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Royal Road, Campement Jhaboo
Grand Baie, 1305-02

List of Activities

Beauty Therapy
Responsible for providing professional facial beauty and body
treatments to
customers and also creating a calm environment where they
can relax. Carrying out
all procedures to a high standard and ensuring client
Providing guests with the highest standards of beauty care
and attention.
Using cutting edge technology to perform traditional
Meeting and greeting customers when they arrive.
Providing cutting edge treatments & excellent customer
care to clients.
Giving aftercare advice on treatments and skincare
Ensuring the beauty salon is run efficiently and effectively.
Selling beauty care products at every opportunity.
Marketing the beauty salon by actively organising
promotional activities.
Keeping the Beauty Salon to a high standard of hygiene,
cleanliness and tidiness.
Charging customers and taking payment from them.
Handling customer comments and complaints in a
professional manner.
Correctly accounting for all monies taken and beauty
products sold.
Ensuring that all equipment is in safe working order,
maintained and serviced.
Helping client's complete a medical questionnaire before
any treatments.
Promoting and selling beauty products.

Massage Therapy
Geriatric Massage
Geriatric massage involves treating the elderly, often in
resident-care facilities, and addressing their needs related to
aging, depression and illness. Geriatric massage is usually
shorter in duration, and involves the application of gentle
techniques to facilitate pain relief, relaxation, and an overall
feeling of wellness.


Lypossage combines several massage modalities for the

purpose of enhancing skin tone and firmness, and to combat
the effects of cellulite. Lypossage is often the preferred method
of treating cellulite, since it provides a noninvasive alternative
to expensive cosmetic surgery. Practitioners of lypossage
usually emphasize the importance of diet and exercise, as well.

Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder Technique)

Manual Lymph Drainage was developed in the 1930s by Danish
physical therapists, Emil and Estrid Vodder. The technique
consists of light, rhythmic strokes to aid lymph flow and proper
fluid circulation, and help stimulate the lymph vessels to
ultimately drain toxic fluids from the body.


Massotherapy involves working primarily with the muscles.

Practitioners of massotherapy have a background in science,
but often incorporate other modalities into their treatments
when working with the muscle groups. Benefits of
massotherapy include improved circulation and blood flow, as
well as pain management.

Medical Massage
Practitioners of medical massage have a strong background in
pathology, disease, illness and injury, and the contraindications
of specific massage techniques related to various medical
conditions. Medical massage therapists frequently work under
the direction of or at the request of physicians.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Myofascial release deals with the fascia, or connective tissue, of
the body. The fascia is interconnected to every other part of the
body, and actually helps to support the body's very structure,
including the musculoskeletal system. When injury,
inflammation, or physical or emotional trauma occurs, the
fascia can become tight and cause pain and/or restricted range
of motion. Myfascial release -- as its name suggests -- aims to
release the fascia and return it to a state of normalcy by
applying gentle pressure to the restricted areas. MFR can help
with a number of conditions, including chronic pain, headaches,
and stress-related illnesses.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

NMT is massage applied to specific muscles, often used to

increase blood flow, release knots of muscle tension, or release
pain/pressure on nerves. This therapy is also known as triggerpoint therapy in that concentrated finger pressure is applied
to "trigger points" to alleviate muscular pain.

Colonic Treatment and Cleaning

Offered at professional standards.

Music Instruction.
There shall be both instrumental and theory lessons offered by
the companys music professors.
These shall include individual and group classes conducted
during working hours.
ABRSM examinations can be organised yearly for the students
to help them have set goals in their musical progress.


With over 30 exciting teachers we have something for
everyone! From absolute beginners to advanced learners; from
4 years to adult in 1-to-1, paired or group lessons, there's a
class for you.
Teaching all the major boards, we hold exams from our own
premises, but if that's not for you then our dedicated progress
department will work with you and your tutor on a bespoke
program of study with your individual goals
Our lesson times don't conflict with academic school studies or
regular working hours.
We hold regular recitals and performances and have free
practice rooms for our students.

Tango Lessons and Therapy

Through performance, workshops, classes, and
therapy, we impart to others the skills needed to deepen ones
understanding of the body with its different expressions, ability
to heal, and power to build community. Our work draws on
personal histories, myth, ritual, literature, psychology, somatic
and movement science to transform the traditionally passive
audience into active participants of shared movement
celebration. Directed by Joseph Ngeso, a professional and
experienced movement analyst.

Students are required to take two wellness classes before they,

but there is no limit to the number of classes students can take.
A nominal fee is charged for courses.
Lessons for Lupus Alert Organization
Dancing is the perfect exercise for patients as they will get a
full-body workout, can lose excess weight, improve their muscle
tone and joint mobility, increase endurance and strengthen
their bones. It is now medically proven that dancing, especially
the tango helps in the improvement of mobility and joint pain,
as well as positive changes in depression, anxiety, fatigue and
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is one of the autoimmune
rheumatic diseases caused by a fault in the bodys immune
system that mainly affects women during their child bearing
years. Lupus can cause damage to various organs including the
kidneys, heart, lungs, skin and brain. Lupus also attack the
muscle, ligaments and joints and this can cause widespread
pain all over the body. Exercise can be a great tool for dealing
with Lupus symptoms. However, traditional exercises such as
Aerobics or weight lifting can be difficult while dealing with
swollen joints, pain and fatigue. Tango therapy is the term
applied to the therapeutic purposes of the dance and is
becoming a popular way of increasing the quality of life of
many patients suffering from rheumatic diseases. This therapy
which usually employs a combination of movements not only
can alleviate long-lasting chronic pain but also improve muscle
tone and increases flexibility.