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Zameer Sura
Masters in Computer Science, Fall 2010

As a child I had always been fascinated with watching my uncle work on his blue screen monitor
my not knowing what it was he did. It was when I was formally introduced to computers in school did I
understand what the blue screen was and I knew that the ‘Computer’ would be an integral part of my
future. The joy I used to get watching the computer draw simple figures on execution of my first lines of
code in DOS. The ever growing popularity and functionality of computers around me cemented my
interests in wanting to know every aspect of what the possibilities with the computer were. It was no
surprise to my parents when I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in computer engineering at
the University of Mumbai. My undergraduate study sated my inquisitiveness about how the computer
functions to an extent by introduction to the different hardware involved the architecture of the
computer and the plethora of computer languages. The Internet with its mysterious ways revealed itself.
I was amazed by its complexity of the protocols that form its each architectural layer, increasing my
desire to know more.

My undergraduate study in the disciplines of computing and information technology has

exposed me to a stimulating academic environment where learning and practical applications go hand-
in-hand. The broad spectrum of courses in the fields of systems security, computer networks,
distributed computing, object oriented analysis and design, database management have instilled in me a
solid foundation in computers and a well-honed sense of design to put creative ideas to practice. My
strong inclination and sound fundamentals in the area helped me grasp these concepts and I would
usually end up being the center of my study group, though I now constantly regret having not
performed as well as esteemed professors believed I could in examinations. For my satisfaction was
limited to the knowledge and understanding of concepts and never found it necessary to deliver them
on paper.

My thirst for knowledge drove me to participate in various technical Competitions that included
design competitions, technical paper presentations, robotics among many others. I presented papers on
topics such as Genetic Algorithm, participated in manual and autonomous robotic competitions that
helped me implement the theoretical concepts into practice. I excelled and gained recognition from
University faculty at such competitions. My research for a paper on Image processing helped me in
developing a software called ‘Steganography’, which involved securing information by hiding it into
images and the information could then be retrieved by simply loading the image in the software and
typing the password. Another project that I worked on involved a fully functional "two pass assembler"
to convert mnemonic operation codes to their machine language codes.

My final year project, Retail Automation System, was a kiosk that can be installed in any retail
outlet. The project required a user friendly GUI for customers as well as management. For the bill
payment mechanism we were required to interface a currency validating machine. This project helped
me in acquiring a great deal of knowledge on hardware interfacing, distributed computing and database
concepts. Another independent project I did was developing an accounting software for a small
company. This was not a challenging project but I used it as an excuse to learn a completely new
programming language, thus temporarily satisfying my ever growing desire to learn new things from
everything I do.
Zameer Sura
Masters in Computer Science, Fall 2010

I am currently working at Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. as a software engineer. When I joint
Accenture in August 2008 I was part of a team working on internal projects, workload was less so I used
my spare time learning everything I could about Microsoft excel macros and vba using which I designed
some very useful macros that reduced efforts by 90% and saved days of arduous work for which I
received recognition from our senior management. Later in June 2009 I got the opportunity to work on a
project for British Telecom in the city of Pune. In the project I am working as an automation tester.
Working in my current project has helped me understand the practical limitation of the various software
development models. How the various applications integrate to provide a business on the whole has
been a valuable learning experience on designing expandable architectures. My job dictates that I
closely interact with the designers, developer as well as the business; this perspective has given me
advantageous understanding to technical and managerial problems faced in the real-world of the
software industry.

Working in Pune away from home has also given me the experience of living with others,
outside my comfort zone. Living away from family is something I had not experienced earlier and having
experienced it now gives me the confidence to survive in any situation. It has been a truly enriching
experience to be working in a renowned P-CMM Level 5 Company such as Accenture but I believe I can
take my learning curve to the next level by pursuing a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

The vast applications and tremendous scope of research in the field of Computer Science has
always fascinated me and I have discovered that the area of Software Engineering has captured my
interest. My experiences have crystallized in me a strong desire to specialize in the above field. The most
evident reason to pursue a graduate degree is the experience of research that one gains during graduate
study which is indispensable for the transformation from an enthusiastic beginner to an active
researcher in computer science. The independence to work, interdisciplinary research and opportunity
to interact with potential students across the globe in an unmatched intellectual atmosphere is an
added incentive.

I do understand the high level of commitment that your program demands, and I hereby attest
to the same and will make every effort to excel in every aspect while at your esteemed university. I do
hope that you will give me a chance to be a part of your collaborative student community.

I thank you for this opportunity given to me to express myself.