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Divya Jyothi

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Prabhuji Speaks
Invocation and Prayer
Invocation is to bring out the energy inside us.
Prayer is dierent; it is to The Lord sitting some
where else. In invocation we invoke one of the
powers of divinity which is within us. In prayer
there is a gap between you and God but in case of
invocation there is no such gap.
Many religions of the world are prayer oriented
where as the Indian system is meditation orient
ed. Meditation is seeing God inside you, seeing
the divinity in you. The powers are in you, invoke
them. God is within you, see him. In India, Saint
means the one who is in peace (Shanta) but be
cause of our exposure to other religions and cultures we now have a dierent imagination. We think that the one who
sees what is inside us is called Saint. Dont be under the impression that prayer is to somebody sitting somewhere.
Bhagavaan is Sarvantaryami, he is everywhere, in everything. Invocation is to invoke one of the powers which exist
within. That is the dierence between prayer and the invocation. In prayer you ask for what you dont have and in
invocation you bring out what is within you. All Shanti Mantras of Upanishads are not prayers, they are invocations.
~ Prabhuji

Divya Jyothi

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Panchadasi - Tattva Viveka 32

The ve sheaths of the Self are
those of the food, the vital air,
the mind, the intellect and
bliss. Enveloped in them, it
forgets its real nature and be
comes subject to transmigra
tion. 32
Maya is the power of dieren
tiated perception which causes
the dierences to appear where there is none. Due to
maya one appears as many. Unitary experience gets
dierentiated into multiplicity.
At the level of Universal consciousness, ability of
dierentiated perception is the creative act of freedom
while at the individual level the same ability becomes
the bondage. The power of perception is called Maha
maya at the level of Universal consciousness and maya
for the individual soul.
Maha maya is the creative power of Lord Shiva. Lord
Shiva uses power of maya to manifest universe out of
Him and assume the role of individual soul (jiva) to
explore the universe thus created. Creation or exist
ence has four fold manifestation.
Supra causal plane
Causal plane
Subtle plane
Gross plane.
In supra causal plane, Lord Shiva with his Shakti visu
alizes the universe to be created in his consciousness.
In this plane, the idea of creation emerges in the Uni
versal consciousness. In causal plane, duality emerges
due to play of maya. Of His own Freewill, limitations
arise in consciousness of Lord Shiva for the purpose of
creation. Power of maya creates the perception of
dierentiation with the help of following associated
principles and brings about the limitations in Self.
Due to power of maya, bound soul which is called
purusha and matter called as prakriti are created in the
causal plane. Subtle bodies and subtle sensations are
created in subtle plane. Gross bodies and physical
world of ve elements of space, air, re, water and
earth is created in the gross plane.

Individual soul jiva enjoys the causal, subtle and gross

plane of existence with the help of ve layered body
called pancha koshas. The physical body, the 5th layer
Gross body is used by jiva for enjoying the physical
world through the center of eyes in the waking state.
Subtle body consisting of layers 4th, 3rd, and 2nd re
spectively representing intellectual, mental and vital
(pranic) sheaths operates with the eyes as center and
the gross body as vehicle in the waking state.
In the dreaming state, subtle body enjoys the subtle
objects of dream world within the throat region. The
causal body called sheath of bliss is layer 1 is the repos
itory of all the unconscious impressions. The individu
al soul enjoys deep bliss in the dreamless sleep state
while resting in causal body.
Beyond these three states of waking, dreaming and
deep sleep, there is a supracausal state (turiya) experi
enced at the crown center. The bliss of transcendental
state of turiya can be enjoyed in a trance state
At the individual level, maya is the binding force of
perception. Perception is the reality for individual.
Perception is based on the input from senses and in
ference derived from those inputs. Inference is inu
enced by deep rooted subconscious or unconscious
belief systems which give a shape to reality. Thus maya
is the power inherent in belief systems which alters the
sense of reality based on perceptions. Altered sense of
reality caused by perceptions becomes the bondage for
the individual.
Thus Lord Shiva the Universal Self uses the power of
maya to bind himself into a ve layered body Pancha
koshas enjoying three states of consciousness of wak
ing, dreaming and deep sleep and totally forgetting the
nature of Self which can be enjoyed in the supra causal
state of consciousness.

Divya Jyothi

Sanatana Dharma
Mantra Drastra
Sanatana Dharma says the Rishi are Mantra Drastra
The Seer of the Mantra. Let us understand what our San
atana Dharma says about the Rishis. Rishi is the seer of
the Mantra. It is called seer Drastra, Mantra Drastra.
One who sees the Mantra is called Rishi. Seeing the Man
tra is being the Mantra. There is no dierence between
seeing and being. It is an inner experience at the time of
realization of the mantra. Mantra drastra means not just
listening the mantra. When hearing the mantra they ex
perience the inner truth. In that short experience, what
they listen becomes the spoken words of them and it is
called mantra. It is very crisp and clear. You cannot add
something to that. For example we can give explanation
of God, as God is everywhere. That is explanation.
There is a gap between one who experienced, one who is
experiencing and one who is experienced. There is a
dierence between them. While saying that God is every
where, there is a dierence in experience and listener.
Everybody says that God is everywhere. You can ask to
kids, they say that God is everywhere. It is only words. It
is not an experience. For Rishi, the words came at the
moment of experience and those words became Mantras.
Rishi is the one who experience the truth and at that
time the words came through his mouth and that is
called Mantra. That is the closest experience of the man
tra. So many people thinks that Mantra drastra means
somebody closes his eyes, in meditation, some mantra
will come out of it. He hears something because it is
called Shruthi, means he listens something and that
comes out as Mantra, No. It has to be a living experience.
When he hears the mantra while he is experiencing, that
is called Mantra. So Mantra Drastra is not just seeing
the mantra, it is not just hearing the mantra; it is not just
memorizing the mantra, but has become that mantra. So
Mantra drastra is not just one who has heard that man
tra, one who has not just understood the mantra, he ex
perienced that mantra; with that inner experience he
became the Mantra swaroopa. He is called Rishi. They
speak the truth.

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Soundarya Lahari

Kirantim angebhyah kirananikurumba'mrtarasam

Hrdi tvam adhatte himakarasila murthimiva yah;
Sa sarpanam darpam samayati sakuntadhipa iva
Jvaraplustan drshtya sukhayati sudhadharasiraya.
He who meditates in his mind,
On you who showers nectar from all your limbs,
And in the form which resembles,
The statue carved out of moonstone,
Can with a single stare,
Put an end to the pride of snakes,
And with his nectar like vision,
Cure those aicted by fever.
Curing of all poisons and curing of all fevers
When one meditates on the Universal Mother they
will be capable of curing any type of diseases. Disease
is due to blockage in energy ow in the body. The
healing can be done through Rekhi and Pranic healing.
In Reiki healing and Pranic healing, they do energy
transfer, is there any dierence? Yes, there is a dier
ence, the energy is same but in Reiki you channelize
the universal energy. Kundalini energy is your own
energy, which is sleeping at the base of spine. It is
there in sexual uids, it moves upwards, in Reiki you
become channel, in Kundalini it is your own energy.
You can be channel and still be unaware. In kundalini,
it leads to awareness. Kundalini energy is the Universal
Mother herself. Reiki is to channelizing universal en
ergy through you. Original Reiki master meditated
under icecold waterfalls. He saw some symbols of uni
versal energy. Those are Reiki symbols; you need to get
from master.

Divya Jyothi

Let us understand what is the real meaning of disease.

Arogyam, means the health will improve. Does it mean
that a person who is SelfRealized will have no diseases?
So if you look today, the modern day, what Doctors say
is that more than 80% of the diseases are psychosomat
ic in nature. There are two types of diseases, Psychoso
matic and Contagious diseases. Contagious diseases
come from bacteria and virus spreading from one per
son to another person. If a child gets fever from the
school, it spreads to his family members and then from
that child's brother/sister the bacteria/virus will again
get carried to the school and other children will get it
from them. So this is called contagious disease. There
are some diseases which are genetic in nature and some
diseases are psychosomatic in nature like Headache,
Depression, Blood Pressure and overweight. Many of
these diseases are because of the mind not because of
the body. Rheumatism and Cancer are also psychoso
matic diseases. These are all because of the mind.
A person who is established in Yoga, his mind gets
healed. Please understand, the healing is actually what
they call as healing in earlier days. It is said that
"Vaidyo Narayano Hari", the greatest healer is Narayana
himself. So what it means is that Consciousness is the
greatest healer. When we identify with the Body, Mind
and the Intellect, the mind becomes very heavy.
When the mind identies with the object it becomes
heavy. When the mind recognizes the subject, the
Atma, the Paramatma, the Narayana or the Universal
Mother in you, the mind becomes light. The root of all
diseases is called 'bhavaroga'. The disease of the world
is called 'Bhavaroga'. The disease of the world, that dis
ease is our feeling of separation from the existence, our
feeling of separation from the Consciousness, the God,
the Universe, even though we may not explicitly say
that, that is the root cause. It is called Bhavaroga, it is
the root disease.
Imagine a child who lost his father or Mother at a very
young age, throughout his life, that child will never for
get the pain of losing his Father or Mother. It is very
painful. So, how painful it will be for us when we have
lost our earlier Father and Mother which is actually Na
rayana himself. Narayana is our Father, Mother,
Bandhu (relative) and our friend. Narayana is the Guru.
There is no closer relationship than Paramatma. The

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feeling of separation from Paramatma is very painful.

It is the deepest pain, which anybody can have. It is
most hurting and that is called 'Existential Suering'.
Because we dont know that such a thing exists, we
give dierent names to that. We say, 'I suer because
of my Father, Mother, Husband, Wife, Boss or Econo
my', people give lot of reasons because they dont
know that the root suering which is because of the
separation from the existence. That is the root suer
ing, which is why it is called 'Bhava Roga'. That is the
fundamental disease and from that disease every other
disease comes into picture. So the person who is free,
Jeevan Mukta gets healed at the deepest level.
You may ask, how come Ramana Maharshi or Rama
krishna Paramahamsa had a Cancer. See, what hap
pens is, a person's mind and body become peaceful,
but the disease, which has already started because of
what you call as 'Prarabdha Karma' which is not
healed, that Prarabdha karma will continue since the
arrow has been already shot. So, Agami karma will
stop, Sanchita karma will stop, Kriyamana karma will
stop. The remaining residual Prarabdha karma fructi
es and brings the Cancer. But the person becomes
very peaceful, very silent and serene. His health will
So, one who meditates in his mind on the Universal
Mother, she showers nectar from all her limbs, and in
the form of divine energy that can put an end to the
pride of snakes, and with his nectar like vision,Lcure
those aicted by diseases.

Divya Jyothi

Lalitha Sahasranama

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and destroys the whole Universe.

Shakti the energy, in the form of subtlest vibration is
the heartbeat of Parama Shiva. Because of pulsation of
Spanda Shakti, whole of the Universe is created sus
tained and dissolved. She is also called Para Shakti in
this form.
The Lord of desire Manmatha emerges in the form of
our sense organs. There are jnanendriyas; Objective
Mind; Subconcious Mind with egoistic impressions
(samskara), memories (smriti) , which is nothing but
identication of objects; Subjective Mind (intellect)
Buddhi the decisionmaking; Karmendriyas the out
put to organs of action (legmotion, handgrasping,
mouthspeech, sex organsreproduction, anus

Sarvaruna navadyangi sarvabharana bhushita Shiva ka

meshvarankastha shiva svadhina vallabhe.
Sarvaruna: Who is rose hued all over.
Anavadyangi: Who is faultless in every limb.
Sarvabharana bhushita: Who is adorned with divine
Shiva kameshvarankastha: Who is seated on the lap of
Shiva, the conqueror of desire (Kamesvara).
Shiva: The Consort of Shiva, whose Power She is.
Svadhina vallabha: Who dominates over Her Consort
Siva in the creative part of the cyclic motion of time.
Shiva is the Universal Consciousness . Shakti the ener
gy is His Consort. Shakti, the Universal Mother is the
power of consciousness in the form of Will, Wisdom
and Action. Lord Shiva as house holder creates the Uni
verse with his Shakti. Shiva and Shakti are not dierent
from each other. Ardhanareeshwara half male, half fe
male form of Shiva and Shakti represents this Truth.
This representation is akin to the yin and yang, mascu
line and feminine representation in eastern cultures.
Shakti is the energy of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva and Shak
ti are one. Shiva is Shakti and Shakti is Shiva. They are
inseparable like heat in re or fragrance of ower. She is
the Selfawareness of Shiva and also the power of con
sciousness by which everything else is revealed. She ex
presses in the form of innite Will, Wisdom and Action
of Lord Shiva. As Universal Mother, she creates, sustains

When these sense organs are fedup of the outer world

(materialistic), they start moving inwards surrendering
completely to the Universal Mother Sri Lalita. Sri
Lalita out of compassion manifest in the form of
Srividya The Auspicious knowledge. The knowledge
which liberates the senses from pain and suering.
That is the Knowledge of Wisdom.

Divya Jyothi

Atma Bala

Akkamahadevi Atma Bala When the Realization

Happens the Power Flows and Spreads Allover.
In the 14th century, some Muslim Empire ruled the
West Bengal. It was a sin if anybody chants Gods name.
Then Chaitanya Mahaprabhu started singing, Hare
Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Hare Krishna
Hare Krishan Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. When he
started singing on the streets and dancing not any em
pire could stop such power. That is the power of Divine.
A 29year old Vivekanda went to spread Sanathana
dharma of India. And he brought courage and strength
to Indians. It is not an individual power. It is a power
from divine (Athma bala) ows through him. That
strength is within all of you. But as long as you are in
delusion of I am the body I am the Mind and I am the
intellect then that power gets masked. You have to be
come ute of God Krishna so that the divine energy
ows through you. Thats called Brahma Bala.
That happened in the life of Akkamahadevi. She was
forced to marry but she had a condition with her hus
band that he should not disturb her Shiva Puja and if
disturbed she will leave that palace. When he disturbed
one day she got angry and threw her clothes and walked
naked out of the palace. Imagine one girl walking with
out the dress what happens. That is the courage. That is
the Atma bala. And what is the Courage? I am not the
body I am not the mind and I am not the Intellect I am

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the pure awareness. In front of this courage the king

could not stand. It was dicult for him. The fear of I
am the body has to go. When the courage that I am
self I am the Shiva comes then world cannot stop you.L
This happened with Meera Bai also. In her palace, peo
ple tried to kill her. She took a poison but she didnt
die and went out of the palace. That courage comes.
That is called Atma bala power of the Self. So they
become the courageous one Veeryam (Veeryavan
With the knowledge of Self one becomes evolved. He
will not forget the Self in all the 3 states, waking
dreaming and deep sleep. He lives courageously. And
when he dies he merges with the universal conscious
ness. And he will not return because there is no desire
left. So one who realized the illusory nature of the
world he will never get tempted again. So why will he
never reborn? After death he merges with the Univer
sal Consciousness. It is like when bubble in water
bursts merges with the water and becomes water itself.
~ Prabhuji

Divya Jyothi

Signicance of Ugaadi

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world. To symbolize this, we eat jaggery (sweet) that

means joy, success in life. Neem means bitterness the
pain suering in life. By eating these two we should be
accepting life as it comes as a Sthitha prajna. Call of
Ugaadi is to lead the life of Sthitha prajna the enlight
ened one. This we can do only when we can respect
The time is very precious, it keeps skipping away from
past to present to future. The past is dead; the future is
unborn, we have a very short duration the present at
our disposal. How eectively to use that present mo
ment for our selfrealization, liberation and serving the
world, Atmano Mokshartham Jagath Hitaya Cha is
the art which you have to learn.

Student: Guruji, Why is Ugaadi celebrated every year?

Guruji: This is because we forget the message of
Ugaadi; to remind us the message Ugaadi is celebrated
every year. Once we realize the signicance of Ugaadi,
once we begin the new era that is the real Ugaadi.
The message of Ugaadi is embedded in many of the cus
toms we follow. On Ugaadi day we wear a new dress
and discard the old dress. Discarding the old dress sym
bolizes discarding the old values, wrong ideas and no
tions. The wrong notion is I am the body, mind and the
intellect which gives rise to deeprooted impressions in
our consciousness called vasanas and samskaras.
Vasanas and samskaras are responsible for our repeated
birth and death cycle punarapi jananam punarapi ma
ranam. We keep on taking newer and newer body and
taking birth to experience the vasanas and samskaras
(deep rooted impressions). These vasanas and samska
ras are coming from deeprooted ignorance that I am
separate from the Self. Discarding the old dress symbol
izes discarding these wrong notions. Wearing a new
dress symbolizes taking up new ideas and realizing the
new truth that I am the immortal Self. One who realizes
this becomes Sthitha prajna. Life of such a person is
symbolized by equanimity in all situations of life. This
is told in Bhagavagita
duhkheshv anudvignamanah sukheshu vigata spri
hahvitaragabhayakrodhah Sthithadhir munir ucyate
Being unperturbed by ups and downs in life; not being
attracted by anything or not being repulsed by anything
a Sage; an Enlightened one, a Sthitha prajna leaves
peacefully and brings peace, love and harmony in the

Ugaadi also represents one more important aspect of

the spiritual life. A deep respect for the principle of
time. The lord of time Kala Purusha has to be respect
ed. We have to utilize our time very carefully. This Kala
Purusha has ve parts just like we have bodies pan
changa they are tithi; vara; nakshatra; yoga and karna.
The idea of telling about this panchanga, reading pan
changa is to bring the concept in our mind day in and
day out, again and again bringing respect for the time.
It is reminding us that the time keeps ying, use the
present moment eectively. Work towards our libera
tion; work towards the service, lead the life of a Sthitha
Prajna an enlightened one. This is the essence of the
message of Ugaadi.
~ Prabhuji

Divya Jyothi

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Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha

Shri Rama Navami Celebration of Eternal Values
of Sanatana Dharma

Name of Shri Rama inspires people all over the

world; Rama stands for the 'Truth' the principle of '
Dharma'. Dharma is the Eternal value, Eternal Prin
ciple, Eternal order, It sustains upholds the whole
Universe. Sri Rama represents the principle of Dhar
ma, operating through out his life. He is called
'Embodiment of Dharma' (Ramaha Vigrahavan
Navami stands for Nine, Nine is the number that
represents Eternity, Ramanavami in other words
represents 'Eternal Values of Dharma'. Ramanavami
is the celebration of Eternal Dharma, what we call it
as 'Sanatana Dharma'. Ramanavami is a day when
we bring Dharma in our Life i.e., the birth of Sri Ra
ma. There is no equivalent meaning for Dharma in
any other language. Many people confuse and trans
late Dharma as religion; Dharma has nothing to do
with religion. Dharma is the principle which uprates
in various dimensions, in simple words, Dharma
means essential nature, for e.g., the essential nature
of re is to burn, so, we can say the Dharma of the
re is to burn. What is the essential nature of hu
man being? Is it body? Is it mind? Is it intellect? The
sages say 'the essential nature of human being is
divinity'. The divinity is called 'That' Tatwamasi is
the essential nature of human being. To live a way of
Dharma means to live true to our nature, live ac
cording to our essential nature that is divinity. That
is Dharma and that is the essential message of Shri
Rama Navami. We have to understand our true na
ture, we are not the body, mind or intellect, we are
the supreme spirit Atma. Atma is same as Para

matma, to live the divinity in our life, to experience

divinity in all our actions, to express divinity in our life
is Dharma, and this is Shri Rama Navamai Birth of
Shri Rama in our life. Come let us understand some
dimension of Dharma and Rama Navami.
Shri Rama Navami is celebration of birthday of the
Lord Shri Rama. Shri Rama is called Maryada
Purushotham, best among human beings, embodiment
of highest human values and ideals. Shri Rama repre
sents ideal son, ideal husband, ideal friend, ideal mas
ter, ideal enemy, ideal King. Mahatma Gandhi dreamed
of Shri Rama Rajya, ideal Kingdom as model for inde
pendent India. Sanatana Dharma, Eternal Law Na
vami stands for nine. Nine represents eternity. 9 x 1 = 9.
9 x 2 = 18. 1 + 8 = 9. Etc. Bow in hand of Rama called
kodanda represents the infallibility of Dharma eternal
value. Rama means bliss, Rama means Dharma
(Ramaha Vigrahavan Dharmaha) Rama navami stands
for bliss of following eternal Dharma (Sanatan Dhar
ma) in Life.
Dharma means to hold. That which supports / holds
existence of a thing. (Dharayati iti Dharma). The order
in the universe is called Dharma, without Dharma
there will be only chaos! There is physical order, bio
logical order, and psychological order in the universe.
All actions done by human beings in tune with cosmic
order are called Dharmic. Actions violating cosmic or
der are called Adharmic. Shri Ramaseventh incarna
tion of Vishnu is the embodiment of Dharma. The pur
pose of incarnation is to teach Dharmic life. One, who
protects Dharma, gets protection from Dharma.
(Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha). Shri Rama always pro
tected Dharma. He only killed for righteousness and
benet of all. He was not only an Ideal warrior but an
Ideal man because he performed all his duties as hus
band, son, brother, friend, king, citizen, to perfection.
Sree Rama Rama Rameti, Rame Rame Manorame : Sa
hasra Nama Tatulyam Rama Nama Manorame'.
~ Prabhuji

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