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Dunwoody Police Department

Serving with Distinction

2010 Strategic Plan

Core Values
A Message from the Chief Professionalism
The Dunwoody Police Department began operations on April 1, 2009. In our first
nine months of operation, the department has worked hard to address the needs,
issues, and concerns of the community as well as establish various partnerships
within the community. The dedicated men and women of the Dunwoody Police Courage

Department have exceeded all expectations. In addition, the citizens of Dunwoody

Mission Statement
have been overwhelmingly supportive of the Department’s efforts.
The mission of the Dunwoody Police
The Dunwoody Police Department is not content to relax after our first year of Department is to work in partnership
with the residents and businesses of
successes. Instead, we are determined to challenge ourselves as we move forward.
Dunwoody to provide a safe and
The successes of our first year are merely a snapshot of our future efforts.
secure environment through the
delivery of fair and impartial police
The 2010 Strategic Plan of the Dunwoody Police Department is not a document that
services, proactive problem solving,
will simply sit on a shelf or occupy space on our website. It is a vital tool that we and increased community
will use to measure our performance and progress throughout the year. Our partnerships. The Dunwoody Police
strategic plan is a living document that guides our daily activities and provides clear Department will operate in a
direction to every member of the Department. It is a guide and a commitment that transparent manner maintaining the
highest level of integrity while
working together, we can make a difference in Dunwoody.
working to improve the quality of life
for all those who live, work and play
in Dunwoody.
Goal #1
Reduce Crime and the Fear of Crime
2009 Part One Crime
Measurement 1.1 Stats Measurement 1.3

Reduce the level of property crime in the Reduce the level of Theft by Shoplifting
City of Dunwoody, as measured by the FBI crimes in the City of Dunwoody, as
Annual Part One Crime Index, by 5% measured by the FBI Annual Part One
compared to the index from 2009. Crime Index, by 10% compared to the
index from 2009. 2009 Part One Crime Stats
Action Plans
Action Plans 0 Murder

Community Outreach will publish the 5 Rape

On The Beat newsletter quarterly with Develop and implement the
crime prevention tips and disseminate S.M.A.R.T (Strategic Management 56 Robbery
it through the Neighborhood Watch Against Retail Theft) program to
program and various other sources. increase prosecutions and 140 Assault

Detectives will increase their property awareness of the problem of

186 Burglary
crime arrests by 5%. shoplifting amongst retailers.
Develop and host a loss prevention 1,015 Larceny
Develop a system to target excessive
call locations with a strategic analysis class for local retailers at least
85 Motor Vehicle Theft
and plan to reduce the calls for three times this year to educate
service. them about the detection of
shoplifters and the legal
requirements to prosecute. 1,487 TOTAL
Measurement 1.2
Partner with the National
Reduce the level of Theft from Auto Association for Shoplifting
crimes in the City of Dunwoody, as Prevention (N.A.S.P.) and Follow Dunwoody Police at:
measured by the FBI Annual Part One Dunwoody Municipal Court
Crime Index, by 10% compared to the Prosecutors to require all subjects
index from 2009. arrested for Shoplifting to
complete a mandatory Shoplifter’s
Action Plans Alternative home study course, at
their expense, which is designed to\dunwoodypolice

Patrol Officers will increase the reduce shoplifter recidivism and to

number of arrests for property crimes help prevent their future
by 5%. penetration into the criminal
justice system.
Patrol Officers will increase their
patrols in areas experiencing high Measurement 1.4
incidents of Theft from Auto.
Reduce the level of calls for service by
Increase foot patrols and bicycle
adopting a False Alarm ordinance.
patrols in areas experiencing high
incidents of Theft from Autos.
Action Plans
Develop a crime prevention flyer
about Theft from Auto’s and Draft a False Alarm ordinance.
distribute that flyer quarterly to local
office buildings, the mall, and other Present options to City Council for
retailers whose locations are prime outsourcing the false alarm
management process.
targets for this offense.
Solicit RFP’s for false alarm
Dunwoody Police
Police Explorer Program

Law Enforcement Explorer posts help

youth gain insight into a variety of
programs that offer hands-on career
activities. For young men and women
who are interested in careers in the
field of law enforcement, Exploring
Goal #2 offers experiential learning with lots
of fun-filled, hands-on activities that
promote the growth and development
Enhance Community and Police Partnerships of adolescent youth.

Measurement 2.1 Measurement 2.3 On July 2, 2009, the DPD Police

Explorer Post #702 was organized
Increase community member participation Develop at least one safety awareness thanks to the generous support of the
in police programs by 10%. class for women. Rotary Club of Dunwoody, Wal-Mart
and Target stores.
Action Plans Action Plans
The Dunwoody Police Department
Develop a Citizen Police Academy and Host 2 safety awareness classes at now has nine Police Explorers.
hold 3 classes in 2010 with enrollment the Dunwoody Police Department.
of at least 20 citizens for each class. Neighborhood Watch
Hold 2 safety awareness classes in
Add 2 new members to the Police the community. The Neighborhood Watch program is
Explorers program. one of the oldest and best-known
crime prevention concepts in North
Increase participation in the Ride-Along America.
program by 10% through increased
publicity of the program. Solicit a The Dunwoody Police Department has
media representative to Ride-Along and partnered with over 58
do a story about it. neighborhoods and areas across
Dunwoody and has provided our own
Solicit volunteers to input archived data unique Neighborhood Watch sign for
into the new records management these areas to help deter crime.
Develop 2 additional measures where
volunteers can assist the Department.
Dunwoody Police Ride-Along Program
Measurement 2.2
Q: What is a Ride-Along program?
Develop at least one program for teenagers. A Ride-Along program gives citizens a unique opportunity to learn about the daily
challenges and risks that officers face while protecting the community. Citizens receive
Action Plans an “insider’s” view of how police officers serve the citizens of Dunwoody. In addition,
citizens are able to interact with a uniformed police officer to ask questions, discuss
Purchase a franchise of Collision issues, and voice concerns. All of this is accomplished while the citizen rides along in a
Avoidance Training (CAT) - an advanced police car accompanying an officer on a shift.
defensive driving and car control
program. Quote from a ride-along participant:

Provide at least 2 classes for teenagers. “I had a great time learning about the new department and meeting some of your
officers. The officers I came in contact with were extremely professional and
Explore the possibility of conducting a
treated me as one of their own.”
Fatal Vision seminar at Dunwoody High
School. ~ Andy Benfield
The Dunwoody Police Department
is committed to the professional
development of all members of the
Dunwoody Police Team. The most
valuable resource we have is our

It is important for all front line

personnel to receive the technical
Goal #3 skills training they need to perform
their jobs in the exceptional
manner which is expected.
Continue Professional Development of
In addition, it is also important for
Department and Staff supervisory personnel to receive
training in supervisory and
Measurement 3.1 Measurement 3.3 leadership skills which will equip
them to lead the Department.
Increase and improve the training of
Begin certification process for the
personnel. Sample 2009 Training Classes
Dunwoody Police Department through
the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Action Plans Records Software Training
Police. Develop and implement an FTO Taser Training
program for new officers and Dale Carnegie Training
Action Plans detectives. Officer Survival

Contact GACP to obtain information Develop and implement a 40 Firearms Training

about State Certification. hour In-Service training program. Homicide Investigations

Assign at least 1 employee to Constitutional Law Training

Review Dunwoody Police standard
operating procedures for attend Dale Carnegie training. Georgia Command College
compliance with State Certification. Gang Investigators Training
At least 5 Officers will achieve
their Intermediate Certification. Advanced Report Writing
Complete internal audit for
FBI Law Enforcement Executive
compliance with State Certification At least 3 Officers will achieve Development Seminar
guidelines. their Advanced Certification.
Apply for State Certification and pay

Measurement 3.2

Maintain a “100% Within Policy” for Use

of Force Incidents.
Training Requirements
Action Plans
Q: How many hours of training are required by the Peace
Conduct Use of Force training Officer’s Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) of Georgia?
yearly. At a minimum, P.O.S.T. requires 20 hours of training per year. Any police officer in the
State of Georgia who does not obtain at least 20 hours of approved training will lose his
Discuss the proper use of force or her certification. This is a minimum requirement and certainly not a recommended
during roll call at least once a total.
As a professional police department, we will provide our officers with training
Conduct a thorough review of all opportunities based on our needs, our staffing requirements and our budget.
Use of Force incidents.
Traffic Safety
Since the Dunwoody Police
Department began operations on
April 1, 2009, the number one
complaint received has been
related to traffic. These complaints
can be categorized broadly into
congestion, speeding, stop sign
violations and various other

The Dunwoody Police Department

Goal #4 has taken these complaints
seriously. Whenever we receive a
Improve Traffic Safety complaint, we assign an officer or
officers to handle the issue
Measurement 4.1 Measurement 4.3
Additionally, we deploy our speed
Reduce the number of injury accidents Conduct at least four safety detection trailer, in conjunction
with enforcement, in areas where
by 5%. checkpoints in 2010.
speed is a concern. The results of
the speed trailer are posted on our
Action Plans Action Plans website.

Conduct an analysis of accident Examine relevant data to

data and determine the top ten determine location of checkpoints.
locations for accidents with
Schedule and execute a safety Sample of Citations
checkpoint approximately once a Written
Target the top ten locations for quarter.
1,776 Speeding Citations
accidents with injuries with
appropriate traffic enforcement 85 Speeding Citations for going
measures. 34+ mph over the speed limit
192 Seat Belt Violations
Measurement 4.2 451 Following Too Close
Examine the adoption of the Data
Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic
Safety program by the Georgia
Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Safety Checkpoint
Action Plans Q: What is a safety checkpoint?
Safety checkpoints are conducted to make the roads safer for the general public.
Contact the GOHS for more
The courts have upheld the constitutionality of safety checkpoints with certain
information on DDACTS. restrictions.
Explore the costs associated with
this program. In October 2009, the Dunwoody Police Department conducted our first safety
checkpoint. Here are the results:
Examine the personnel costs of the
program. 2 Arrests for DUI

Examine the technical 3 Arrests for Suspended Driver’s License

considerations. 42 Arrests for Unlicensed Driver

Prepare a report for consideration 63 Total Citations Issued

of program.
Technology at Work
The use of technology in law
enforcement has excelled rapidly in the
last several years.

The Dunwoody Police Department uses

the latest technology to deliver quality
service to the citizens of Dunwoody.

Goal #5 2009 Technology in Use

Electronic Control Devices
Use Technology to Become More Efficient Mobile field reporting

and Effective Records management software

In-car digital video recordings of
traffic stops
Measurement 5.1 Measurement 5.3
Webpage for Police Department

Explore options for E-911 services for Research License Plate Reader (LPR) Use of Twitter and Facebook to
disseminate information
the Dunwoody Police Department. cameras for use in Dunwoody.
Surveillance video of the Police
Action Plans Action Plans Department and City Hall offices

Establish projected revenues for Contact other departments who Ability to run vehicle tags and
individuals from uniform patrol cars
911 services. are using LPR cameras
successfully. Latest technology in firearms
Outline pros and cons for various
911 options. Speak to various vendors and Police-to-police technology which
enables data sharing between police
establish cost of product and
Hire consultant to evaluate best agencies
expected uses.
option. Latest police digital radio technology
Prepare report and
Present recommendation to City Dissemination of AED units
Council. (Automated External Defibrillator)
inside Department and City Hall as
well as in each patrol car through
Measurement 5.2 Hearts of Dunwoody program

Complete Records Management

System (RMS) transition.

Action Plans
Technology Today
Q: How has the use of technology changed the recruitment
Complete the implementation of
the records management system. of police officers?
In years past, the technology in use by most police departments was limited. As a
Complete the implementation of
result, police departments did not require skills such as data entry or software
electronic tickets and the interface
knowledge to become a police officer.
with the new court software.
Complete the implementation of Today, standards have changed. Police Officers are now highly skilled in the use of
the online access to police reports computers and possess exceptional data entry capabilities. In addition, they are
much more adaptable to changing technology than police officers in the past.
module for citizens.
Complete the Online Report All of the employees within the Dunwoody Police Department possess great
module for citizens. foundations in using the latest technology and are always eager to learn and adapt
to new programs if it will benefit the Department and the community.
Closing Comments
This document is not meant to be a
comprehensive list of everything
the Dunwoody Police Department
plans to accomplish in 2010.
Instead, it will be used as a road
map to guide us through the year.

Dunwoody Police Department Employees

Lieutenant David Barnes Evidence Tech KC Kramer
Officer Robert Barrett Officer Patrick Krieg
Sergeant Mario Beneito Officer Dale Laskowski
Detective Robert Bentivegna Officer Jason Lewis
Officer Alan Brooks Officer Jesus Maldonado
PSR Rhonda Brown PSR Beverly Morrison
Sergeant Mike Carlson Officer Tony Nagel
Detective Curtis Clifton Officer Robert Parsons
PSR Rochelle Coleman Officer Kenneth Peck
Sergeant Gary Cortellino Officer Minh Pham
Sergeant Jason Dove Officer Alvin Rodriguez
Officer Eric Drum Deputy Chief David Sides
Officer Robert Ehlbeck PSR Robyn Smith
Officer Fidel Espinoza Officer Frank Sommo Jr
Lieutenant Oliver Fladrich Executive Assistant Liz Stell
Sergeant Andrew Fondas Officer Mark Stevens
Officer Rusty Furman Officer JB Tate
Detective Kelly Gobely Detective Andrew Thompson
Officer Ronny Gomes-Delima Officer Joseph Tomalka
Chief Billy Grogan Officer Tim Waldron
Officer Lee Hasseltine CST Sybil Warner
Lieutenant William Hegwood Sergeant Jason Witcher
Officer Richard Heintz Officer William Yeargin
Officer Chris Irwin Officer Timothy Fecht
Dunwoody Police Department
41 Perimeter Center East, Ste: 100
Dunwoody, Georgia 30346