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SAP BW/BI Consultant Resume PA

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Objective To serve an organization which offers scope for self­improvement and enhancement of knowledge to
strive for betterment of the organization which provides me opportunities to reach and exhibit best of my abilities to
grow with the job and to enlarge my sphere of activity.
2+Years of SAP BW/BI experience, which includes Data­Modelling, Data Extraction, Data Loading,
Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting and Performance Tuning.
Extensively worked on designing/creating InfoObjects, InfoSources, Transfer structures, Communication
structures, Standard and Custom InfoCubes, Data Store Object (DSO).
Having precise expertise in understanding the R/3 and ECC 6.0 System and considerable experience in
SAP BW/BI, documenting, design and Analysis of reports Using BExAnalyser.
Performed LO Cockpit extraction, Knowledgeable in LIS, Generic and CO­PA extraction.
Expertise in Report Generation. Worked extensively on BEx Analyzer in building Queries using Filters,
Variables, Structures, Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Conditions, Exceptions and created
aggregates for frequently used queries.
Knowledge On WEB Reporting, Reporting Agent, Open Hub Concept.
Experience in Data loading, Monitoring and Scheduling using Process Chain.
Having ability to communicate effectively at all levels of Application Development phases in the Company.
An excellent team player as well as an individual contributor with good communication and interpersonal
Quick learner and stronger desire to master in new Technologies.
SAP BI Expertise
Modeling: Info Objects, Info object Catalogs, Info cubes, DSO objects, Info Sets, MultiProviders, Application
Component, Info Sources, Data Sources, Update Rules, Transfer Rules, Communication Structure, Transfer
Structure, Info Packages, Info Package Groups, Process Chains, PSA, Transformations, Data Transfer Process
(DTP) etc.
Extractions: Used Business Content extensively, loaded statistical data using (BC) Technical Content. Extracted
data from ECC, classification system, through Web service and Flat File. LO Cockpit Extraction, Generic
Extraction, Flat file Extraction for Master data and Transactional data, and Activating Data structure, transporting
data sources, customizing and Enhancement of Extract.
Scheduling: Creation of Batch process and scheduling load jobs in parallel.Process Chain Maintenance.


SAP BW/BI Consultant Resume PA

Reporting: Expertise in Reporting with Business Explorer using BEx Analyzer, BEx Query Designer, Web

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Application Designer, Condition Reporting, Exception highlighting, developed Queries, queries using Filters, Free

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Characteristics, Calculated Key figures, and Restricted Key figures, Variables, Structures and RRI (Report to

Report Interface).

Academic Profile B.Tech

Skill Sets

ERP:SAP R/3 4.6C, ECC 6.0

Date Warehousing :SAP­BW 3.5, SAP BI 7.0

Languages:C, ABAP/4.

Operating Systems:Windows 95/98, NT, 2000.

Reporting Tool : BEx Explorer.


Client: Confidential, PA Duration: Jul '11 till date. Environment: SAP BI 7.0, ECC6.0Business Areas: SD,


Role: SAP BW/BI Consultant Description: Confidential is one of the premier electric utilities in the nation.

Confidential owns and operates 20 power plants with a generating capacity of 9,700 megawatts.


Worked Extensively on Data Warehouse Workbench and customized info objects, info cubes, DSOs, Data

Sources, DTPs, Transformations and multiproviders

Set up periodic Data loads from legacy system (flat files)

Involved in extracting the data from External Source system like Informatica.

Installing and creating BI objects like info objects, DSOs, Info cubes.

Creating and managing dataflow using DTP, transformations and info packages.

Data Source Enhancement according to customer requirement.

Designed and developed queries to generate reports inBEx Analyzer.

Worked extensively on query designer.

Extensively Worked on Lo Cockpit and performing necessary procedures like setting up of update Mode,

deleting set up tables, filling up of set up tables and loaded data from ECC to BI system.

Worked with SAP R/3 Logistics (LO) in loading Sales and Distribution data into BI.

Created ODS, Infocubes, Multi­providers and infosets and extracted SD data (Data sources Like

2LIS_11_VAHDR, 2LIS_11_VAITM, 2LIS_11_VASCL) of SAP R3 into SAP BW using LO Cockpit(LBWE)

extraction. Extensively worked for Sales Order Review.

Setup and monitored collective run jobs for SD module in LO Cockpit.

Monitored loads for SD module from R/3 source system.

Corrected delta load failure for SD module.

Schedules DTP for loading Transactional Data from PSA to Info Provider using process chains.

Extensively used Structures, cell definition, calculated key figures, restricted key figures, new selection,

new formula, exceptions and conditions.

Involved in frequent client meetings to discuss project status.

Client: Confidential Duration: Jun' 10 to Apr' 11 Environment: SAP BI 7.0, ECC 6.0Business Areas: SD,

MM. Role: SAP BI Technical Consultant Description :With worldwide revenues of $ 1.97 billion in 2010 and


SAP BW/BI Consultant Resume PA

about 12,000 employees (FTE), Confidential is a leading ICT service­provider in the world and the largest ICT

service­provider in the Benelux. As expert in workspace management services, connectivity, datacenters, and

consultancy, Confidential helps organizations and its employees to improve performance. To do this, Confidential

has a complete portfolio of integrated ICT services for the large enterprise market and works according to a Global

Service Delivery Model ensuring that services are provided for clients throughout the world that are of consistent



Developing flows from info­objects to Multiproviders.

Worked on Multiproviders, Info cubes, DSOs, transformations, DTPs in order to meet the end user reporting


Installing Business Content Info Cubes and DSOs and used BC Data sources.

Involved in deploying the mapping document, detecting the Field­to­Info Object mapping.

Working on Data Extraction from SAP R/3 using Generic, LO Extractions, Data Loading (Full/Delta Upload).

Creation of Generic Data Sources from table, view.

Created Process Chains to automate the loading process for master data and transactional data.

Worked on error stack DTP.

Created Aggregates and used Line item dimensions to increase the performance of the query.

Performance tuning by compressing the cubes and creating batch indexes.

Creating Structures for reusable purpose, creating Conditions & Exceptions analyze reports.

Created custom queries using Conditions, Exceptions, Variables, Structures, Restricted and Calculated

Key Figures and created aggregates for frequently used queries.

Client: Confidential Duration: Oct' 09 to Mar'10 Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 Business Areas: SD,


Role: SAP BW Consultant Description: Confidential is a Georgia­based Cisco company. This company

manufactures cable television, telecommunications, and broadband equipment. Scientific Atlanta also supplies

distribution technology to networks such as Bloomberg Television, CNN, ESPN and many others.


Extensively worked on LO Extraction Cockpit to extract Logistics data from Source System( R/3)

Worked with transactional Data Infosources to load data from SAP R/3 and Flat Files into SAP BW.

Involved in activating Business content for Standard infoCubes, InfoSource& Info Objects of sales and

Distribution as per the Client Requirements.

Created and Maintained Data Sources, Transfer Structures, Communication Structures, Transfer Rules and

Update Rules for Infosource, DSO objects and Info Cubes.

Created Info Packages and Info Package Groups and Scheduled them in order to Load Master Data and

Transactional data from SAP R/3 as well as Flat File Source Systems into BW.

Created Transfer rules, update rules using ABAP routines and Formula builder while creating Cubes and


Worked with PSA in Monitoring the Data Transfer from Source System into BW.

Involved in Performance Issues like Creation of aggregates, RollUp and Compressed the InfoCube to

improve the query response.

Involved in solving the tickets regarding extractions, Performance Issues and also load failures.

Monitoring of Infopackages and analyzing the reasons for frequent failures of Infopackages.

Maintaining Work History for all the tickets until it is closed down.


SAP BW/BI Consultant Resume PA

To inform the onsite people if there any deadlocks.

Resolved Customer reported tickets through email and phone.