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The LESSOR, , of legal age and with residence address at #6B Caroline Street Parkway
Village QC, hereby leases unto the LESSEE, CHARMAINE VERLY MENDOZA, of
legal age and with residence address Lot 6 Blk 23 San Benigno Street Metrocor B.
Homes, Talon V Las Pinas, City the premises known as Room 202, 845 M. F Jhocson
Stree t Sampaloc, Manila, under the following terms and conditions:
1) PERIOD OF LEASE This contract of lease shall be for a period of Six(6)
months commencing on Nov . 16, 2013 and expiring on May 15, 2014. It shall be
automatically renewed for another one (1) year every expiration date, unless
terminated by either party after serving a written notice thereof to the other party
at least one (1) month before the date of termination.
2) MONTHLY R E N T A L The monthly rental during the period of lease
shall be Five Thousand Pesos (P 5, 000.00), Philippine Currency, payable in
advance on or before the 16 th day of each calendar month. Allowing a grace
period of 5 days or additional 10% penalty charge will be implemented.
contract of lease the LESSEE shall pay to the LESSOR the amount of Fifteen
Thousand Pesos (P 15,000.00) Pesos, Philippine Currency, itemize as follow; One (1)
month advance rental (P 5,000.00) and Two (2) months deposit (P10,000.00). The
LESSEE shall likewise maintain with the LESSOR a deposit of P1,000.00 to answer
for any unpaid light and water account and P 300.00 for the keys. It is understood that
the aforesaid deposits shall be applied to the last 2 months, without interest upon the
expiration of this agreement provided the LESSEE has not caused any damages the
leased premises or portions thereof in which case, the same shall be applied against
such rental deposits. That in the event, the LESSEE shall for any reason, preterminate this contract, the aforesaid rental deposits shall be forfeited in favor of the
LESSOR without prejudice to the right of the latter to demand and collect from the
LESSEE any unpaid rentals and/ or damages.
4) USE OF THE PREMISES- As sleeping and study quarter only of the LESSEE,
whose names are listed on the attached list, and not for illegal or immoral purposes or
in any manner objectionable to the LESSOR. The LESSEE shall not allow any person
other than those listed in the attached list to use the premises; otherwise the LESSEE
shall pay an additional amount of P200.00 per person per day. Moreover, the LESSEE
shall not allow nor permit smoking of cigars and cigarettes, cooking of food with the
use of gas and oil, drinking of liquors, and shall not allow or permit pet animals to
stay in the premises and bring into the leased premises inflammable materials,

explosives or other articles which will increase the fire hazard and/or fire insurance of
the property. Moreover, the LESSEE shall not allow or permit the use of the balcony
and hallway as storage place or for hanging or drying of clothes, and further bind
himself/herself to use the leased premises within the structural limits of the load
capacity of its footings, column, beams, plumbing and electrical wirings.
5) MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS The LESSEE shall take care of the leased
premises as good father of the family, keeping the premises in a clean and sanitary
condition, free from objectionable and obnoxious odors. The LESSEE shall undertake
the following and bear the cost thereof: replacement of light bulbs, lost or broken
handles, pulls and door locks, broken hinges, lost keys, leaky faucets, clogged drains,
broken glass, torn screens: any minor repairs costing less than P6,000.00 per single
repair. The LESSEE shall allow the LESSOR or representatives access to the leased
premises for routine maintenance and inspection during reasonable times.
make any addition, alteration or improvement, whatever temporary or permanent ,
without the prior written consent of the LESSOR. In case of such authorized addition,
alteration or improvement, the same shall form part of the leased premises and
become the property of the LESSOR at the expiration or termination of this contract
of lease without any obligation of reimbursement of the cost or value thereof on the
part of the LESSOR, unless the LESSOR requires the LESSEE, at the Lessees
expense, to remove the same and restore the leased premises or the affected portion
thereof to their original condition as at the beginning of the lease.
The LESSEE may install or introduce movable improvement at his/her sole
discretion and expense such as but not limited to Venetian blinds, curtains, lighting,
and other fixtures which she may remove at the expiration and/ or termination of the
lease, provided, that no charge or injury is caused to the leased premises.
7) PROHIBITION AGAINST SUBLEASE - The LESSEE shall not , directly or
indirectly, sublease, assign or transfer the possession or otherwise convey the leased
premises or any portion thereof without the prior written consent of the LESSOR.
8 ) THIRD PARTY LIABILTY- The LESSEE shall hold the LESSOR free and
harmless from any damages, liability or responsibility to any person or property
arising out or as consequence of the use of the premises by the LESSEE or persons
listed on the attached list: when such damage or liability is caused by fortuitous
events or acts of God, such as typhoon, earthquake, flood, etc., which are beyond the
Lessees control, she shall not be liable to the LESSOR.
9) ABANDONEMENT- In case the leased premises is deserted or abandoned, the
LESSOR shall have the right to enter the same as agent of the LESSEE, either by
force or otherwise, without being liable and the option to relet the same as agent of
the LESSEE, to receive the rent and to apply the same as payment of rent and other
amounts due hereunder, holding the LESSEE liable for any deficiency. Absence or
abandonment shall not relieve the LESSEE from her obligation under this contract.

Absence from the leased premises for ten (10) days after one- month rental is due
shall be considered as abandonment and the LESSOR is hereby authorized by the
LESSEE to sell at public auction through a Notary Public whatever is found in the
premises to satisfy unpaid rentals and such other obligations of the LESSEE.
10) BREACH- of any of the conditions herein stipulated shall entitle the LESSOR to
rescind this contract and to eject the LESSEE if the LESSEE does not correct such
breach within ten (10) days from notice by the LESSOR. In the event of failure of the
LESSEE to pay the monthly rental in the amount and on the date agreed upon or in
case of breach of any of the conditions of this lease, the LESSOR can in addition to
the right of ejectment collect payment for damages to the leased premises, costs of
collection, expenses of litigation and attorneys fee. In case of court litigation, said
attorneys fee shall be a minimum of P25,000.00 , plus 25% of the total amount due
to the LESSOR.
discontinue with the lease, the deposit for damages and light and water shall be
forfeited in favor of the LESSOR. Morever, the LESSEE shall continue to be liable
to pay the accruing monthly rentals, unless the premises is sooner by another lessee
acceptable to the LESSOR.
12) ORAL AND VERBAL AGREEMENT- No oral and verbal agreement between
LESSOR and LESSEE shall alter the terms and conditions of this contract. All
amendment to the terms and conditions of this contract shall be mutually agreed
upon in writing by the LESSOR and LESSEE and duly notarized before taking effect.

IN WITNESS HEREOF, the parties have hereunto signed their names this ____ day
of _________, in Manila , Philippines.






______________________________ )

S. S.

BEFORE ME, a Notary PUBLIC for and in ________________ personally

appeared the following persons, to wit:


SSS # 33-0845455-9 date/place __________________;
CARD . ________________ # _________________date/place
Known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing CONTRACT OF
LEASE and they acknowledged to me that the same is true act and voluntary deed.
WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL on the date and at the place first above written.
Doc No.________;
Page No._______;
Book No. ______;
Series of 20_____;.


The LESSEE agrees to comply with the following rules & regulations of the Boarding
House and in case of violation thereof, to pay the LESSOR the corresponding penalty/
penalties provided for herein, to wit;
1) The LESSEE is enjoined or prohibited to make any alteration, modification or
improvement into the leased premises or any portion thereof without the express written
consent of the LESSOR, otherwise he/she shall be held liable for any damages caused
thereto, it being understood that any unauthorized modification, alteration or improvement
shall belong to the LESSOR without any obligation of its value to the LESSEE.
2) Electrical and water consumption Bill should be paid every month at the boarding house
3) The LESEE is prohibited to perform any of the following acts inside the leased premises
& any portion thereof,
a) Using of kerosene or any gasoline for cooking
b) Possession and/or use of any prohibited drugs and/ or any other regulated drugs &
any of its derivative;
c) Deposit & use of any deadly weapons & inflammable materials
d) Smoking is not allowed within the premises.
e) Possession and/ or use of any liquor or any intoxicating drinks & substance;
4) To provide adequate use & enjoyment of the leased premises & to assure the privacy of
other lessee in the boarding house, the following rules & regulation are likewise enjoined or
a) Loud conversation, shouting & laughter or any other forms of noise, boisterous acts
& nuisance;
b) Physical fights, pillow fights & horseplay
c) Loud playing of music & the like;
d) Running in and out of the respective rooms, stairways, corridors, terrace & any
parts of the leased premises;
e) Visitors are allowed at the lobby area only.
f) CURFEW is strictly set at 11:00 P.M. (The Main Gate will open at 6:00 a.m.)
5) PERSONAL CARE OF OWN PROPERTY: The LESSEE is enjoined to exercise due
care , & responsibility involving his/her own personal property & personal effects inside the
leased premises;
Consequently, the LESSOR shall not be held liable for any of the following
a) Loss or damage to any unattended property or personal valuable of the LESSEE;
b) Any personal injury caused by the act or omission of her-co-tenant;
c) Any injury/damage caused to the LESSEE by any force majeur or any acts of
nature and by man;
IN WITNESSWHEREOF, the parties signed this set of Rules & Regulations this ___th day
of____________2013____at______________ and adopt the same as integral part of the
corresponding Contract of Lease they have executed on____________.