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In times of difficulty as well as ease, we are dependent on Allah Taala.
When in prosperity, our Nabi (sallallahualayhi wasallam) turned in appreciation to Allah.
And when difficulty arose, he (sallallahualayhi wasalam) always turned only to Allah.
In light of the recent xenophobic attacks, hereunder are some duas from the Quran and
Hadith that will be effective in such situations:
Quranic Duas:
1. When Nabi Nuh (alayhis Salam) was overwhelmed by the opposition of his people he
recited the following dua:


Rabbi inni maghlubun fantasir

O Allah I am overpowered, so assist me.
(Surah Qamar, verse: 10)
2. When Nabi Ibrahim (alayhis Salam) left his family in a foreign land, he made this


 !" #$%&
O Allah.... turn the hearts of the people in their favour.
(Surah Ibrahim, verse: 37)
To link this dua to ourselves we should recite the following:

 )  ! " # $ %

Rabbanaj al af-idatam minan naasi tahwi ilayna

O Allah turn the hearts of the people towards us.
3. Nabi Ibrahim (alayhis Salam) and his followers made the following dua which Allah
Taala exhorts us to emulate-:

 5 . 5 $   4
 '  ('   1 0 2 & &1 0 /  . - '  ,)      $ *  + (' 
  " 3

Rabbana la tajal na fitnatal lilladhina kafaru, wagh fir lana rabbana innaka antal azizul
O our Rabb, o not make us a test for the disbelievers, and forgive us o our Rabb, indeed you
are most Powerful most Wise.
(Surah Mumtahinah, verse: 5)
4. When Nabi Musa (alayhis Salam) was driven out of his town he recited:

>  =<'  ; :   

 9  8   
Rabbi najjini minal qawmiz zalimin
O Allah protect me from the oppressing people.
(Surah Qasas, verse: 21)
5. The followers of Nabi Musa (alayhis salam) made the following dua when they were
under the threat of Firawn:

.1  7  ;  :   
 ='< ;  :   ,)     $ *  + (' 
  1  ( 8  & >

Rabbana la tajalna fitnatal lil qawmiz zalimin, wa najjina birahmatika minal qawmil
O Allah, do not make us a test for the oppressive ones, and rescue us through your mercy
from those who do not believe.
(Surah Yunus, verses: 85-86)
Dua from the Hadith:
6. Whenever Rasulullah (sallalalhualayhi wasallam) feared harm from any nation, he
would recite the following dua:

  ( D $  &  C   B  A  3
 $ 8  '  '  @ 
 C &

Allahumma inna najaluka fi nuhurihim, wa naudhu bika min shururihim

O Allah, We place you in front of them, and we seek your refuge from their harms.
(Sunan Abi Dawud & Sahih Ibn Hibban)
7. These duas should be recited from the heart. We should cry and beg from Allah
Taala with the above.
In addition to these duas, we should:
8. Give abundant charity in all forms. This could even be done by assisting those affected
by these attacks. By donating aid to these people we will be securing our own safety
insha Allah.
9. Show mercy to those on earth, Allah will show you His Mercy. (hadith)
10. Abstain from sin as much as possible. For sins are the biggest causes of difficulty.
May Allah Taala alleviate the sufferings of all mankind throughout the globe. Amin.
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