root of the sex
the fact that I have to figure out how Those who have financial aid already In the interest of being a
homebound seniors, people who can’t trafficking problem. “It’s going to
to get $900 more to pay for tuition. are at the risk of losing it as the rules progressive nation, shouldn’t we drive or who have mobility issues. She be ugly, Tijerina says firmly. “I don’t
But because of all the people who are changing regularly for what want to help our citizens from all prepares and serves meals, delivers think it will ever stop. I tell people I’m
I know will not be able to continue qualifies you as at need. levels of income to have at least the food to homes, and trains special needs never gong to be rich, but that’s okay
their education just because the Peoples dreams, lives, and their chance to earn an education? people for service attendant positions because I know it will be rewarding.”
government does not want to fork out goals which are only a but a few years Nobody wants to pay more taxes at stores like Walmart and Safeway. Tijerina believes one of the best
more money to its own future. away from them are being ripped in order to fund these kinds of things, “If these people didn’t have someone things a student can do is utilize clubs
When I was doing interviewing away by legislators who are trying to but if we readjusted what our taxes delivering food to them I don’t know on campus. “They benefit the student
what they would do,” Tijerina states. body and the community,” she states.
students during the walk out, I was balance who will pay for what. paid for, and focused on what really
“The welfare programs have been cut “Once you find a club with issues you
surprised that from student to student The argument is that students mattered, this wouldn’t be such
so much. Plus, if it wasn’t for Meals believe in, you can work for things
one thing remained consistent. Not should have to pay their own way an issue. And our legislators need on Wheels there would be a lot more other than yourself. Then you learn
even one single student I talked to because they will be the ones who to be told this. Because I will not people being rushed into nursing about yourself, gain friendships, and
said that they could continue their benefit for it, and it shouldn’t be a stand silent while I see my friends homes.” really enjoy the few years that you’re
education with this massive hike in right, it shouldn’t be something the and fellow students go down and out When she goes on her deliveries, a student. But first you have to ask
tuition costs. Not even one, unless government should have to pay for. without an education, or being forced Tijerina often gets invited inside. “I yourself what you would like to do.
they were graduating this semester, Then why do we say K-12 is a into changing their life’s course just go in and hang out sometimes,” she You don’t want to go out and say ‘oh
and they admit that they could not right? My question is, if we offered because of some bad policy changes. says. “But I have to be timely because God, I can’t believe I’m doing this’.
so many people are just sitting home Make sure their aspirations are in
afford college if they were to continue higher education for everyone, Tuition Hike, I hate you. I hate that you
waiting for the food. Some are just line with yours. And if you only have
into Fall of 2010. wouldn’t this benefit the entire will cause problems for nearly every student a certain amount of time, then do it,
so happy to say ‘hi’ and ‘have a good
The stories I have heard are varied nation? And if you are concerned that in the state of Washington. I hate that you day.’” The recipients receive food because while it’s a volunteer situation
from one to another, but they all end “bad apples” would ruin the system, can affect lives, yet ignore screams for help every weekday, with extra on Fridays for you, it could be a necessity for
up with the same plea. They cannot then my question is why would and understanding. Tuition hike, I freaking to last them through the weekend. They someone else. “
afford a tuition hike in this economy. people who tend to rebel against the hate your very existence. are also given two days of emergency Feel inspired? Get involved!

2/9 Strong Interest Inventory for those with undecided majors @ 4 p.m. in VFSC 104. Open and free to students and alumni

Don’t believe the hype, but order the fries

counter, one is presented with a I was handed my order number once did I see an employee come out but you might experience a more
Five Guys Burgers and simple, yet liberating menu. There and I took a seat. I did my best to to clean the dirty tables or sweep the anaphylactic response.
Fries review are four burgers to choose from, a find a table that wasn’t dirty, but to floors. The walls of Five Guys are
Joe Creager/Photographer hamburger, a cheeseburger, a bacon no avail. To make matters worse, After about ten minutes of waiting, covered with signs that contain silly
burger, and a bacon cheeseburger. all of tables are very close together my burger was ready. The burger quotes from various newspapers and

Alternatively, you can order a in a sort of high school cafeteria- was wrapped in tin foil, which is at food review websites praising the
t’s hard to review something “little” version of each as well. All style arrangement, which gave me no least recyclable. I also ordered fries, glory of their burgers. One described
that you want to like when toppings are free, and you have choice but to bear witness to a room a regular size, but I’m pretty sure the burgers as “multi-level meat
your expectations couldn’t your choice of mayo, relish, onions, full of people cramming their faces they just went ahead and dumped the and cheese monstrosities,” which
be met. Unfortunately, that was my lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled with piles of ground beef and stacks whole basket of fries into my bag, sounded about right considering
experience with Five Guys Burgers onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, of potato sticks. I’m a hardcore which was also cool. Take my word that, according to Wikipedia (or the
and Fries. I’ll certainly strive to be mustard, jalapeños, green peppers, carnivore and food lover, yet even I for it, they do not skimp on the fries, culmination of man’s knowledge, if
fair in this review, because Five Guys A-1, barbeque I got at least a good you will), their double cheeseburger
has a few good things going for it that sauce and hot two potatoes worth, has over 800 calories. Another
other burger joints could learn from. sauce. A sign if not more. sign, quoting The Washington Post,
That said, my experience there left hangs below The burger read “Willy Wonkas of Bugercraft.”
plenty to be desired. the menu that itself was pretty Considering the caloric intake, that
To begin with, Five Guys’ theme states that the good. It easily beat should make most of us Augustus
revolves around an obvious bid to burgers are anything that you Gloops.
emulate the “small town burger served either could get at Burger The bottom line is this: the burgers
joint” feel, which they do fairly well, “juicy or well King, Wendy’s, are pretty darn good, but not the best I
provided you don’t mind the faux done.” or McDonald’s have ever had. For a comparable sum
backlot feel of a small town burger I ’ m by a long shot. of money, one could go to Burgerville
joint. Upon walking through the door, assuming that The bacon was and get a Pepper Bacon Tillamook
one is immediately greeted by an if you wanted amazing. Unlike at Cheeseburger, which is a better
employee shouting “one through the to, you could other burger joints, burger provided by a local business.
door!” That novel acknowledgement have all of I could actually It should also be remembered that at
of your existence is fine, though it those toppings taste it. Another Burgerville one is able to sit at a quiet
gets old very quickly if you plan to on your novelty was that my and private booth. Still, the Five
sit down and eat, because someone burger, but I burger arrived hot Guys burgers were delicious, and I
walks through the door about every kept it simple and fresh, which like that one can order a burger any
one to five minutes. and went I can attest to, as way they see fit (if you’re looking for
Rather than using the typical for a bacon Joe Creager/The VanCougar there is no wall something more authentically small
velvet rope (or “seatbelt on a stick” cheeseburger between the kitchen town, drive to Wenatchee and get a
for most places), Five Guys has with mayo, lettuce, pickles, grilled found that aspect unsettling. and the dinning area, allowing one to burger from Rusty’s). Would I go
opted to use their surplus potato onions, grilled mushrooms, and As I searched for a table, I watch their burger being made. back? Yes, of course, but I wouldn’t
sacks to guide the line of patrons to ketchup. Upon placing my order, noticed a giant box of peanuts on The fries were excellent— stay to eat. I’ll take my meal home, so
the register. I suppose this is a nice one of the employees yelled “two one of the garbage cans. These were really and truly what fries should be. that I can enjoy it in quiet privacy. I
touch, but at the same time, it looks patties!” That startled me. So now complementary, which is great if you Better yet, they were made fresh. will certainly go back for the fries at
like they are preparing for a flood we have employees shouting every like peanuts, not so if you object to Five Guys even posts a sign on the Five Guys. There’s nothing like them
as the potato sacks look like sand time someone walks through the the floor beneath every table being wall indicating where the potatoes anywhere else around here, and they
bags. It is certainly a unique interior door, and every time someone orders. littered with peanut shells. There came from. The downside is that the definitely deserve a shout-out of their own.
decorating choice. That makes for a random shout-out was a scoop in the peanuts, but pretty fries are cooked in peanut oil. George
Upon arriving at the ordering just about every thirty seconds. much everyone used their hands. Not Washington Carver would be proud,

time wishing rather than working. rather than by knowledge, but it is that I understand the law of causality,
The guy that is “so smart that he just not nearly as destructive as short- every possibility is open to me to

gets everything” does not really exist. term thinking. Why? Unintended pursue. I know with perfect clarity
t took me forty years of recklessly, but I just know that the What people do not see is how hard consequences often go far beyond that any task (within the realm of
life and a crash course in a government can spend our way out that guy works to understand what he one’s own sphere to affect many reality) I choose to accomplish can be
rational philosophy1 to truly of the resulting recession.” (See the is learning, because he works ahead. other people as well, sometimes completed successfully. All I have to
integrate a concept that I thought I contradiction?) He is answering all the questions catastrophically. Every immoral do is focus on it and then work on it.
knew for my entire adult life. What No, reality cannot be wiped out for because he has already completed act that is committed by men is a Will I have to work hard? You bet I
do I mean by integrate? I mean to the sake of anyone’s wishes, even if that work. Michael Phelps did not result of short-term thinking. Theft, will, but every reward is sweeter and
understand a concept so well that all you call them prayers. In the end, become the world’s fastest swimmer homicide, rape, deceit, and fraud are has more value if I work hard at it.
contradictions to the concept become wishes are just nice daydreams. because he was talented; it was all results of short-term thinking. All Now that I know this, I can truly say
immediately exposed, leaving a 2. Short-term thinking. Short- because he started training to swim of the worst man-made accidents that “I am the man that loves his life.”
crystal clear vision of its meaning. term thinking is the leading cause at a professional level while he was are the result of short-term thinking. Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged
Why did it take me forty years? Well, of bad finance, bad government, in grade school. Tiger Woods was So, why would anyone think short- 1. Objectivism is the
the concept in question can be tricky, poor decision making, immoral acts, always on the golf course as a child, term? The trouble is that short-term philosophy of Ayn Rand, a wholly
and it can sometimes reveal things criminal acts, and failure because Roger Federer played more tennis thinking is just as seductive as wishful rational and contradiction free
that are painful to acknowledge, so it of “gotchas.” Short-term thinking before he was 9 years old than thinking, particularly to people that philosophy.
is seductively easy to look the other also creates situations where I have most people play in a lifetime, and need to be popular, like politicians. Gene Ligman is the founder and
way. What is this concept? It is the to make rationalizations, which Mozart’s father drove Wolfgang like There is no moral principle that a current president of the Who Is John
law of causality. Every effect has a then lead to lowered expectations or a slave from a very young age. It all politician will not set aside in order Galt club, a registered WSU club
cause, and every cause has an effect. changes of priorities. “Well, I didn’t takes an enormous amount of work to pursue votes. Short-term thinking dedicated to the study and discussion
What is so seductive about ignoring really need a good grade in chemistry. to be good at something. Cause: I is not “being selfish” as most people of Objectivism. Information about
it? Ignoring the law of causality Besides, I think I would like beauty put a great deal of hard work into a mislabel it. In fact, nothing could be the Who Is John Galt club can be
results in primarily two modes of school better anyway.” task. Effect: I become very good at further from the truth. Selfishness found at
thinking: The peril of ignoring the law that task. Wish: If I were Einstein means acting in one’s self interest, - Gene Ligman
1. Wishful thinking. Wishful of causality is that unintended I wouldn’t have to struggle with and nothing could be less in one’s self
thinking could be the leading cause consequences are very likely to this physics. Effect: I will never interest than destroying long term
for not getting things done. “If I put happen: unintended because limited
thought (if any) is ever given to
be very good at physics. Let me be
clear about this issue. There are no
gains in favor of short-term ones.
Was Enron acting in its self interest
Write in to
it off today, maybe it will go away.”
“I can still get an A on the exam, alternative possible outcomes. These free cakes. If you want to eat cake when it falsified documents to dupe vancouged@
even if I play one more game.”
“If only I were as smart as that
unintended consequences could be
good (fortuitous discovery), but are
you have two options. You can bake
one or you can trade for one. A
investors? Obviously not! Any and I
mean any act that violates the law of
guy, then I could learn this stuff.” most likely to be bad. They can cake will not bake itself, no matter causality is not in one’s self interest, edu to have your
“I can eat my cake and have it
too,” or worse, “I can eat my cake
range from a total disaster where
everything falls apart, to simply
what your need or your wish. Those
that think they can get their cake
because the law of causality cannot
be broken. In fact, the inescapable
letter published
without ever having to bake it.” failing to get anything done by failing for free do not realize that they are consequences, the effects that go with and your voice
Wishful thinking also leads to to act at all. Of course, failing to act trading something for the cake, even every cause, catch up with everyone
rationalizations to make reality fit is a choice as clearly as acting in time if it is not tangible. What is most eventually. What is it called when heard
what I hope for, rather than what it (or preventatively) but is a choice often traded away is independence these consequences catch up? It is
really is. For example: that is made by default rather than followed by self respect. Wishful called justice. Well that is the down
“Yes, I know the recession was deliberately. It is the choice made thinking is personally destructive, it side of the law of causality, but there
brought on by people spending most often by those who spend their seduces people into living by belief is a tremendous upside as well. Now

2/10 Selecting a Major Workshop @ noon in VFSC 104. Free and open to all current students

From the President

Coug Day at the Capitol
students to travel to Olympia from
Time is running out....
and other events February 14-16th. This event,
featured affectionately called “Coug Day at the
Capitol,” will bring together Cougs
Nick Ferderer\ASWSUV President from all the WSU campuses to speak This is your last week
directly with legislators. ASWSUV
to apply for elected posi-

will pay for 20 students to travel up
ello everyone! What on February 14th for a banquet with tions and still be included
a couple of weeks it key legislators and for a chance to on the ballot. Hurry up!
has been since the last informally and formally make our case
column. In only those two weeks, for an affordable education. These
ASWSUV put together an amazing students will be staying in hotel rooms
Positions open for:
rally. Students at schools throughout to wake the next day refreshed and
the state coordinated walkouts and ready to join with several hundred 1 President
rallies to show our solidarity and to students from around the state to talk
1 Vice President
legislators that we want with legislators on the
low tuition and continued steps of Capitol Hill. 11 Senators
support for financial aid. After another good
A petition circulated the
crowd and gained two-
hundred and sixty-four
night’s sleep, we will
lobby more legislators
before heading back
signatures. In a few days,
the inboxes of legislators
will be flooded with these
to the Couv feeling
Do you have what it takes to represent the student body and get involved with ASWSUV?
testimonies and more the early afternoon.
from other participating
schools. The phones in
Olympia were also ringing off the hook
Because we do not have
school February 15th for
President’s Day, ASWSUV will bus an
on February 4th, as we made countless additional 40 students up for the day to Application Packets available in the office of student involvement.
calls to leadership in the House and join in the festivities. Spots are limited
Senate Ways and Means, and Higher for this amazing opportunity to make Completed application due February 12th by 3:00PM in OSI.
Education Committees. a difference. There are only 11 spots Debate Schedule:
This is probably not the first time left for the three-day extravaganza,
you have heard about the success of however, and a few more for the one-
Wednesday February 24th in VUCB 1 2:00-4:00
the rally, though—we were featured day trip, so sign up in the ASWSUV Tuesday March 2nd in the Firstenburg commons 11:30-2:30
on KOIN, KGW, and KATU; in two offices by Friday, February 12th! To learn more about ASWSUV and the elected positions please visit
articles in The Columbian and a few Thank you to everyone who Questions about the upcoming election? Please email us at
other newspapers around the state; and participated in the rally and those who Join the facebook group ASWSUV Elections 2010 for
on the radio at least twice! So what’s are already signed up to go to Olympia!
the latest news about the election and updates.
next?! We are making an impact! Until next
ASWSUV is now signing up issue—ONWARD and GO COUGS!

Think BIG.
Public Affairs Lecture Series
Washington State University Vancouver

2/11 Speed Dating in VFSC from 4:15 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Come find you match! Sign up in OSI as soon as possible to participate

Free craft night

ASWSUV sponsors a Henderson said. “About a month ago,
I picked out the theme, and then went
craft night for students;
shopping a week ago.” Though this
next one near Earth Day Craft Night was held on a random
day with no relation to any specific
Chau Nguyen\Student Involvement Editor holiday, the next one will be part of

the ASWSUV’s Earth Day events
ree Craft Night at WSUV in April, “We will have terracotta
on Jan. 26, 2010 provided pots that people can decorate and
a chance for everyone to be plant flower seeds in,” Henderson
an artist. explained. “Everybody of all ages is
The event, hosted by the welcome.”
Associated Students of Washington The Craft Night on Jan. 26
State University (ASWSUV), took attracted people that have rarely
place in the Firstenburg Student shown up for school events. Andrea
Commons from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Daniels, a new transfer student this
attracted about 13 participants. The semester, found a flyer about the
theme for this second Craft Night event at the bowling night, the very
(the first was before Thanksgiving) first WSUV event that she attended.
was, “Make Your Own Magnets”. “This is a blast,” Daniels declared.” I
Backgrounds cut from scrapbooking enjoyed making magnets. Everybody
paper were glued to flattened marbles, should come to this.” Daniels also
with a wide variety of different added that she would definitely
backgrounds provided for selection. attend future craft nights.
Heavy-duty glue was used to affix the Derek Brown, an engineering
magnets to the marbles, after which student, found this event to be a
the magnets were ready to be put on great opportunity for him to express
refrigerators for decoration. his artistic side, something his
According to Megan Henderson, engineering program doesn’t often
the event assistant of ASWSUV provide. “I was not going to come
who was in charge of the event, because of homework,” Brown
this second Craft Night didn’t take said. “But I went anyway because I
long to prepare. “The date for this knew all the girls showed up at Craft
craft night was put on the calendar Nights. I think the event was fun.”
of ASWSUV in the summer,”

Chau Nguyen/The VanCougar

2/12 Senate Meeting in VFSC 104 at 8 a.m.; Show up to voice your concerns or observe what the ASWSUV Senators are doing

WSU starts strong; fails second half The Irritated Sportsfan

Sloppy second half shots. After five minutes played in Cougs up 38-34. Thames helped add The Super Bowl is the Pro Bowl is special in its own
the first half, the Cougs had an 11 to the lead by making a jumper with right. So it’s grossly unfair to the
hurts Cougs: 92-64 loss point lead over the Huskies, 14-3. only two seconds remaining in the America but the Pro ones unable to participate this year.
UW cut WSU’s lead to just half, leaving WSU leading UW 40- Bowl’s timing is off Still, I wish that was all I have
Amy Thielen/Staff Writer four points though after guard 36. Despite having nine turnovers to complain about. That the Pro
Elston Turner converted a three- in the first half, the Cougs’ 44 Bowl has been moved to Miami is
pointer, making the score 14-10. In percent field goal percentage helped Daniel Barrette/Sports Writer another big letdown, as, let’s face

response, Koprivica, WSU’s leader them to end the first half ahead. By it, it isn’t exactly a city of cool trade
he 268th matchup between

in three-point percentage, shot his comparison, the Huskies shot only winds and an aloha philosophy.
the Washington State he Super Bowl is arguably
third three-pointer of the game to 33 percent from the field for the half. I’m not the only person that is
University and University America’s greatest
increase WSU’s lead to seven points. Unfortunately for WSU, the second irritated by the move. The players
of Washington basketball teams sporting event. Each year
The Huskies answered with a half was a different story. As a result themselves have expressed mixed
was a tale of two halves for the millions tune in to watch the two
6-0 run with seven minutes remaining of his poor shooting performance, feelings about Miami. “I like Hawaii
Cougars. WSU lost the first of this best teams from their respective
in the half to shrink the Cougar’s Thompson did not start the second a lot better,” Pittsburgh Steelers
season’s two “Apple Cup” games on conferences—the American Football
lead to just three points at 25-22. half. After only two minutes in, linebacker James Harrison said.
Saturday, Jan. 30 at Hec Edmundson Conference (AFC) and the National
With about four minutes remaining UW had already committed four San Diego tight end Antonio Gates
Pavilion in Seattle. Though the Football Conference (NFC)—meet
in the first half, Thames fouled UW fouls as a team. UW forward Tyreese commented saying,”Hawaii is
Cougars led by four points at half- on the field, though, admittedly,
leading scorer and forward Quincy Breshers fouled WSU guard Marcus considered kind of a vacation, a lot
time, the team was plagued by poor some of those millions are more
Pondexter. The two players traded Capers as he attempted a shot. Capers of these guys are from Florida, and
shooting, managing to score only 24 interested in the commercials, the
shoves, which resulted in offsetting made one of his two free throws a lot of people come to Florida on
total points in the second half. most expensive (and usually the
to increase WSU’s a regular basis.” Baltimore Ravens
Like most in-state rivalry most creative) that air in America.
lead to five at 41-36. linebacker Ray Lewis said it best
games, Saturday’s matchup While personally happy that
From that point when he went on record showing is
was full of intensity, even it’s Super Bowl time again,
forward, the Cougs’ frustration with the move to Miami
before the game started. First I’m anything but thrilled about
lead would quickly saying, “That’s no vacation. That’s
year WSU head coach Ken the National Football League’s
evaporate. The Huskies what we regularly do. You don’t want
Bone was coaching his first decision to host the annual Pro
responded with a 15-0 to go to the Pro Bowl and do what
rivalry game against UW coach Bowl a week before the main event.
run to put their team you regularly do. You want to come
Lorenzo Romar, whom Bone For those who don’t know, the
ahead by 10 points at 51- over and do something different. You
was an assistant coach for with Pro Bowl is the football equivalent to
41, leaving WSU unable want to tour the islands and bring the
the Huskies from 2002-2005. the National Basketball Association’s
to overcome the deficit. kids over to see something different.”
Additionally, WSU guard and All-Star game or baseball’s All-
The Cougs did not Lewis played college football for the
Seattle native Reggie Moore Star game, all of which take place
convert their first field University of Miami and spends part
was playing against friend in their respective mid seasons.
goal of the second half of his off-season at the Miami facility
and UW guard Isaiah Thomas. Granted, the scheduling is somewhat
until forward DeAngelo preparing for the new NFL season
The game had an uneasy understandable. Compared to the
Casto made a layup so for the Pro Bowl being moved
beginning for the Cougs as other two major American sports,
seven minutes into the to Miami is hardly an adventure.
their first two possessions football is more taxing on the body.
half. By the middle of Gripes aside, I have to admit that
resulted in turnovers. But less Professional football is only played
the second half, WSU I enjoyed watching the Pro Bowl this
than a minute into the game, once a week, making it virtually
had made only one of year. It had some shining moments.
Moore scored the first basket, impossible to host an All-Star
their 15 shots from the The AFC won a narrow victory
giving WSU an early 2-0 lead. game in the middle of the season.
field, while UW had edging out the NFC with a final score
Sophomore guard Klay Still, since 1980 the Pro Bowl
made eight of 14 shots. of 41-34. Matt Shaub, the quarterback
Thompson, the Cougs’ leading has been played after the Super Bowl
With about two for the Huston Texans, won the Most
scorer, did not start in the game and in Honolulu, Hawaii allowing
minutes left in the game, Valuable Player Award going 13 for
as punishment for being 15 the players to get a vacation that
UW had their biggest 17. He also threw from 189 yards
minutes late for the bus from is well deserved, especially those
lead of the game at 29 and threw for two touchdowns. The
Pullman to Seattle. Though that had just participated in the big
points, with the score always enjoyable Cincinnati Bengals
Thompson began the game on game. This year, because of the
90-61. UW won by a receiver Chad Ochocinco preformed
the bench, he quickly came schedule shift, the 14 players selected
final score of 92-64. The double duty, allowing fans to see him
in after only two minutes from the two Super Bowl teams
technical fouls for both players. As Cougs were hurt by only shooting play the role of kicker and defensive
were played in the first half. won’t be allowed to participate.
a result of the first foul, Pondexter about 22 percent from the field in back, as well as play a little receiver.
The start of the game was a good Now I know the Pro Bowl really
was awarded free throws. He the second half and about 53 percent Overall I enjoyed the game, but I’m
shooting performance for WSU, has no real significance; it just allows
made one of the two free throws to from the free throw line for the game. still irritated. Next year, supposedly,
as they converted four of their fans to see a great collection of talent,
give the game its first tie at 28-28. Usual leading scorer Thompson only the Pro Bowl will be moved back
first six shots as a team, including plus the players get to enjoy some
Both teams traded leads and with scored seven points for the game. to its rightful place in Honolulu. I
back to back three-pointers by Waikiki training. Sure, winning
50 seconds remaining in the first half, Bright spots for WSU were Thames hope for the players’ sake that it is.
guards Xavier Thames and Nikola the Super Bowl is the greatest
Thompson made a three-pointer, his who scored 15 points and Koprivica If you want to talk sports or give
Koprivica. In contrast, the Huskies achievement in football, but being
first field goal of the game, to put the and Moore who each scored 13 points. me feedback you can e-mail be at
made only one of their first seven selected by the fans to participate in

Almost Hot out line, I don’t really have to eat

well or exercise to have the svelte
body of a model or actress: all I have
I have combined two for my
purposes of the Fitness Challenge. I
would like to lose weight and work
So small goals build into medium
goals that tie into your overall goals.
In other words, slow and steady is
burns calories but it also builds
muscle. As far as the old wives’ tale
that muscle weighs more than fat,
to do is eat cabbage soup before on my endurance. It is my hope that at how to win the race when making just remember a pound of fat and a
Spring Marie Atkinson/ every meal, take a pill or two, or even the conclusion of the fitness challenge a lifestyle change. That being said I pound of muscle weigh exactly the
Contributing Writer rub some cream on my thighs. I am (but not my column) that I will have would like to address NBC’s show, same: a pound. So as you exercise,
not one to buy in to every craze that lost 15 pounds and can jog an entire “Biggest Loser.” It is remarkable you are building up you muscles that
comes across but I have wondered mile without stopping. These may the amount of weight that the will help you burn that stubborn fat.
many times if there wasn’t an easier not appear to be lofty goals to some participants lose on a weekly basis. Don’t get discouraged if the scale
way to have six-pack abs. There is a of you, however, but the only person In fact, if I could lose 15+ pounds a goes up sometimes, it just means
plain and simple answer to that: No. who has to reach my goal is me and week I would be thrilled! However, that you body is preparing itself for
When starting any fitness endeavor as a converted couch surfer this most of the contestants are at a life weight loss that is about to come!
it is important to set goals for yourself is a huge step. As much as I would or death situation. Without a drastic Motivation is the key ingredient
that are S.M.A.R.T. S.M.A.R.T. goals love to lose my overall goal of 65 weight-loss, most of them are dealing for obtaining your goals. It is easy
are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, pounds before bikini season arrives, with health problems that could (and to get discouraged or even have
Realistic, and Timely. Do you want to that is not going to happen by the typically will) be life ending. They setbacks. The important thing is to
lose weight? Increase your strength? end of the challenge or even by this have no other recourse than to lose the not give up! If you miss a day, go
Photo credit/Michael Hatch
Have more flexibility and balance? summer. However, it is excellent to weight and lose it right now. I applaud tomorrow! Had some ice cream? Me
Increase your endurance? These set benchmark goals in order to mark their efforts and wish all of them great too! Just don’t keep binging because

are all great goals. How will you progress on your way to an overall success. However, this is not an ideal you gave in a little. Tomorrow is
iets of the Stars,” measure your goal? It is important goal. Not only does it make you situation for a person like myself who a whole new day and you are on
“Lose 20 pounds in to have something to strive for: this feel good about what you are doing wants to make a lifestyle change. the path for a whole new you! Join
Two Weeks,” “Lose is not the time to be vague on what it allows you to see if you have set a According to my trainer-coach, my for the next issue where I will
a Pants Size in One Weekend” Are any it is that you want to accomplish. realistic overall goal. It is completely Neil, a realistic weekly weight loss take the opportunity to talk to you
of these headlines sounding familiar? Your goals should also be realistic acceptable to re-evaluate your goals at goal is approximately two pounds. about motivation and appropriate
According to my grocery store check and have a specific time frame. any time and adjust them if you need. Why so little? Exercise not only methods of rewarding yourself.

2/9 Ski Bowl Night Skiing Trip Students $10 Non-students $15 Sign up by February 8th in the Recreation Office

Weird Worldly Sports Pullman Updates

A few wacky sports
WSU-V could adopt
university students in pursuit.
The hill runners might find a little
rack and Field --
Women’s Basketball --
competition. TO MOSCOW FOR Washington State women’s
Erik Cummings\Sports Editor For those who dislike cheese, PAIR OF INDOOR MEETS: The basketball team begins its second
they might enjoy Man vs. Horse. Washington State track and field run through the Pacific-10
A product of an idle chat over a teams only need to travel eight Conference, travelling to Tucson,
n future years, as the Vancouver drink, this game pits human runners miles this weekend to compete in Ariz., to take on Arizona, Thursday
campus of Washington State against horses in a marathon. The a pair of meets at the University of (Feb. 4). Tip-off between the
M-Th : 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
University grows larger, it is course is set in mid-Wales and the Idaho Kibbie Dome...Friday, Feb. Cougars and Wildcats is scheduled
possible that sports will grow more terrain consists of moorland, farm 5 will be the 35th Annual Vandal for 6 p.m. (PT) at McKale Center.
Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
popular. For now, the school is more tracks, and forestry trails. Hills Indoor meet. Discus throw is at The Cougars (5-15, 0-9 Pac-10) Sat-Sun: Closed
of a satellite/commuter university feature heavily as well and every 11 a.m. with the other field events are looking for their first conference
than anything else. Since the school contestant who finishes will have slated to being at 5 p.m. Running victory, while the Wildcats (8-10,
is small, why is it that it does not
have any of the zanier, wackier
ascended a total of 3000 feet in
elevation. Anyone who might find
events begin at 6 p.m. Runners
Soul Open meet is Saturday, Feb.
3-5 Pac-10) are in the midst of a
three-game slide.
sports that micro-communities it ridiculous must take into account 6, with racing beginning at 9 a.m. WSU will close out this week’s
possess? that it is a game with very recent and field events beginning at 9:30 action with Arizona State,
Saturday (Feb. 6). Tip-off between
Ellipticals & Tread-
Take, for example, Cheese origins, dating back to 1980. In a.m. Both meets are in the Kibbie
Rolling. This sport takes place 2005, the first human champion Dome and there is a $5 charge for the Cougars and Sun Devils is mills
in Gloucestershire, England, Huw Lobb managed to beat the spectators. Complete results will be scheduled for noon (PT), and the Free Weights
on Cooper’s Hill every Spring horse by two minutes. This might posted at, game will be televised live by FSN.
Bank Holiday. A round of Double take a little modification. Instead of when available. LISTEN: Fans can listen to the
Leg Presses, Exten-
Gloucester rolls down the conclave running over moors and forest trails, USTFCCCA NCAA DI game live on KQQQ 1150 AM and sion, & Curl machines
on translator 105.3 FM in Pullman/
incline, chased by the participants. participants could run from WSU-V NATIONAL TEAM RANKINGS:
Moscow, or at
Medicine balls &
Back in the days of optimism, the to Kell’s Irish Pub during 5:00. This The United States Track & Field
competitors attempted to catch race would commemorate the finest and Cross Country Coaches Steve Grubbs has the call live from Yoga mats
the cheese. Since the cheese has traditions of getting through rush Association (USTFCCCA) Feb. Tucson. Strength bands &
a head start of one second and can hour traffic, especially if the course 2 rankings list the Washington CLOSE CONFERENCE
reach speeds of 70 miles per hour, took all participants and horses State men’s team No. 25, down GAMES: Although the Cougars are
jump ropes
the winning conditions changed to through the Delta Park exit. from 121st last week...Texas A&M 0-9 in the Pacific-10 Conference,
the winner being required to cross Cyclists and snorkeling enthusiasts men’s and women’s teams are No. they have held second-half leads
a finish line first. Competitors from are not often mentioned within the 1. WSU women are not ranked in in a majority of their league
Australia, Ireland, and various same breath. Invented by another the top 25 but are 91st. USTFCCCA games. WSU has held second-half
English counties attended. The citizen of Wales to increase local national rankings are a prediction leads in seven of the team’s eight Policy
races are not restricted to downhill business, Bog biking combines both. of how teams and individuals will conference games, including five
and there are uphill races between Bog snorkeling, an associated event, place at the 2010 NCAA Div. I leads with less than 10 minutes
the traditional downhill rounds. consists of donning the mask and Indoor Championships, March remaining and three with less than
It is by no means an elitist sport flippers to traverse an 18 yard trench 12-13, Fayetteville, Ark...Pac- four minutes on the clock. The
Fitness center is free
or confined to one age group. The twice without traditional swimming 10 schools joining WSU (No. 21 Cougars’ most recent loss came to to all WSUV students,
2009 May 25th gathering boasted strokes. This trench is cut through men) are Oregon (No. 3 men, No. Washington in overtime (76-70).
faculty, and staff.
at least one runner of 62 years old. a peat bog, which fills with thick 2 women), Arizona State (No. FORCING TURNOVERS: The
There is also a section for children muddy water. Bog biking is another 8 men), Stanford (No. 10 men), Cougars entered this week leading Must sign liability
aged twelve and under. Participants vision of the first, contestants California (no. 16 men), Arizona the conference and ranking 22nd- waiver. Bring Fitness
have been known to receive injuries wearing snorkels and biking under (No. 23 men, No. 16 women) and nationally in turnover margin,
more often then not. Concussions the surface from end of the trench Washington (No. 18 women)... forcing 4.85 more turnovers per
Center card each visit.
and dislocations are not unheard of the other and back again. The wheels next ranking will be published game than committing.
in the mad dash and tumbles down are weighted to keep the bike from February 9. REGIONAL TEAM THE SERIES: Arizona won the
the hill. Even with the element floating. WSU-V does not have any RANKINGS: New this season, previous meeting this season 67-60
of danger, it is apparent from
description that such a zany sport
bogs but it does have a duck pond.
Surely environmentalists would set
the USTFCCCA is “scoring”
nine award regions using current
in Pullman (Jan. 7), and has posted
wins in each of the last two games.
builds a strong sense of community. their protests aside in favor of the national-team ranking formulas. However, the Cougars, who trail
Imagine: a massive round of Cougar
Gold trundling down the side of the
advance of sports and international
society studies?
Regional team index is best used
to find a team’s all-around team
21-27 in the all-time series, have
won each of the last two games
A certified personal
WSUV hill with a hundred starving strength, whereas the national- played in Tucson. WSU is 10-13 trainer is available
team rankings are taken in context when playing on the road.
with national championship where Women’s Swimming -- 2009- to Fitness Center
users at no cost.
“Chancellor’s Award for
it takes a few very elite athletes 10 OUTLOOK: This year’s squad
to score the first regional returns 13 letterwinners including
rankings, the Cougar men are school record holders Michaela Develop a fitness
Student Achievement” listed fifth in the West Region
(after Arizona, Oregon, Stanford
Ahlin (100 butterfly, 200 butterfly,
400 IM), Rugile Mileisyte (50
plan, learn how to
and Arizona State) and the WSU freestyle, 100 freestyle) and Talor use the equipment,
Due: March 1, 2010 women are fourth (after Oregon, Whitaker (200 IM)...the team
or develop strength
Stanford and Arizona)...these has also welcomed seven new
rankings can be found at www. freshmen. for a specific sport LAST SEASON: The Cougars
Nominate a worthy, graduating USTFCCCA NCAA REGIONAL finished the season with a 6-2 or activity. The
student now!
RANKINGS: New this season,
the USTFCCCA is “scoring”
dual meet record after opening
the season with a 6-0 start, which
sessions are free.
nine award regions using current included a win over BSU...the Get fit! Stay fit!
national-team ranking formulas. undefeated start was Quam’s
Criteria for selection includes: Regional team index is best used career best and one win away
to find a team’s all-around strength, from tying the program best start
• Academic achievement and love of learning
as it takes many athletes in many of 7-0 (1978, Pipher)...Quam
• Perseverance in academic pursuits despite also became the first WSU head
events to yield a high score,
personal or situational barriers whereas the national-team rankings coach to have three 4-0 starts in
• Educational/personal growth while at WSU are taken in context with national her career...over the course of last
Vancouver championship where it takes a season the Cougars se 26 school
• Future potential to profession/community few very elite athletes to score records in 14 different events with
• Service to WSU Vancouver well. In the first regional rankings, 20 of those performances coming
the Cougar men are listed fifth in at the Pacific-10 Conference
the West Region (after Arizona, Championships...Michaela Ahlin,
Please nominate the student that best embodies the criteria listed Oregon, Stanford and Arizona Rugile Mileisyte and Elyse
above. Return nomination forms to the Office of Development State) and the WSU women are Peterson represented WSU at the
and Alumni Relations, ADM Room 214 or email Lindsay Herling, fourth (after Oregon, Stanford and NCAA Championships the most in
Awards Committee Chair, by 5:00 pm, Arizona). These rankings can be school history.
Monday, March 1, 2010.
found at

2/11 Basketball Open Play @ Alki Middle School 8 p.m to 10 p.m 2/19-2/21 Mount Bachelor Ski Trip

Forever my favorite day

The SEXpert
Valentine’s Day and the holidays that are used to mark the construction paper hearts are stuck to
its place in the world passage of time on this earth. Forget the cinderblock school walls. There’s
about the banal everyday bus rides, no myths, no songs, no formalized
Triana Collins/ACE Editor
the excruciating process of learning set of guidelines to keep us in place.

to read and write, or the vulnerability Instead, it’s a day of crafts and candy,
recently had the pleasure of of making friends. of telling people you truly like them Sally Thrall/Campus News Editor
watching myself as a 5-year So the video went from a somber or maybe even love them. It was by
old kindergartener. My single-file Halloween parade around far, my favorite holiday, and still is. Dear Sexpert,
former teacher tracked me down a slab of concrete that we called a Instead of being on guard, I think my girlfriend is a wonderful sheds light on how and why your
and mailed me a DVD of all the “playground”, to our entire class watchful, and obedient, I saw my person, and quite beautiful. The problem girlfriend may be feeling the way she
video she had shot of my class in my staring blank faced 5-year-old self suddenly full of life is that she doesn’t. In fact, my girlfriend is does. If women like Heidi Montag
extremely self-conscious. I want her to know
hometown of New Jersey. How she at the camera and light. I’m standing up, running that she is beautiful, and I want her to feel
and other celebrities feel the pressure
got my address I have no idea, wearing around the room, cutting out my better about herself. What can I do to help to improve themselves, think how this
and I must admi, it’s a little identical little red and pink hearts, gluing her feel better about her body? must affect other women (and I won’t
unnerving to think about the them together with filthy hands, and --Kind of like Darcy even go into how men are beginning
information one can get showing them off to everyone to feel just as pressured to achieve a
if they really try. Still, I in class. I jump back and Dear Darcy, sculpted, flawless Adonis look).
was flattered and watched forth between excitedly Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I am explaining all of this to you
the whole 2 hours. talking to the other unfortunately, with societal and media because this is the foe that you will
Admittedly, most of it was 5-year-olds and being fueled images, beauty is constantly have to face when trying to make
painfully boring: rows totally immersed in being distorted. Sometimes, when your girlfriend feel better about her
of multicolored children my creations. My a person feels like they cannot fit body. Well, this and any childhood
sitting straight backed in nervous habits have into that ever narrowing mold of or traumatic moments in her past that
their plastic chairs, their evaporated without a what beauty is they can begin to feel she may have had that might have
‘80s’ outfits and hairstyles trace and for once I am depressed by how they see themselves. related to her body. It is by no means
unconvincingly comfortable, smiling. These outside pressures to not only an easy task, but you should not
simultaneously barking Maybe it was the look attractive, but look a certain type be disheartened. I’m sure that your
monotone Christmas and non-conformity of it all that of attractive are probably some of the girlfriend wants to feel better about
Hanukkah songs, as if there allowed me to be set free from my reasons that your girlfriend feels so her body just as much as you want
were pointed guns and rabid tense, solitary world. I mean, yes, badly about her body. Unfortunately, her to, if not more. And she is lucky,
dogs just feet behind the camera construction there is a lot of conformity to the these societal forces that permeate our she has someone who accepts her and
to keep us in line should one of us paper Pilgrim Hats holiday (the set colors and shapes culture are extremely hard to combat. thinks she is a beautiful person. Having
forgot the words. for Thanksgiving, to the endless for one thing). But compared to Some people have had to ignore someone like you may be the push her
When we did gather in more consumer-centric Christmas all the other holiday demands and them. Others reject them completely body confidence needs to get headed in
unrestricted groups, I was always in celebrations. Each scene was instructions (“sit!, stand!, sing!, now or attempt to love themselves despite the right direction.
the back, indecipherably quiet, and dominated by two prominent colors everyone will make a pumpkin, now these media images. Still more find When she realizes that most people
exhibiting a plethora of tics whenever that were to be seared into our young everyone will make a turkey”), I themselves trying to fit these images, do not value her for just her body and
I was asked a question or pulled minds, and which would later elicit felt like I genuinely connected with even at extremely drastic costs. that quite a few people would value
onto scary Santa’s bulging lap. The a Pavlovian-like nostalgic response Valentine’s Day. It was a simple Take, for example, the recent her for her body, she should begin to
video went through holiday activity when seeing these base hues as idea that I understood and felt good media buzz about Heidi Montag. Heidi feel better about her body and become
after holiday activity because, adults: black and orange, yellow and about celebrating: Love. It was a Montag is what some have termed a more confident when it comes to her
apparently, that’s what society deems brown, the hideous green and red. DIY holiday, with no set schedule faux-celebrity. She got her start on beauty.
worthy of remembering and, hence, But then comes Valentine’s Day. of events, no ritual songs or dance , the television program Laguna Beach, One of the best things you can do
videotaping. Children are taught that Red and pink plastic hearts are stuck and it let me feel free to be myself, to and became famous through the spin for your girlfriend is to let her know
it’s the “special days” that matter; it’s to the frosty windows, red and pink give, and love. off The Hills. Heidi was arguably that she is beautiful. It is also important

Looking for love this holiday

attractive when she started off in reality for you to be sincere in this message.
TV. However, she soon went under the You can try telling her what you love
plastic surgery knife to “improve” about her, things that are related to her
her nose, breasts and lips. After those physical appearance and things that are
handmade chocolates around? Alma chocolate. For your spicy side, this surgeries, Heidi exploded onto the not.
Local chocolate
Chocolate is a divine little shop one has a real kick. A large selection media scene, beginning a “music” Another thing you might try is
leads the way located in NE Portland that has turned of taste tempting truffles are available career and doing stunts with now- talking to her about her body image,
Christina Broussard-Pearson/ the practice of crafting chocolates to choose from as well including the husband Spencer Pratt to attract media asking her why she is self conscious
Contributing Writer into an art form. They use only the Rosewater Caramel, Thai Peanut attention. about her body and asking her what
finest local and organic ingredients Butter Cup and the Bourbon Bon Bon So here was a woman who was you can do to help. Be forewarned

in their confections, which make for to name just a few. Each flavor is
eep it local on Valentine’s at least conventionally pretty. Some though, this is probably going to be
some truly delectable delights. truly a unique experience!
Day. Why buy the may say she looked a little plastic, a very heavy conversation, and your
Alma also offers quite a unique While you are on the hunt for
same old box of waxy but she definitely fell into Hollywood girlfriend may not want to talk about it.
alternative to the usual truffle with treats, Sahagun Chocolate shop
chocolates that you always do at standards of what was considered If she has never brought up the subject
their expensive selection of drinking on NW 16th Avenue in Portland is
some corporate chain when you don’t
chocolates. The Bicerin is a decadent just as tempting as Alma. To boast attractive. of how she feels about her body, then
have far to go at all to find some
blend of sweet espresso, rich drinking offerings of bittersweet Dio de los Then, in November 2009, Heidi you may not even want to approach
of the best
chocolate and hand shaken cream. Muertos Chocolate Skulls is only the underwent ten additional plastic the subject. Or, the next time she says
Guaranteed to send beginning! You’ll find bittersweet surgery procedures in one day. She something bad about her body, try not
a warm shiver truffles bursting with sunflower seed then gave interviews to several media immediately trying to quell her fears.
down your butter and raw blackberry honey,
outlets explaining her reasons for Instead, ask her why she said that.
spine as gourmet drinking chocolates, and
going under the knife. Heidi claimed You may get her to pause, think on it a
it runs Organic Oregon hazelnut inspired
down delectables. Here chocolate is meant that she never felt good about the way moment, and realize that it’s either not
y o u r to be treated with reverence and she looked and was trying to improve true or that there is no reason to have
throat. returned to it’s former glory as morsels herself—to find her “best self”. How all the negative body talk going on. It
Another fit for the gods. Since Sahagun’s early could a 23-year-old woman that was may also open up a larger conversation
equally beginnings at the Portland Farmer’s already beautiful feel the need to go where you will need to be there for her,
as exotic Market, local ingredients are an through life-threatening surgeries to so be prepared. Whatever happens,
option, old standby, borrowing the flavors become even more “beautiful”? It is a I wish you luck, and I really hope
T h e of the much loved Marion Berries
question that has baffled many people, you can help her realize that she is a
Carmelita, of Sauvie Island, Sundance Farm’s
but for our purposes Montag’s story beautiful person. -The SEXpert
combines Hidcote lavender, Sour Cherries from
Alma’s the Willamette Valley and of course
Habanero the divine coffees of Stumptown.
Caramel It will be a big night out for your
sauce with palette. Something you won’t soon
steamed forget once the fragrant harmonies of
milk and Elizabeth Monte, culinary artist and
melted creator of Sahagun’s treasures fall
upon your lips.
Treat yourself or your loved one to
an exciting alternative to the same old
boring cookie cutter box of chocolates 
this year. You’ll find that quality over 
quantity can be very refreshing!

2/18 A-Z of Financial Aid and Scholarships Workshop in VADM 110 at 7 p.m.; Free and open to the public

Portland Theatre review

Gi r l s ! Gi r
He’s Just Not That Into You
l s ! Gi r l s !
Gi r l s !
Before you go see, as myspace. While some situations That Into You can reach to the people

Gi r l s ! Valentine’s Day, work, others are a little more difficult who dislike Valentine’s Day and to

! Gir Gi r l s !
to handle. those who love it. For those who hate
watch this flick
You’re probably still wondering Valentine’s Day, they get a movie

ls! G
Anaya Martella/Staff Writer why this movie is great for Valentine’s where most of it is dropping hints
Day. Well, here’s why. He’s Just Not about relationships not working and

then a couple

ure, He’s Just Not story endings
That Into You does that don’t
not seem like the necessarily end
Unplugged and type of movie to watch on bad, but they
Onstage Valentine’s Day. The title is don’t end up
out of the audience and given new the first aspect that makes you with a fairytale
Triana Collins/ACE Editor meaning onstage in comical situations go, “huh? Why would a movie ending either.
featuring dirty word spelling bees, basically telling women that And for those

neighborhood bans on peanut butter, no guy likes you unless he’s who love
t was a rainy Saturday night. anti-abortion demonstrators, and making all the moves be a Valentine’s Day,
I went to Portland’s Brody violent middle school sleepovers. movie to watch on the day He’s Just Not
Theatre, ordered a drink To balance all the humor, every of love?” Well, that’s the That Into You is
(I’ve been really into Irish coffees so often a completely true story is question I’m here to answer. great because it
these days), and took a seat. Seven told from one of the cast members. He’s Just Not That Into does have a feel-
females got up on stage. One by Thinking on the banana tip, a woman You is a movie that acts as a good ending
one, they started to strip their souls told stories of her new baby’s eating guide to women, and in some that leaves
of the everyday blandness. One habits and her body’s amazing ability scenes men, to know when a the audience
by one, they transformed into stars to function on 5 hours of sleep a night guy is into a women or not. in high spirits
and made me laugh (and feel a little for the past year. The forgiveness tip Well there isn’t just one story and some with
uncomfortable) in the process. yielded an incredibly creepy story of a to emphasize the purpose optimism about
Girls! Girls! Girls! is the latest woman’s deranged stalker who broke of helping people with love. And that
all female improv comedy troupe at into her house and is now locked up relationships but many to pin is exactly why I
the Brody Theatre. Tips from the forever. Having to figure out how to point out specific situations. love this movie.
audience are turned into mini skits forgive this crazy man who had been There is the classic desperate Even when I
of about 3 to 5 minutes in length that elaborately planning on killing her woman looking for someone am down, this
zoom by at attention deficit order was definitely one of the strangest now, the women who’s with movie makes
speed. When it seems like a scenario stories I had heard in a while. a man who won’t marry her, me feel good
is getting a little dry, a woman on the Girls! Girls! Girls! will be playing the women who’s with the when I finish it.
sidelines swoops in and adds an extra February 20 and 27th at 8pm and unfaithful man, and then, of And I’m sure
character to the mix or switches it all is only $7 with your student ID. course for this day and age, the many others
together. Words like ‘banana’, ‘high For more information, check out woman who’s trying to meet a feel the same
chair’, and ‘forgiveness’ are yelled guy through technology such too.

Trending Radio
with Mason Quick style tips for when he has plans to leave the house on weekends, the
busy guys laziness gets shelved for a look with more effort behind
Brenda Yahm/Staff Writer For a dressy event he enjoys pairing euro-cut pants
with a nicely fitted dress shirt and tie. On the other

hand, for a casual event O’Lennick never strays from
any students may recognize Mason his comfortable plaid shirts and nicely tailored denim.
O’Lennick as the stylish Mechnical/ Despite the occasion, he makes an effort to walk in
Electrical Engineer major known for his shoes that stand out but that do not scream “look at
involvement with the WSU ambassadors. How could me”.
you not notice this walking trend setter? If you haven’t This cougar says he puts “minimal to moderate
noticed him, it’s probably because he maintains a busy effort” into each outfit, but also gains help, whether
schedule every day between classes and his role as lead he wants to or not, from his sister and fellow Coug,
student ambassador. But how does he find the time to Danielle. O’Lennick says some days he will strut
look so tasteful? downstairs with a blue plaid shirt, printed tee, denim,
He sports a friendly face and a clean cut look that and casual shoes, and will receive immediate style
catches the attention of many passing by. On a typical counseling from his sister, such as, “I don’t like the way
day, O’Lennick says he usually reaches for a plaid shirt those patterns match”. Occasionally such criticism
and some denim, particularly leaning towards hues of makes him like the outfit even more.
blue. These articles of clothing are always handy, as he Mason O’Lennick is a hard working student that
explains that you can never go wrong with a clean-cut somehow finds the time to strike a good dress balance
look. between casual and chic. Perhaps he has an eye for
However, O’Lennick changes his style depending fashion (or maybe it’s the secret smirks from his sister).
on the day and what is on his personal agenda. On a Either way, his look works. For many males, fashion is
school day, he says he tends to be somewhat style- not prominent in their lifestyles (in case you haven’t
conscious and is “aware of what’s cool to an extent.” noticed). But O’Lennick proves you can be a manly,
But on weekends he follows a casual look that is, in hard worker and also look fresh to appeal to the ladies.
his personal opinion, one that leans towards laziness. O’Lennick’s advice to others: “always have a clean-cut
It’s hard to imagine trending O’Lennick as lazy. Yet look!”

2/18 Public Affairs Lecture Series Presents: Allan C. Carlson, Ph.D. @ Fort Vancouver High School Auditorium; $10; @ 7:30 p.m.

The VanCougar
The VanCougar is a student-run newspaper
serving the students, faculty and staff of
WSU Vancouver. Copies of The VanCougar
are available free of charge every other
Monday during the school year.
Leola Dublin: Women’s Studies


Katie Wells o I heard you guys has gone? I can’t call a company
like my COUGokus, about wanting them to put more eola Dublin is setting women, and racial minorities as a
Managing Editor also known as just of their product in the vending a record in WSU’s problem, which means that Black
Jake Kleinschmidt handmade Sudoku puzzles. First, machine for me to buy without graduate program in adolescent girls are triply implicated.”
let me say thanks, I really am them trying to sell me more Women’s Studies. When she started Leola believes that, “there is an
Adviser glad you are enjoying them. The junk? Seriously? her graduate program at WSU in area where Black feminist studies
Dean Baker hardest part is trying to figure And I’m sure this is going Pullman, someone told her no one and girls’ studies overlap,” and
out what the difficulty will be. to anger some of you guys who had ever completed the PhD in four Leola’s dissertation uses the literature
Advertising Manager So what I want to ask you guys read this, but I don’t really care years. Leola said, “Fine, I’ll do from these two areas to study Black
Ben Ryan is your opinions on the difficulty about either of the teams for this it.” “That’s typical of me,” Leola adolescent girls’ lived experiences,
and how you like it? Do you like super bowl game. I think I will continues. “I’m really competitive, while celebrating the richness of
Campus News Editor
them easier and quick to do, or end up cheering for whoever and I set ridiculously high and these experiences.
Sally Thrall
harder and ones that you might gets messed over by the referees unrealistic, maybe even insane, goals Leola’s writing, like her teaching,
ACE Editor have to get up from and come first. for myself. That goal wasn’t about doesn’t fit the standard academic
Triana Collins back to later? Remember that Seattle super anybody else. It’s just that it hadn’t mold. “I don’t do academese,” she
That being said this column bowl game? Yeah, you know been done before.” says. “I could, but why would I want
Feature Editor is going to be random. I mean what I’m talking about. I wonder As valedictorian and senior to? My writing is always accessible.”
Now Hiring! really random. if they do stuff like that just to class president at University of the Leola’s overriding goal is to
I hope everyone is doing well, get more viewership? But then District of Columbia, she spoke at help change people’s lives and
Student Involvement Editor
with all this tuition stuff flying again, it’s the super bowl, its the commencement exercises in the communities for the better, and she
Now Hiring!
around campus you can’t get not like you need to get MORE Verizon Center in D.C., home court of does it through teaching and writing.
Student Government Editor yourself sidetracked from your viewership. I guess ref’s really the Washington Wizards. “I glanced “I started out wanting to do non-profit
Adam Fox studies. Believe me I know it’s can be that lame. up at the JumboTron above the center work,” she says, “but I’ve realized
easy to do. Speaking of that, don’t forget of the court and saw my face on that that I can still work in my own
Sports Editor Here’s an interesting story guys after Cougs to the Capital, huge screen,” Leola remembers. community. You can do good in your
Erik Cummings for you. I called coca-cola we will be having another rally “Then I looked back down at my own back yard.”
about their vending machine coming up. So if you were at notes, really fast.”
Web Editor and its absence of Full throttles. the last one, drag some of your Shortly after arriving at WSU Quick Profile
Now Hiring! friends along with you to this
They were super helpful and in Pullman, Leola had a similar
Copy Editor awesome about restocking it one. It should be bigger and even experience when she was asked to Family: “I’m from a family of
Steffen Silvis and everything. However, when better than the last one. speak at the WSU Foundation at the educators, I have four younger
the conversation was ending. Looks like this is turning out Davenport Hotel in Spokane. “As I brothers, and I’m the shortest
Staff Writers They started to try to sell me to be a short JOS, and also very was talking to all those millionaire (and poorest) person in the
Louise Wynn, Amy Thielen, Rup Brar, Sally
Thrall, Chau Nguyen, Joey Hollibaugh,
products that they were starting random, I hope I didn’t cause alumni, I wondered what I was doing family.”
to come out with. At this point any headaches out there. Peace. there,” says Leola. “But I got through Education: B.S. from
Triana Collins, Meghan Bartosovsky,
she wouldn’t stop talking and all Oh I have an idea, if you guys it by focusing on what’s important:
Kenneth Allan, Justin Rossetti, Daniel University of the District of
Barrette, Anaya Martella, and Pin-Wei Wang I wanted to do was hang up the want to ask me anything, or want that I may be able to help someone’s
phone and get back to work. So me to write about something in life change for the better.”
Columbia, working on PhD
Photographers annoying… here just e-mail me and I’ll put it She’s glad she could come to from WSUV
Joe Creager, Mark Balyshev, and Joseph Is this how bad commercialism in this column maybe. the Vancouver campus to finish her Advice: “Get your bachelor’s
Tiegs degree, develop good writing
PhD because she feels more of a
connection with the students here skills, and become computer
Location: than in Pullman. There, Leola was literate. I caution students who
VCLS 212 very strict about class attendance, but are thinking of graduate school
14024 NE Salmon Creek Ave. she knows students at the Vancouver to do their research and some
Vancouver, WA 98686

campus have different needs. serious soul-searching about
Phone: (360) 546-9524 he duality of the of mine. I believe he would have Leola cares for the students in the
their motives, because the
purpose of the WSUV sanctioned this training because classes she teaches at WSUV, English
E-mail the Editor-in-Chief and campus has left it will save lives” is good for a 101 and English 202/304, as whole
reality is far from what they’re
Managing Editor: me scratching my head. As a laugh. Minorities, and yes even humans. “Someone may not come expecting.” student, I clearly see WSUV as college students were frequent to class because they have to tend Quote: “You can do good in
the place where students develop victims of law enforcement a sibling who’s having a snow day, your own back yard.”
E-mail the Section Editors:
their minds, and in turn hope to abuses in the late 1960’s and Leola maintains. “Their lives are Favorite color: Blue! My
make the world a better place. early 1970’s. Examine the Kent completely different from the lives toenails are always blue…
Advertising: However, on Martin Luther King state Massacre as one small of the typical Pullman student. These Favorite footwear: Black day of 2010, it is also clear that example. students are at a very vulnerable age. boots with red and gold flames
our campus took on the role of I do not even remotely agree So I fuss at them all the time to be Favorite dessert: Haagen Dazs
We are hiring! paramililtary training ground. with Lt. Stephenson. Dr. King careful. I tell them I love them. I
Five Flavors Ginger Ice Cream
We are always hiring. No experience is necessary; I’m not so sure that these two did not condone authoritarian tell them, ‘I will be devastated if
we will provide all the training you need in concepts are easily reconciled violence in any form, and I am something happens to you over the
Favorite music and
journalistic style, photography, and digital print with one another. what is much quite sure the presence of heavily weekend.’” musicians: I like all kinds.
making. E-mail us at vancouged@vancouver. more alarming is that while the armed law enforcement on the Her philosophy of teaching comes Right now my MP3 has or visit our office in VCLS 212 for more campus was closed to faculty campus of any university would in part from Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy Michael Jackson, the
information. business, with the exception have nauseated him. Clearly it of the Oppressed” but also from her Commodores, Pink, Lady Gaga,
Letters to the Editor of volunteers for a days of was not his dream to have cops unique background of growing up and George Winston.
We encourage letters to the editor. Please include service, swat, campus police crawling all over America’s Muslim and Black in a largely white, Favorite movie: “Slumdog
your full name as part of the letter, and a phone and other local law enforcement institutions of higher learning. Jewish neighborhood. “This informs Millionaire”
number or e-mail address for confirmation follow- was actively training on OUR As a body of students committed my insistence on seeing students as Formative book: “Pedagogy of
up. Letters must be by a student, faculty, or staff campus. to peace and learning we need individuals, not with broader labels—
member. E-mail to vancouged@vancouver.wsu.
the Oppressed,” by Paulo Freire
In view of the fact that we to be very concerned about and my attitude of being humble
edu were reverently observing Dr. what happened on MLK day at enough to be taught by students, as
Team sport: Played on a
Kings ideals of non violence and WSUV this year. Let us remind well as teaching them.” women’s ice hockey team at
Advertising queries WSU Pullman (Comment: “It’s
Advertising information and rates can be found peace, I find the presence of law them that we do not care if they For her PhD research, Leola is
on our web site at enforcement training at WSUV go shoot up some soda pop cans generating a theoretical framework not like riding a bike. You do
vancougar. E-mail vancougad@vancouver.wsu. as a nose thumbing fart sent in some place else, but our campus for exploring the lives of Black forget.”)
edu for quotes. the general direction not only is not the place for their training! adolescent girls. “Girls’ studies in I like sleeping.
of the work day volunteers , but the U.S. focus on white, middle-class I don’t like snow or roller
Corrections policy the ideals of Dr. King also. Lt. - Jeff Sanders girls,” Leola states. “Even Black coasters.
It is our policy to correct errors. Please contact feminist theory doesn’t talk about
the editors by e-mail at vancouged@vancouver.
Stephenson’s quote “ I respect If I could live anywhere: I’d
their opinions, but do not share Black girls. Contemporary U.S. live somewhere warm, near the
them . Dr. King is a personal hero society tends to view adolescents,

2/17 Stress Management Workshop in VFSC 104 at 3:00 p.m.; Free and open to current students. More info in SRC

Cancer (June 22-July 22): “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways/ I love thee to the depth
and breadth and height/ My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight/ For the ends of Being and
ideal Grace.” (Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): “Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, Too rude, too boist’rous; and
it pricks like thorn.” “How silver-sweet sound lovers’ tongues by night, Like softest music to Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by
attending ears!” (William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet) everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has
nothing to eat.” (Mother Teresa)
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20): “There is no religion without love, and people may talk as
much as they like about their religion, but if it does not teach them to be good and kind to man Virgo (August 23-Sept. 22): “Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made,
and beast it is all a sham . . . “ (Anna Sewell, Black Beauty) like bread, remade all the time, made new.” (Ursula K. LeGuin)

Aries (March 21-April 19): “How is it that the poets have said so many fine things Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): “Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted
about our first love, so few about our later love? Are their first poems their best? Or are not but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what
those the best which come from their fuller thought, their larger experience, their deeper-rooted you would have wanted had you known.” (Garrison Keillor)
affections?” (George Eliot, Adam Bede)
Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21): “Suppose that we are wise enough to learn and know—
Taurus (April 20-May 20): “A silent look of affection and regard when all other eyes and yet not wise enough to control our learning and knowledge, so that we use it to destroy
are turned coldly away—the consciousness that we possess the sympathy and affection of one ourselves? Even if that is so, knowledge remains better than ignorance.” (Isaac Asimov)
being when all others have deserted us—is a hold, a stay, a comfort, in the deepest affliction,
which no wealth could purchase, or power bestow.” (Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers) Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): “When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the
light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you
Gemini (May 21-June 21): “Grant that we may not so much seek to be consoled as see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.” (Tecumseh)
to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we
receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.” Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do
(St. Francis of Assisi) that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Madame L
Staff Astrologist

ecently, President other purposes. deforestation.
Barack Obama delivered However, don’t hemp plants still What’s more
his first State of the produce THC even if they are not is that hemp
Union Address. In his speech, grown to produce it? Yes, they do, can be grown
he emphasized clean energy and but not very much, in fact it isn’t in one season,
economic growth as our nation’s much at all. Drug variety cannabis were trees
primary goals for this year. In light produces somewhere between 1 take at least
of his Obama’s speech, it seems percent THC by dry weight on the ten years
high time to renew the debate about low quality end of the spectrum, to to become
allowing the cultivation of hemp for up to 20 percent, or even up to 30 v i a b l e .
industrial applications. There are percent THC by dry weight for the Additionally,
literally tens of thousands of uses highest quality cannabis. Hemp hemp paper
for industrial hemp, and allowing for on the other hand produces much is naturally
its legalization could not only create less THC, typically not more than white, and
jobs, but pave the way for a greener 0.15 percent by dry weight; that is thus does not
and cleaner tomorrow. nearly six and a half times less potent need to be
The most prevalent issue regarding than the lowest quality drug variety bleached like
industrial hemp is the concern that cannabis, and one hundred to two tree paper,
hemp crops could be diverted to the hundred times less potent than high and thus
black market for drugs. This seems quality drug-grade cannabis. That switching
like a rational concern for someone means that if one joint of very low to hemp
concerned about drug use, right?. quality cannabis were necessary to paper would
After all, hemp is still cannabis is it produce a desirable effect, it would be more
not? Well, yes, and no. require six joints of hemp flowers to ecologically
The cultivation methods for produce the same effect. sound in many the downtrodden, to view our nation
both hemp and cannabis vary Most probably overlook another ways. in a more positive light. That seems
significantly. Drug-grade cannabis important aspect of industrial hemp Hemp can be used for many other like it would be the most effective
comes from the flowers of female production: the amount of THC that applications as well. For instance, and peaceful method to prevent acts
cannabis plants, and female cannabis the crops produce can be regulated, the plant cellulose from hemp can of terrorism. True Joy of Life
plants alone. In order to produce and many countries that allow for be used to produce plastics, as On that note, the legalization of This is the true joy of life.
the potent (and thus economically its production regulate potency. In opposed to the highly toxic and very industrial hemp may soon be a non- The being used for a purpose
viable) cannabis that most users are Europe, potency is typically 0.3 difficult to break down petroleum- issue, as it is now official that the Recognized by yourself as a mighty one.
used to, the cultivator must not allow percent or less, however as mentioned based plastics that are currently citizens of California will be voting The being a force of nature
any male plants to pollinate their earlier, many hemp varieties produce used. Also, hempseed oil can be on drug-grade cannabis legalization Instead of a feverish, selfish
female crop. If pollination occurs, much less. It seems unlikely that used to produce biofuels, as opposed this November. In Washington, Little clod of ailments and grievances
the potency of the female buds will cannabis users would be interested to using soybeans (which are far the House bills to legalize and Complaining that the world will not
be drastically reduced, the flowers in cannabis with such low potency, more economically and ecologically decriminalize hemp were both voted Devote itself to making you happy.
will bear seeds (seedy cannabis is especially when one considers the sound than corn). In a perfect world, down by the House Committee on I am of the opinion that my life
extremely undesirable), and the risk many ultra-potent drug-grade strains soybeans would be a fine biodiesel Public Safety, however there is still Belongs to the whole community
and expense on the cultivator’s end available today. source. But it is morally bankrupt to a chance to get a ballot initiative And as long as I live,
will have been in vain, as they will The question remains, why grow use a food source to power cars when on November’s ballot. In order to It is my privilege to do for it
have produced something that no hemp? To start, hemp is a fantastic so many people die each day from get cannabis legalization on the Whatever I can.
self-respecting cannabis user would fiber source that can be grown in starvation. ballot, 240,000 signatures need to be I want to be thoroughly
consider purchasing. nearly all but the most extreme If the cultivation of industrial collected. If you have any interest in Used up when I die,
Hemp on the other hand is grown climates. Hemp can be used to hemp were legalized, the United insuring the success of this petition For the harder I work the more I live.
with both males and females together, produce paper, cloth, and, at one States could produce it for biodiesel so that cannabis legalization will be I rejoice in life for its own sake.
not because it’s an equal opportunity point, one of the United States’ most and other fuels, and subsidize soybean considered on November’s ballot, Life is no brief candle to me.
thing, but because hemp is not important exports, canvas and rope, and corn production to export to check out the Cannabis Defense It is a sort of splendid torch
grown to produce the psychoactive which were both commonly used on countries which have high starvation- Collation’s website (, Which I’ve got hold of
substance THC. Instead, hemp is sailing vessels. related mortality rates. Perhaps no not a typo), they will be collecting For the moment
grown as a fiber source, much like For paper production, one acre of with a policy like this, the United signatures. And I want to make it burn
cotton, although unlike cotton, the hemp is equivalent to over four acres States could instigate a worldwide As brightly as possible before
parts of the hemp plant that is not of trees. That’s hardly small potatoes paradigm shift, and influence the Handling it on to future generations.
used for fiber can be used for many considering the great concerns over citizens of other nations, particularly
George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)

2/10 Selecting a Major Workshop in VFSC 104 from noon to 1 p.m.; Free and open to current students; Contact SRC for more info

SALMON CREEK • 910 NE TENNEY RD., SUITE B-119 • 360-571-4064

50% Off all slices everyday from 2 - 5 PM. $1.50 Schmizza beer with any slice.
12˝ Medium serves 1-2
14˝ Large serves 2-3
16˝ X-Large serves 3-4
Gourmet Slice. Great Price. Guaranteed. 18˝ Classic serves 4-6

Favorites Chicken
Medium Large X-large Classic Medium Large X-large Classic
$11.99 $15.99 $17.99 $20.99 $14.99 $18.99 $20.99 $23.99

CHEESE- A creamy blend of mozzarella, jack, provolone, romano & COCHINO CHICKEN- Pesto chicken, red onions, hickory smoked
parmesan cheeses bacon & feta cheese
PEPPERONI- Cheesy goodness with pepperoni on top CREOLE- Spicy chicken, smoked mozzarella, red onions & roasted red
DON HO- Canadian bacon & pineapple on a sea of cheese peppers
GREEN CHICKEN PIE- Pesto chicken, fresh spinach, marinated
Meatzas Medium Large X-large Classic
$14.99 $18.99 $20.99 $23.99 artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes & feta cheese
SCH’ MEAT’ ZA- Crumbled italian sausage, german sausage, canadian bacon, ITALIANO- Spicy chicken, oven roasted polenta, roma tomatoes, feta
genoa salami & pepperoni cheese & cilantro
OL’ HICKORY- Hickory smoked bacon, baby red potatoes, roma tomatoes & a NO KISS TONIGHT- Garlic chicken, red onions & feta cheese atop a
dollop of sour cream creamy alfredo base
GENOA- Genoa salami, mushrooms, olives, pepperoni & italian sausage SPICY THAI- Garlic chicken, roasted red peppers, crushed red peppers &
STEAK & POTATO- Marinated choice steak, baby red potatoes & a splash of cilantro on a spicy peanut sauce base
sour cream BBQ CHICKEN- Texas style marinated chicken, red onions, tomatoes &
SCHPAGHETTI & MEATBALL- Marinated meatballs on a bed of Mama feta cheese
Schmizza’s schpaghetti with a splash of marinara sauce & a sprinkle of feta cheese SWEET ‘N SOUR- Sweet ’n sour marinated chicken, roasted red
COMBO CLASSICO- Mushrooms, black olives & crumbled italian sausage peppers, pineapple & sesame seeds
TRADITIONAL- Pepperoni, green peppers, red onions & black olives YUCATECO GARLIC NOODLE- Mexican roasted chicken, sun
dried tomatoes & feta cheese on a bed of Mama Schmizza’s garlic noodles
Veggies Medium Large X-large Classic
$13.99 $17.99 $19.99 $22.99 ZORBA CHICKEN- Pesto chicken, fresh spinach, red onions, black
olives, roma tomatoes & feta cheese
MARGARITA- Olive oil base with garlic, basil, tomatoes, & feta cheese.
Medium Large X-large Classic
EXTREME VEGGIE- Mushrooms, roasted red & green peppers, spinach, $18.99 $22.99 $24.99 $27.99
onions, zucchini, black olives & garlic
ALLIGATOR PIE- Louisiana farm raised alligator sausage with red
FOO FOO- Marinated artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, garlic & feta peppers, onions, tomatoes & feta cheese on a bed of Mama Schmizza’s
cheese noodles. IT BITES!
GREEK VEGGIE- Fresh spinach, roma tomatoes, red onions, black olives,
garlic & feta cheese Salads
POPEYE & OLIVE OIL- Fresh spinach leaves on a bed of creamy alfredo GREEK SALAD- Side: $2.49 / Large: $4.49
sauce with roma tomatoes, garlic & feta cheese Fresh cucumbers, roma tomatoes, oregano, red onion, kalamata olives & feta
RUSTIC PIE- Baby red potatoes, roma tomatoes, garlic, broccoli & a sprinkle cheese on a bed of spinach leaves & served with lemon lime dressing
of feta cheese CAESAR SCHMAESAR- Side: $2.49 / Large: $4.49
VEGGIE BABY- Fresh spinach, red bell peppers, onions, tomatoes & feta Fresh romaine lettuce tossed in a creamy Schmaesar dressing and finished
cheese atop a creamy alfredo base with shredded parmesan & herbed croutons.

Pasta Ala Carte

Combo Meal
Other Stuff
CAJUNATOR- Alligator sausage or grilled chicken breast tossed in a light
spicy cajun chipotle cream sauce & finished with parmesan cheese DIPSTICKS- Six big dipsticks hand made from our very own
pizza dough - oven baked fresh daily & served with your choice of :
FRIKIN’ CHICKEN- Grilled chicken breast strips and oven roasted
broccoli tossed in a light basil pesto cream sauce & finished with parmesan cheese
GARDEN NOODLE- Sauteed fresh spinach, black olives, mushrooms, SCHMIZZA BEER-
red onions & zucchini tossed in olive oil and garlic & finished with fresh roma Buy any slice & get a pint of Schmizza beer for only $1.50 ...Right On!
tomatoes and parmesan cheese
STEAK STRIP ALFREDO- Tender mesquite beef strips & pan fried Working lunches...heck yea! Special occasions...sure!
mushrooms finished with a creamy alfredo sauce & parmesan cheese For all the information, call us, we’d be happy to help you!

Let us cater your next event!

Under New Ownership
- working lunches
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