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The Game Plan An introduction to the core trading methodologies of top trading
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The Movie Once you have read the chapter, you can view the complete
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How an experienced Pit Trader trades Bonds

A Simple 5-Step Method for Trading the Eminis

How to Trade Forex Pairs without Getting Stopped-Out

How to Profit from the W-Bottom Pattern.

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Table of Contents
how to create a profitable trading
strategy from simple setups

By Kevin J. Davey, Champion Trader

a winning system that you can

master in a day


By Roger Felton, Felton Trading Systems

5 Simple steps to $500 and up per day


By Matt Brown,

a trip to the thrift store


By Ryan Herron, Joaquin Trading

a pristine lesson on the w-bottom pattern


By Greg Capra, Pristine Trading

my powerful trade setups


By Jack Broz, Broz on Bonds

tell me - show me - powerful trade setups

By Mark Sachs, Rightline Trading


learning how to trade where the market

is not moving


By Sean Jantz, Binary Trade Group

trading fibonacci with options


By Jack Gleason, Major League Trading

day trading the emini s&p 500 (es) and

light sweet crude oil (cl) live trade room


By Carlos Diaz,

high probability nadex and forex



By Krystal Comber,

how to profit by trading against he crowd

By Sam Goldberg,



How To Create A Profitable Trading

Strategy From Simple Setups
Kevin J. Davey,
Champion Trader

Trading is a funny game. Most people think it is easy, since all you need to start trading is a pulse,
and enough money to open an account. With that accomplished, many think the next step is to pull
up a chart, find a pattern, and begin trading. If only if was that simple!

Unfortunately, such an approach usually leads to something like this a brief period of breakeven
equity performance, followed by an inevitable downward sloping equity curve.


As a futures trader for 25 years now, I can still painfully remember the time when I used the same
approach, and lost 60% of my account in a few short weeks. It was extremely demoralizing, I can
tell you that!
After my initial disastrous attempt at trading, I spent a lot of time researching and investigating the top
trading methods I could find, and reading interviews with any and all successful traders I could find.
After a great deal of searching, I realized one fundamental key:
To succeed in trading, you must have a strategy, and trading setup, that is profitable!
It sounds funny to say that, but most people think trading is all about emotions, psychology, journaling
your feelings during trades, etc.

Now, dont get me wrong without proper emotional control and psychology, you wont get far in
trading, even with a profitable system and the best of setups. But, all the mental toughness in the
world wont help you make money with a losing strategy!
OK, so just what is a profitable strategy? Simply put, it is a set of rules that have been historically
proven to make money OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. That last part is key A LONG PERIOD
OF TIME. A strategy that has worked over 1 month or 3 months or 6 months is nice, but it is just not
enough time to say a strategy is really good.


If that strategy works over 5-10 years, now were talking! You want to see the strategy perform well
in up markets, down markets, flat markets and volatile markets. The longer the strategy performs,
and the more trades it is profitable over, the more likely it is that the strategy will continue to do well
in the future.
To find out if a strategy, or a setup works, you have to test it. Testing might sound like a daunting task.
Fortunately, there is software that can take market data, combine it with your trading setup and rules,
and evaluate your strategys historical performance. I use Tradestation to do this, although there are
certainly other good software platforms out there.
So, what are some of my favorite setups? I like simple concepts:
Breakouts for Trend Following
Reversal points for Mean Reversion
2 Momentum Lengths for Trend Following
If you are interested in some of my setups, I have documented them in a pdf file, and also described
them in a webinar I recently hosted. Just click the pictures below to access them.

The key, though, is NOT to take my trading setups, and blindly follow them. You need to test!
Thankfully, as I mentioned, good testing software is out there. The bad part of testing software is that
it is almost TOO easy to evaluate a setup or strategy. Most software encourages you to optimize,
which can produce a nice looking equity curve in backtest, but fails in real time:


How can a strategy or setup that tested so well work so poorly in real time? Well, what most people
dont tell you is that you have to test, BUT you have to test correctly.
Trust me, I know. I used to test incorrectly, and not surprisingly, I got terrible results. But over time, I
improved my method of testing and evaluating setups and strategies. I detailed my approach in my
best selling trading book, Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems.
My process has been proven to work again and again. I used it to finish in 1st or 2nd place three
years in a row in a worldwide, year long, real money trading contest. I used my method to triumph
over some of the worlds best traders, so it is definitely something to take notice of.
The key to my method is having a defined, step by step plan to develop trading strategies:


Following this process, you too can create long term profitable strategies. It is not easy (if trading was
easy, everyone would be doing it!), but it can be done. Here is a short video where I walk you through
the development steps for a Soybean futures strategy I have one I trade with my own money, and
based on a simple setup:

You might think developing a profitable strategy is arduous endeavor, and for many people it is.
Typically, most people give up too quickly, and go back to haphazard trading with the hot chart
pattern of the day. I want to offer you a different and better way.
I teach my approach, from A-Z, in a one day online class I call the Strategy Factory Workshop. I teach
you my method, how to avoid all the pitfalls along the way, and I even throw in 3 strategies I currently
trade - for free! Plus, I follow it all up 6 months of one on one support. Ill be there to guide you as
you create your first truly profitable strategy.
The Strategy Factory Workshop is a great way to learn the RIGHT way to develop trading strategies.
With me there to guide you, youll be in good hands!
If you are serious about trading strategies, and if youd read this far I assume you are, my strong
recommendation is to learn to create profitable strategies yourself. It is hard work, but in the long
run youll be better off you will be able to create trading strategies for any market, tailored to your
goals and objectives.



I can help you create strategies just like I create for my own trading. I can assist as you create
strategies for stocks, ETFs, futures and forex. Simply sign up for my Strategy Factory Workshop.
I follow the workshop up with 6 months of personal support.


If you want to find out more, simply CLICK HERE. When you sign up, just mention this e-book, and
Ill provide 3 extra months of support absolutely free. That is an extra $895 value!
P.S. When I say the workshop is a great value, I mean it. But dont just take my word for it. Trading gives it 5 stars, the only workshop on their website with a perfect score! Hear what this
independent 3rd party has to say by tapping here.


Kevin J. Davey, Founder of KJ Trading Systems, is a professional trader
and a top-performing systems developer. He writes extensively in industry
publications such as Futures Magazine and was featured as a Market Master
in the book The Universal Principles of Successful Trading by Brent Penfold
(Wiley, 2010).
Kevin is the author of TraderPlanet.coms 2014 Trading Book Of The Year
- Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems A Traders Journey From Data Mining to Monte
Carlo Simulation to Live Trading (Wiley, 2014). An aerospace engineer and MBA by background,
he has been an independent trader for over 25 years.
Although Kevin has had a great deal of recent success, many of the early years were met with
failure. Bloodied but not defeated, Kevin spent the next few years researching, reading and otherwise
devouring all he could about trading. I probably made every mistake possible, but I ended up learning
a lot about the markets and how they work explains Kevin.
That legwork certainly paid off in a worldwide futures trading contest. For three consecutive years,
Kevin was usually near or at the top of the leaderboard. And the final results in this real time, real
money contest are self evident:
2005 - 148% return (2nd place)
2006 - 107% return (1st place)
2007 - 112% return (2nd place)
Currently, Kevin trades full time, writes trading related articles and gives trading workshops. He is also
available for one on one mentoring or consultation. This is in addition to continuously developing new
trading systems and strategies. Markets are ever changing, so my new system development work
is a critical part of my success.



A Winning System That

You Can Master in a Day
By Roger Felton,
Felton Trading Systems

Ah, you found it. The trading article youve been seeking for years. You knew it had to be hiding
someplace. Youve traded so long and struggled so hard that somebody had to eventually spill the
beans and let you in on the greatest trading secret ever revealed. You paid your dues and now
youre ready, right?
Well, not so fast. Of course Im going to share a simple, accurate, powerful and teachable trading
system with you. Possibly one of the most mechanical and consistently profitable trading systems
youll ever see. But (yes theres a but) no trading system exists (or ever will exist) that is any better
than the trader behind it pushing the buttons. Before we examine that statement, lets make sure we
all understand what a trading system actually is and is not.
A trading system is not a means by which a timid trader (who has been spanked so many times in
the market that they have lost all faith and trust in their own ability to make sound trading decisions)
can miraculously make a desired income level by letting a machine make their decisions for them.
These traders have deep mental scars that can take a long time and a lot of work to heal. A trading
system should be seen as nothing more than a tool to assist traders with the mundane tedious job
of measuring, figuring, anticipating, filtering and data-crunching duties that computers can do much
better and faster than any human.
A trained human trader, however, should always make the final decision to enter a trade. Humans
can easily see many things that even the most intricately coded software would easily miss. For
the same reason, when it comes to Trade Management, nothing can begin to equal the ability of a
well-trained trader. So its the trader behind the system that really counts. A system alone is like a
plane without a pilot, clubs without a golfer or a saw with no carpenter. Just a useless tool regardless
of its potential ability to help do great things.
Its important that traders understand this symbiotic relationship between traders and their tools. If
you are a trader looking for a winning trading system, you must first look in the mirror.
But are there systems and methods that can help a trader who is already trained and experienced in
the areas of Price Action, Trade Management, Technical Analysis and Self-Control? Absolutely! As
long as you are aware of the imperative relationship between man and machine, so to speak, then
lets take a look at a really easy to understand and master trading system that utilizes some basic
Price Action and TA principles that I use every day. If youre willing to do the work, I think youll like
what youre about to learn.



A good place to begin is with the way traders view markets. Think of your charts as your eyes to
peer into the markets to try to determine what its doing and, more importantly, what its about to do.
Well, if charts are our eyes than the bar type can be considered to be our glasses. Whether it is tick
charts, range charts, volume charts, time-based charts, etc. each is designed to perform the job of
allowing us to best determine what a given market has done in the past and likely will do in the future.
Unfortunately, these glasses, if you will, dont all perform their duties equally well. Like using
binoculars to read the newspaper or a magnifying glass to study Mars, there are some obvious
drawbacks to nearly every bar type in existence. But its all we have, right?
Take a look at a typical 1-minute chart here in Crude Oil on 4-17-15 from about 7:00am to a little after
11:00am CST. For most traders using time-based charts, this should look fairly familiar with red and
blue bars running helter-skelter with few areas able to string bars of the same color very far before
reversing direction.

This constant hither and yon price movement is typical of the huge amount of market noise generated
by, not only this bar type, but many others as well. Its this massive noise that often confuses traders
into making mistakes. Is there a better way to see and trade markets? You bet.
We could spend time and waste space showing similar price action in tick charts, volume charts and,
to a lesser degree in range charts and line-break charts. But the end result would be the same in that
a reliable indication of price direction would still be difficult to determine. If it wasnt, there wouldnt be
such an overwhelming percentage of failed traders. So, lets observe something remarkably different
and easy to understand.



This is the Felton Trading Renko Supreme OHLC bar that we developed over 4 years ago. As I touted
their many virtues of this modified Renko bar for years, we are now seeing other vendors and platform
providers popping up with their own versions of this remarkable bar type. But, as of yet, I havent
seen others with the ability to display the actual Open, High, Low and Close of what price did inside
each bar with historical accuracy. But thats really only necessary for back-testing purposes and not
for what we are going to be learning today.
This example above is just one of an infinite number of variations that can be produced by any trader
using them. This one is a 16,1 Renko Supreme chart that we call the 1-Step. That is, each of the
red and blue bars (body only) are 16 ticks in size (turn bars are double) and the step size or, the
difference between the close of one bar and the close of the next is one tick.
See how angular and geometric they make the market appear? When a new direction starts, it usually
stays in that direction for several bars, often for 100 or more. But as potentially great as these bars
look, they arent of much use without signals. This is where these Renko Supreme bars really leave
others in the dust. Look at the following FT Renko Supreme OHLC chart with some signals added.



There are two very interesting things traders notice about the signals on these charts. Most have
excellent profit potential and all of them are unheard of in the trading community. The TL1,2 and 3,
the UA and SA, the BR and the SMthese dont exist outside of Felton Trading but their structures
are easy to explain and, thus, they are easy to identify in real time. I developed a coded system called
SignalPro that automatically identifies them, announces them and tells me if Im trading on the best
possible timeframe and instrument. SignalPro does lots more but, again, those capabilities are not
necessary for what well be learning today.
Now lets look at a variation of the FT Renko Supreme called the Half-Step chart. Its called that
because the step size is exactly one half of the bar size. This adds a new dimension in what you can
do with these bars and a whole new world of unique signals that work tremendously well with them.



As a half-step chart, this is Crude Oil (CL) on a 12,6 FT Renko Supreme chart. This of course means
that each blue bar and red bar (body only) is 12 ticks in size while the step size is 6 ticks. Crude Oil
contracts are each worth $10 per tick so even if a trader entered on the close of one bars signal and
exited at the close of the next bar with just 2 contracts, the gross profit could be $120 if no slippage.
We just as easily could be trading a 40,20 Renko Supreme where just one bar of profit could produce
$400 gross profit. But most traders take advantage of the high probability of these charts and signals
producing much more than one bar of profit and a trader might feel silly for exiting that early.
In the chart above, notice that rather large M formation between 8:30am and 9:30am on the timeline.
On the second high of the double top, it has a magenta BD label and a red down arrow. Lets take a
closer look at that for our first signal lesson.
Below we see a close up view of that nice symmetrical M formation what many traders might recognize
as a divergence signal to go short in the market. Thats correct and the computer generated BD signal
validates the formation. Traders not familiar with Divergence as a trading signal can find plenty of
information in an Internet search engine. But, basically, a divergence short is when a market forms a
double top while a corresponding oscillator forms a lower high left to right. A bullish version would be
the exact opposite from a double bottom in price and a higher low on an oscillator. The EDx signals
simply identify larger divergence formations.
We have marked up this chart to point out some areas that you will want to pay attention to. First,
theres that red horizontal dotted line (with the yellow one just above it). This is SignalPros way of



marking the 50% retrace level of that first big run of blue bars. The red dotted line is exactly one-half
of the distance between those two red squares marking the bottom and top of the string of blue bars.
The green circle shows the intersection point.

The significance of this 50% level is apparent when you notice what price did on the two occasions
when Price headed that way. On its first drop of red bars (which would be the 2nd leg of the M
formation) Price came down and touched the 50% level to the very tick! Price finishes the 3rd blue
leg of the formation and then heads downward on red bars that launched on the trigger bar market
with the BD and red arrow. We would enter the trade at the close of the trigger which is market with



the blue horizontal line. I never enter a signal on a Market Order. Its always a Limit Order as I want
Price to prove to me that it is already doing what every indication says it will. As the entry is triggered,
the NinjaTrader ATM setting automatically places my stop at the top of the entry (trigger) bars tail and
my exit target will be one tick shy of the 50% marker (shown with the horizontal yellow line). Where
Price and Target connected is shown in the white circle and, as you can see, a total of 4 bars were
between the entry and the target. Each bar produced 6 ticks of profit for a total of 24 ticks for the trade.
Again, trading just 2 contracts (as I do in my Trading Room), a trader could have made a gross profit
of $480. If the earlier short had also been taken at the first peak of the double top down to the yellow
marker, another $480 was possible for nearly $1000 in about one hour of trading on just two trades.
Similar trading opportunities appear numerous times daily in any market that moves with reasonable
volatility and liquidity. This includes Equities, FX, Options and, of course my favorite, Futures.
This 50% retrace level is one I use every day because it is reached with such a high probability. In
good volatility condition and with practically any signal to launch, Price will find the 50% line about
85 to 90% of the time. Whereas, the 80% is reached considerably less often and 100% is achieved
only around 40% of the time.
Since such a nice profit can be realized with a simple 50% target, virtually no time would be necessary
learning complicated and subjective methods such as Fibonacci and Elliott Waves. However, I do
have students who are masters at these methods and they often trade beyond the 50% level quite
successfully. But they took 10 years or more to hone that skill.
Now, using our 50% target level and the same entry point (close of the trigger bar) and the same stop
placement, lets explore some more trade signalsthis time in the ES. I purposely chose the ES
because it would be my last choice of markets that I personally would trade. Its compressed range,
quarter-point tick and its infestation of HFTs (High Frequency Traders) make it a poor choice for most
average traders. Its only advantage is its huge volume liquidity but that overkill is of no use to the
little guy. Regardless, this system still comes through even if the number of bars the ES can produce
in a typical day is small compared to nearly all other markets and indices.
For the ES here I chose the 8,4 chart. This would allow each bar to produce 4 ticks of profit which
in the ES is one point ($50 per contract). Trading just 2 contracts per trade, the profit potential is still
very impressive as we see in the next chart example.



Here we cover part of April 7th and 9th plus all of April 8th 2015. Taking every signal the code produced
that also had a 50% target level printed, we see a total of 9 trades, both longs and shorts. Assuming
that we had no real Trade Management skill yet and only traded for the 50% level and exited, we see
a total of about 24 points generated in the ES on about 2 days of trading. This is only potential since
the trader would have had to be trading around the clock unless he had a team or an auto-trader robot.
Auto-trader systems are notorious for inefficiency and huge drawdown even if they are profitable overall.
However this system is 100% mechanical with no subjective reasoning required. The moment of entry
is known, the stop is known (to the tick) and the exit is known and all before the trade is ever executed.
Of course some trades do lose but in the vast majority of those events much of the trades loss can
be immediately recouped in the resulting breakout which is almost always good for two bars or so.
I will gladly teach any trader interested in any of the signals marked with the yellow label including the
Turn Signal (TS), Basic Divergence (BD), Extended Divergence (ED), Hidden Divergence (HD), etc.
free of charge. More information on their structure is available in the accompanying video to this article.



For most traders this method of trading is totally new. Traders arent used to the idea of bars that
self-filter market noise and produce such clean accurate signals. Many traders will have questions
and, to be honest, I have a lot more to teach each of you. A good way to begin would be to actually
use the SignalPro software itself and attend the Felton Trading Room daily Monday through Friday.
Youll have total access to all of our student training sessions which we conduct every day. Plus, I
will be there for you for one-on-one personal mentorship for as much as you need. This means you
can receive my personal guidance and training with no time limit on the sessions and Im available
even during evenings and on weekends with prior notice. As most of you know, nobody else in this
entire industry does that. But I do because it works. Because it makes such a huge difference in the
learning curve and the success rate of the traders I teach. I suggest that you consider our 30-day trial
offer where you get all of the above benefits including unlimited access to me for just $149. Thats all.
Its a perfect way to see if how we trade and what we teach is for you with very little risk. By the way,
if you have any questions or would like to learn more before making any investment, Id be delighted
to speak with you personally anytime. Just send an email to for any
questions you might have or if you would like more information on the software trial.

See a full class with Roger, simply CLICK HERE


Roger Felton is President of Felton Trading but better known as a professional
trader and tireless personal mentor to any trader needing help. He teaches
a powerful and accurate system that is unlike anything traders have ever
seen and he has created precision-coded software that crunches the data
and gives traders everything they need to make consistently smart trading
decisions. Roger teaches with clarity and patience. He communicates his
boundless market knowledge in a manner that makes learning not only
simple, but fun, too.



5 Simple Steps to $500 and Up per Day

By Matt Brown,

I can provide any trader with the tools needed to make over $500 per day simply by using our proven
Auto Signal NT3 Power Tool in one of three index futures markets. Anyone willing to read this article
and watch our embedded videos will have a chance to see this tool in action, verify our results, and
guarantee for themselves that this is a safe and fast way to start profiting with index futures.
Q: Do you feel like your current system is off just a fraction of a degree? Does it have
huge potential, but you are just screwing up your entry timing, taking on too much heat,
only to stop out and see the trade go on for a huge winner? Or worse yet, do you ever
have winning trades that you hold onto far too long, only to see them come all the way back
and hit your stop?
A: My guess is that you do, but dont worry these past mistakes are not entirely your
fault. We will show you how you can correct most of these issues almost immediately
regardless of your trading style. If you are looking for a complete overhaul, we can help
with that too. We provide solutions for the Newbie-Trader all the way to the Seasoned
Pro so we hope you continue reading so we can help you cure some of these common
trading mistakes.
Hi, my name is Matt Brown and I have taught thousands of students around the globe on how to make
a living online trading the futures markets. Although you may have not heard of me directly, my alumni
are among some of the largest professional Chicago Pit Traders who transitioned off
The Floor into electronic trading. Some appear regularly on CNBC, while others run hedge funds,
work for institutions, or are simply home schooling moms who trade in between driving the kids back
and forth from soccer practice. Although it is nice to have these high profile clients, the majority of
our students and alumni are people just like you and me who want nothing more than the Freedom
to work when they want, where they want, how they want and for whom they want.
We Know We Can...

Restore Your Confidence in Trading

Remove Your In-Trade Anxiety
Improve Your Performance
And Allow You To Trust Your System

Imagine yourself in as little as 30 days you have the ability to walk with a bounce in your step because
you have complete control of your financial destiny. No longer are you dependent on anyone but
yourself for your own financial success. You are having success with less anxiety because you are



trading a proven plan discovering how easy it can be to take money out of the markets. It is a pretty
nice vision isnt it? Lets make this vision your reality!
Thoughts lead to Feelings, Feelings lead to Actions, and Actions lead to Results. It has been my
experience by teaching thousands of students over the last decade while running our live trading
rooms that most folks can learn how to trade and successfully execute but it is their In Trade thoughts
that alter their results. My goal is to teach you a simple proven 5 step auto signal system that will
automatically give you audio and visual signals required to have success in trading.
The NT3 Power Tool is based on the simple philosophy of continuity among markets. Specifically we
look at the actions of the of the S&P 500 Emini Futures and use our analysis to leverage corresponding
movements in the Emini Dow , NASDAQ and the Russell Futures.
Below is a 1 minute comparison chart showing the percent relationships between the key index
markets we trade for 1 trading day. The black line is the S&P 500, the brown line is the Dow, the
green is the NASDAQ, and the blue is the Russell. Notice how the markets tend to beat to the same
drum... we use this information to help us identify the ideal times to initiate trades with the highest
probability of success.

Below I am going to break down the individual components of the basic 5 steps in our trading plan.
Remember this plan is programmed into a tool that runs on NinjaTrader and does all the work for you
and signals when it is time to trade. I will also be providing a link so you can see this explained in a
detailed presentation. The purpose of the next few slides is to simply show the simplicity in the tool.





Below is a screenshot of all the steps in action showing the actual tool with the visual entries. The
gray box is the initial entry the teal box is secondary long entry the pink is secondary short entry.

Click Here to see a full presentation on the details of the NT3 Power Tool.


Click Here to get access to a trial of the NT3 Power Tool operating on the Russell.
Click Here to purchase the NT3 Power Tool and receive a 25% discount of the retail price for the next
72 hours for seeing this Trading Pub Promotion. If you take the trial we will honor this discount for 3
days beyond the trial, simply send us an email to with your trial start date.




Matt Brown is the founder and head trader at He has
successfully trained thousands of traders all around the world on how to make
a living trading the online futures markets.
Like many he once too was caught in the Corporate America rat race. He
started out in engineering and climbed the corporate ladder into a few executive
leadership positions among some of the most respected Fortune 500 companies such as Allied Signal,
Worthington Industries, and Emerson Electric only to find himself unfulfilled and dissatisfied.
It was about this time, a personal tragedy happened in his life and he knew it was time for a change.
He found trading and a desire to learn how to make a living in the stock market. He started channeling
all his technical background, passion and commitment into studying the markets with a heavy focus
in technical analysis and trader psychology.
Now fast forward the hands of time and he comes with 20 years of experience in the financial
marketplace and has spent the last 8+ years educating, training and mentoring individuals, on the
technical aspects of futures trading. is the simplified charting output that comes from these 8+ years of full-time,
intensive research, testing, development, and real-time battleground trading With the culmination
outlay of over $87,000 and 10,000+ lines of programming code we have developed one terrific product.
Our bullet proof system comes complete with entries, exits and trailing stops and it is powerful enough
for the Seasoned Pro to trade up to 12 different Futures Markets, but easy enough that a Newbie can
install, learn and implement it in almost no time at all.




By Ryan Herron,
Joaquin Trading

My wife just loves thrift stores! I remember when she bought an $80 dress for $5 at a thrift store and
the tag was still on it! She was so happy with her purchase that I think she wore it 3 times that week.
The dress was beautiful and fit perfectly. However there is a darker side to this story
This magnificent dress was buried deep behind other clothes. She had to dig through a mountain of
absolute waste just to find it, but at the time, she didnt even know what she was looking for. Then out
of all the mess, a gem emerged. It was filthy and covered in dust. The dress required washing really
well but when all was said and done, it was a fantastic find.
I want you to take a math quiz for a moment. I want to see if you can figure out the next number in
this sequence 1.5300, 1.5500, 1.5400, 1.5600, 1.5500, 1.5700. Can you figure out the next number
in this sequence? Just think about it for a minute. Try to visualize it. What we are doing is looking for
a bargain.
I will come back to that number sequence in a minute but for now, lets just discuss bargains and
how they are suitable for buying or selling in the markets. How can you buy at a bargain? Would it be
possible to buy the EUR/USD below where it is currently trading? Absolutely! I am about to show you
how to combine a profitable trading strategy with bargain hunting and develop your own robust system.
Now lets think about that number sequence again. If you dont know the answer, maybe this graph will
help you out. Can you tell me what the next price in this sequence will be? 1.5300, 1.5500, 1.5400,
1.5600, 1.5500, 1.5700 The answer is 1.5600.



A trend in the market does not go up in one straight line. It moves up and then down and then up and
then down again. It ebbs and flows. Some liken it to the waves of the ocean. Many people get terrified
that if they buy an uptrend and it starts to fall, it will fall for all eternity. This fall in price, in the midst of
an uptrend, is often great places to buy.
many new traders and rings an old bell in the light bulbs of the veteran traders mind.
Lets take a look at our next chart to better explain this

Would you say that it would be a bargain to buy if the spot rate was currently trading at 1.5000 if I
could actually buy it as if price was trading at 1.4900, a full 100 pips below the market?
Of course it would, you crazy hoot!
So to break it down a bit further, we will dig into the nitty gritty of the trade. There are a couple of
things to remember
To do this with accuracy, make sure you have a defined trend that has formed, not just a breakout.
Keep your psychology in check because your own mind can hinder you in trading.
Back test what you are getting ready to learn.
***Back testing is the KEY to successful trading***
STEP 1 - Find a confirmed support area. If you have to guess where the support area is, you dont
have a support area. Confirmed support can be spotted a mile away.



Step 2. Find a breakout to the upside.

Step 3.Note how many pips are between the support and breakout area and buy a Nadex Binary
option Strike below that support area. and decide is the risk to reward is worth it. Below is a picture
of a Nadex Strike ladder.



Outcome #1 - Upon expiration of the option, price will be above or below the strike that you paid
$66 to purchase. If price expires above that area you bought, you will get your $66 back and also an
additional $34 of profit.
Outcome #2 - Price falls to close below the strike you purchased and you lose your $66 you paid for
the option. (this is not a good choice.)
Outcome #3 - Price falls to exactly where your strike is and you close your trade at a loss of $16
instead of $66. (This is a better choice.)
The simple fact is that if a trend has developed and you buy that breakout, the probabilities are that
until that trend is over and done with, your strike price will never be hit and your trade will profit.
During trends, they make a series of higher lows and higher highs. It is only after a low has been taken
out that the trend starts to consolidate and potentially reverse. Until then, you are good.
I mean just look at the Dow Jones average since 2009 and you will see what I am talking about.
Everyone and their brother has been calling the top for years only for price to rally the next day and
keep going. When a trend forms, it forms for a reason and does not stop easily. Sometimes that trend
can continue for years and years.



Remember, trends are relative to the chart you are looking at. You can even look at a trend on the
one minute chart. On smaller time frames, the strikes will be closer and the expirations will be sooner
but it all works the same.
To prove this point, have a look at one of my videos about getting in on a trend. Now I want you to
notice how far some of these trends move after they begin. What you will be watching is a one minute
chart and I will be talking about bull spreads.
Bull spreads are another type of option Nadex offers. They can often be a bit less risky than binary
options. These bull spreads also move more of a pip for pip type of thing than a binary does. Just
take a look. The main point of this video is showing you that buying the high or selling the low actually
works really well.
Click on the link below:
Does a 100% win rate on Nadex exist?
Here is a little kicker about Bull Spreads that is just fantastic! If you are a forex trader, you may want
to pay attention to this With a bull spread, you can buy a spot forex position and never have to
worry about price diving 400 pips against you. You can literally pay a 10 pip premium in certain cases
and if price dips below where your stop usually goes and then skyrockets from there, you will never
be stopped out.



Now back to the bargains and thrift stores. Buying at a price below the market seems like the best
thing since Daisy Duke kicked Roscoe in the rear at the Boars Nest. I hope you found this information
useful and if you ever want to find out more about trading a little different than everyone else, all you
have to do is visit my link below.

See how you can trade Nadex with nearly no risk in this VIDEO on Nadex Bull Spreads Here

Joaquin Trading offers several services that help new and experienced traders become better traders
through back testing, learning one style of trading and impleminting a rules based system. We offer

Twitter Signals (About 8-10 every day)

Indicators (They offer a win rate of 60-90%)
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Ryan works very hard to meet the needs of each client and will go far above that
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If you mention that you read about me in this book, I will let you in on a free live video feed of what
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Ryan Herron runs a little service called Joaquin Trading. He started his
trading career in the back of a van while traveling across the country.
He has been featured on numerous trading related sources such as The
Traders Podcast, Roku, Trading Pub, among others. He is just a down
home country boy from Tennessee who doesnt really care what others
are doing as long as his clients are becoming better traders. He has
his own style of southern charm mixed with the strictness of a school
principal and loves teaching others about the markets.



A Pristine Lesson on the

W-Bottom Pattern
By Greg Capra,
Pristine Trading

Since 1994, the Pristine Method has provided people just like you the stock trading education they
need to achieve success in the markets through every market condition. For over 20 years we have
successfully taught thousands of day traders, swing traders and investors.
Whether you are a novice starting out, or you are experienced in the markets, The Pristine Method
provides you with the comprehensive training you need for trading and investing with a path to success.
Our approach is based on our timeless technical analysis-based, price action-based, method that
you can apply to day trading, swing trading, and long-term investing, regardless of the instrument
you trade. What we teach is a proper method that you can use every day, year in and year out (not
indicators-based; we dont sell indicators that quickly become useless).
Thousands of traders and investors just like you have repeatedly voted Pristines education to be the
best. Trust your trading career and financial future with experienced trading professionals, effective
educators and a time-tested method to support you throughout your trading career and/or retirement.
The W-bottom pattern is a retest of a prior pivot low and reversal. Many traders understand this concept.
Few, however, really understand that there are many variables that can have a significant impact on
the success or failure of the pattern. In this lesson we are going to review the different ways or places a
W-bottom can form.
The W-bottom is a pattern which typically results in a move higher, but the location where the pattern
forms and/or what preceded it is a key piece of information that must be added. This information will
greatly increase the reliability of the setup.
At Pristine, we teach students multiple technical concepts for trading and investing. These concepts
individually are excellent tools; however, its the combination of these technical trading concepts in
an organized method that creates excellent, high-odds opportunities. Here are some of the ways we
teach using the W-bottom.

A W-bottom within a downtrend and no price support to the left of current prices
A W-bottom in a shorter time frame with the longer
having formed a Climactic Buy Setup (CBS)
A W-bottom after a strong momentum move higher
A W-bottom after Major Support (MS) has been broken



Keep in mind; all Pristine concepts are universal to all tradable instruments (Stocks, Futures, Forex,
etc.) and time frames. Of course, a basic understanding these topics is vitally important to successful
trading and investing, however, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to what instrument
or time frame you should trade. Its simply a choice.
Lets review each of the above bullet points with a chart example. In each example I have excluded
the price and time axis. The reason for this is the focus should be on the concept, not a specific time
frame or price.
A W-bottom within a downtrend and no price support to the left of current prices

The first point to understand is that a W-bottom creates new support. In the chart above buyers have
stepped up and stopped price from dropping further but there is no support to the left. As price moves
up a pivot low (sometimes called a swing low) is established. Momentum then slows. Price turns back
down and continues to fall as traders anticipate new lows. As the prior low is retested, there is always
the potential for a W-bottom to form. While new support has been created and the possibility of prices
moving to the upside has increased, the above scenario of the W-bottom is the least reliable because
there is no support to the left. In other words, there is no compelling reason for traders to believe the
prior downtrend is over.



A W-bottom in a shorter time frame with the longer having formed a Climactic Buy Setup (CBS)

In the above scenario, prices have been falling candle-after-candle like the proverbial falling knife
and are now at or near an area of Major Support (MS). With MS to the left we know that buyers are
going to show up and try to take control from the sellers. Its now time to drop down to a lower time
frame in anticipation of the W-bottom forming. Some of you may be thinking; why would I buy when
prices are in a downtrend, even if they are retesting a prior pivot low? The reason is that downtrends
or what we refer to as a Stage 4 in the life cycle of price action often bottoms and transition into a
sideways, Stage 1 (within the cycle) after reaching MS on a climactic drop. With this scenario, the
W-bottom setup is an excellent trading opportunity.



A W-bottom after a strong momentum move higher

In this scenario, price has moved up with strong momentum. When this happens, there is little to
no price support below. There is now, what we call, a Pristine Price Void (PPV) below. Without price
support to buy at on the pullback, there is no clear reference point to place a bid. Without price
support, the odds of a price wiggle or shake out before a continued move up is likely. In this scenario,
the W-bottom will be the setup to enter on. In the example shown price made a slightly higher low,
but it is not uncommon for the right side of the W to make a lower low than the first pivot low. If this
happens it is okay and often preferred because it can make for an even higher odds setup due to the
shock effect on the earlier buyers stops being taking out.
Pristine Tip: Price patterns are a reflection of other traders prior actions, beliefs and likely future actions.



A W-bottom when Major Support has been broken

When Major Support has been broken in an uptrend that uptrend has been violated. In other words, the
uptrend no longer exists. The series of higher highs and higher lows being broken, and price moving
under MS now suggests a move lower to the next level of price support. As we know, what is suggested
on the chart does not always happen (that is why the Pristine Method provides an objective approach
meant to keep you in the moment of now!). So, with price having moved under MS and the next level
of support lower, our initial thought is that price should fall to that lower support area. However, as
we continue to watch what is taking place, we notice a W-bottom forming. This suggests that price is
not going to move to that lower level. Rather, it is telling us that buyers have taken control, created
new support and are going to attempt a move to the old highs, and very possibly beyond those old
highs. The reason we should consider an area beyond those old highs is because a move below MS
in the time frame being viewed does not necessarily violate the uptrend in the higher time-frame. For
example, MS can be violated in the daily time-frame and the uptrend broken, but the weekly uptrend
still is intact. Under this scenario, price often will move to new highs within that trend.
As with all price patterns, the understanding of candlestick analysis from a Pristine point of view is
essential. The use of Bar-by-Bar analysis as well as the addition of other Pristine concepts will increase
the accuracy of your trading or investing decisions.



Here learn more about the Pristine Method, WATCH THIS WEBINAR HERE. Pristine hosts free
webinars Mondays and Thursdays at 4:15pm ET and would love to see you drop in.


I would also like to extend a special offer to you for taking the time to read this lesson. To see this
pattern, as well as others, traded LIVE in our interactive, online trading room simply email counselor@ with the subject line, Trading Pub Offer- 2 Weeks Free, and you will receive 2 weeks of
FREE access, to begin as soon as you would like!!


Greg Capra is President and CEO of Pristine Trading, a leading online
educational service for active, self-directed traders since 1994. He has
been a day and swing trader and won the Moneyshow Live Trading
Challenge six times in a row.
While the trading tools were crude in his early years of trading, Greg
noticed that certain patterns would continually repeat themselves on a
daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Greg identified these patterns and then dove into why these
candlestick patterns would form and how to best profit from them. He discovered how to understand
the human emotion contained within every candlestick formation; and soon, without the help of any
unnecessary trading indicators, the world-renowned Pristine Method was formed. For more than 20
years Greg has made it his mission to win in the markets and has helped thousands of individual
traders just like you achieve their goals of financial freedom and attain the lifestyle that comes with
that freedom.
Greg Capra and Pristine have been featured on CNBC, Barrons, Investors Business Daily, International
Business Times, MSN Money and other financial media. People all over the world have been taught
how to successfully use these winning concepts in their every day trading and investing careers.
After several years of teaching the foundation material that traders still learn today in Trading
the Pristine Method (TPM) Mr. Capra took the Pristine Method to a higher level and created
Advanced Technical Strategies (ATS). ATS elevates students to a more comprehensive and deeper
understanding of how to use the tools and tactics learned in TPM. He is co-editor of Pristines flagship
product, The Pristine Swing Trader., editor of Pristines Chart of the Week used by thousands of
self-directed traders, author of his DVD seminar series, developed the Pristine Advanced Trading
Lab. Greg has also authored Trading Tools and Tactics, Reading the Mind of the Market, and
co-authored, Tools and Tactics for the Master Day Trader.



My Powerful Trade Setups

By Jack Broz,
Broz on Bonds

My name is Jack Broz. I am a 19-year member of the Chicago Board of Trade, where I trade 30-year
bonds, 10-year notes, 5-year notes, and mini-Dow futures* from my desk on the trading floor. Along
with my daily trading activity, I also run a trading room that allows my clients to view my charts, hear
my take on trading conditions (as well as the trades I am taking and why), and be privy to information
(support area(s), market bias etc) that I get from sources around the trading floor.
The way we trade is likely unique to most of you reading this in that we dont use indicators.
When the bell rings at 2pm CT to close the bond market, I begin preparing for the next trading day.
My approach to trading is 95% technical; I spend an hour or so figuring out price levels that will likely
be support, resistance, and targets during the next trading session.
Upon arriving on the floor the next day (some days as early as 5:30 CT but usually closer to 6:30) I
review how the overnight (Globex) session responded to my levels. The vast majority of the time it
did (meaning my pivot was a low or highmy support held etc) so I know the market is behaving
correctly and can trade with confidence into the pit session.
TAKE A QUICK LOOK HERE at the CBOT trading floor from my booth on the exchange:
Most of my clients are scalpers day traders if you will but they run the gamut from cash traders
to spreaders to swing traders to hedgers. I strive to find 10-20 entries a day that well look to scalp
(take a quick profit on) the majority of the position, and trail a stop on the remainder. The most well
risk on a trade is $156.25/per contract.
While the work I did the previous afternoon (which I immediately print in my newsletter that I email to
my clients) is the foundation for the way well approach the trading day, what happens if the market
doesnt move enough to engage the newsletter price levels?
That is when we use the setups.
There are certain ways the markets ebb and flow - certain ways they tend to expand established
ranges, and certain ways they tend to pullback in established ranges.
Lets look a bit closer at the 10-year notes**. Below is a 5-minute bar chart of trade from the markets
re-open in Asia on April 23rd (the vertical green line) through the 4:00pm CT out (the last traded
price in the post-pit electronic session) on the 24th. The green areas all represent ebbs pullbacks
into the trading range that we look to provide trade entries. The height of the green area shows the
prices that trades can be initiated at.



Working left to right we see six opportunities:

#1 unable (not filled)
#2 winner
#3 winner
#4 unable
#5 loser
#6 winner
The chart below (also a 5 minute bar) shows the trade from the re-open on April 22nd (the green
vertical line) through the end of the post-pit Globex session on the 23rd. 4 applications of this setup
provided numerous trading opportunities. Lets consider a few points:
As a trader initiating the short in box #1, did you scratch the trade when it took so long to develop? Or
did you hold it for a profit? The 8 buying opportunities in boxes #2 and #3 - did you scalp profits there?
Did you scratch? Did you get long on each opportunity and hold the position to the 129.065 highs?
How about box #4? Did you scratch? Take the loss?



By studying the charts, youre seeing fairly wide areas for trade entryso how do you know which
price is the best one to use?

Looking again at this chart of April 23-24 price action, Box #5 the sell points to an entry, that, by
the time the market gets there, will be a pretty dramatic move off the lows. In most cases, strive to
give that type of price action room and cancel/reduce the resting orders placed near the bottom of
the range and make the upper part the range your primary entry.
Resting orders you ask? Yes.
Remember, 10YR notes are first-in-first filled so the sooner you identify the entry and place your
order(s), the better chance you have of being filled. Further, youre exploiting ebbs in the market; by
reading this piece and studying the charts you now know where typical pullbacks in the 10YR note
should stall.



In short, once the market has established a low, go back above it using these box heights as a template,
and scale in sell orders. After a new high appears to be established, do the same with buy orders.
Another situation that should be respected when placing your orders in the entry area is the time of
day relative to significant economic releases. Below is a 1 minute bar chart of the 10YR notes into and
though the jobs report on April 3. Note that all sells placed in box #1 were run overlosers. However,
as trade returned to more normal price action, boxes 2 and 3 provided opportunities.

It is very risky to attempt to exploit these ebbs into FOMC meetings or the Nonfarm Payrolls report;
however, reports such as Philly Fed or Michigan Sentiment generally can be traded by using the
edges of the entry area furthest from the current market (the current bid/ask).
As we move into the conclusion of this piece some of you are ready to put this setup to use during
the next trading session while others arent.
Some of the latter are scratching their head and saying looks too easy. Space constraints are an
issue, but I will say this: finding entries IS easy. Furthermore, perhaps itll help you to know that this
is a technique that floor traders use. Remember, all they had was a stack of trading cards and a pen.
No computers, no monitors, no charts! They learned typical price action and this particular setup
still works in the electronic era we find ourselves in today.
It is my hope that by providing you with this valuable setup you and I will form a trading relationship.
Perhaps youll contact me to learn my other setups; perhaps youll want to add my nightly newsletter
or trading room to your trading toolbox. Maybe an online consultation to learn more about order
placement in this particular setup is all you need.



Start at by clicking discover more on the home page under the various
services. Also, I encourage you to go though Jacks Corner my blog - which will show you more
about how I view trading. Doing so will answer a lot of your questions and then contact me so we
can get to work on taking your trading to the next level.
There are no free trials at BrozOnBonds but there are discounts for serious traders and students.
For those of you who contact me and mention this eBook publication I will extend a 20% discount
to any of my services. In addition, I will do all I can to tailor a program that fits your needs and your
trading account (or education budget).

SEE THIS SHORT VIDEO that shows my trading booth at the Chicago Board of Trade and the set-up
I use to trade the markets.


Jack Broz was working in a California health club in the 1980s when he became
acquainted with an options trader. He noticed that his new friend got off early,
would work out and then go surfing. After finding out more details about the job
he began a new career as a market reporter at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
(CME). It was 1989 and the CME offered trading classes for all its employees.
In 1996, Jack Broz became a CBOT member and began his own trading career
in the U.S. Bond pit and later the DOW pit. In 2001, Jack Broz founded and
published the Marlin Letter; a web site that gave trading advice through the
eyes of a futures trader. In late 2010 the Marlin Letter closed, but Jack then
established Trade Bond Futures, born on the idea that honest trading advice
should not have to be affordable to just the wealthiest traders. Today, Jack can
still be found at his trading desk on the floor of the CBOT sharing his insights
and feel to his clients spread across the globe.



Tell Me - Show Me Powerful Trade Setups

By Mark Sachs,
Rightline Trading

Part of my undergraduate and graduate training taught me that what may appear to be true and
effective, when based solely on anecdotal evidence may wind up totally breaking down when rigorous
scientific mathematical modeling is applied. In this regard, the rules governing a trading entry must be
thoroughly tested before being applied, to determine its sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive
value. If we decide that market direction is determined by a multivariable equation, that when optimized
will yield results with an acceptable predictive value, it is incumbent upon us to elucidate the nature
of each of these independent variables.
As we examine each candidate variable we determine if perturbing its value changes the predictive
value of our equation. If it does not, this variable is discarded as being irrelevant. If it does, then we
must determine its optimum value. For example, lets say we decide that taking a trade directly off
of support or resistance is a relevant independent trading variable. We then test this hypothesis by
taking trading entries that originate directly off of a moving average for instance, and compare them
with similar trading entries taken far off of support or resistance.
Our conclusion, based on the comparative analysis of the predictive value of these two types of
trading entries validates the importance of incorporating this parameter in a trading methodology.
Unfortunately, our work is not yet completed. We must now determine how far off support or resistance
we may venture before the predictive value of a trading entry begins to deteriorate. The ongoing
analysis of each and every independent variable, as they are uncovered, must be subjected to similar
mathematical modeling.


Lets look at a concrete example of how accepting anecdotal dogma as being true can lead us astray
and negatively impact our trading performance. Oscillators, whether they be stochastic, relative
strength, or Williams %R were created with the intention of defining overbought and oversold market
scenarios. They do so, by comparing the period price high to its close in a long trade and the period
price low to its close in a short trade. It is accepted as fact that taking a long trade in an overbought
market as defined by an oscillator increase risk and decreases the positive predictive value of a
trading entry.



But if we look at the example depicted above, the best time to take a trading entry long is when
stochastic is overbought. It tells you that bulls are firmly in control and the market has great upside
potential. So given this apparent paradox, just what are we to make of the oscillator as a signal we
incorporate into our trading methodology.
In order to answer this question we looked the predictive value of a trading entry when it utilized data
provided by the stochastic line and compared it with the predictive value of a trading entry when data
provided by the oscillator was ignored. The conclusion arrived at, after rigorous testing, was that
oscillator data as an indicator for predicting market direction is useless. Overbought and oversold
market conditions do exist, but oscillators do not define them. We have subsequently, eliminated the
oscillator as a valid independent variable that goes into our trading equation.
Lets look at another example. Fibonacci numbers: these were first defined by Fibonacci about 800
years ago. They are unique sequence of numbers that in nature describe the shape of a leaf, the
pattern of a pinecone and the scale of a pineapple. Unlike numbers like Pie or Planks Constant they
do not describe the shape of geometric objects or the interaction of particles on a macro or subatomic
level. Fibonacci Transformations are unique mathematical curiosities that have no practical application
in trading.
At some point in time, an unknown person or entity decided that market retracements and extensions
could be predicted by the use of Fibonacci numbers:



Over time, the use of Fibonacci Tools to enhance trading have become very popular: Fibonacci has
developed a small group of ardent followers. Nonetheless, no one has even conducted a valid scientific
study to look at the validity of this method.
We evaluated the predictive value of Fibonacci extensions and retracements with a look-back period of
one year. Our optimization algorithm utilized one year of market replay data. The dependent variables
consisted of a 50-period SMA, a 15-period EMA and a pivot indicator with a look back of 30 candles.
What we found was this: the addition of Fibonacci to the already present dependent variables did
nothing to enhance the predictive value of our trading entries. Ergo, we do not include Fibonacci in
our trading methodology.
WHAT DOES WORK (Powerful Trade Set-Ups)
Consolidation Breakout:
Price action (market movement) can be defined in one of three ways: 1) it can move in a defined
trend, either up or down. 2) It can move in chop a period in which there is no definable trend or 3) it
can move with a flat trend, oftentimes known as a channel. This is a period where the power of bulls
equals the power of bears. The channel may last for many bars but eventually price will break out of
the channel. At some point bulls may overwhelm bears and price will break out of consolidation to the
upside, or bears may overwhelm bulls and price will break to the downside.
Market structure can predict with a high degree of accuracy which direction price will move when it
breaks out of consolidation. Understanding the consolidation pattern, being able to recognize it on



a trading chart and then knowing which parameters determine the direction price will take when it
breaks out of a channel, can provide you with many successful trades.
Lets look at some examples:

Above, we see a market that is in a clear-cut downtrend. The 50 and 15 period moving averages,
which serve to define trend are both red and sloping down. The black box highlights a period of
time when price moves sideways, i.e. moves in consolidation mode. As price moves in a channel
towards resistance, posed by the 15-period moving average it will do one of two things: break out
of consolidation to the upside, or break out of consolidation to the downside. We already know that
overall, bears are in control of this market, thats why its in a downtrend. Thus, at the termination of
consolidation, which commonly occurs when the channel strikes support or resistance, the market
has a high probability of breaking to the downside. Your entry candle is marked by the down pointing
blue arrow. This is a high probability winning set-up and one that recurs each day on every market,
multiple times.
Quantitative Analysis of Multiple Correlative Markets
A given market such the E-mini S&P moves in a direction that correlates with the direction of multiple
other markets. What is key, is to determine the correlation coefficient of differing markets. The higher



the number, the more often this market moves in the same direction (or the opposite direction) as our
target market: in this case the E-mini S&P. In the case of an indicator that synthesizes all this data,
the markets with a higher correlation coefficients must be given the greatest weight and the markets
with a lowest correlation coefficients must be given the least weight. Lets look at an example:

In the above example price breaks the 50-period moving average and heads down. It then retraces
back to resistance, posed by the 15-period moving average. Price continuation to the downside is
confirmed by the Quantitative Analysis Indicator, which shows red on both its upper and lower lines.



1. Do not trade with rules, indicators or methodology that have not been confirmed to be valid
via the use of rigorous scientific testing. Some of the most widely accepted trading strategies
do not work and will only serve to impede your ability to become a successful day trader.
2. Consolidation is a common price-action phenomenon. Its serves as the lynchpin of a very
low risk, high profit trading strategy. Price will almost always break out of consolidation in
the direction of the trend, once price hits support or resistance: trade the breakout candle.
3. An indicator that provides you with the quantitative analysis of multiple correlative
markets gives you a huge edge: it pushes up markedly the positive predictive value
of your trading entry. Correlating the direction of multiple markets is a relatively new
science that you should leverage to your advantage.

Click HERE to View a Comprehensive Webinar

Right Line Trading presets you in one package an array of indicators all uniquely optimized and
scientifically validated to provide you with trading entries that have the greatest probability of success.
Our indicators analyze data from multiple time frames (fractal analysis). We rely heavily of the multi-time
frame analysis of market structure and price action. Our latest addition includes the RLTQuantAnalysis
Indicator. All upgrades and add-ons are always give out to our members free of charge.
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Mark Sachs is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a former
professor at Jefferson College, Philadelphia. He has been involved in the financial
markets for over 20 years. Right Line Trading Software is the product of over
a decade of price action, market structure and indicator algorithm analysis and
optimization. The software is one of the fastest growing trading systems on
Ninja Trader.



Learning How to Trade Where the

Market is NOT Moving
By Sean Jantz,
Binary Trade Group

Binary Trade Group specializes in high-probability trading strategies using Nadex Binary Options.
Having traded traditional options for years, I discovered a simple strategy for trading In-the-Money
options that offered me a high probability of winning my trades. The problem was that it would take
me weeks or months to cash in my profits. When I discovered Nadex, I soon realized that I could reap
the same rewards in hours or minutes.
Nadex is the North American Derivatives Exchange. It is a simple trading platform that allows you
to trade Indices futures, commodities futures and Forex pairs with limited and managed risk. With
Nadex, you are making an informed decision about the direction of a market, relative to a strike price
within a defined time period of your choosing. Every contract traded on Nadex is valued at $100, and
your maximum risk per trade is some fraction of $100. As long as the trade is active, you cannot get
At the Binary Trade Group, we have a different way of looking at the markets. Instead of trying to
guess where the market is likely to move, our focus is to identify where the market is not likely to go,
and trade from a position of safety. It all starts with the Battle Plan.

The Daily Battle Plan



Every night, I post my battle plan for the following trading day. Using Multiple Time Frames (Daily, 4
Hour and 15 minute charts), I review where the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 has been, and where
we believe the market is likely to go. Using Volume Spread Analysis, we plot Value Are High (VAH)
and Value Are Low (VAL) areas are so you can see where the order volume is for the market. We
also plot Points of Control (POCs) for the past several days so you can see where the markets have
been. The markets I primarily cover are the Russell 2000 and S&P 500, but I also have charts set up
for Gold and Crude Oil.
If you already use Think or Swim as a trading platform, I share my workspace every day, so all of my
indicators are clearly plotted for you on your charts. If you dont have Think or Swim, you can download
it for free. We provide easy-to-use instructions on how to load Seans workspace on your charts.
I also produce a Daily YouTube which discusses what Im seeing in the markets, especially with the
Russell 2000 and the S&P 500 my 2 favorite markets. To view a typical YouTube Battle Plan, click

Identifying Opportunities and Setups

Each trading day, we review to see how the Battle Plan is playing out. When we identify a setup it is
called out in the trade room. In the example above, one of our favorite trades, the lunch time Caret
Trade is in play. All of the indicators on this chart are pointing toward a reversal in the S&P 500.
The Market is bouncing off resistance, volume is declining, oscillators are lining up overbought, and
a reversal candle is developing.



Interactive Facebook Group and Chats

On our private Facebook Group, we share the economic news affecting the markets, along with trading
discussions and results. Some of our veteran traders actually post their trades and results for the day.
Members share screenshots and analyze both good and bad trades.
In our Chat Rooms, trades are called live and analyzed as they happen, along with questions and



In the Trade Chat room, live trades and setups are called. In the General Chat room, members share
their opinions about potential setups and ask questions. The chat rooms get quite busy, especially
when key trading strategies are in play.

Daily Training Sessions

Almost every day at 5:00 EST, we host a daily conference call which recaps how the markets moved,
and what trades were taken. The Daily Training session is also open to questions and answers from

When you put it all together, the Binary Trade Group gives you all of the tools to identify where the
market is likely to move and how to trade from a position of relative safety. You get:

The Daily Battle Plan Video

Seans Thinkorswim Workspace that can be shared on your desktop

Live interaction with a community of like-minded traders looking at the same setups

You will learn about high probability strategies that repeat themselves almost daily

Trades are called live on Indices, commodities and Forex pairs

Screenshots are routinely shared when setups are in play

Daily Training Sessions are often held after the markets close

WATCH SEAN JANTZS PRESENTATION - How to Profit by Knowing Where Prices Are NOT Going to
Go Using the NADEX Platform. Sean Jantz talks about Nadex, and covers how to exploit value areas
in the charts to make high probability trades based on areas where the market is not likely to move.


Binary Trade Group is all about traders helping traders. Trading alongside others and learning from
profitable NADEX traders dramatically speeds up the learning curve. BTG aims to keep NADEX simple
but effective. Take a FREE sneak peak at BTG!Click here for an overview of Binary Tade Groups Services
Request to be added to Binary Trade Groups Education Center: Request Here




Sean Jantz, the Founder of Binary Trade Group, is a fairly new, successful trader
who saw the need for more simplification in the marketplace for ordinary people
trying to bust through into the markets. Seans journey to profitability was filled
with courses, books and videos that sounded great, but nothing seemed to make
sense, or he just didnt understand how to apply the teachings. Now, he has a
knack for simplifying charts and terminology by using layman terms and using
real world analogies so newer traders can keep up. He likes to say, If you cant
explain it to a 3rd grader, then you cant explain it.


Trading Fibonacci with Options

By Jack Gleason,
Major League Trading

My background in trading started with a stock account over 8 years ago during the financial crisis
of 2008. Having early success picking bottoms which didnt seem so hard when stocks like $SNDK
$MNST $CROZ were over 70% off their highs. In the blogosphere at the time I came across a man
who had successfully turned $2,000 into $100,000 in 6 months trading monthly options (at the time
there was no such thing as weekly options).
My general thought process at the time was if he could do it why cant I. Thus I began the most difficult
journey of my life on how to turn a small amount of money into a large amount of cash.
At the time I had little disposable income to spend on a chat room, but after suffering consistent losses
I decided that maybe Id actually save some money in the markets if I paid to study under someone
who does this professionally for a living. This is when my trading results began to change, and thanks
to this mentorship, I discovered a very successful setup that I still use today to get the large winners
needed to out outweigh the losers.
My personal theory of trading is that your winners must far exceed your losers to create massive
success. That is risking 1 to make 5. If you study some of the most successful traders of our time such
as George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones you can see they trade with the same mind set.

Losers average losers. PTJ

While not all option trades are going to be 500% winners, one
larger winner can offset multiple losers, and by having this one
set up in the back of your mind you can look for opportunity to
clear massive gains.
This pattern is referred to by some as the ABCD set up, where
each letter represents the pivot point of leg in any move. The first thing to look for in an ABCD bull
set up is a large move into a new high. This is called the AB leg where A represents the start of the
leg and B represents the end of the leg.
Once you see the AB leg, your next move is to anticipate a pullback into C. This is called the BC
leg as it starts at pivot B (the high at the time) and pulls back to a low which then becomes pivot C.
The C leg is anticipated to bottom at or near the 50-61% retracement of the AB wave. This level is
marked with a blue square.



This blue square is my entry zone where I would buy calls with strikes near the previous high at B
pivot in this case.

I would like to give a few examples of trades I have taken and alerted this year based on this set up.
Each one of these trades went for 500% or greater. As well as a written explanation in what I saw in
the trade at the time of entry that made me pull the trigger.



$FB had an AB wave from 02/09 through 03/05 then pulled back 50% into C pivot on 3/10 first touch.
This was also when the market was selling off. After watching accumulation and support I jumped
on 82 strike calls anticipating new highs. The CD wave that followed resulted in an options gain of
over 600% Also there was a news story surrounding this trade which always helps because it drives
activity from multiple time frame traders and institutions. It doesnt matter what the news is just that
it brings attention and buyers to complete the CD leg.



When looking for larger moves it is always important to have some type of catalyst that is pushing
the stock in the direction you want it to go or a binary event that could do the same such as earnings.
In this case the catalyst was $NFLX earnings. In each call spread I entered I made sure to have at
least a risk 1 to make 3.5 making my reward more that 3 or 4 times my risk. The two separate trades
were from two separate entries the first 480-520 spread was taken when $NFLX traded a ABCD with
a pivot at the start of the gap and C pivot at the 50% retracement of 01/21- 02/26 The 2nd trade
was an add when $NFLX traded 50% back from the pre-earnings levels on 01/20 A pivot to the post
earning high on 02/26 Which is B pivot the BC pullback leg landed it around 420 which is where I took
my entry into the 550-560 call spread.

Its not whether youre right or wrong thats important, but

how much you make when youre right and how much you
lose when youre wrong. George Soros



Now $TSLA this is a more recent trade which once again had news catalyst that launched the stock
into the completion of the CD wave. As $TSLA had originally gapped up 04/06 this became my A pivot
as it was the start of a leg higher. B pivot was created on 04/13 at which point i set my alerts at the
50% back from the AB wave anticipating the buy zone. First test of the buy zone I bought weekly calls
above a new high. Now this was a risky trade but $TSLA is known to make crazy moves especially
on a new batch of news. I then added 207.50 calls once I had confirmation with a break of a two day
high in the name, and the first intraday pullback. BOOM the next day $TSLA comes out with news
and both my calls gain over 500% in a day leaving me with massive profits.

So Why Does This Work?

First everyone needs to learn to pick their spots as a trader. You have the chasers, the bottom pickers,
and top callers. Most of which Im sure all of you have come to the realization is a failed strategy.
ABCD is a set up that puts the odds in your favor and a set up that can be pre-meditated instead of
jumping at the lastest news article, you are patiently anticipating pullbacks and selling into the news
that completes your CD target.



My biggest trade came from a sweet CD leg completion wave in $AAPL. My position was $50,000 at
the open and I ended up closing the entire trade for a nice $200,000 gain.0,000 risk once again 5-1
CLICK HERE to see a short video of this trade in action:

Though the ABCD set up is one of our mainstays, it is only one of several strategies that we use to
trade the markets live every day.
And to this point, I would like you to have a 7-day free trial of our Silver Membership package that
will give you immediate access to the following features:
Entry to the MLT Virtual Trading Floor
Access to our entire Video Library to accelerate your learning
Tutorials on how to choose a Stock and Options Broker
How-To guides on how to use the Trading Platform
Start Your Free 7-Day Trial, simply CLICK HERE


Jack is a 25 year old day trader from Chicago and Partner at Delta-Pact
LLC, a proprietary trading firm based in Chicago. Jack got his start in the
markets at age 15. He has worked for Tom Sosnoff, the Founder of TOS with
his own segment on the Tastytrade Financial network called Get Trading @
22. Jack has also traded for a private family office before starting his current
prop fund. He specializes in technical analysis and is the co-moderator
of the MLT Training Camp. You can view his January 2014 interview with
Active Trader Magazine here.



ading the Emini S&P 500 (ES)

and Light Sweet Crude Oil (CL)
Live Trade Room
By Carlos Diaz,

The purpose of this chapter is to walk you through the various aspects involved in trading the Emini
S&P500 stock exchange and Light Sweet Crude Oil with me in my new trading room.
Over the past 20+ years Ive learned from some of the top hedge fund managers in the world. It has
been a very long and expensive journey. Over this time I have refined my skills and techniques to the
point where Im supremely confident in my ability to pull consistent monthly profits from the markets.
Heres the good news . . .
As a member of you will experience this first hand. You will be cutting out the
learning curve I went through in order to reap the benefits of my experience immediately.
Ive made trading the Emini S&P 500 and Crude Oil as simple as possible. Everything you need to
know is laid out in this document. Once you have been through it and have the correct platform installed
on your laptop, you simply need to login every day and watch over my shoulder as I trade. You can
do it from anywhere in the world that takes your fancy (as long as they have an internet connection).
Since you will may be watching me trade live with a live account, the focus will be on placing trades
and NOT on teaching. There wont be enough time for me to explain my calls in detail. There will be
times when I explain certain things but in general the main focus is for you to copy what I do or to
act on my recommendations. You will see my charts on your screen in real time and you will see me
place trades so this is actually very easy to do.
Do not worry about becoming dependent on this service. If, at a later stage, you decide you are happy
with the results and wish to learn the methodology behind the trade calls I will happily teach it in a
separate 1 on 1 coaching session (an extra cost will apply). However, for now Ive created this trading
room in order to make your trading as easy and profitable as possible.



The Basics of Trading the Emini S&P 500 (ES) and Light Sweet Crude Oil (CL)
For the purposes of this chapter, Im going to assume you know the basics of trading. However, you
may not have traded the Emini before so in this section I will explain what it is and why I trade it. It
isnt a prerequisite to fully understand all aspects of the Emini stock exchange. In fact, for most people
these details are irrelevant. I mean, you use electricity without knowing the inner workings. All that
really matters is that that it does work. You can easily approach my trading room in the same way.
Just login, trade as directed, log out.
What are the Emini S&P 500 and Crude Oil?
The S&P 500 Eminis are a stock index, however they are not traded on the stock market. The S&P
500 is a Futures contract. This means that you will be buying and selling futures contracts when you
trade with me. Oil is also a futures contract. Technically a futures contract is an agreement between a
buyer and seller to deliver a commodity by a certain day. Of course, when you buy a futures contract
you arent actually looking to take delivery of the commodity, you are simply buying to take advantage
of a price fluctuation that might work in your favor.
Using trading platforms like Ninja Trader and MT4 You can buy and sell any futures contract any time
you like, without an obligation to hold onto it. The great thing is that the S&P 500 and Crude Oil are
cash markets. Nothing really gets delivered. You are simply placing trades based on whether you
believe price will move up or down. When you enter a trade you either win or lose. Its only traded as
a futures contract for speculative purposes.

Why I trade the Emini & Oil

I trade the Emini and Oil for 3 reasons:
1. Liquidity This market is very liquid, meaning that theres a lot of movement on
a daily basis. This allows me to get into and out of trades quickly. There is a lot of
action here compared to trading normal stocks.
2. Predictability The techniques and strategies I have refined over the years work
perfectly in this environment.
3. Timezone Im based in the USA and my Emini and Oil strategies work well during
the USA session. In fact some days weve hit the target by 10:00am EST and its
time to hit the beach!



Equipment & broker advice for the Emini & Oil

Ninja Trader - I use NinjaTrader platform for trading the Emini S&P 500 and Oil. You can download it
at (a demo account is free but costs apply when you go live). Everything you need
to know about it is on their website so I wont go into detail here. The important thing to note is that
when you are watching my charts in the trading room you will be looking at the NinjaTrader platform.
If you want to follow me exactly then this is the way to go.
NinjaTrader Brokerage The easiest and quickest option to get up and running with Futures trading
is to use NinjaTrader as your broker also. They have a great support and can walk you through getting
set up. The important thing is to make sure you have data for Oil which is NYMEX and for the Emini
which is CME E-mini.
MT4 As far as Im aware, you can trade the Emini S&P 500 and Crude Oil with MT4, however your
numbers will vary from what I am trading on screen. Varengold brokerage offer this option so contact
them if you would like more information.

Ticks, Points and Targets

The Emini S&P 500 and Crude Oil moves in Ticks & Points. When you are watching my chart you will
be seeing it tick up and down.
On the Emini each tick is worth $12.50 per contract. Four Ticks make a complete point, therefore one
point is worth $50.00 per contract. You can trade as many contracts as you like providing you have
the funds to do so.
Inside my trading room we are aiming to generate 2 points of profit per day from the Emini. Some
days it may be more, some days less and some days we will take a loss, but overall we are looking
to achieve a quick and stress free 2 points per session.
Oil is different. Each tick is worth $10 per contract. We are looking to gain at least 10 ticks per trade.
You can use as many contracts as you like as long as you have the capital.
In order to start trading Futures contracts live you will normally need a minimum deposit of $10,000.
Your broker will tell you how much margin is required.
The amount of contracts you use per trade will depend on your own risk appetite. I personally trade
1 contract per $10,000 deposit. Think of margin as like a kind of deposit that protects your broker if
your trades dont work out. It is returned to you once you close out the trade.



How to Trade the E-mini S&P and Crude Oil with Me

Once you have downloaded and connected data to your Ninja Trader you are ready for simulated
trading. If you wish to trade live then you will need to go a step further and fund a broker account and
connect that too. Once you have done all that you are ready for action in the trading room. In this
section I will walk you through the absolute basics of the technical side of trading with us.
The trade room opens at around 08:30 am EST every weekday but I recommend you be ready at
08:00am EST because I will (and often do) open the room early if a set up is there. Before the trade
room is open you should follow these 4 steps:

Open Ninja Trader

Select File New Chart
A window will open up. Double click ES for Emini or CL for Oil and select OK.
A chart will open up and switch to the 3 or 5 minute chart (or whichever timeframe
I am using).

Once you are all setup and ready to go, the first thing I like to do is determine where the key areas of
support and resistance are in the E-mini S&P and Crude Oil markets. This is where understanding
price action is critical and something I cover in my live trading room every day.
At a high level, the process is quite simple and does not require any indicators or complicated chart
setups to understand and is explained in detail in the movie below:

Looking from right to left, look for major areas or support and resistance and connect
these areas with simple trend lines.

This will create what I call Pivot Steps and may significantly help in establishing
areas where you might want to trade a breakout (if prices move through an area of
support or resistance) or fade the market (if prices bounce off these levels)

I consider Pivot Steps to be dynamic trend lines and the best setups appear when
the Pivot Step is at a 45 degree angle.

In these cases, I enter the market using a profit target of 10 ticks ($100) in Crude Oil
and 8 ticks ($100) in the E-mini S&P 500.

My stop loss should be placed at the nearest key area of support (if I am going long)
or resistance (If I am going short).

Once I see that my trade is clearly moving in my direction, then I move my stop loss
to breakeven plus 1 tick to cover commissions and be in a free trade, if the market
should suddenly turn against me.



In summary, this process is critical to my consistency as a trader, and one of the key fundamentals I
cover in my trading room on a daily basis. This process helps me establish the maximum potential
for price movement in the markets I trade, and has proven to be a reliable forecaster of potential
price action.

Learn more on how to trade price action and forecast price movements.

Access a 2 day futures trading event hosted by Carlos and the team.


Carlos Diaz is a recognized trading expert with over 20 years

experience in forecasting market trends.
When he is not captaining our daily trading missions he spends his time
managing funds, providing accurate market forecasts and mentoring.



High Probability Nadex and

Forex Strategies
By Krystal Comber,

If you are new to trading Binary Options or Forex, then SlickTrade is the place for you. Our mission
is to teach people how to trade successfully and give our members the opportunity to profit online
with Nadex Binary Options and Spreads, Forex and our affiliate program. We have developed a
trading community that gives us the opportunity to personally interact with our members throughout
the trading day.
SlickTrade started by providing training for offshore Binary Options brokers. We quickly realized that
while success was possible, many people were getting burned by unregulated brokers. Much like a
casino, they were trading against the house, and the odds were stacked against them. Some were
never able to recoup the money they deposited. There had to be a better way to trade.
Then we discovered Nadex, and everything changed. First, Nadex is regulated in the United States by
the CFTC. Your funds are held in a segregated bank account, and its easy to deposit and withdraw
funds. Unlike offshore Binary Options brokers, Nadex offers a wider variety of expirations and more
attractive strike prices. Best of all, you can exit trades and take profit early a feature that is not
offered in many offshore binary options brokers.
We also offer education and training on the IG Group and Forex. Every day we look for Forex trading
setups based on our trading methodology, and send out Twitter alerts when a setup meets our trading
At SlickTrade, most of our strategies are based on trading Forex pairs. We do make trade calls on
the major indices and commodities, but our primary emphasis is trading the currency pairs.

Video Tutorials
At SlickTrade, we provide detailed video tutorials are uploaded regularly, explaining how to take
trades using different trading platforms, how to use each strategy, the most important indicators, the
best times to trade, and more. Videos are also created by request from members on questions they
have related to trading.



Winning Nadex and Forex Strategies

Trading with solid winning strategies is a key to being a truly successful online trader. We provide
strategies that have an 89-94% win rate for members. These strategies work on Nadex, IG, Binary
Options and Forex trading platforms. Each strategy has been thoroughly back-tested for months. You
will learn the rules for each strategy and can follow trades daily when setups appear. Some of these
strategies include:
Trading the Germany 30 (DAX) Index
Afternoon Delight GBP/USD Trading Strategy
Sausage & Sushi EUR/JPY evening Asian Session Trade
You will get detailed instructions on the trading rules for each of our strategies, when to take the trade,
and also when to avoid taking the trade.

TOS Workspace Setups & Indicators

Your Thinkorswim charts are ready to go with workspace setups and indicators already in place and
created for you. **Note There have been a few cases where a couple indicators did not come
through, but we have a friendly support team to help you set it up correctly, along with video tutorials.
The screenshot above shows Krystals workspace, which she shares with her members.



Nadex and Forex Live Trading Room

The live trading room gives you solid indications of what the trading experts are looking at, how our
minds work and what is analyzed when looking at the charts. View our FAQs to see Live Trading times.

Private Member Chat

The interactive member chat is used for members to interact with one another, post trade ideas they
are seeing, ask questions related to trading and more.
Live support is always a plus, in any service or product line. Our friendly support team is here to help
you succeed. Members can submit support tickets or email us questions related to trading.

SlickTrade Trading Journal

One of the best ways to become successful at trading is to keep an accurate journal of all of your
trades. Yet many traders dont keep a journal of their trades, or say that they keep a journal when they
actually dont do it. At SlickTrade, weve made keeping a journal easy for you. SlickTrade members
have access to an Excel or Open Office spreadsheet that easily tracks their trading performance on
a daily, weekly and monthly basis



Twitter Signals
Real-Time Twitter Signals are provided to our members when setups occur.



The SlickTrade Sapphire Membership Online Trading Academy is a monthly service now available for
only $97 per month. It provides you with unlimited access to all the tools, training videos, support to
get yourself well on your way to being successful in online trading. We update our content regularly,
to make sure youre constantly getting up-to-date and relevant strategies. The Sapphire Membership
also includes the Live Trading portion.



You also get access to the SlickTrade Trading Journal. Its very important for traders to track their daily
results. Doing this daily will help you develop strong core values for constant success in the markets.
The SlickTrade Trading Journal tracks and calculates:
Your wins vs. losses (daily, monthly and yearly)
The time you spend trading each day
Back-testing strategy based on currency, week and day results
The daily and weekly win average of your trading strategies
The currencies you are trading
The Sapphire Membership includes live trading for Nadex and Forex.


Krystal Comber CEO of SlickTrade Online Trading Academy Krystal had a vision
to create a community of online traders and affiliate marketers, where everyone
involved could make an income.
With years of extensive knowledge in both, the combination of the two seemed
to make for one amazing opportunity for growth. Krystal spent months perfecting
her strategies and creating the foundation of SlickTrade. Her ambition to create a business where
individuals could make an income in the trading industry whether new or experienced or through the
affiliate program with $0 to invest, has created an entirely new way to create financial freedom.



How to Profit by Trading Against

the Crowd
By Sam Goldberg,

Why do so many traders fail? Because they dont realize that the market is designed to take out or
stop out the average, individual trader. If 90% of individual active traders are losing, then 10% of
traders are winning. To gain an edge in Futures trading, you need to learn how to trade inversely to
the average individual trader. And thats exactly what we teach at Futures Trading
Futures Trading is a trading education company built on my 24 years of successfully
trading the markets. We dont just teach what the market is doing, but we teach how and why the
market is doing what it is doing. The key markets we follow are:
/ES: S&P 500 Futures
/CL: Crude Oil Futures
/TF: Russell 2000 Futures
/GC: Gold Futures
/ZN: 10 Year Bonds
We give you a solid foundation for trading each of these markets without fancy indicators or special
charting platforms. As long as you have charts, all you need to do is follow along with us. And its very
easy to get started.



The Futures Trading Call Room

We call trades daily in both the S&P EMINI (ES) contract and Russell 2000 (TF) in our Futures Trading
Call Room. This is 100% FREE and you will get five days of access to see how we trade and our
live calls in the market. You will watch Richard Mazur use our trading methodology as he trades the
markets live. The call room is open from 9am noon EST. As you watch Richard, you will see him
call a live play-by-play on the markets. He will be looking for set ups, placing trades, setting his stops
and managing the trade. This includes setting profit targets as well. There is no credit card required
to join the trial. You may upgrade your account anytime either during or after the trial if you like what
you see and want to continue access.
Daily trades in the call room are also recapped, and results are recorded. To take a look at a typical
trading recap, click here.
After or during the 5-day trial period, you will have the option to continue following Richards daily
trades by subscribing to the Call Room. After watching him trade during the trial period, you will have
a very good handle on what Richard is doing, along with his win/loss rate.
For serious traders who want to know the methodology behind the trades, we offer a Full Mentoring
Program, taught by Sam Goldberg.



Full Mentoring Program

Our full mentoring package is our most robust and complete offering. This is where you can learn the
full trading methodology. This room is moderated and taught by the method creator, Sam Goldberg.
Mr. Goldberg has been trading the futures markets and training students for 20+ years and enjoys
teaching and mentoring as much as he likes trading. The goal is simple: To try to make each and
every trader the best he or she can be.
The live market, group-mentoring room is open from 8:30 AM EST in the United States until 12:00 PM
EST and the primary markets traded are oil (CL) and the S&P EMINI (ES) markets. Once you learn the
methodology, it can be applied to any futures market instrument that you wish or like to trade. Crude oil
and EMINI are the most popular and most requested so this is what we trade in the mentoring room.
In addition to the DNA mentoring room there will also be personal one-on-one training in which Mr.
Goldberg will teach and review each of the setups along with the methodology as a whole. REMEMBER
--- A methodology is not just a setup or entry to the market. A proper methodology will show you not
only when to get in and under what circumstances, but also when NOT to be in. It will help you learn
and understand the markets as to WHY things are happening. It should also explain to you how to
take profits and how to manage risk and contract position sizing. Finally, a great methodology should
provide you with a mentor that is there for you as you need him and that will be willing to help you in
any way possible to achieve the success you desire. FUTURES TRADING COACH is your one stop
shop and what you have been looking for!

What is the DNA of Trading?

The DNA of trading is the blueprint of the market. It is the key to identifying specific events in the
market that allow knowledgeable traders to profit on a consistent basis.
Understanding the DNA, the building blocks of the market, gives traders the ability to see what the
forces that move the market are routinely doing every trading day and capitalize on those forces.
90% of all traders fail because they all have been programmed to trade based on misinformation.
Proper knowledge and understanding of how the markets work, the DNA, is the only way we know to
become one of the 10% that profit consistently. It also takes more than just an understanding of how
the markets work; it takes the right mindset, the right perspective, and the right habits of success
to cross that line from struggling to winning trader. It takes patience, perseverance, discipline, and
commitment. It takes the REAL Psychology of Trading and it is tied very closely to having a proven
methodology to trade.



What to Expect from Futures Trading

When you sign up for the 5-Day Free Trial of The Futures Trading Call Room, you will
see Sam Goldbergs trading methodology being traded live in the markets. You can watch
Richard Mazur call trades when setups occur, and you can watch him manage the trade.
You can opt to subscribe to the Call Room and watch Richard trade the /ES every
morning from 9am-12noon.
If you want to learn the how and the why behind the trading methodology, then you can
subscribe to Sam Goldberg and the DNA room. You will receive extensive one-on-one
mentoring with Sam and will watch him trade in the DNA room.
This program is dedicated to trading success, and you can always contact Sam if you
are a subscriber to the DNA room.
Depending on how serious you are as a student of futures trading, heres what you
should be able to expect:
o 1st month: You will learn the concepts behind Sam Goldbergs
methodology and may start practicing in simulator mode.
o 6th month: You should be able to demonstrate that you are
comfortable trading the methodology in a live account.
o 12th month: You should be able to recite the trading methodology
back to Sam.

To take a look at a live call recorded in the /ES. This is a power play setup: Click here.


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Sam Goldberg founded Futures Trading Coach in order to work with and mentor
students. Mr. Goldbergs mantra is to make each person who wants to learn
the best trader he/she can be.Futures Trading Coach was put together with
the idea that trading should be fun, stress free and 100% objective in order
to give anyone the best chance for success. Mr. Goldberg has been trading
the futures markets for 20+ years and has privately and personally trained
hundreds of students in the futures arena.
While the Futures Trading Coach methodology works on any liquid futures market, Mr. Goldbergs
contract of choice is Crude Oil, which is the market he personally and primarily trades. He has chosen
this mission of futures training as he feels there is a great of lack of information about how the markets
really work and wants the average everyday retail trader to have the best chance for success in what
many know and believe is one of the toughest industries to succeed in.
Mr. Goldberg is available for questions about all service offerings. Please go to for more information.