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Narrative model:

Narrative model refers to tell all about the problems and the solutions the company has faced
their working years. Through narrative model the company can easily know that the acts are
offending their customers and what they need to do. Narrative model tell everything about the
company and its working. The company can use it to introduce their new product and to improve
the demand of their product.

Narrative model in Dominos

Domino's has reported that its makeover strategy has paid off. In an advertising blitz conducted
in January and February 2010, Domino's executives admitted that the company's pizza taste
quality was not up to snuff, and used that "narrative" as a way to introduce the public to its new
and improved product offering. According to Domino's, same-store sales have increased a
whopping 14.3% in the first quarter of 2010 over the same period in 2009.
This story underscores the effect that a compelling narrative can have on sales. When a business
finds a new and interesting way to connect with its customers, the results can be remarkable.
That being said, only a quality product or service will keep them coming back.
In the case of Domino's, the long term effect of its marketing campaign remains to be
seen. Customers were obviously convinced to give Domino's another try through the unusual but
memorable ads.
Through narrative model dominos approach they were able to gasp their customers towards their
product and their sale increase which proves profitable for them.

Graphical Model
Graphical model tells about the different functioning of the specific country which is using it.
They describe different sectors in the shape of graphs and diagrams. Graphical models includes
graphs, diagrams and tables etc.

Graphical model in Dominos

Dominos uses the graphical model to keep an eye on their sale, no of customers, profit etc. with
the help of graphs Dominos tries to increase its productivity. They keep in view different
components while doing graphical explanation.

Real model component

Virtual model component
Static model component
Dynamic model component
Model static structure
Model dynamic structure
Simple static structure
Sub model
Static model
Simple dynamic structure
Dynamic object
Sub dynamic structure
Base dynamic object
Spatial movement
Temporal movement
Logical movement

These are the different components which Dominos seek while preparing the graphical model.
Through this all activities of Dominos are graphed under experts supervision.

Mathematical Model
Mathematical model defines the value of each piece and the cost of everything which is used for
making the product. We can easily calculate the values of goods by putting the formula

Mathematical model in Dominos

Dominos pizza is delicious. The companys success is proof that people enjoy their pies. The
company is also tech savvy: you can order online, and they even have a pizza tracker so you can
keep tabs on your delivery! The website is great. But one thing its not is transparent. Domino's
does not tell you how much the component pieces cost; they only tell you an item's final price
after you build it. In this lesson, students use linear equations to find the base price (y-intercept)

and cost per additional topping (slope). Lets find out how much Dominos is really charging for
pizza. Primary Objectives
Understand the ideas of slope and y-intercept within the context of Dominos pizza
Write and graph a linear equation given two points on the line
Understand what it means for a function to be linear (constant rate of change) Content
Standards (CCSS) Mathematical Practices (CCMP) Materials Grade 8 EE.5, F.3, F.4, F.5
MP.2, MP.4
Student handout
LCD projector
Computer speakers
Consider a standard pizza box containing a standard circular pizza. How much more would you
be willing to pay for a square pizza that filled the box?
Clearly the square pizza contains more pizza: but is it worth the extra A$2
that Dominos Pizza is asking? Dominos has, for a limited time only
(presumably before too many people examine the mathematics), resumed
the offer of a surcharge of A$2 on any pizza to obtain a box full Square
Puff option a square rather than the traditional circle. Squaring the circle
Take a square with side length s. The area of this square is simply s2. The largest circle that can
fit inside has radius s/2. It therefore has area () s2.

Then suppose the price of a circular (standard) pizza is x. We can compare the pizzas value
(with value meaning pizza area per dollar: the cheaper or bigger the pizza, the higher the
The value of a square pizza is s2/(x+2)
The value of a circular pizza is s2/(4x).
A little algebra shows that the standard pizza is better value provided its price is less than
2/(4) = 7.3195. Therefore, to the nearest 5 cents, you are better off buying the standard pizza
whenever it costs A $7.30 or less.
At first glance this appears counterintuitive: why would there be less value when the pizza cost,
say A $5, than if the pizza cost A$9? The answer is that the extra money being paid, namely A$2,
is a greater percentage of A$5 than it is of A$9.
Note that we did not need to know the size of the pizza box: when comparing the value the side
length s vanished. This shows that the problem is independent of the length of the box.
Incidentally, this shows (for free!) that we neednt concern ourselves with crust.

Physical model
Physical model represents the fact to show your working physically. By showing your working
physically the company can easily attract their customers towards their product.

Physical model in Dominos

Dominos have established their own farms where all the special cares are taken. They take care
of their farms. All the health saftie are taken with the farms.