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June 2015

Northeast Wisconsin

Delicious and nutritious

dip to refresh your fruit!
Helpful tips for launching
your fitness program
Vitamin D: Will its
wonders ever cease?
What is resistant starch fiber?
and much more!

W ho s

Experience the

at t

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

The cleanest facility in the Valley
75 group exercise classes each

week all included!

Zumba Cycle Yoga TRX Les

Mills Aqua classes and more all

Member/non-member personal

Executive style locker rooms

Complimentary towels and amenities
Radiant floor heating in pool area
4 lane lap pool and 10 person
Cardiovascular training center with
personal TVs
Nutrition programs

Extensive variety of strength

training equipment

Mens and womens soothing steam

Tanning and massage
Outdoor tennis
Relaxing cafe to enjoy FREE coffee
Complimentary WiFi in our cafe
Secure playcare for your children


3 Months ONLY $175

Some restrictions apply.

(Special Student Rate only $99 with College or High School I.D.)

730 LAKE PARK RD, MENASHA | 920-882-8900


Did you know that too

much stress can cause
hormone imbalances?
Hormone expert Randi Mann can
help get your life in balance
Have you experienced:

Unexplained weight
loss or gain
Fatigue (especially
difficulty getting out of bed
in the morning)
Salt and sugar cravings
Joint and muscle aches
and pains
Feeling tired and wired
Sleep disturbances
Low blood pressure

Low sex drive

Thyroid imbalances
Dizziness upon standing
Shakiness if you skip
a meal
Hair loss
Falling asleep when you
dont want to (while
reading or watching TV)
Feeling weary and irritable
most of the time

We can test your thyroid, cortisol and DHEA levels

and create a treatment plan that works for YOU!

Natural Options - Healthy Lives

End Hormone


Stay Sane, Slim and Sexy!

Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP, at this
educational and entertaining seminar.
Women only! Join us for a fun, informative look at how hormone changes
affect us as we age. This seminar is designed to help women make informed
choices about bioidentical hormone therapy, PMS, perimenopause,
menopause, thyroid and adrenal issues and sexual health treatments to feel
happy, energetic and sensual no matter how old you are!

Wise Woman Wellness is the areas first innovative

hormone and wellness center, specializing in holistic,
integrative and functional medicine, integrated care and
use of customized, low-dose bioidentical hormones.

Friday, June 5 9:30 a.m.-Noon

Wednesday, June 10 5:30-8 p.m.
Wednesday, June 24 5:30-8 p.m.
$25 each or $20 each with a friend.
Please call to pre-register.

1480 Swan Road, De Pere | (920) 339-5252
New patients welcome. No referral needed.



Spice The secret to a healthier life



Photos by Taylor Greenwood Photography


10 Dont let hormone havoc upset you!

Get your hormone levels tested!

Maintaining bird feeders and bird
baths essential to avian health

12 Tea for two please


16 Healthy in spirit: Why hamsters bite

Launching a fitness program

15 Mayday
18 What is floatation therapy?


Jazz up your June


Easy financial tips to get back on track


Blueberry Fruit Dip




Natures Pathways | June 2015





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pe er

Country Travel DISCOVERIES of Elm Grove, WI offers meticulously planned, unique vacation experiences for
single travelers, couples and small groups in 30+ destinations across North and Central America, and Europe.
Our hand-crafted tours spotlight off-the-beaten-path scenic and cultural attractions and locals-only, favorite
spotsmany arranged with local hosts exclusively for us.

NEW: 2015 GET ACTIVE Tours A more hands-on, physically active, experiential vacation
with flexible options, short durations, small group sizes, and tons of inclusions.

The Sonoma Experience

A Walk Through Ireland

Oct 10-14, 2015

Sep 5-12, 2015

Enjoy expert-led tastings, pairings, and a

hands-on 4-course chef demo. Visit the
Chateau at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center,
Jacuzzi Wines, Redwoods State Forest. Learn
about sustainable agriculture at The Olive Press
and Petaluma Seed Bank. Try a Sip & Cycle
vineyard bike tour, kayak picnic on the Russian
River, or hot-air balloon champagne brunch.

Walk, sail and hike her expansive national

parks and coastal trailways, ancient villages
and geologic wonders, and vibrant Dublin.
Tour Kilbeggan Distillery, Guinness
Storehouse and the Church Restaurant. Try
Cil dancing, hurling, bodhrn, falconry, and
being Irish for a day at Causey Farms.

Order our catalog at 855-744-TRIP (8747),, or and Up-and-Away Ballooning; Failte Ireland

June 2015 | Natures Pathways

24 Nutritional support for pain and inflammation
26 Diabetes: Natural treatment is far superior to drugs
28 Book suggestions for better health
30 No pain, no gain
35 8 ways to improve your golf game
36 She held herself together while she held herself back


39 What is resistant starch fiber?

40 Look beyond the location of pain in order to keep running
42 Celebrate your employer with a

Compassionate Employer Award

44 Inflammation from the gut

48 Vitamin D: Will its wonders ever cease?
50 Remodeling this summer?

Recycle your construction materials


To provide relevant information on personal wellness by connecting
healthy living experts with the communities they serve.


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Newcomers help new, exi
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The Green Bay Area Ne
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materials and services,
source Guide to become
The Green Bay Ar
nity and businesses
acquainted to the commu
Tour of the surrounding
es directory
Recommended business
ars (eBlast weekly,
Community event calend
e annually)
in-print monthly and
Rental searches

Check out these
amazing businesses
and events in
your area!


We all know that

exercise is very im
portant to leading
healthy lifestyle. Bu
t did you know th
at adding a workou
routine to your sc
hedule reduces m
any health risks su
as heart disease, hi
gh blood pressure
, osteoporosis, diab
tes, obesity, high
echolesterol, colon
ncer, breast cancer,
stroke, heart attac
k, arthritis, anxiety,
stress and depression (to name a few
)? At Anytime Fitn
ess, we are dedicated to providing
a premier workou
t facility available
our members 24
hours a day, 7 da
ys a week, 365 da
year! We strive to
ys a
provide our mem
bers with a comfo
able, supportive en
rtvironment in which
they can achieve
their fitness goals.
Without your healt
h, everything else
short lived. Contac
t us today about ho
w our club will fit
into your new healt
hy lifestyle. Call us
to find out how yo
can get started now
and even get the su
mmer FREE!
1506 20th

Street, Two Rive


P.O. Box 8261, Green

June 2015 | Natures Pathways


We made it! Summer is officially here (well, after June 21) and it brings about
a whole slew of new things to look forward to. Days get longer, healthy living
routines change to involve the outdoors and schedules often include much more
playtime for adults and kids.
June also holds fun nationally-recognized days both familiar and not so
BEST FRIENDS DAY, MONDAY, JUNE 8: Friends are important! Sometimes

as adults, friendships take a backseat but there are several reasons they shouldnt.
They provide companionship, support and an outlet that is incomparable
even (or especially!) in summer.

there was an entire day dedicated to one of summers most infamous foods? We
didnt here at Natures Pathways, but well be marking it on our calendars from
now on. (Keep in mind that Wisconsin corn on the cob isnt typically ready until
late July, so a belated celebration may be in order.) Yum!

FATHERS DAY, SUNDAY, JUNE 21: The third Sunday of June is always set

aside to honor our favorite fathers whether theyre biological, adoptive or a

surrogate of some sort. We love our dads and love the special day to spoil them!

JUNE 2015
Barbara Schneider
Grace Olson
Kimberly Byrne
Sarah Van Abel
Aaron Foster
Melissa Alderton Photography

TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY, FRIDAY, JUNE 26: Its no surprise that

Natures Pathways loves pets, so when we saw this nationally recognized day
distinguishing one of our favorites, we had to add it to the list.

Have a great June, and let us know which of the above youll be celebrating this
year via our social media pages!
The Natures Pathways Team

To advertise with Natures Pathways, LLC
or request additional information,
please contact us at 877-479-7209

Connect with us!


Natures Pathways | June 2015

Deadline for advertising is the first

of the month prior to publication.
Natures Pathways is a medium for experts to
share relevant information on wellness-related
topics, including sometimes-controversial
issues. This magazine offers multiple
viewpoints so that readers are exposed to
all sides of such issues and able to make
informed decisions decisions that are right
for them and the lifestyles they wish to lead.
The opinions presented in this magazine are
not necessarily shared by
Natures Pathways.

The word is out!

Valley Transit
Connecting the Fox Cities

Kids can now ride Valley Transit

for only $0.75


For an
appointment, call

(920) 965-0345
Better dermatology care in every way
Kevan G. Lewis, MD

Megan Hotchkiss, PA-C

Stanford University
Medical School
UCLA Medical School
Mohs Micrographic Surgery and
Cutaneous Oncology, Mayo Clinic
Dermatopathology University of
Colorado School of Medicine
Board Certification & Membership
American Board of Dermatology
American Board of Pathology
American College of Mohs Surgery
American Academy of Dermatology

Native of Wisconsin
Board Certified Physician Assistant
Over 10 years experience
in dermatology
Member of the American Academy of
Physician Assistants and Society of
Dermatology Physician Assistants
2004 graduate of Chatham College
with a Masters of Physician Assistant

Board Certified Dermatologist

Board Certified Physician Assistant

Encircle Health
in Appleton
2500 E. Capitol Drive

3263 Eaton Rd.

1747 Shawano Ave.

(Located in Bellevue at Bellin FMC)

(Across from St. Marys Hospital)

2021 S. Webster Ave.

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June 2015 | Natures Pathways

Dont let
havoc upset
you! Get your
By Randi Mann, NP

id you know your hormones may be causing you to feel

out of balance? If you need help but want to avoid the
dangers and health risks of traditional synthetic estrogen
and progestin hormone therapy, then customized, bio-identical
hormone therapy may be your answer!
Whether you are experiencing hot flashes, feeling tired, PMS,
post-menopausal symptoms, sleepless nights, foggy thinking or
forgetfulness, you will find answers in having your hormone levels
checked. It is simple to take a hormone test to see what hormones
are low or out of balance. It truly is possible to have sustained
energy, sexual vitality and maintain a healthy weight through
properly balanced hormones!

Signs of hormone havoc

The ways that women experience hormone imbalances are as

varied as women themselves. Some symptoms may be emotional,
physical, mental or more likely a combination of them all. Here
are some of the common signs:
Your emotions are fragile and unpredictable you may be
irritated by small details one minute and on the verge of tears
the next. Anxiety and emotional episodes may come out of
the blue.
You feel tired, sleep poorly and are gaining weight despite
eating the same diet.

Natures Pathways | June 2015

It truly is possible to have

sustained energy, sexual
vitality and maintain a
healthy weight through
properly balanced hormones!
Brain fog and problems remembering things along with self-

doubt have started to become more common.

You find you are waking up repeatedly feeling very hot or cold

and clammy.

You are hanging on by your fingernails hoping that your

family and friends wont think you are suddenly incompetent

or crazy.

Take the hormone quiz to identify if you are having hormone

related symptoms. Too often women are offered prescription
drugs to treat their symptoms, and nothing to help treat the causes
of their discomfort their hormonal imbalances!

___ ___ Hot flashes/night sweats
___ ___ Trouble falling and/or staying asleep
___ ___ Menstrual changes irregular or heavier periods
___ ___ Rapid mood swings/overly emotional/irritable
___ ___ Trouble controlling urine/leaking/urgency/frequency
___ ___ Vaginal dryness, pain, itching or burning
___ ___ Bloating/water retention
___ ___ Anxiety/nervousness
___ ___ Foggy thinking/memory loss/decreased focus or concentration
___ ___ Fatigue/lack of energy and endurance
___ ___ Acne/oily skin
___ ___ Unwanted hair growth
___ ___ Scalp hair loss
___ ___ Weight gain (especially around the middle)
___ ___ Low sex drive/less enjoyable orgasms
___ ___ Thinning skin/increased wrinkles
___ ___ Joint pain and stiffness
___ ___ Breast lumps or pain
___ ___ Headaches or migraines
___ ___ Depression
___ ___ Bone loss

If you checked yes for two or more symptoms above it is likely

you have a hormone imbalance that bioidentical hormones can

help to correct.

You can do something about your

symptoms! Dont suffer!

If you suspect hormone fluctuations are causing you hormone

havoc, please do something about it. The newest and best way to
measure your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone hormone
levels is by dried blood spot testing. Hormones can be measured
in serum and urine but neither of these mediums are as accurate
for testing the free, active hormone levels as in the dried blood
spot method. It is easy to do at home, affordable and precise.
Learn more about hormone testing, hormone imbalances and
available treatment options by getting educated. Your hormones
play such a major part in how well you feel. There is no need to
suffer! You can stay sane, slim and sexy.
Randi Mann, WHNP-BC, NCMP, is a board-certified Womens
Health Nurse Practitioner, NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner and is the owner of Wise Woman Wellness, LLC, an innovative, wellness and hormone center in De Pere. She is an integrative, functional medicine provider offering natural treatments
and prescription medications for thyroid and hormonal imbalances including
customized dosed, bioidentical hormones.
She combines the best of conventional, functional and integrative medicine
to help women. Attend the introductory End Hormone Havoc Stay Sane,
Slim and Sexy seminar - offered monthly. Call 920-339-5252 to register. Visit for details.
Name: _____________________________

It is best to fill out your Personal

Symptom Chart at the same time each day.

Date of Day 1 of Cycle: ________________

This will help you determine the pattern and severity of your symptoms and how closely they relate to your period each month. If you are not cycling any longer or are having irregular
periods this will help you to track the frequency and severity of your symptoms. After you have carefully tracked your symptoms for two to three months you may want to discuss
your findings with your healthcare provider.
Rate the level of your symptoms severity: 1 = Mild 2 = Moderate 3 = Severe None = Leave Blank

(or day of calendar if not cycling)

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Hot flashes
Night sweats
Trouble controlling urine/leaking
Headaches or migraines
Rapid changes in mood/mood swings
Bloating/water retention
Difficulty falling/staying asleep
Memory problems/forgetfulness
Acne/oily skin
Hair loss/thinning
Increased facial hair
Breasts tender/sore/swollen
Vaginal dryness/pain/itching
Food cravings carbs/salty/sweet
Foggy thinking
Loss of sex drive/libido
Muscle weakness
Decreased focus or attention span
Feeling afraid for no reason
Loss of skin tone/wrinkles
Weight gain
Weight loss
Low back and/or joint pain
Dry skin
Cold intolerance
Heavy or irregular periods
Dry eyes
Lack of energy/endurance
Rapid/irregular heartbeat

June 2015 | Natures Pathways


Tea for
By Sarah Everson

t is well known that compost is a soil

amendment, but it can be a challenge to
get the benefit from compost to houseplants that are in smaller pots. Compost
tea is simply a liquid form of compost. The

same benefits plants get from compost can

be applied in a liquid form. The beneficial
nutrients and microbes transfer from the dry
compost into the water. Therefore the tea,
like compost, is a liquid organic fertilizer. It is

Vans Refrigeration & Services

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We sell and install WaterFurnace brand heat pumps.

We serve all makes of geothermal heating and cooling pumps.
The brands we service include: Trane, ClimateMaster, GeoComfort,
WaterFurnace, Hydro-Temp and Florida Heat Pump (FHP) plus many others.

Lower Your Carbon Foot Print

with renewabLe, Green enerGY!


W1081 Pearl St., Oneida, WI (920) 869-2196


Natures Pathways | June 2015

made simply by soaking or steeping compost

in water over a certain period of time, then
applying that liquid to plants.
Compost tea is quite easy to make.
Just fill a cheese cloth (straining cloth or
burlap) with a shovel full of fresh compost.
Soak in a 5-gallon bucket of water, enough
water to cover the compost. Let it soak for
24-48 hours before applying it. It is best to
use the tea within 12 hours, before the
microbes that have transferred into the
water start to die off.
If your compost pile isnt quite finished
compost tea can still be made. Just dig
down to the bottom of the pile and use
that for making tea. It is the best spot to
get freshly decomposed compost material. Do be cautious compost that isnt
finished could still contain pathogens.
Also note that compost made with manure
should not be used to make compost tea
because of the risk of transferring disease
and pathogens.
Compost tea can also be made from
worm castings. There are two methods to
making tea from worm castings. Make it the
same with a shovelful of worm casting in a
cheesecloth and then soaking it in water as

Compost tea
allows the benefits
of the compost to
last longer and go
further. The liquid
form gives it more
versatility than
regular compost.
mentioned above. Another popular way to
make tea is to aerate it. With this method
a sugar source can be added to feed and
increase the populations of the microorganisms that are living in the compost. Molasses is commonly used as the sugar source. A
simple air filter from a fish tank is all that is
needed to keep the tea aerated. This method
takes 3-5 days to brew. Once again it is best
to use the tea within the first 12 hours after
the aeration has stopped.
Why use compost tea? There are many
reasons. First, compost tea allows the
benefits of the compost to last longer and
go further. The liquid form gives it more
versatility than regular compost. Tea can
be poured onto plants, allowing the nutrients to soak into the roots. Tea can also be
used as a spray. Put it into a spray bottle and
spray the leaves of a plant. Once again, the
nutrients are absorbed by the leaves. It has
been found that leaves on a plant sprayed
with compost tea increase the amount of
nutrients available. Not only will the plant
receive the nutrients from the tea, but the
tea on the leaf surface takes up the surface
area. This doesnt allow pathogens to infect
the plant, hence decreases the chance of
fungus, wilt, mold or blight.
Sarah A. Everson is the business manager for
Compost Joes Premium Soils and Organics, a private
composting facility located between Fond du Lac
and Oshkosh. Sarah also offers seminars and private
classes on composting. For more information, visit or call her at 920-921-6223.
References: How to Make Compost Tea with
Worm Castings. Worm Composting Headquarters.
Brewing Compost Tea. Fine Gardening. http://

Rosicrucian Mystic
Inquiry Series
Join us for our FREE workshop

Sunday, July 5th

1:00pm 3:00pm
A new topic every month; this months topic:

Glands and
Your Health

Karnak Pronaos
3846 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI (414) 344-9112
Our Mystical Workshops offer an informal way
to get to know the Rosicrucian teachings
and the people who bring them to life.


and share
If you want something to
grow, why dont you call
Compost Joes


Americas Finest Compost Product

Environmentally friendly (920) 921-6223 Van Dyne, WI

Landll diversion Working towards zero waste

Cubic foot bags of 100% composted plant material
Manure-free topdressing for plants & lawns
Tools to start composting in your backyard
Compost consulting & education

Available at:

Fond du Lac: Kremer Pharmacy, Village Market, Botanicals, Pump N Pantry

Appleton: Just Act Natural, Trust Local Foods Ripon: Pick n Save
June 2015 | Natures Pathways



Maintaining bird
feeders and bird
baths essential to

ird watching is a pastime enjoyed by people of all ages.

While many people trek into the woods to see their favorite birds, homeowners can take steps to entice these fascinating and feathered friends right to their backyards.
Homeowners who want to attract birds to their properties can
do so by providing the birds food, shelter and places to wash up
or cool off. Installing a bird feeder and a bird bath in your yard
is one way to attract a bevy of winged creatures that can provide
hours of enjoyment.
Establishing a bird-friendly environment may seem as simple
as hanging a feeder on a pole or tree and erecting a bird bath
nearby. But a certain level of maintenance is needed to keep birds
healthy and happy.
According to the experts at the Bird Watchers Digest, recent
research indicates feeders can sometimes be a source of disease
for the birds visiting them. The Audubon Society echoes that
warning, saying that bird feeders and baths can serve as transmission stations for diseases such as aspergillosis, avian pox
and salmonellosis. Recently, scientists noted that the spread of
trichomonad protozoan parasites is on the rise, especially among
mourning dove and band-tailed pigeon populations.
Such warnings are not meant to deter budding birding hobbyists. Organizations like the Audubon Society hope that such
warnings send the message that disinfection and maintenance is
necessary to maintain sanitary environments for birds. Doing so
is relatively easy and well worth the time for birding enthusiasts.
The Humane Society of the United States advises cleaning
hanging feeders once every two weeks or more often if theyre
heavily used. Ground-feeding designs should be cleaned every
two days. Feeders can be immersed in a very diluted solution
of bleach to water (nine parts water to one part bleach). Let
soak for a few minutes, and then scrub the feeder with a stiff
brush or scouring pad before rinsing. Allow the feeder to dry
completely before refilling it with seed.
Bird baths should be emptied of water each day. Brush or

Natures Pathways | June 2015

wipe the bath clean, then rinse and refill with fresh water. Do
not leave standing water overnight; otherwise bird baths can
easily become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other
Frequently collect discarded seed hulls and clean bird droppings from beneath feeders. If the area around the feeder has
become especially soiled, relocate the feeder elsewhere and
clean its initial location.
Follow proper instructions with regard to seed and other bird
food. For example, reduce the amount of suet offered in hot
weather. Heat can cause suet to spoil, and sticky suet can become
stuck in birds feathers and make it hard for them to keep clean.
Try to provide more than one feeder and bird bath to prevent
overcrowding. Crowding can contribute to the spread of
Do not situate feeders and bird baths under perches where
they can be soiled by droppings.
If you notice birds look sick or are acting strangely, halt
feeding and bathing to prevent healthy birds from becoming
ill. Wait a week before resuming feeding and notify wildlife
officials if you find dead or sick birds around your property.
Locate feeders and baths at least 30 feet away from windows
so birds do not get confused by reflections and collide with
the glass.
Store seed in dry containers with a tight-fitting lid to prevent
mold from forming and moisture from getting in.
Creating a thriving habitat for bird watching is easier than one
might think. But once birds begin visiting a yard, homeowners
must diligently maintain clean feeders and bird baths to ensure
the birds stay as healthy as possible. Any questions about wild
bird care can be directed to a local Audubon Society chapter or by
visiting a pet store or bird hobby center.
Source: MetroCreative Connection

By Dulcie Bosi-Schmidt

ost people would agree that spring is a time for fresh

starts, airing things out and perhaps a new approach
to something that has been within your reach but you
have yet to attain. Mayday, a commonly known distress call, has
origins in nautical and eventually aviation settings. However, for
this Mayday and for purposes of this article, well stay on dry land
for the most part.
Many things seem to cause us distress: work, finances and relationships to name a few. Any subject matter viewed as imbalanced
will cause uneasiness. However, the amount of distress an imbalance causes may not directly correspond to your level of motivation to change the outcome. In plain English, we put up with it. As
humans, we adapt. In some cases we adapt to the stress, therefore
relinquishing the harmfulness of the stressor and the perceived
imbalance. In other cases, we adapt to the stressor however
continuing or even increasing our perceived imbalance, becoming
somewhat of a victim. In yet other cases, although oddly enough
generally not as many instances, we adapt the circumstances
surrounding the situation to create a more desirable outcome.
Perhaps a scenario above has made you think of a personal situation. One that youve adapted to and can now say its not that
bad. Maybe youve even discovered an unforeseen advantage in

this scenario, a silver lining and youre rolling with it! One that
youve adapted the circumstances of and can now bask in the glow
of a more desirable outcome. Or one that only continues to be
imbalanced causing ongoing stress. What role do you play in this
scenario? Are you a victim? Will you continue to be a victim or
change the circumstances to create a more desirable outcome?
Not always do we have complete control over circumstances
that involve other people, but we may have a say in it. From the
famous words of Thomas Edison: When you have exhausted all
possibilities, remember this, you havent. Perhaps you cannot
make a stressor go away entirely, but you can change the circumstances to reduce the imbalance and relieve some distress. This
spring I encourage you to identify imbalances and what causes
you the most distress. What role will you play in these scenarios?
This mayday call is for you!
Written by Dulcie Bosi-Schmidt of Foxxie Fitness & Wellness LLC.
Feeling lost or stuck in your pursuit of bodily, mind or spiritual fitness? Have you
tried all the latest health fads without avail and still find yourself searching for
balance? Want more energy, confidence, agility or vitality? With the guidance of
a certified wellness coach, all your desires and dreams are possible. Foxxie Fitness
and Wellness provides multiple coaching platforms for the individual, family, business or acquaintance group. For more information, visit
See ad on page 17.

Outagamie County Recycling

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Landfill Less
Save energy

Conserve resources

Prevent pollution

Create jobs
June 2015 | Natures Pathways


Healthy in
spirit: Why
By Rev. April Kain-Breese

was greeting folks after the Sunday morning service a few

weeks ago when a mom and her 5-year-old son came up to
me. Apparently there was a question pending that was of some
importance to the young man, and I gave him my full ministerial attention. At moms encouragement, he softly asked, Why
do hamsters bite if they are Gods? Maintaining my (internally
diminishing) composure, I responded with a bit of mumbling,
and then I said, Well, do you know how sometimes kids on
the playground might get angry and do something they arent
supposed to do? They are Gods, too, but sometimes they just act
up a bit. Adults do that, too. So hamsters are kind of like us, really.
They are Gods, but sometimes they just act up a bit. Does that
make sense? He paused, looked only partially satisfied, and then
he said, Is it because they are afraid? At which point, I was quick
to agree, Yes, thats very possible. Oh boy, he had a better answer
than mine with much less mumbling around!
Why do hamsters bite, and why do we act up sometimes? Probably because we are afraid afraid of something that might
happen if Have you noticed that fear is almost always about

what might happen, not what actually is happening? That has

certainly been my experience!
There are several deep theological principles in this story. The
first is the all-important principle of Answer the child at the level
for which s/he is prepared! Of course, sometimes we enter the
scene already in progress and we dont have much time to get the
back story. Thats what happened to me! The second is that when
we are afraid, we may lash out in an attempt at self-protection,
like hamsters. And third, we are all expressions of Life, Spirit,
God, whatever name you wish to give to the universal energy that
propels us forward even when we might not act like it. This is a
fundamental point in Unitys way of looking at things. No matter
what the appearance seems to be, there is a higher, deeper truth,
which is that all creation is essentially good.
I think Star Wars might have gotten it right in calling upon The
Force, a force that can be used for good or not, depending upon
the intention of the individual or group. And I appreciate the term
The Force because it is non-anthropomorphic; in other words,
there is no suggestion that this force is embodied in a human-like

A community for
spiritual growth
Positive perspectives for daily living.
Join us for Sunday services, youth ministry, study groups and more. 920.739.4823 1800 S. Lawe St., Suite 400, Appleton


Natures Pathways | June 2015

being somewhere far away. Rather, The Force is an ever-present

energy, the energy behind every expression of itself, and this force
is essentially all-good. There is no compelling entity in opposition
to The Force. It may be misused, but that happens through fear
or ignorance.
If the force is good, then the expression of this energy will
be good, and we are that expression so is every form of life,
creativity, energy that we can experience. When things seem to
go wrong, then we may be standing in our own shadow or the
shadow of someone else who has turned away from the light of
their true wholeness, their potential, their inestimable value.
When we turn back to the light, the truth of who we are, then we
move and behave in accord with that light.
At least thats the way it seems to me today. But, Im on the
journey like everybody else, and what is true for me today may
look different tomorrow. We are ever-evolving beings, and we
only know where weve been, not where we will be tomorrow,
except that I believe that it will be good, and when we look back at
our history, we will chuckle about what we didnt know. Like the
morning I didnt know that the best answer to why hamsters bite
is that sometimes they are afraid.
Rev. April Kain-Breese is with Unity of Appleton, a community
for spiritual growth, which focuses on spiritual well-being through
affirmative prayer, positive thinking and daily application of
five basic principles. Sunday services and youth ministry occur
at 10 a.m. Newcomers are welcome. Try us out! For more
information, including Sunday talks, newsletters and upcoming events, visit or call 920-739-4823.

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What is
By Christine Vander Bloomen

magine a natural way to relieve pain, lessen stress, help heal

recent injuries, aid in the rehabilitation of old injuries, achieve
blissful states of well-being, make the two sides of the brain
communicate better, and increase creativity all while effortlessly
floating in a warm tranquil pool of super saturated Epsom salt.

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southsiDe market

Natures Pathways | June 2015

2121 S. Oneida St.

(920) 734-4905

Floatation therapy has been called different names through

the years. Some simply refer to it as floating. A more scientific
term is REST, which stands for Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy. Other terms include isolation therapy and sensory
reduction. Whatever you call it, it is all the same thing.
Floatation devices these days are varied in appearance. There
are classic tank style units with a square door. Some units have
higher ceilings and are referred to as float rooms. Other units have
large lids that lift up. Different manufacturers refer to their units
by different terms; it is really a matter of semantics. No matter the
design, the experiences and end results are all the same.
Floatation therapy has been around for about 60 years. The
first tanks were only found in laboratory settings and were used
extensively in studies by neuroscientist John C. Lily. By the 1970s
floatation tanks as we know them today had been perfected. In the
70s and early 80s floatation centers were located in many large
cities. In the past five years floating has seen renewed interest and
new centers have been opening up all over the U.S. in cities of all
sizes. Ninety percent of currently operating centers opened in the
last 5 years alone, and more are opening all the time.
According the U.S. Floatation Tank Association (FTA), the
standards for floatation units are as follows: the solution in the
tanks is a supersaturated solution of magnesium sulfate, provides
a light and sound-free environment, and the solution temperature
is kept at around 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit, which is skin temperature. At this temperature your brain loses track of where your skin
ends and the water begins.
The U.S. FTA recommends the use of UV, ozone and hydrogen
peroxide to keep the water sanitized and sparkling clear. Because
of the enclosed nature of the units, chlorine or bromine are not
recommended and may lead to health concerns. Floatation spas
have roughly 900 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in about 200
gallons of water. This high saline concentration is what enables
you to float effortlessly. The high salinity inhibits the growth of

Floatation spas have roughly 900

pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in
about 200 gallons of water. This
high saline concentration is what
enables you to float effortlessly.
pathogens. In addition to the high salinity, spas typically use a
combination of UV and 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide
to keep water in check.
First time floaters are typically required to fill out a health intake
form and will receive a clear and thorough orientation prior to
floating. All floaters are required to take a thorough shower before
entering the floatation units as well as a good rinse off shower
afterward. Instructions will be given to safely enter and exit the
units. Ear plugs, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, wash cloths,
and towels are usually provided.
Sessions last approximately 60 minutes, but longer sessions are
available. Because your brain doesnt know what to expect the first
time you float, it can take first time floaters a bit longer to settle
into their session. With subsequent floatation therapy sessions
your brain remembers how much it enjoyed floating, and you will
typically be able to achieve deeper states of relaxation the more
you float. Floating is a bit like riding a bike as there is a slight
learning curve the more you float the better you get at it.
Great Lakes Relaxation Center has two classic tank style floatation tanks available so you can bring a friend or loved one to float simultaneously in separate
private rooms. In addition to floatation therapy, we also offer massage therapy,
sound therapy, far infrared sauna, and a steam shower unit. We are open seven
days a week and will take evening appointments, which makes it easy for you to
schedule your floatation sessions. Sessions may be scheduled over the phone or
at our website. Gift certificates can be purchased online as well. Our website is
Christine Vander Bloomen has been a massage therapist and owned and operated Great Lakes for nearly eleven years. Her practice has an assortment of
sensory and non-sensory experiences including massage therapy, sound therapy
and heat therapies in addition to floatation therapy. She has been an avid floater
going on three years. She is sought by those seeking pain relief, stress reduction
and pure relaxation.
Reference: Float Tank Standard. Floatation Tank Association. http://bit.

Experience being weightless with

900 pounds of Epsom salt
relieve stress fight addictions
relieve chronic pain and much more!
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We have two floation units available.

820 Washington Street, Manitowoc 920.682.6999

Schedule your appointment online!

Plant it Forward!
Make a Northwoods casket or cremation urn
part of your end-of-life plan and we will
plant 100 trees in Wisconsin
at our next spring or fall planting.

Passionate about delivering

patient service that centers on
the patients desired plan of care.
Dr. Donald Menya
Obstetrician and
Certified Robotics

Mary Williams
Nurse Midwife

From holistic to high risk, our team is here for you.

Pregnancy Adolescent and teen health concerns
Incontinence Fertility solutions Well woman exams
Menopause Endometriosis Lactation Office procedures
Pelvic pain Gynecologic surgery

Want to know your options? Call 920-886-2299 or visit

Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery & Pregnancy
200 Theda Clark Medical Plaza, Suite 133, Neenah
June 2015 | Natures Pathways



a fitness
By Paula Brusky, PhD

here are fitness programs everywhere. There are millions of

YouTube videos with people telling
you how to work out. There are Hulu and
Netflix trainers, Facebook pages dedicated
to workouts, and a plethora of actual gyms/
studios teaching fitness. Obviously some of
these programs and the people who wrote
them are better researched and safer than
others. But what should you look for when
deciding your next fitness program? What
actually goes into creating a program? As
an aerial artist, Im passionate about this
topic because when developing a program
where peoples butts are going to be over
their head it is imperative that the program
is well designed to maximize safety. For the
past 16 months Ive been working toward
launching a new aerial hoop program, and
have learned a lot.

Steps I learned in fitness

program development

Someone shouldnt be teaching a fitness program if they are not

intimately familiar with the apparatus and equipment. Doing
a weekend training certification is a good start, but there is no
substitute for spending ample amounts of time learn the apparatus. A general rule is the person should have trained a minimum
of 300 hours on any form of exercise they are going to be teaching. This means they need a minimum of a year experience with

Natures Pathways | June 2015

the apparatus before beginning any type

of instructors training. Think about it,
you wouldnt want to learn aerial hoop
from someone who is only a week ahead
of you in ability! The longer you have
learning an apparatus before introducing
it to students the more youll be able to
provide student specific variations and
curriculum options based on student
ability and need. So when thinking of
working with a trainer, ask them how
long they have studied yoga, kettlebells,
aerial hoop or whatever style of fitness
they are going to be teaching.
When developing a fitness curriculum, the trainer should consult numerous
outside sources. Yes, eventually they will
synthesize all the information they have
learned to develop their own program that
they will share with you. But first they must
gain a plethora of information. Ways to
know if this has been done as a consumer is to note the number and
different types of training or lessons the trainer has taken. If all of
their training on an apparatus is from one source, they are only going
to be able to produce a similar fitness program as their one source
of knowledge. If, however, they have taken lessons from multiple
teachers, taken different certification courses, and practiced their
craft with different groups and athletes also training on it, they will
have a much wider knowledge base to develop their program. Every
lesson I take on aerial hoop helps me learn new tricks, new safety tips

and new words to get a point

across, taking multiple teaching perspectives into account
to make me more effective at
Going to other facilities
also helps a trainer learn
how other programs are run,
so training off site is also
very important when developing a fitness program. For
example, in the aerial arts
some programs will share
apparatus. Some wont have
crash mats under a hoop. Some programs are trick based while
others are dance based. By going to multiple states and taking
lessons from numerous different instructors Im also learning
what type of program I want to develop. What did I like about a
program? What did I see as a safety concern? What made it easy
to learn? The more programs you expose yourself to, the better
your program will become. So asking or noticing where a potential fitness instructor has done their own training will give you an
indication of how wide their knowledge and experience base is.
A good fitness program is written down. If someone launches a
program and they dont have a written guide, the program is likely
not fully formed or materialized. Manuals and/or checklists are an
indication that the program has been thought through. A written
program may not be available for the student, but the instructor should have something they are referring to as a basis for the
program. I personally love programs that also give me something
to track my workouts with so I feel like the program has been
designed with an end goal, or specific progression, in mind.
When looking to begin any fitness program, do your research.
Make sure the program has been thoughtfully developed so you
benefit from a breadth of experience, knowledge and teaching
styles. The stronger the fundamental program, the more likely
youll have success in your workouts.
Dr. Paula Brusky is the owner of Aerial Dance in Appleton. Her PhD in injury
prevention has made her a collaborator on numerous fitness programs for the
Aerial Arts. Her most recent solo venture in program development, Aerial Hoop,
is launching in July 2015 at Aerial Dance. For more information, call 920-7501441 or visit See ad on page 27.

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June 2015 | Natures Pathways



Jazz up
your June
Schools out,
summers in!
By Sharon Paprocki, MAC, LPC, NBCC

or kids in Northeast Wisconsin, June is a month that means

another school year is nearly done. Winter is a thing of the
past, the days stay light longer and free time is on the way.
With school out of session families do not want to sacrifice the
positive mental health benefits children access during the school
year. Children benefit from routine, mental stimulation, opportunities to be creative, having contact with peers and physical
activities. The Aurora Mental Health Center located in Colorado
reports that findings show that physically active children have
better mental health than inactive children higher self-esteem,
higher levels of alertness as well as overall better moods. They
suggest that parents can maximize summer fun and still support
their childs emotional and physical well-being by continuing to
provide structure to their childs day, planning weekly activities,
communicating clear expectations, allowing time for play, being
involved with their child, setting aside a short time each day

for some academic activity like reading or exploring trivia and

keeping as consistent a bedtime as possible. is an amazing kids website that offers some fun
facts about June that can help you and/or your childs caregiver
get the summer off to a great start. For instance, did you know
that besides being Dairy Month June is also considered Great
Outdoors Month, Adopt-a-Cat Month, National Iced Tea Month,
National Tennis Month, National Zoo and Aquarium Month?
Having your child check out a few books on a favorite animal,
then taking a trip to your local zoo followed up by stapling some
paper together so your child can create their own picture book
of the adventure is just one example of how to make your childs
summer both healthy and happy.
Kids love silly and June has its fair share of fun special days to
explore and celebrate too! Here is part of the list shared on the website:

Embrace a life of wholeness ...

mind, spirit and body.
A tradition of hope and healing

with us.
- Exodus 3:14


Natures Pathways | June 2015

2150 Memorial Dr., Ste 213

Green Bay 920-498-3383

Our counselors specialize in Christian and

Spiritual counseling addressing:



Eating Disorders
Marriage & Family
Divorce Recovery
Financial Problems

Children benefit from

routine, mental stimulation,
opportunities to be creative,
having contact with peers
and physical activities.
June 1: Donut Day: Where did these tasty treats come from?
June 3: Egg Day: Some people call eggs natures most perfect
June 4: Cheese Day: Find out about a really weird custom in
England called a Cheese Chase.
June 5: National Gingerbread Day and World Environment
June 6: Applesauce Cake Day and National Yo-Yo Day.
June 9: Donalds Duck Birthday (1934).
June 12: Anne Franks Birthday, Baseball Invented (1839) and
Magic Day.
June 14: World Juggling Day.
June 15: Fly a Kite Day and Fathers Day.
June 17: Eat Your Vegetables Day.
June 18: International Picnic Day.
June 20: Bald Eagle Day and Ice Cream Soda Day.
June 21: The first day of summer!
June 26: National Chocolate Pudding Day and the toothbrush
was invented in 1498.
Clearly it would not be advisable to attempt to create something
for every day on this list, yet letting your child/children pick two
or three days from the list that they would like to build an activity
around could be just the idea to make your summer memorable
and mentally supportive. Let the fun begin as you jazz up your
Sharon Paprocki, MAC, LPC, NBCC, is the director of CCM
Counseling & Wellness. Her passion is to provide people an option
for their healing that includes talk therapy along with additional
interventions that focus on mind, spirit and body wholeness and
vitality. She truly believes that this holistic combination allows
her clients to explore and engage all their strengths while healing, changing and
growing. She has additional training in body-centered approaches to healing,
mindfulness processing, brainspotting and spiritual exploration therapies that
clients can opt to investigate during their sessions. As director of CCM she has
brought on staff Reiki, reflexology and massage practitioners who can give
clients the opportunity to support themselves and embrace their emerging life
of wholeness.
I believe your hurts can be healed and new insights can light your path to the
future you desire. I look forward to meeting you.

youll build friendships that last a lifetime
youll develop skills to become the best you can be
youll be part of a community that
youre welcome at Y facilities
and thats just the start!
We are here to help you make a
healthy start
because WE CAREand because



For an appointment, call 920-498-3383 or visit



References: Joyous June: Special Days in the Month Of June.


Seven Tips For Parents To Keep Your Child Mentally Healthy Over The
Summer. Aurora Mental Health Center.

June 2015 | Natures Pathways


support for
pain and
By Steve Lankford

ighting pain and inflammation using

natural products can be very effective although it is not as easy as
popping a few painkillers. There are many
reasons why people have pain and inflammation and everyone is different. You must
find what works for you. There are several
components to a successful nutritional
program that can reduce or even eliminate
your pain and inflammation.

Peace & Wellness Center

Powerful healing with

Hypnosis Reiki QHHT
Reconnective Healing EFT
2050 Riverside Dr., Green Bay
With client call and in-person reception!

Patricia M. Poole



Natures Pathways | June 2015

First address the cause

Do you have arthritis, backaches, fibromyalgia, headaches or some other form

of pain? Why do you have pain? Some
causes of pain are damaged tissue. You
may have damage to cartilage, tendons
or muscles, nerves, etc. You need to first
support the body with the nutrition and
lifestyle factors that will provide the building blocks to repair damaged tissue. Each
type of tissue in your body needs different
nutrients. Provide those specific support
nutrients as the first step in healing. This is
where vitamin, minerals and other nutritional factors can provide potent tissue
specific support.

Provide anti-inflammatory
nutritional support

There are three major ways to reduce pain

and inflammation in the body. Once you
have addressed your nutritional needs in
the previous step then it is appropriate
to build an anti-inflammatory program
based on three areas: omega-3 oils, herbs
and enzymes. There are different nutrients
in each of these areas and each provides
a unique benefit for the body fighting to
reduce inflammation.

Omega-3 oils

There are numerous sources of omega-3

oils, both vegetable and animal. Flax

oil and fish oil are the most well known.

However, there are other sources and other
types of omega fatty acids. Fatty acids such
as cetyl myristoliate and others are being
investigated and found to provide potent
anti-inflammatory benefits. Dont be
afraid to experiment with different oils.
Some of the new fatty acid formulas are
very powerful, and you might find that one
works better for you. Some of these newer
oils are hemp oil, perilla oil, krill oil and
green lipped mussel oil.
My personal recommendation is therapeutic doses of high quality fish oil. A therapeutic dose is above 3,000 milligrams of
EPA and DHA combined fish oil rather
than flax oil for this particular purpose.


Herbs from around the world have been

used to reduce pain and inflammation
for thousands of years. You can try whole
herbs, standardized extracts or liquid tinctures to see what works best for you. Most
people prefer standardized herbal extracts
as these usually offer the strongest and
most consistent dosage. Using single herbs
will give you the strongest potency for that
herb, but an herbal combination may offer
a broader range of effects. Some of the
most well known anti-inflammatory herbs
are ginger, turmeric, devils claw, boswellia
and white willow.

You need to
first support the
body with the
nutrition and
lifestyle factors
that will provide
the building
blocks to repair
damaged tissue.

The use of enzymes to reduce pain and

inflammation has been used around the
world for at least 50 years. When using
enzymes to fight inflammation, we are
basically referring to the protein digesting
enzymes known as proteases. In order for
enzymes to be effective for fighting inflammation you must take the enzymes on an
empty stomach between meals. This is so
you dont use the enzymes to digest your
food. Bromelain from pineapple is perhaps
the most well known proteolytic enzyme
but there are certainly others. You can find
both vegetable and animal enzymes and
either is acceptable.

Crystal Pathway
Gifts for Mind, Body & Spirit

Sterling Silver Pendants, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets

Over 70 Polished, Raw and Tumbled Crystals and Stones
Essential Oils, Books, Candles, Smudge Sticks
1106 Washington St., Manitowoc 920.682.8680 Mon.-Fri. 11-6, Sat. 10-4

The more challenging your pain is the more

of these nutrients you may need. Try different formulas until you find the ones that
work best for you. Quality nutrients taken
consistently over time will improve your
health. Take these nutrients for 8 to 12 weeks
along with your medication. When you see
improvement, discuss with your doctor
about reducing your pain medication.
Steve Lankford is the President of
Family Nutrition Center, located at
850-A Lombardi Ave in Green Bay.
Family Nutrition Center can help you
discover a nutritional program that
works. For more information, call 920-432-6886 or
visit online at
Steve is also the host of,
dedicated to exploring the science of nutrition and
your good health. Currently there are over 20 interviews on inflammation and pain available for listening and/or downloading.

June 2015 | Natures Pathways


Diabetes: Natural
treatment is far
to drugs
By Dr. Howard J. Lubin, B.S., D.D.S.

re you a diabetic? If so, you have

a lot of company. Consider the
following statistics:
30 million adults in the United States
are diabetic.
86 million more are pre-diabetic.
23 percent of all adolescents in this
country are diabetic or pre-diabetic.
Diabetes costs an estimated 176 billion
dollars in direct medical costs and an
additional 69 billion dollars in lost

Big Pharma loves diabetics. They have

brainwashed the vast majority of diabetics
to believe that the only way to treat your
condition is to take their toxic drugs daily
for the rest of their life. Let the cash register
However, according to Express-scripts.
com, 38 percent of diabetics fail to take their
medication as prescribed. Lets take a closer
look at diabetes medication.
The fact is that diabetes drugs dont work!
Would you like to guess how many lives the

for myself
for a friend
for a family member
Professional, quality and cost effective services in a
warm, hometown atmosphere with caring counselors.

AODA Assessments
Drug Addiction Treatment
Alcohol Addiction Treatment
Dual Diagnosis

Individual Treatment
Group Treatment
OWI: Driver Safety Plan
CDL Licensed SAP Assessments



Fox Valleys AODA Counseling Center


Natures Pathways | June 2015

(920) 722-0311
1478 Kenwood Drive,
Suite D1, Menasha

current crop of diabetes drugs has saved?

The answer according to the FDAs own
data is: none. An analysis of 30 new diabetes drugs by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and Med Page Today finds that none of
them reduced diabetes related complications (such as blindness) or saved lives.
The FDA says that saving lives, or even
improving lives, isnt the point. All a drug
needs to do to be approved is lower blood
sugar levels. Realize that high blood sugar is
a symptom, not the disease.
Diabetes drugs cause many problems,
including heart failure and pancreatitis,
which can lead to pancreatic cancer. Forget
the fact that 80 percent of diabetics die of
heart problems, often caused by their meds.
Take a look at Victoza, the Paula Deen
drug. The website lists 99 possible side effects, including bloody urine,
backache, blurred vision, anxiety, depression, rapid weight gain and a swollen mouth
and tongue. The point is this: you risk all
these problems for what? You will not live
any longer or be more healthy because of
this drug.
Holistic medicine treats the cause of
diabetes without all the gory side effects.
So, what really causes diabetes?
Killer soft drinks (both diet and
Belly fat (known as visceral fat),
which may not even be visible, that
releases chemicals known as cytokines,

Holistic medicine treats the

cause of diabetes without all
the gory side effects.
adipokines and chemokines.

Bad foods that fuel inflammation

throughout the body. Excess sugar

interacts with proteins and amino acids
to form huge amounts of advanced
glycation end product proteins (AGEs).
The hemoglobin A1C test measures the
amount of AGEs.
Toxins such as mercury, aluminum,
cadmium, lead, pesticides, herbicides
and industrial chemicals.
The overgrowth of certain gut bacteria
(called dysbiosis) causes smoldering inflammation. Bacteroidetes and
proteobacteria in the colon are most
Statin drugs, such as Lipitor, Crestor
and Zocor. Yes, these drugs cause
diabetes (and a host of other problems)
and have no cardiovascular benefits for
most patients.
Lack of exercise. Muscles do not need
insulin to use glucose, unlike other cells
and tissues.
Poor quality of sleep. A good nights

sleep protects from free-radical damage

and promotes healing.
The key to treating diabetes holistically is
to reduce inflammation in the body, rid
the system of toxins, replace missing vitamins and minerals, remove disease-causing
bacteria from the gut and replace them with
healthy critters and introduce herbs that
will control blood sugar.
Vitamin D3 prevents autoimmune disorders by switching the immune system from
an inflammatory state to an anti-inflammatory condition. Magnesium (found in
almonds) or in the form of magnesium
citrate or magnesium malate stabilizes blood
sugar. Extra virgin coconut oil reduces
inflammation and dissolves belly fat.
Many plant extracts, including ellagic
acid, berberine, green and white tea extract,
silymarin and hesperidin, reduce AGEs and
improve blood sugar metabolism. The combination of curcumin and quercetin create a
powerful blood sugar stabilization process
and stimulate normal pancreatic function.

Many patients improve so much from

taking R-lipoic acid that they are able to
dramatically reduce their insulin regimens
or even be cured of their diabetes.
This article barely scratches the surface of
what is possible in the treatment of diabetes. Dont believe the multi-billion dollar
marketing campaigns from Big Pharma that
you need their drugs. You can realistically
improve and even cure yourself of diabetes.
Do your homework or work with an experienced holistic medicine practitioner. Youll
improve health wise and save a significant
amount of money in the long run.
Dr. Howard J. Lubin is the owner
and clinician of Holistic Counseling
com), located at 1505 Woodmont Way
in Green Bay. With a background in
biochemistry and dentistry, he became an enthusiast of holistic medicine and has spent years studying
it. He offers treatments for chronic problems such as
pain, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, GERD, arthritis, weight loss, anti-aging, metabolic syndrome,
stress/anxiety, high blood pressure, cancer support
and allergies. All treatment is done online from the
convenience and privacy of your home using herbs,
vitamins and lifestyle changes. For more information, please call 920-430-0592. Check out the website
to win a free month of treatment!
References: The Blaylock Wellness Report.
Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
The Douglass Report. William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
Spices as Natural Medicines. Merrily Kuhn, RN,
CCRN (r), Ph.D., ND, Ph.D.

Chronic Pain? Diabetes?


1871 N. Silverspring Dr., Appleton

New classes begin July 8th


Holistic Counseling Service
Howard J. Lubin, B.S. D.D.S.
1505 Woodmont Way, Green Bay
Treatment for chronic health problems.

Available treatments include: chronic pain, diabetes,

erectile dysfunction, weight loss, anti-aging, GERD,
metabolic syndrome, stress/anxiety, arthritis, high
blood pressure, cancer support and allergies.
(920) 430-0592


Enter to win a free month of treatment

on our web site. (Value up to $ 178.)
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Book suggestions
better health
By Dr. Amy Nussbaum Schubbe

ften my patients ask me about books that provide tips for

better health, so I thought this month I would pass along
some of my favorite titles to delve into for beach reading
this summer.
THE BLUE ZONES by author Dan Buettner is an easy read
about places around the world where people regularly live to 100.
This is a great book that looks at cultures in the world that have
common traits for longevity. A follow-up to this book, called The
Blue Zone Solution has just been released and is in line on my
WHEAT BELLY by William Davis, M.D., a Milwaukee cardiologist, looks at the history of wheat and how eliminating this
grain can provide improved function for several health disorders. In my office we frequently test patients for gluten sensitivity
with Cyrex Labs Array 3 to uncover a gluten sensitivity and then
counsel on how to proceed going gluten-free.
DRUG MUGGERS by pharmacist Suzy Cohen delves into
nutrient deficiencies that can develop after taking prescriptions
and over-the-counter medications. She makes recommendations to replenish these nutrients. One drug mugger for many
people is statin medication, which can lead to a CoQ10 deficiency,
which is basically your bodys energy. She has other great titles
and I especially like her healthy thyroid book, which explains the
thyroid gland and its complexities in laymans terms.
and Functional Medicine practitioner, contains great information
on preventing and reversing the increasing issue of autoimmune
disease. Unfortunately, one out of six Americans will develop an
autoimmune disease.
I hope you have a chance to read one or all of these titles this
summer and call our office if you would like to seek help with
nutrition, chiropractic or food sensitivity testing.
Dr. Amy Nussbaum Schubbe is a board-certified chiropractor who
has been helping families achieve better health for over 20 years.
She is also certified in functional medicine, nutritional counseling and is a certified gluten practitioner. Her office is located at
Nussbaum Chiropractic, 873 N. Casaloma Drive in Appleton. Call
920-734-2400 to get started on a better path to health!

Natures Pathways | June 2015

Accouible Spen
nt Ap ding

Chiropractic care
for the whole family

Non-invasive No radiation Painless FDA registered

Thermal Body Imaging

Aid for diagnosis, prognosis and
therapy monitoring for:
Back Injuries
Nerve Damage

for your children and

family's active lifestyle

Breast Disease
Carpal Tunnel
Skin Cancer
Stroke Screening
Digestive Disorders
And many others!

Chris Haase, certified clinical thermographer

1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Ste. 202, Appleton

(920) 380-1365call for appointments

Gather [verb]: To come/bring together,

assemble, meet. Collect, pick, harvest.
Weve gathered fresh, locally grown
ingredients from area farms & suppliers
to bring you a true farm to table
experience. Sample & enjoy offerings
in small, medium and large plates.
We also offer dozens of craft beers
(many are regionally brewed),
an extensive wine menu,
and hand-crafted cocktails.

213 S. Nicolet Road, Appleton

on s & m
lin or
e! e

Take-home options available from our deli.



Nutritional Counseling Functional Medicine

Food Sensitivity Testing DOT Physicals
873 N. Casaloma Dr., Appleton
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No pain,
By Amanda Newhouse

hen it comes to pressure applied to your body during a

massage, do you know what is too much? Do you know
when to tell your massage therapist you are experiencing discomfort? It is important to know that it is not necessary to
be in pain in order to receive the many benefits of a massage.
Many times I get clients who come in asking for a deep tissue
massage with an attitude of no pain, no gain. Everyone feels
pressure differently, but no matter if you are receiving a deep
tissue or hot stone massage, the pressure should never surpass
a 7 on anyones pain scale after this point, the bodys natural
reaction to the pain is to shield and protect itself by clenching or
tightening the muscles.

Hurts so good

Believe it or not, in regard to massage there is such a thing as good

pain and bad pain. Weird, I know. If youve experienced massage
before you know what Im talking about! For those of you who
are unsure what this means, let me explain: bad pain will not ease
up or make you feel better, you should always be able to talk and
breathe normally through the discomfort. If not, this is bad pain.
To my deep tissue diehards, this means your massage therapist
does not necessarily need to push you almost through the table
for the massage to be effective. In fact, using too deep of pressure
can cause trauma or even damage the nerve to an already irritated
muscle and result in bruising.
Good pain is when a sore muscle is being worked on and it
feels great and bad all at the same time. To me, this is the perfect

Natures Pathways | June 2015

In fact, using too deep of

pressure can cause trauma
or even damage the nerve to
an already irritated muscle
and result in bruising.
amount of pressure, once you have achieved the hurts so good
status, you begin to relax and soothe tense muscles.
How do you get the perfect amount of pressure? The answer is
simply communication. Make sure to speak up during your session.
The hour or hour and a half is completely about you, so make sure
to state if the pressure needs to be adjusted. Believe me I will never
be offended either way; youre only keeping yourself from experiencing an amazing massage by not saying anything.
Amanda Newhouse is a licensed massage therapist as well as a
certified Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy massage therapist at
PT Center for Women. Because of this, she is able to offer safe and
therapeutic pregnancy massage, labor support massage, postpartum
massage and newborn massage instruction. Amanda is the only
certified Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy massage therapist in the Fox Valley!
To learn more about Amandas pregnancy massage services, visit or call 920-729-2982.


The Cooperative School a progressive, non-sectarian,

independent primary school in Appleton is grounded on
the principle that there are two conditions necessary for a
school to be great: excellent teachers and small classes. The
Cooperative Schools mixed-aged classes are capped at 12.
Core subjects math and science, reading and writing, and
social studies are emphasized, in addition to instruction
in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The Cooperative Schools
small class size allows instruction that is developmentally
sensitive and appropriate for each childs learning style.

900 Mason St., Appleton (920) 202-3325
The Cooperative School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, color, national or ethnic origin in its educational policies or opportunities, admissions policies, employment, or any other program offered by the school.

Now offering first year tuition discounts.

Ask for details.

June 2015 | Natures Pathways



The secret to a healthier life

You wont find monosodium glutamate (MSG) or pre-prepared ingredients in any Sai Ram Indian Cuisine dishes. What you will encounter at the restaurant is a talented kitchen team that knows the very best way to blend spices for both Indian and American palates. The food not only tastes great, its
good for you. But do you know just how beneficial it can be? Below is a list of frequently used *spices and how they can help you live a healthier life.


Curcumin, a compound in
turmeric, has been shown to relieve pain of
arthritis, injuries, and is being studied for its
potential in managing heart disease, diabetes,
and Alzheimers disease.


With the highest antioxidant strength of all the food sources in

nature, cinnamon boasts anti-diabetic, antiseptic, local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and
anti-flatulent properties.

Anise The seeds are a great source of Cloves Clove buds contain vitamin A,
many essential B-complex vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, copper, potassium,
manganese, zinc, and magnesium.

Bay leaf

Bay leaves are rich in iron,

copper, calcium and potassium, which is an
important component of controlling heart rate
and blood pressure.


Cardamom oil has found

a place in many traditional medicines. These
aromatic pods are rich in many vital vitamins,
including riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C.

helping to maintain healthy mucus membranes

and skin in addition to good vision.

Coriander seeds Coriander is rich

in dietary fiber, and helps ease constipation


Cumin seeds This spice is an excellent

source of copper, required in the production of

red blood cells.

Fennel seeds Fennel contains compounds

that remove harmful free radicals from the body,

*Reference: Healthy Spices.

and offer protection from cancers, infection,

aging and degenerative neurological diseases.

Fenugreek Thiamin, pyridoxine (vitamin

B6), folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A and

vitamin C are all a part of fenugreek that help
with optimum health.

Mustard seed The seeds are an excel-

lent source of vitamin E and niacin, a part of

nicotinamide co-enzymes that help lower blood
cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Saffron A highly prized spice known for

its color, flavor and medicinal properties, it is

also very rich in vitamins.

Tamarind Tamarind helps the human

body protect itself from harmful free radicals,

and is a powerful antioxidant due to tartaric acid.

Tandoori Seekh Kabab

Ground lamb is mixed with herbs and spices and cooked on skewers.
Flown from New Zealand to Appleton, Sai Ram uses free range
lamb raised without added growth promoters or hormones.

Chana Masala (Vegan)

Garbanzo beans cooked over a slow fire with a blend of

spices and fresh tomatoes, onions, ginger and garlic.

Aloo Gobi (Vegan)

Potatoes and cauliflower florets sauted

with fresh tomatoes, cumin seeds, mustard
seeds, green onions, ginger and garlic.

Chicken Makhani

Dal Curry (Vegan)

Made by heating and mixing butter,

tomato puree, and various spices
(cumin, cloves, cinnamon, coriander and
fenugreek) and finished with cream.

Yellow and red lentils cooked in homemade

spices, tempered with cumin seeds,
mustard, whole red chili, garlic and onion.

Chicken Tikka Masala

A creamy sauce made from a mixture
of spices and fresh tomatoes, ginger,
garlic, onions and finished with cream.

Download Sai Rams

mobile ordering app!

253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton, WI 54911


Navaratan Koorma

Mixed vegetables cooked with cottage cheese,

cashews, raisins, coconut, turmeric and fenugreek
leaves in a rich, sweet creamy sauce.

Mon-Thurs: Lunch Hours 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Dinner Hours 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.,
Fri-Sat: Lunch Hours 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Dinner Hours 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Healing Through Physical & Massage Therapy

We are one of the ONLY physical therapy centers

in Wisconsin that specializes in pelvic pain &
we have the ONLY certified Nurturing the Mother
Pregnancy Massage Therapist in the Fox Valley!

the care we provide is as unique as every woman

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
call 920.729.2982 or visit us online at

LearningRx is a totally different kind of program. We dont tutor

or simply mask the symptoms of a learning problem ... we correct
it. Using a scientifically proven approach, we strengthen your childs
underlying cognitive skills (those basic skills that need to be in
place in order for learning to come easily, such as memory, attention,
auditory and visual processing, logic and reasoning, and processing
speed). We actually train your childs brain to learn more easily, and
then we practice that new skill until its second nature.

Call us. (We can help.)

50 OFF


Skills Assessment & Consultation

Who benefits from Cognitive Skills Training?
Kids who struggle with learning, reading and/or homework.
Kids with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD or ADHD.
Kids who work slowly.
Kids who work harder than their peers to achieve good grades.
Bright students who dont seem to be working to their potential.
With this coupon. Offer good through July 15, 2015. New clients only.


Natures Pathways | June 2015

8 ways to
your golf

armer weather sends scores of golfers to their favorite courses each and every day. Golf is a challenging
pastime, but a few pointers can help golfers hone their
short games, long games and everything in between.
CHOOSE THE RIGHT CLUBS. There is more to selecting
clubs than pulling any old iron out of your golf bag and whacking away. Wind, hazards and obstructions in landing areas should
influence your decision of which club to use. Novice golfers may
want to rely on their caddies to make club recommendations, and
as they become more confident in their abilities they can start to
make their own choices.
ANCHOR YOUR FEET. Anchor your foot behind the ball to
drive the ball further. Right-handed players will keep the right
foot anchored, and lefties will do the opposite. Do not lift your
foot prematurely; otherwise, you can lose power and distance.
IDENTIFY YOUR WEAKNESSES. As with any hobby, identifying those areas that need the most work can help you become
a better golfer. Keep track of each shot you take, and then look at
the results to see which areas of your game need the most work.
FIX YOUR ALIGNMENT. Align your shots by assessing the
target from behind the ball. Then set the clubface behind the golf
ball and align it with the target before you enter your stance.
USE YOUR TORSO FOR POWER. The torso is essential to
a solid swing. Practice rotating from your core to control your
backswing and then maintain the same spine angle and posture
on the downswing.
USE THE WIND. Not every golf game will be played in perfect
weather. A good player knows how to make adjustments for the
wind depending on the shot. Use the wind to your advantage
when you can, and adjust your swing when hitting into the wind.
BECOME A BETTER CHIPPER. Many players put so much
emphasis on their backswings and putt shots that they fail to
devote any practice to chips. All shots are important for golfers
trying to shed strokes off of their scores.

KEEP FIT. Maintaining or improving your physical strength

and overall health can help your golf game. Exercise and eat right,
and you will have more endurance on the links.
Source: MetroCreative Connection

Have You Experienced

Indias Finest?

Our authentic, all-homemade, delicious Indian cuisine

includes a wide variety of chicken, seafood, beef, lamb,
vegan, vegetarian and tandoori dishes.

with purchase of the 1st
Family Owned Since 1999

Appletons AwardWinning Indian


entre at regular price.


this coupon. Limit one coupon per
customer. Not good with any other
offers. Expires 6/30/15. 920-733-3003
253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton
LUNCH: MSat. 11-2; DINNER: MTh 4:30-9 pm, Fri. & Sat. 4:30-9:30 pm, Closed Sunday
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She held
while she
held herself
By Victoria L. Huss

earing retirement, it was a tremendous time of transition

in *Rebeccas life. She was a 50-something in the midst of
trying to get to the bottom of nagging pain and chronic
tension. Up until that point, it seemed as though she had lived her
life with some kind of tension in her body. Every animated move
seemed to be dampened by tension.
Rebecca had become accustomed to this way of being and was
not fully aware of this tension, yet it seemed clearly visible to
others. Her observant drawing teacher would attempt to pull the
pencil out of her hand during her classes; she was reprimanded
for grasping the pencil too tight because it showed in her artwork.

Her guitar teacher constantly reminded her to relax her hiked-up

shoulders because her positioning looked awkward and uncomfortable. Her dance teacher always encouraged her to soften her
wrists since her arms seemed rigid. Rebecca knew she defaulted
toward tension, but never fully comprehended how systemic her
tension really was until she started receiving Rolfing Structural
Integration (or Rolfing SI) sessions on a regular basis.
As she stood for the structural evaluation at the beginning
of every session, her Rolfer would ask her to relax her armpits.
Rebecca always laughed at this prompt as it sounded absurd to her.
But with consciously easing up and softening throughout her arms

Thundering Hoof Ranch


Grass Fed Beef Pastured Berkshire Pork

Pastured Chicken Golden Yolk Eggs
Grass Fed Icelandic Lamb We do the processing
Seasonal Produce Wool Products
Seed Saver Exchange Seeds

Preserving Tomorrow One Pasture at a Time

N7471 Forest Ridge Road
Berlin, WI 54923 920-361-0105
30 minutes west of Oshkosh

Natures Pathways | June 2015

Grow your own food and

when you cant, come see us!
FRI 3-6pm, SAT 9am-Noon

Relaxing comfortably into

her own skin helped her to
emotionally and mentally feel
more secure. She especially
noticed how this newfound
physical security affected
her confidence and selfesteem in profound ways.
and upper back, she could finally connect with her feet and feel how
her toes were grabbing at the ground. But then she had to focus
on relaxing her feet. Upon doing so, she had to consciously ease the
holding in her knees and hips. Pretty soon, she found her upper
body was tensing again because her balance had become unstable.
There was a definitive teeter-totter connection between the tension
in her upper body and the instability in her lower body.
At some point in Rebeccas life, her upper body and shoulders
decided that it was their job to keep her upright. She glued herself
together with tension. Soon, it all started to make sense the
headaches, the shoulder aches, the burning in her neck and the
symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome that plagued nearly every
new attempt to do creative work with her hands. She also began to
understand why it was so difficult for her to stand for long periods
of time. Rebeccas body was working much harder than it needed
to. No wonder she always found herself exhausted!
She was halfway through the Ten Series when her body first
understood that it could safely relax while standing. She felt that
it was an amazing feeling to not have to work so hard to stay fully
upright. For the first time perhaps in decades, she began to feel
the center of her weight shift as she settled into her body and
sank into the ground, receiving the support of the earth beneath
her feet. Relaxing comfortably into her own skin helped her to
emotionally and mentally feel more secure. She especially noticed
how this newfound physical security affected her confidence and
self-esteem in profound ways.
No longer needing to hold herself up and no longer needing
to hold herself together, Rebecca found that she was no longer
holding herself back. She could just be at ease and enlivened in her
body with less tension, and with less pain. She could finally allow
some fluidity to flow. Rebecca could finally begin to relax into her
own skin, be present in her body and begin to live the creative life
that she felt she was truly meant to live!
*Name changed for privacy.
Victoria L. Huss, Certified Rolfer and owner of New Possibilities Integration, LLC (located in the historic Zuelke Building in
downtown Appleton) practices Rolfing Structural Integration and
teaches Alignment Yoga. She finds joy in helping people unfold and
find freedom from rigidity and chronic pain. For a free consultation or more information, call 920-427-7653 or check out her website at Rolfing and Rolfer are registered service marks of
the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

Voted BEST
Cuisine in the

Host a Luncheon/Dinner Meeting

in our Private Dining Room!
We provide custom printed menus.
Call Rhoda Steffel for more information.
Not available on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Small Group Specialists!

We are

the place for

Hand Cut Steaks
Fresh Seafood
gluten-free dining
Chicken & Veal Entres
Fried foods, entres,
desserts, beverages
Fresh Perch Served 6 Nights a Week
& beer
Friday Fish Fry
Saturday Slow-Roasted Prime Rib
Great Selection of Wine and Spirits
Specialty Beers, including Marks Dark Side Porter

Reservations welcome


1405 E. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton

2014 Best of the Valley

Best Old Fashion

Finalists for Best Cocktail,

Fine Dining, Fish Fry, Overall
Restaurant, Seafood and Supper Club

You wont know what youve been missing

until you get it back!

Rolfing Structural Integration


Ease chronic pain

Rebound from injuries more quickly
Restore flexibility and mobility
Improve posture and alignment
Heighten bodily awareness and perception
Process stress more efficiently
Experience deeper sleep
Deepen a meditation, martial arts
or yoga practice

Victoria L. Huss,
Certified Rolfer

103 W. College Avenue, Suite 601 Appleton, WI 54911

Located in the Zuelke Building
June 2015 | Natures Pathways



Easy financial
tips to get on
MONEY IS SOMETHING that individuals usually need more of

but frequently find in short supply.

People worry about money a lot. According to the YouGov poll
for the Institute of Financial Planning and National Savings and
Investments in Great Britain, nearly two-thirds of respondents
worried about their finances, with 43 percent saying they worried
about money more often than not. Things arent much different
in the United States, where a recent survey from Lincoln Financial Group showed that 53 percent of respondents worried about
having enough money for retirement.
Taking charge of personal finances may seem like a difficult
undertaking, but you dont have to make drastic lifestyle changes
to grow your savings. Try these tips to save more and live a more
financially-conscious life.
KEEP FINANCIAL RECORDS. Its hard to determine your finan-

cial standing if you do not prioritize record keeping. Find a method

that you can stick with consistently. Some people prefer old-fashioned bookkeeping with pen and paper, while others may like the
convenience of software and mobile apps. Having financial matters
clearly visible in black and white can show a clear picture of how
much money is coming in and how much is being spent.

financial institutions offer several services to customers that can

make banking and money management easier. You can set up a
savings account and have money automatically deducted from
your paycheck and deposited into this account. Even small deposits add up over time. You also can arrange for automatic bill pay
so you dont have to worry about accruing late fees for missed
payments. Check with your bank or credit union about these
types of services.

Natures Pathways | June 2015

PUT A CHANGE JAR IN YOUR HOUSE. Change might not be

popular, but it is money. Having a jar or bucket in a location of

the house where you set your wallet or purse may encourage you
to save that loose change for something larger. Place loose change
in the jar and watch it add up. Some banks have coin-counting
machines, which can make it even easier to cash in your change.

from credit card companies to major retailers offer incentives

to repeat customers. These include cash-back or other perks for
a percentage of the money spent on purchases. These programs
equate to built-in discounts and can help you squirrel away even
more money without making a conscious effort.
CONSIDER INVESTING. Investing can put your money to work

in exchange for a return. There are many different types of investments available. If you are an investing novice, work with a financial planner or broker who can help you find a level of risk you are
comfortable with.
PAY OFF DEBT. The earlier you can get rid of outstanding debt,

the better. Put money toward high-interest loans and credit cards
so you arent paying so much in costly interest charges. Afterward,
you can start saving in earnest.
Learning to take charge of personal finances early on can set you
on a course for financial stability throughout your life.
Source: MetroCreative Connection

What is
starch fiber?
How it helps with
weight loss and
blood sugar control
By Grandma Rose

esistant starch fiber is a soluble fiber. It is found naturally in

slightly green bananas (not ripe), cold potatoes (not hot),
dry beans, barley and whole rye berries. Soluble fiber lowers
cholesterol numbers, and makes a body feel full for a long time so
less food is eaten. Resistant starch fiber helps the body burn fat,
feeds it good bacteria, keeps blood sugar from spiking and prevents
constipation. Resistant starch fiber can also help break a carb/sugar
addiction. The bad news is that it is very difficult to eat enough of
these foods every day to get the good benefits. Dose does matter
when it comes to the benefits of resistant starch fiber.
There is good news very good news! Resistant starch fiber is
available in concentrated form. It is made from non-GMO corn that
has been bred to be highly concentrated in resistant starch fiber. It
is in the form of a special corn starch. It is not the same as regular
corn starch, however. It will not thicken anything as it is heat stable
and will not spike blood sugar as regular corn starch does. This very
fine, mild flavored corn starch is easily used in sufficient amounts
to provide the benefits listed above. There has been much scientific
research done proving the many benefits, especially in weight loss,
blood sugar control and constipation. The research has been done
mostly on Hi-Maize 260 resistant starch fiber by many scientists
(not related to the company that makes it).
Two to three tablespoons of Hi-Maize 260 resistant starch fiber
per day added to a smoothie, yogurt, cottage cheese and many
other foods does the trick. A smoothie or cup of yogurt can take a
whole tablespoon of Hi-Maize 260. A cup of hot chocolate works
too. Because it is heat stable, it can be used in cooking and baking
and in many other foods.
You cannot buy Hi-Maize 260 in stores. It wouldnt help much if
you could as the very necessary information about using it properly is not available. It is sold to food processors merely as a fiber
but it is much more valuable than just to add fiber to processed

foods. That much needed information was obtained by eight years

of research done by a local diabetic who needed to control blood
sugar and weight.
That local diabetic is Rosalie Misco, Grandma Rose of Natural
Expressions 100% Whole Grain Bakery. Grandma Rose sells
Hi-Maize 260 resistant starch fiber in her shop along with mixes
for smoothies, muffins, cookies and chocolate truffles. She will
also teach you how to use it to get the full benefits. This information, along with ongoing support, is always free of charge, as is healthy whole
foods weight loss and blood sugar information. Natural Expressions is located at
825 E Broadway Drive, on the north side of Plamann Park. Hours:11:00-5:00,
Monday-Saturday and other times by appointment. For more information, call
920-954-9727 or email Hi-Maize 260 can be
purchased online at

Natural Expressions
100% Whole Grain Bakery

We sell HI-MAIZE 260 Resistant Starch Fiber!

For Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control
Find our products:
At our Appleton store, 825 E. Broadway Drive
Online at
For more information call 920-954-9727
June 2015 | Natures Pathways


Look beyond
the location
of pain in
order to keep
By Samantha Gries, DPT, ATC

he physical and psychological benefits of running are

numerous, but along with the benefits of running come the
risk for injury. According to the British Journal of Sports
Medicine, injuries among runners are common as the incidence
of sustaining a lower extremity injury from running is 19.4 to 79.3
percent. Injuries may seem to come on as fast as Usain Bolt can
run, but unfortunately do not heal as quickly as we would like.
In order for healing to occur as soon as possible, the true cause
of the injury must be identified. This true cause of injury must
then be addressed not only for complete healing, but also for
prevention of injury recurrence. Surprisingly, the reason for the
injury may not be due to the body part that is actually hurting.
The concept that body parts work together and that one body
parts limitations contribute to increased stress on a distant body
part is known as regional interdependence.
A common example of regional interdependence is limited
strength at the hip joint contributing to knee injuries in runners,
which is the most common site of running related injuries. A
study by Ireland et al demonstrated weakness of hip muscles (the
hip abductors and external rotators) in those with patellofemoral pain (pain behind the kneecap) when compared to individuals without patellofemoral pain. The hip abductor muscles move
the leg away from the bodys midline and prevent the leg from
coming toward midline. The hip external rotator muscles turn the
leg away from the bodys midline and prevent the leg from turning
in toward midline. Performing hip strengthening exercises
for three weeks has been shown to improve strength in the hip
muscles and reduce kneepain in runners. Fredericson et al also
demonstrated reduced hip abductor muscle strength in runners

Natures Pathways | June 2015

with another common knee injury IT-band syndrome as

compared to healthy runners. This same study showed an increase
in hip abductor strength and decreased knee pain after six weeks
of hip strengthening. Therefore, hip strengthening exercises are
important for runners to not only promote healthy hips, but also
healthy knees.
The effect that hip strength has on knee pain is just one example
of regional interdependence. The trunk and foot may also play
a role in knee injuries and are additional examples of regional
interdependence. In the research by Noehren et al, runners with
patellofemoral pain demonstrated an increased trunk lean while
running compared to healthy runners. In addition, Williams et al
demonstrated that a low medial longitudinal arch of the foot in
runners was associated with increased knee injuries.
While it may seem overwhelming that multiple body parts can
be contributing to your running injury, physical therapists are
here to help you identify the true cause of your injury! Physical
therapists are health care professionals who focus on addressing movement impairments to allow for improved function and
higher quality of life. Physical therapists can effectively identify
your bodys deficits that may be contributing to your running
related injury. These deficits may be related to joint mobility,
muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle activation and timing,
joint stabilization, and much more.
Therefore, runners need to do more than just run. Runners
need to maintain the appropriate amount of mobility, strength
and stability in all areas of the body in order to prevent one area
of the body from becoming overloaded and injured. Additional
factors that contribute to injuries are nutrition, sleep, proper

equipment, running technique, and adjusting the type, intensity,

and frequency of training. Physical therapists can assist runners
in all aspects of an injury in order to keep runners running!
Samantha Gries, DPT, ATC, is an avid runner having completed
several marathons and most recently completing the Boston Marathon with an impressive time of 2:55. She works at Orthopedic &
Spine Therapy Appleton located at 4000 North Providence Avenue,
Appleton and can be reached at 920-968-0814. For more information, visit

References: Incidence and determinants of lower extremity running injuries

in long distance runners: A systematic review. British Journal of Sports Medicine. RN Van Gent et al.

Physical Therapy fr m Head t T e!

Regional interdependence: A musculoskeletal examination model whose

time has come. Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. RS
Wainner et al.

Orthopedic & Spine Therapy (OST) has been

your leader in manual physical therapy in the Fox
Valley since 1990. Our hands-on approach distinguishes OST from many other physical therapy
practices. Additionally, many of our therapists are
now trained in dry needling of muscles to relieve
painful trigger points.
Please contact us for a customized treatment
program focused on your bodys unique needs
and movement patterns.

Hip strength in females with and without patellofemoral pain. Journal of

Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. ML Ireland et al.
Changes in knee biomechanics after a hip-abductor strengthening protocol
for runners with patellofemoral pain syndrome. Journal of Athletic Training.
R Ferber et al.
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Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. M Fredericson et al.
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Arch structure and injury patterns in runners. Clinical Biomechanics. DS
Williams III et al.
The physical therapist scope of practice. American Physical Therapy Association.




16 locations in Wisconsin

June 2015 | Natures Pathways


Celebrate your
employer with a

Above: Neenah Police Department

Below: Hand to Shoulder Center

By Kathi Bloy

as your employer shown special compassion during

your medical crisis? Have they gone above and beyond
normal policies to help you get through that crisis? Why
not nominate them for the Compassionate Employer Award?
A little over six months ago, Community Benefit Tree Inc.
(CBT) and New North B2B Magazine granted the first annual
Compassionate Employer Awards on the Neenah Police Department and the Hand to Shoulder Center in Appleton.
Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson said recently, Employees
like employers to recognize behaviors and performance that are
consistent with the goals of the organization. If employees appreciate
that and want their workplace to value compassion and to show care,
respect and dignity for people, they should reward their employers
when they do things consistent with that kind of mission.
The point is, he said, What you reward is what you get. What
you ignore tends to go away. If you want a workplace to be friendly


Natures Pathways | June 2015

and compassionate, and very supportive of positive human relations, then reward it. One of the ways to do that is thanking your
employers by making the nomination for the Compassionate
Employer Award.
When the first awards were presented last year, Heidi Frederickson, Executive Director of Community Benefit Tree, said, We
wanted to thank employers who go above and beyond in helping
their employees when they are going through a medical crisis. We
wanted to celebrate them for what they do and recognize how
important it is. Were so grateful that the winners took the time to
help their employees and their families when they really needed
it. Were here to celebrate them.
The award winners have set the bar high already in the first
year, said Sean Fitzgerald, publisher of New North B2B. I challenge other employers in northeast Wisconsin to attempt to
do something similar when you run into a situation where an

employee has an unexpected medical crisis.

The purpose of the Compassionate Employer Award goes
beyond recognizing employers and best practices. It also is meant
to encourage other employers to follow these practices when
a valued employee suddenly comes face to face with a medical
crisis. One way to encourage those compassionate behaviors is to
nominate your own employer if they show you understanding and
help in practical ways.
Tina Sauer, Office Administrator of the Hand to Shoulder
Center, said its been gratifying for employees to hear positive
comments from their friends and acquaintances. The video played
at the awards ceremony has been posted on YouTube, she said,
and that has brought some very nice feedback.
I think it helps to reinforce that feeling of giving, she said,
that were actually doing some good in the community. I do
think the Compassionate Employer Award had a positive effect
on employee morale.
Hand to Shoulder Center was nominated by Heather Biese,
who struggled through her husbands cancer fight with him. The
practice went out of its way to keep her job open and to help in
tangible ways. Some of the employees volunteered at the Celebration of Support that a team put on to raise funds for Mike with
help from Community Benefit Tree.
It made everyone feel good to be able to help, Sauer said,
and we had a lot of employees attend the benefit for Mike. Those
things do boost morale.
Employees who have received exceptional support from an
employer in Brown, Calumet, Door, Fond du Lac, Kewaunee,
Manitowoc, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca or Winnebago counties may nominate that employer for the Compassionate Employer
Award by visiting The nomination form, due by July 15, is available on the home page.


The Community Benefit Tree Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed

by Christian values. Our mission is to help individuals and families struggling
with a medical crisis financially, emotionally, spiritually and with practical
resources. We celebrate peoples lives and support by helping family, friends or
co-workers plan a Celebration of Support event for their loved one. In the last 10
years, these one-day events have helped more than 500 families with funds for
living and medical expenses. Community Benefit Tree also provides education,
support, resources and financial assistance for families. For more information,
visit or contact CBT staff at 920-422-1919.



The Compassionate Employer Award is to recognize an employer who has gone

above and beyond in helping an employee when they or a family member has
gone through a medical crisis. Maybe they worked with an employee on time off or
creative ways for the employee to work from home or another location. Maybe it
was monetary help, or just kind words and encouragement. If your employer or an
employer you know of, has been compassionate with you, a family member, or a
fellow employee and the company is located in Brown, Calumet, Door, Fond du Lac,
Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca, or Winnebago County,
you can nominate them for the Compassionate Employer Award.

Neenah Police Department &
Hand to Shoulder Center of Wisconsin

Kathi Bloy is a freelance writer from Appleton.

Amy Skiver, LPC

Holistic Licensed Psychotherapist
Individuals Couples Families

Bring mind, body & spirit into balance!


Riverside Psychiatric Group, S.C. 1325 Angels Path, De Pere

Contact Community Benefit Tree
at (920) 422-1919
AUGUST 1, 2015
June 2015 | Natures Pathways


the gut
By John Sowinski, R.Ph.

f youve read my articles in the past, youve heard me talk

about inflammation before. Inflammation manifests in many
different types of symptoms, but it almost always is the result
of some kind of stress. When most people think of stress, theyll
first think of a job, a family member, or some other kind of external stressor. What probably does not immediately come to mind
as a cause of stress is their stomach. Inflammation in the body
is dealt with by the immune system, and it has been said that 70
percent of your immune system comes from the gut. Having a
healthy gut is the No. 1 thing you can do for yourself to feel better
and help to relieve some of those internal stressors.
The first way you can ensure a healthy gut is to make sure you
have a good balance of healthy bacteria. You have trillions of
bacteria in your intestine, and when your intestinal flora becomes
imbalanced, it is called dysbiosis. If you have the wrong bacteria
or are worse yet full of yeast, this needs to be fixed. This imbalance
can happen for many reasons, but a very common cause is taking
an antibiotic. Tests have determined that it can take more than
two years for your intestinal flora to return to a healthy balance
after taking an antibiotic. Taking a probiotic in this instance is
essential to balance things, and to make sure you have a healthy
intestinal flora. When determining the dose for a probiotic, take a
look at the coliform forming units (CFUs). I recommend at least
25 billion CFUs daily just to maintain your normal flora. If you
have any type of inflammatory issue, especially auto-immune
problems, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohns disease or psoriasis you will need to take more. It is not uncommon to recommend
300 to 400 billion CFUs for people with major inflammatory
issues. If you have food allergy issues this creates inflammation
and probiotics are essential as well.
Another important way to keep the gut healthy is to make sure
you eat enough fiber. High intake of fiber helps in many ways.
The normal process to eliminate waste involves the intestine. Of

Natures Pathways | June 2015

Having a healthy gut is

the No. 1 thing you can do
for yourself to feel better
and help to relieve some of
those internal stressors.
course, food that doesnt get absorbed passes through, but in addition, the liver eliminates toxins into the intestines. If you dont
have good gut health, your body ends up reabsorbing those toxins
and they are not efficiently eliminated. So one of the symptoms
of a healthy gut is that you move your bowels regularly, ideally at
least once a day. Getting enough fiber in your diet is the best way
to do this. A good goal is to get 35 grams of fiber every day. To do
this, you need 9 servings of vegetables and fruit, and at least 6 of
those servings should be vegetables. Most people find it hard to
get that many servings of fruit and vegetables, but luckily, there
are other sources of good fiber. One excellent source of fiber is
chia seeds 2 tablespoons has 7 grams of fiber and 100 calories.
Another good source of fiber is psyllium husks. Now, you need to
be careful with psyllium products, as many have dyes or artificial
sweeteners. A good, clean source is pure psyllium husks.
Inflammation comes from your immune system and having a
healthy gut is essential for a healthy immune response. Making
sure you have a good flora and plenty of fiber in the diet is the best
way to ensure this.
John Sowinski, R.Ph. is the owner/pharmacist at Custom Health Pharmacy, 1011
S. 10th St., Manitowoc. Your source for quality compounded medications. For more
information, please call 920-482-3145 or visit


Natures Pathways n. Your

resource to share information of

health, wellness & sustainability
with a natural perspective.

Custom Health
Pharmacy Inc.
Custom Health Pharmacy is your source for quality compounded
medications. Our state-of-the-art compounding lab provides the
highest quality compounding possible.

We provide compounded medications in these areas:

Pain Bioidentical Restoration Therapy Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

Thyroid Alternatives Dermatology Wound Care Dental Care
Manufactured Medication Shortages And Many More!

We offer our customers the following products & services:

Hormone Saliva Testing Hormone Consultations
Adrenal Fatigue Consultations and Testing
Take Charge Weight Loss Program Full Line of NOW Vitamins
Low-Carb Foods Gluten-Free Foods Essential Oils

Check out our selection of low-carb

and gluten-free foods!


You have a choice where

you get your compounded
prescriptions. You dont need
to have your prescription
sent to you from
1011 S. 10th St., Manitowoc 920-482-3145
We accept many insurance plans.

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Fruit Dip
By Kim Neher, MS Clinical Nutritionist

ne of the most difficult food groups to eat each day are

legumes, or as we more commonly refer to them, beans.
With the upcoming summer months ahead, we know life
is going to be busy with traveling, tailgating, vacations, graduation
parties, weddings and so on. Beans are a food that just does not
pop up while were out and about. Something fun
and tasty to make ahead of time and bring
along to many of these social events is
Blueberry Fruit Dip.
Not only will you be tackling the challenging food
group of beans, but your
guests wont even know that
its good for them! This delicious
dip is a great way to get in fruit
and beans, and enjoy their health
benefits all at once!

Natures Pathways | June 2015


1 container of blueberries (approximately 1.5 cups)

1 can white beans, drained and rinsed well
2.5 teaspoons powdered stevia


Mix all ingredients in food processor until well blended. (Add

more beans if you want it thicker). Serve with slices of fruit!
Kimberly Neher, MS, is the clinical nutritionist and owner of
Nutritional Healing, LLC. Her passion lies in supporting peoples
health through evidence-based medicine (risks versus benefits of
medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly
has her masters of science in human nutrition degree, and
experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues, sports
nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as
high blood pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/triglycerides, migraines,
thyroid conditions and gut dysfunction. To learn more, call 920-358-5764 or

Heated Yoga & Fitness

Because sweating is
SO good for you!

Increase your health to a level

youve only dreamed of! We
have just what youre looking for
results! We will INsPIre you to make the change in your
life to become the absolute healthiest version of yourself.

Increase flexibility &

Naturally cleanse and detox

Sign up for our newsletter at
and receive a

Classes offered:


Power Yoga CoreSculpt Bootcamps

Slow Flow Classes Yin Yoga Couples Yoga

2490 Lineville Rd., Green Bay

(920) 931-4299


3001 Ramada Way, Suite C Gre

en Bay
920-339-6195 bbfbootcamp

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Vitamin D:
Will its wonders
ever cease?
Real benefits of vitamin D
emerge as disputes arise
over proper blood levels
and daily intake
By Steven V. Bittorf, M.D., Ph.D.

here is an ongoing and little-reported controversy amongst

nutrition scientists concerning the recommended daily
allowance (RDA) for vitamin D. A report issued in 2010 by
the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine proposed
an RDA of 600 to 800 IU for all people from birth to adulthood
with upper limits of 1,500 to 4,000 IU/day based on age. This
report naturally carries a lot of weight for health care practitioners.
However, researchers at UC San Diego and Creighton University

have challenged the official RDA, stating publicly that it underestimates the optimal requirements by a factor of ten. This embarrassing dispute centers on statistical and calculation errors that have
been widely documented and criticized by the scientific community. In March 2015 two experts, Drs. Cedric Garland at UC San
Diego and Paul Veuglers from the University of Alberta, posted
an open letter in the journal Nutrients. They called on the Institute of Medicine to change its RDA for vitamin D to 7,000 IU/day


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Massage Envy

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Should you eat
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NTS with fall
for kids
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of going GLUTEN ES
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and much




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Natures Pathways | June 2015

For many years vitamin D has

been recommended to increase
bone density and maintain
healthy bones and increased
D3 levels seem to help prevent
progression of multiple sclerosis,
diabetes and pre-diabetes.
and noted that the same institute specifies an upper limit of 10,000
IU/day as safe for teens and adults. As the scientists struggle, a lay
person is left with a set of confusing and perplexing questions.
How might increasing the RDA for vitamin D affect our health?
What are the consequences of taking too much vitamin D? Should
we get blood levels tested and how much should we take?
Fortunately, a trove of recent research in many different fields
offers some common sense safe and effective guidelines. Recent
studies imply that the lower limit of the normal range for blood
levels of D3, the active form of the vitamin, should be increased,
and D3 seems to play a key role in maintaining optimal health and
treating many diseases. Several studies show associations between
D3 levels and nervous system health. Customized treatment protocols, which incorporate high doses of D3 may slow and reverse
cognitive decline in Alzheimers patients, and fluctuating levels of
D3 are associated with increased incidence of depression. In fact, all
organ systems are affected by low levels of D3. One review suggests
that decreased blood levels of D3 are linked to strokes, cardiovascular disease, bone disease, diabetes, obesity and increased cancer
risk. On the other side of the coin, increased blood levels of D3 have
many benefits. For many years vitamin D has been recommended
to increase bone density and maintain healthy bones and increased
D3 levels seem to help prevent progression of multiple sclerosis,
diabetes and pre-diabetes. However, as with many dietary supplements, vitamin D treatment should be monitored by a knowledgeable health practitioner. Over supplementation can cause serious
conditions, the most common being hypercalcemia.
Vitamin D levels are easy to assess by blood tests, and D3 is
safe and relatively inexpensive to supplement. Thus, testing our
D3 level and increasing our daily intake of D3 appears to be a
Dr. Steve provides a complete suite of integrative health services,
including bio-identical hormone testing and replacement therapy;
vitamin testing and supplementation; ACLAT food sensitivity
analysis and consultation; optimization of digestive health, thyroid
function and weight loss; health care navigation and much more.

Green Bay Integrative Health is

pleased to announce

Steven Bittorf, MD-PhD

Certified bioTE Hormone
Replacement Specialist

Are You Living Up To

Your Full Potential?
bioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy

energy, focus &

mental acuity
lean muscle mass
bone density
libido & sexual


irritability & anxiety
muscle soreness
joint pain


Thyroid Optimization
ALCAT Food Sensitivity
Weight Loss Optimization
Alternative ACNE
B12 Injections
BOTOX and Juvederm
Eclipse Micropen for Skin
Rejuvenation, Stretch Marks
and Acne Scars
Vitamin IV Infusions
Xymogen Supplements

For more information about vitamin D testing and supplements, contact Steven
V. Bittorf, M.D., Ph.D. at Green Bay Integrative Health, 2700 Vernon Drive,
Suite 112 in Green Bay. Visit or call 920-393-1321 or 480-HRTINFO (480-478-4636).

Call now to reserve a consultation!

920-393-1321 or 480-HRT-INFO

References: A Statistical Error in the Estimation of the Recommended Dietary

Allowance for Vitamin D. Nutrients. Paul Veuglers et al.

(Vernon Office Building behind Not By Bread Alone)

An excellent web link for vitamin D information: http://www.vitamind3uk.


2700 Vernon Drive, Ste 112, Green Bay

June 2015 | Natures Pathways


this summer?
Recycle your
By Jennifer Semrau

his time of year is prime time for home and business

remodeling projects and new home construction. Did you
know that many of the materials that are generated from
these projects can be recycled?
Construction and demolition, or C&D, recycling is becoming ever more common in Northeast Wisconsin. C&D includes
residential demolition and new home construction and typically
contains materials such as wood (pallets, dimensional lumber,
plywood, press board, etc.), metal, new (unpainted) drywall, residential shingles, vinyl or aluminum siding, aggregate (concrete,
rock, brick, asphalt, etc.) and cardboard. These materials can be
mixed in a dumpster at a job site and separated at a C&D recycling
facility. However, if you are doing only a roof replacement project,

If even only one-third of

this material were recycled,
over 300,000 tons would
be diverted from landfills.
it is advisable to keep shingles separate to maximize recycling.
Mixed construction material is sorted using a semi-automated
sorting line. What this means is both machinery and human labor
sort various materials from one another. Once sorted, the material is further processed through grinding, shredding, baling and
grading to meet end market requirements.
So what happens to the sorted materials? Like household cardboard and metal food cans from curbside recycling programs,
C&D cardboard is recycled locally into new boxes and metal
scraps are processed into new metal products, such as automotive
parts or new cans. Wood can be used as landscaping mulch, animal
bedding, erosion control products and boiler fuel. Drywall that is
new (unpainted) is ground into a powder form and used by local
farms as a gypsum soil amendment. Vinyl siding is reprocessed to


Natures Pathways | June 2015

Managing construction and demolition debris.

2009 Wisconsin State-wide Waste Characterization Study. http://1.usa.

Home Improvement
Projects on the Mind?
We Recycle Construction
Material and Clean Shingles!
6 or 8* cubic yard front load containers
20 or 30 cubic yard roll off containers
Flexible delivery and

pickup schedule
Short-term and longterm project rates
Competitive pricing
* 8 cu. yd. may not be suitable
for all applications.

Winnebago County Solid Waste

105 W. County Road Y, Oshkosh
920-232-1850 920-727-2896


References: Landfill Reduction & Recycling, Inc.


Jennifer Semrau is the recycling specialist for Winnebago County

Solid Waste in Oshkosh, overseeing the countys recycling, hazardous material, container rental and sales/marketing programs.
She is also the former president of the Associated Recyclers of
Wisconsin and recipient of the 2013 Christy Dixon Recycler of the
Year award. For more information, visit www.WinnebagoCountySolidWaste.
com, call 920-232-1850 or like them on Facebook at


make PVC piping or new siding manufacturing. And shingles are

ground and used in hot mix asphalt for new roads.
According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
2009 Wisconsin State-wide Waste Characterization Study, the
second most prevalent category of material disposed of in landfills is C&D material. The report identified that approximately 21
percent of waste materials deposited in landfills is C&D. If even
only one-third of this material were recycled, over 300,000 tons
would be diverted from landfills.
Whether a do-it-yourselfer or using a contractor, consider recycling C&D materials for your next remodeling project. Rent a
dumpster or deliver your materials to a facility that recycles C&D.
Doing so will have a positive impact by reducing waste in local landfills, allowing more materials to be recovered for a higher use.

June 2015 | Natures Pathways



Country Travel
Travel experiences
personalized, different, real

self-described 40-year-old startup, Country Travel DISCOVERIES

of Elm Grove was launched in 2012
by staff members of Greendales World Wide
Country Tours a successful tour operator closed by its parent company after four
decades. Having served as WWCTs director for 25 years, CTD president Steve Uelner
immediately founded the new company
to carry on the WWCT tradition. Today,
Country Travel DISCOVERIES continues
to handcraft meticulously planned, unique
vacation experiences especially appealing to
travelers with country in their hearts.

The CTD approach

...nothing so liberalizes a man and expands

the kindly instincts that nature put in him
as travel and contact with many kinds of
Mark Twain
Avoiding crowded tourist destinations, we
prefer to travel back roads to off-the-beatenpath scenic, cultural and rural attractions
and locals-only, favorite spots many
arranged with local hosts exclusively for us.
Sure, we encounter great wonders and
landmarks, from Pacific redwood forests
to Sedona red rocks, Costa Rican rainforest preserves to the Canadian Rockies.
We visit bucket list destinations like
the Grand Canyon and Alaskas Denali
National Park. Our Magical Danube &
Prague River Cruise tour alone visits five
UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
But CTD travelers also have a chance to
get off the interstate and head down County

Natures Pathways | June 2015

Highway A to meet and learn from local

step-on guides, host families or area experts.
We savor a farm-fresh breakfast in an Amish
home, jig and drum with Irish farmers, ride
dugout canoes to feast with Embera Indians
in Panama, help decorate a Rose Parade float,
and overnight with the Hicks family at their
authentic Hill Country dude ranch. Its these
personal, up-close and hard-to-find experiences that really bring destinations to life.

Custom tours and groups

Whether its friends, families or community

organizations, CTD also works with travel
groups of all sizes. Weve hosted university
groups, activity center clubs, family and
class reunion groups, and simple gatherings of friends. We offer special savings
for groups of as few as five to nine people
traveling together, and can often customize
tours for larger groups seeking something
beyond our classic tours. Whether its a
Tuscany farm experience, agricultural tour
of Alaska, or a yoga and wellness retreat in
Hawaii, CTD can put it together for you.

Getting out and about

and active

In 2015, CTD introduced into its tours

lineup our new GET ACTIVE Tours
trips for travelers seeking a more active,
experiential or hands-on style of vacation.
They bring together smaller-sized groups
held to 28 or fewer travelers to
enjoy experiences that are more physically
active, flexible and exclusive. Shorter than
our classic trips, GET ACTIVE tours also

tend to offer a day or so of optional planning, allowing you to flexibly indulge your
personal interests at your own pace.
In The Sonoma Experience, youll enjoy
expert-led tastings, pairings and farm
tours, visit the Chateau at the KendallJackson Wine Center and Jacuzzi Wines,
hike through Redwoods State Forest, and
join skilled chefs at Sonomas Ramekins
for a four-course private cooking class. You
might also try a Sip & Cycle vineyard bike
tour, kayak picnic on the Russian River, or
hot-air balloon champagne brunch.
And, is there a better way to experience
the Emerald Isle than A Walk Through
Ireland? You walk, sail, hike and bike
through her national parks and coastal
trails, ancient villages, and vibrant Dublin
streets. En route, tour Kilbeggan Distillery, Guinness Storehouse and the Church
Restaurant. Try your hand at Cil dancing,
hurling, bodhrn drumming, falconry,
and being Irish for a day by working and
playing hard at Causey Farms.
To join us for a group travel experience
thats personalized, different and real, order
or view our catalog at


262-923-8120 855-744-TRIP (8747)

are your loved ones


Statistics show that 55-60% of U.S. citizens do not have an estate plan which means that
someone other than you will determine your loved ones future.
An estate plan is about more than your financial worth, its about peace of mind and taking
care of the people you love. If you already have an estate plan prepared, revisit it. Or let us help
create a plan designed with the needs of you and your family in mind.

Call one of our experienced Estate Planning attorneys today!


4211 N. Lightning Dr., Appleton, WI
June 2015 | Natures Pathways




ranberries are the fruit of a native plant of North

America. These red berries are used in foods and
in herbal products. Historically, cranberry fruits
and leaves were used for a variety of problems, such as wounds,
urinary disorders, diarrhea, diabetes, stomach ailments and liver
problems. More recently, cranberry has been used as a folk or
traditional remedy for urinary tract infections or Helicobacter
pylori (H. pylori) infections that can lead to stomach ulcers, or to
prevent dental plaque. Cranberry has also been reported to have
antioxidant and anticancer activity.
The berries are used to produce beverages and many other food
products, as well as dietary supplements in the form of extracts,
capsules or tablets.

What the science says

There is some evidence that cranberry can help to prevent urinary

tract infections; however, the evidence is not definitive, and more
research is needed. Cranberry has not been shown to be effective
as a treatment for an existing urinary tract infection.
Research shows that components found in cranberry may
prevent bacteria, such as E. coli, from clinging to the cells along
the walls of the urinary tract and causing infection. There is also
preliminary evidence that cranberry may reduce the ability of H.
pylori bacteria to live in the stomach and cause ulcers.
Findings from a few laboratory studies suggest that cranberry
may have antioxidant properties and may also be able to reduce
dental plaque (a cause of gum disease).
The National Center for Complementary and Integrative
Health (NCCIH) is funding studies of cranberry, primarily to
better understand its effects on urinary tract infection. The Office
of Dietary Supplements and other National Institutes of Health

Natures Pathways | June 2015

agencies are also supporting cranberry research; for example,

the National Institute on Aging is funding a laboratory study of
potential anti-aging effects.

Side effects and cautions

Drinking cranberry juice products appears to be safe, although

excessive amounts could cause gastrointestinal upset or diarrhea.
People who think they have a urinary tract infection should see
a health care provider for proper diagnosis and treatment. Cranberry products should not be used to treat infection.
Note: There are some indications that cranberry should be
used cautiously by people who take blood-thinning drugs (such
as warfarin), medications that affect the liver, or aspirin.
Tell all your health care providers about any complementary
health approaches you use. Give them a full picture of what you
do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and
safe care. For tips about talking with your health care providers
about complementary health approaches, see NCCIHs Time to
Talk campaign.
Source: Cranberry. National Center for Complementary and Integrative

Friday, May 1 9:30-noon
Wednesday, May 6 5:30-8 p.m.
Wednesday, May 20 5:30-8 p.m.

End Hormone Havoc Stay Sane,

Slim and Sexy
Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP, at this educational and entertaining seminar held at Wise
Woman Wellness, 1480 Swan Road, De Pere.
Women only! Join us for a fun, informative look
at how hormone changes affect us as we age.
This seminar is designed to help women make
informed choices about bioidentical hormone
therapy, PMS, perimenopause, menopause and
sexual health treatments to feel happy, energetic
and sensual no matter how old you are! Cost:
$25 each or $20 each with a friend. To register,
call 920-339-5252.

Sunday, Aug. 23 through Saturday, Aug. 29

Oregons Natural Wonders Tour

Discover the bounty of the Pacific Northwest on

this adventure from the coast to the Columbia River
Gorge, the high desert to tranquil Crater Lake. En
route, meet knowledgeable ocean naturalists and
skilled hazelnut, fruit and dairy farmers. View stunning mountain vistas of Mt. Bachelor and famed
Mt. Hood. Spend three nights at Sunriver Resort
in Bend (New York Times 52 Places to Go in
2015), and hear the ocean waves crashing against
the shore on an overnight visit in historic Newport, the Dungeness Crab Capital of the world.

Advertise your event in the

Sunday, June 7 1-3 p.m.

Topic: Glands and Your Health

Presented by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC,
Karnak Pronaos, at 3846 West Wisconsin Ave.,
Milwaukee. Karnak Pronaos sponsors free public
events called the Mystic Inquiry Series on the
first Sunday of every month. If the first Sunday
falls on a holiday, it is moved to the following Sunday. A different topic is presented each month.
The topic for June 7 is Glands and Your
Health. We invite you to learn more and also
contribute your insights on the topic.
Sunday, July 5 1-3 p.m.

Topic: Glands and Your Health

Presented by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC,
Karnak Pronaos, at 3846 West Wisconsin Ave.,
Milwaukee. Karnak Pronaos sponsors free public
events called the Mystic Inquiry Series on the
first Sunday of every month. If the first Sunday
falls on a holiday, then it is moved to the following Sunday. A different topic is presented each
The topic for July 5 is Glands and Your Health.
We invite you to learn more and also contribute
your insights on the topic.
Sunday, July 26 through Saturday, Aug. 1

Lake Superior & the North Woods


Experience the scenic treasures of eastern Minnesota and Wisconsins north woods! From the
pristine shores of Lake Superior and the St. Croix
River Valley to the lush farmland and the Mississippi River vistas, a wealth of beauty awaits. Ride
the rails along the north shore of Lake Superior,
cruise around the Apostle Islands and travel along
the Great River Road, learning the fascinating lifestyles of skilled artisans and thriving farmers. See




$20 per entry (advertisers)

$50 per entry (non-advertisers)

Monday, Nov. 9 through Saturday, Nov. 14

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

by Pura Vida Yoga

Enjoy the warm sun, lush jungle and 100 percent

organic stay at Tierra de Suenos on the southern
Caribbean coast of Costa Rica! You will stay in
beautiful bungalows in the sanctuary of the jungle,
yet enjoy a three-minute walk to one of the most
beautiful beaches on the coast of Costa Rica.
Cost: $900 (does not include airfare). The yoga
retreat includes
Five nights accommodations
Two meals per day (local organic or raw food) for
the duration of the retreat stay (breakfast and
An adventure tour
Two yoga classes each day taught by Crystal M
Hill, E-RYT.
For more information, please visit: or contact Crystal Hill at


About Better Care Audiology.........................................42
Advanced Movement Studio..........................................41
Aerial Dance Pole Exercise..............................................27
Amy Skiver, LPC.............................................................43
Apriond, LLC..................................................................48
Better Body Fitness.........................................................47
Big Impact Fitness..........................................................45
CCM Counseling...........................................................22
Community Benefit Tree.................................................43
Compost Joes................................................................13
Country Travel Discoveries, LLC........................................5
Create Hair Loft/The Spa Loft.........................................50
Crystal Pathway.............................................................25
Custom Health Pharmacy...............................................45
Divine Energy Light Workers..........................................21
Epiphany Law................................................................53
Family Nutrition Center..................................................25
Foxxie Fitness & Wellness...............................................17
Gather Americana Restaurant........................................29
Great Lakes Relaxation Center.......................................19
Green Bay Intergrative Health........................................49
Holistic Counseling Service.............................................27
HRAC, LLC.....................................................................26
Kaldas Center................................................................19
Karnak Pronaos AMORC................................................13
Lake Park Swim & Fitness.................................................2
Marks East Side.............................................................37
Massage Envy Spa..........................................................31

Natural Expressions Bakery.............................................39

New Possibilities Integration...........................................37
Niemuths Southside Market..........................................18
Northwoods Casket Company.......................................19
Nussbaum Chiropractic..................................................29
Nutritional Healing.........................................................47
Orthopedic & Spine Therapy..........................................41
Outagamie County Recycling ........................................15
Peace & Wellness Center................................................24
Rejuvenessence mediSpa................................................63
Relaxn Birth...................................................................36
Sai Ram Indian Cuisine...................................................35
The Cooperative School.................................................31
The NEW Dermatology Group..........................................9
The Source Public House................................................25
Thundering Hoof Ranch.................................................36
Twohig Dental...............................................................64
Unity of Appleton..........................................................16
Valley Clean...................................................................17
Valley Thermography, LLC..............................................29
Valley Transit....................................................................9
Vans Refrigeration & Services.........................................12
Waseda Farms Market...................................................62
Winnebago County Dept. of Solid Waste.......................51
Wise Woman Wellness, LLC.............................................3
Womens Care of Wisconsin...........................................34
Yoga Hut.......................................................................47
June 2015 | Natures Pathways





1478 Kenwood Drive, Suite D1, Menasha


Human Resource Assistance Center (HRAC),

Fox Valleys Substance Abuse Clinic LLC offers professional,
quality and cost-effective substance abuse treatment services in a warm, hometown atmosphere
with caring counselors. We provide AODA assessments, drug and alcohol addiction treatment in individual and group environments, dual diagnosis,
OWI driver safety plans, and more, all in a comfortable and private environment. Clinic hours are 8
a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

N474 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Appleton
At LearningRx, we treat
learning challenges such
as ADD/ADHD, reading struggles and learning disabilities. Brain training goes far beyond traditional
tutoring by effectively addressing the cause behind
learning and reading struggles. We focus on changing a students underlying ability to learn and read.
We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based and clinically proven one-on-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer
limited to treating symptoms. Contact us to transform learning and reading struggles into success.

Nussbaum Chiropractic
873 N. Casaloma Drive, Appleton
Nussbaum Chiropractic offers chiropractic care for the whole family! In
addition to caring for your children
and familys active lifestyle, Nussbaum
Chiropractic also provides nutritional counseling,
functional medicine, exercise rehab and DOT

Valley Clean, LLC
Carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning
Were more than just a carpet
cleaning company. Yes, we clean
carpets. Our job is to give your
carpets a clean, bright, like-new
appearance and provide outstanding service and
value. But were also moms and dads, pet owners
and homeowners. We live in a community and care
about the environment we share. You care about
the safety of your family, your children and your
pets. So do we. You care about the environment. So
do we. Thats why we urge you to consider our
Green Clean Package for your next carpet cleaning
service. To find out more about our green cleaning
and what it means for your family, give us a call.

Twohig Dental
William J. Twohig, DDS
417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega
Twohig Dental wants you to experience a natural
and holistic approach to dentistry. Our practice is a
mercury-free, health-centered office. We believe in
treating patients as individuals. We are dedicated
to advanced education in traditional and nontraditional dentistry. We invite you to schedule a
consultation with us.

The NEW Dermatology Group
Dr. Kevan Lewis, MD, FAAD
Offices in Green Bay and Appleton
The NEW Dermatology
Group specializes in providing dermatology care
tailored to each individual.
We utilize technology to advance the practice of
dermatology and integrate the most advanced research and innovation in the field. Dr. Lewis is the
only dermatologist in Wisconsin with triple ACGME training in dermatology, dermatopathology
and Mohs micrographic surgery. As a result, we

Support our local

businesses in the
healthy living industry!

provide an exceptional level of care for patients

with a broad spectrum of skin conditions.

The Cooperative School
900 N. Mason St., Appleton
The Cooperative School is
a community of children,
teachers and parents who
prize learning as a lifelong process, helping children reach their full potential as unique, confident
and resourceful learners. Core competencies in
math, science, reading, writing and social studies
are complemented with instruction in both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish languages.

Massage Envy Spa
3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton 920-731-5300
1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay
Massage therapist positions
available at Massage Envy
Spa in Green Bay and Appleton. Massage Envy:
more of a culture than a company. Like you, were
out to make a positive difference in peoples lives.
Maybe thats why Massage Envy has its own
unique culture. Youll find a friendly, giving and
supportive environment. We offer:
Orientation and follow-up in-house training
Schedules that fit your life
A great living doing what you love
Various therapeutic massage services
Advancement in a fast-growing company
Well-stocked treatment rooms with state-ofthe-art equipment
Minimum 500 hours of massage therapy
Must adhere to local and state massage therapy licensing laws and regulations
Must pass a background check
We encourage all massage therapists to be members of a national professional association. For
more information about a career at Massage Envy,
visit, and submit a resume and cover letter to a location near you.



Natures Pathways | June 2015

Vander Wielen Health & Wellness
Diagnostic Center
1486 Kenwood Drive, Menasha
At Vander Wielen Health & Wellness
Diagnostic Center, we are committed
to helping YOU feel better, function
better and live better! To best serve his
patients, Dr. Vander Wielen offers
spine and extremity care, nutritional counseling,
functional medicine, advanced diagnostic testing
and in-office lab tests.

Northwoods Casket Company
109 N. Lincoln Ave., Beaver Dam
The Northwoods Casket
Company plants 100
trees for every casket
they build. Founders Jonas and Julie Zahn are committed to plant 10 million trees in their lifetimes. All
Northwoods caskets are handcrafted in Wisconsin
from locally grown and sustainably harvested
woods. Caskets are finished with environmentally
safe milk paints and natural oil finishes. The company delivers caskets to every funeral home in Wisconsin. Their casket and furniture gallery is located
at 109 N. Lincoln Ave. in Beaver Dam and displays
a wide range of burial and cremation caskets and
urns as well as art, furniture, eco-friendly milk
paints, and natural oil finishes for sale. Wisconsin
families can rest assured that, when the time
comes, a handcrafted casket provided by Northwoods Casket Co. will help in their mission to create skilled jobs in Wisconsin, bring craft back to
casket-building, enhance personalization in funeral
service, and of course, leave a natural legacy by
planting lots and lots of trees.


Better Body Fitness
3001 Ramada Way, Suite C, Green Bay
Better Body Fitness inspires people
to make changes in their lives to become the absolute healthiest version of themselves. We want to
show you that anything is possible. If you want to
increase your health to a level youve only dreamed
of let us help you achieve that dream. Our bootcamp instructors will motivate, educate and coach
you along your journey to health and fitness. Get
started today with a one-week free trial by visiting
our website.



Big Impact Fitness

W2721 Brookhaven Drive, Kimberly

Waseda Farms Market

330 Reid St., De Pere

We want nothing
more than to see every
client achieve their
goals. We find it extremely gratifying to watch
young athletes, as well as our personal training
clients, achieve success. Through dedication, hard
work and perseverance, our staff is committed to
every individual who trains in any of our programs. Through our thorough understanding of
performance training, health and fitness, we design programs that will decrease the risk of injury,
provide a wide variety of exercises and suit the
needs of each individual client.

Waseda Farms Market is your

local and organic grocery store
in Northeast Wisconsin. We
will always support local farms
and producers whenever possible because we are
both of those. Our market offers fresh and frozen
meat raised on our farm, fresh and local produce,
dairy and specialty cheese, natural and organic groceries, ready-to-eat products including a deli, and
so much more.

Lake Park Swim & Fitness, LLC

730 Lake Park Road, Menasha
See our ad on page 2.
Lake Park Swim & Fitness is the Fox Valleys
newest and most refreshing health club. Locally owned and operated,
we have combined the latest in equipment, classes, club amenities and more to give our members
an unparalleled experience. Customer service and
building a sense of community is our main focus
be a part of the LPSF family and experience the
YMCA of the Fox Cities
For a location near you, see our ad in this magazine or visit
Being healthy means more than simply being physically active. Its about
maintaining a balanced spirit, mind
and body. The Y is a place where you
can work toward that balance by challenging yourself to learn a new skill or hobby, fostering connections with friends through our lifelong learning
programs, or bringing your loved ones closer together through our many family-centered activities. At the Y, its not about the activity you choose
as much as it is about the benefits of living healthier on the inside as well as the outside.


Family Nutrition Center
850-A Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay
Family Nutrition Center is
one of the premier health
food stores in northeast Wisconsin. Since 1976, Family
Nutrition Center has been helping customers understand how nutrition can help them become
healthier using natural nutrition. Family Nutrition
Center is also known for its selection of the best
nutritional products from Americas best companies, all at the lowest possible prices. Visit Family
Nutrition Center, you wont be disappointed.

About Better Care Audiology
Stephanie Long, Doctor of Audiology
2013 Audiologist of the Year
W3124 Van Roy Road, Appleton
Making regular
visits to a hearing
specialist is one of the most important things you
can do to ensure your overall health and happiness.
Dr. Stephanie Long has helped people with hearing
and hearing loss issues for more than 19 years. She
enjoys getting to know her patients and building
long-lasting relationships with them. She will get to
know you and your listening needs to determine a
customized solution that works best for you and
your lifestyle. Call today to set up a time to meet
with her for a complimentary hearing screening
and 30-day risk-free trial of the latest digital hearing solutions.


Vans Refrigeration & Services
W1081 Pearl St., Oneida
Vans Refrigeration & Services offers
your family or business the best
products and services combined with
a level of customer service that will
exceed your expectations. With more than 30
years of geothermal experience, quality WaterFurnace brand geothermal heating and cooling
products are just where we begin. The technicians
at Vans Refrigeration & Services are trained and
equipped to handle geothermal heating services,
refrigeration repair and installation and many other residential and commercial services.

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 920-209-6900
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Peace & Wellness Center
681 Baeten Road, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Trish Poole has provided hypnosis and energy healing through both private sessions and classes since
1997 in the greater Green Bay Area. She recognizes that everyone makes positive changes and
heals differently, and the most effective treatment
in most cases is a unique custom blend service
that addresses precisely what a client really needs.
Trish provides a powerful kind of mind-body-spirit
medicine via a combination of hypnosis, Reiki,
Reconnective Healing, QHHT and EFT. Clients can
see her for private confidential appointments in
person, by Skype or by phone. Trish also offers
classes at her office and other locations.
Holistic Counseling Service
Dr. Howard J Lubin, B.S. D.D.S.
1505 Woodmont Way, Green Bay
An online-based, drug-free treatment
program for chronic health problems,
we treat chronic pain, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, GERD, high
blood pressure, weight loss, allergies,
stress/anxiety, metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes),
anti-aging and cancer support. All treatment is
from the privacy and convenience of your home
and is very affordable.

CCM Counseling and Wellness
2150 Memorial Drive, Suite 213, Green Bay
CCM Counseling and Wellness
goes beyond traditional talk
therapy to include the whole
person mind, spirit and body.
This approach has contributed to successfully supporting our clients for over three decades. We offer
you the opportunity to discover your own path of
healing and wholeness to transform yourself, your
life and your relationships. We invite you to partner
with us on your journey of exploration and healing.
We are thrilled to have as a part of our staff, reiki,
reflexology and massage practitioners who can
provide you the opportunity to nurture all of who
you are. Call or make an appointment on our website. We accept most insurance plans.

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 920-209-6900

Natures Pathways | June 2015

Divine Energy Light Workers

Rev. Jen Rietveld
611 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite C., Appleton
Rev. Jen Rietveld offers divinely guided services in the form of: spiritual
counseling, energy/light work, cellular
release, chakra cleansing and balancing, guided meditations, property
blessings, weddings, funerals and offers Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps. She is also Access Bars Consciousness certified, AromaTouch Technique certified (IPC# 491733) and a Forevergreen distributor.
For a full description of her services, please visit
her website at To schedule an appointment, please email Rev. Jen at or call/text 920-268-6345.
Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC
Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC
provides a complete tool box
for anyone wanting to achieve
greater fitness (fit, adj: in good
condition). Our choose-yourown-adventure approach allows you to be in
charge of your destiny. Whether it is physical, emotional, financial, spiritual or other fitness you desire,
get the job done right with all the tools youll need.


Wise Woman Wellness, LLC
Randi Mann, NP Owner, Board Certified
Womans Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS
Certified Menopause Practitioner
1480 Swan Road, De Pere
Randi Mann, NP, helps
ages live healthy, vital, joy-filled lives
through medical and non-medical solutions, education and lifestyle guidance. Seek care from an expert
knowledgeable in the latest scientific
research, and who offers integration of complementary and conventional approaches. Mann has
achieved the prestigious NAMS Menopause Practitioner Certification and has spoken nationally on
behalf of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative. She is
skilled at prescribing customized, bioidentical hormones when needed. Attend the introductory seminar End Hormone Havoc Stay Sane, Slim and
Sexy to learn the fundamentals of hormone changes, treatment options and great self-care. Call for an
appointment or register for a seminar today!
Natural Options - Healthy Lives



Green Bay Integrative Health
Steven V. Bittorf, M.D., Ph.D.
2700 Vernon Drive, Suite 112, Green Bay
Dr. Steve provides a complete suite
of integrative health services, including bio-identical hormone testing
and replacement therapy; ACLAT
food sensitivity analysis and consultation; optimization of digestive health, thyroid function and weight loss; health care navigation; and
much more.


N474 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Appleton
At LearningRx we treat
learning challenges such
as ADD/ADHD, reading struggles and learning disabilities. Brain training goes far beyond traditional
tutoring by effectively addressing the cause behind
learning and reading struggles. We focus on changing a students underlying ability to learn and read.
We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based and clinically proven one-on-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer
limited to treating symptoms. Contact us to transform learning and reading struggles into success.

Essential Bodywork & Massage
Janet Creapo WCMT 4433-046
2508 N. Richmond St., Suite B, Appleton
Massage therapy has many benefits, including
stress relief circulation and pain management. Essential Bodywork & Massage offers Swedish, deep
tissue and therapeutic massages. Ear candling
is also available. Janet has 20+ years experience
working with chiropractors in Wisconsin and California that has given her extensive experience with
back and neck pain management. Essential Bodywork & Massage offers affordable package deals
for regular maintenance. Why wait for pain when
you can control it? Offering new clients a 1-hour
massage for $35.00. Please mention this ad.

Rejuvenessence mediSpa
Kenneth Pechman, M.D., Ph.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist
2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104, Appleton
The mission of Rejuvenessence mediSpa is to restore,
revitalize and rejuvenate the
skins appearance, health
and function. We strive to improve our clients skin

through our professional services and high-quality

products and thus, enhance our patients self-esteem and self-image. We are proud to offer free
consultations on all of our services!

Advanced Movement Studio
101 W Edison Ave., Suite 110, Appleton
Located along the Fox River in
the historic Edison Center, our
Rehab it. Prevent it. Get Fit. We have you covered.
studio offers small-group fitness classes, exclusive training and sport-specific
training. But fitness is just one part of who we are.
We also provide nutrition counseling, movement
therapy, massage therapy and yoga. If you are recovering from an injury or managing a chronic injury,
we strive to be the bridge between sports medicine,
physical therapy and fitness. Our mission is to help
our clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Rehab it. Prevent it. Get fit. We have you covered.

Nutritional Healing, LLC
Kimberly Neher, MS, Clinical Nutritionist
400 N. Richmond St., Appleton
Kimberly Neher, MS, is the clinical nutritionist and owner of Nutritional Healing,
LLC. Her passion lies in supporting peoples health through evidence-based
medicine (risks versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly has her masters of science in human nutrition
degree, and experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues, sports nutrition, food
sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns
such as high blood pressure, high glucose levels, high
cholesterol/triglycerides, migraines, thyroid conditions
and gut dysfunction.

PT Center for Women
3913 W. Prospect Ave., Suite LL2, Appleton
PT Center for Women offers
women of all ages comprehensive evaluation and treatment
for their physical therapy and
massage needs. Our gentle,
heartfelt approach to healing allows women to feel
calm and comfortable, and pursue a program of
care that can change their lives. Our goal is to provide women with a successful outcome for a happier, healthier life.



Custom Health Pharmacy
1011 S. 10th St., Manitowoc
Custom Health Pharmacy is your source for
quality compounded medications. Our state-ofthe-art compounding lab provides the highest
quality compounding possible. You have a choice
where you get your compounded prescriptions
you dont need your prescription sent to you from
Madison. We also offer: hormone saliva testing,
hormone consultations, adrenal fatigue consultations and testing, Take Charge weight loss program and a full line of Now vitamins. We accept
Caremark and Express Scripts.

Gather Americana Restaurant
231 S. Nicolet Road, Appleton
John Chastain, Owner
Gather features small, medium and large plates of fresh
goodness, craft beers, an
extensive wine program, hand-crafted cocktails,
retail wines and beers, and a deli. We are a true
farm-to-table restaurant and deli, sourcing directly
from local farmers and producers who use natural,
sustainable methods. Enjoy the creativity of our
chefs at breakfast (by reservation), lunch and dinner. Our deli offers grab-and-go or dining service
options. Swing by for a quick coffee and scone to
go, or select some artisan sandwiches and salads,
cheeses and charcuterie for here or to go. We have
two rooms available for events for up to 50 people,
with audio/visual capabilities. We are Wi-Fi-friendly
and welcome you to come in, plug in, and relax,
meet, or work. Wed love to serve you!
Sai Ram Indian Cuisine
253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton
The areas finest authentic Indian restaurant. Join us today to find out
why we won the Best Indian Food
Golden Fork Award from 2005-2011 and a 2013
TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence! We offer a
large selection of vegan and vegetarian options.
Catering is available and we have a banquet room
for parties of up to 40 people.


Create Hair Loft & The Spa Loft
421 George St., De Pere

sage and the wellness industry. Our focus is providing a safe, comfortable, therapeutic atmosphere for
our clients. We specialize in tailored massage therapy sessions and natural medicine consults. The products we use are therapeutic-grade, natural and as
organic as possible. We offer an aesthetic atmosphere that is like no other wellness spa to provide
the best treatments for our clients.
Massage Envy Spa
3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton 920-731-5300
1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay 920-405-9200
At Massage Envy Spas, our
mission is to provide a pathway to wellness, well-being and worth through professional, convenient and affordable massage therapy and spa services. Whether it is your first massage
or massage therapy is part of your wellness plan, we
have a therapist to match your needs. We offer
many massage modalities including Swedish, deep
tissue, trigger point therapy, sports, reflexology and
more. Signature services and enhancements include
hot stone massage, aromatherapy, deep muscle
therapy and sugar foot scrub. We have four different spa facial treatments specially formulated for
Massage Envy Spa. Our professional estheticians
have the scientifically proven products to give you
noticeably healthy skin.

N.E. Wisconsin Spiritual Experiences Group
For activities near you, visit:
Are you looking for balance in this
year of spiritual healing? Discover
Eckankar and experience the light
and sound of God. Check out Eckankar ( and N.E.
Wisconsin Spiritual Experiences Group (see above)
for tools, resources and spiritual conversations
near you.
Unity of Appleton - A Community for
Spiritual Growth
1800 S. Lawe Street, Suite 400 in Appleton
Rev. April Kain-Breese, Minister
Sunday services and youth ministry at 10 a.m.
Find us also on Facebook
Unity focuses on positive
thinking, prayer and meditation. Grounded in the teachings of Jesus, but with respect for all faith traditions. Stimulating Sunday
messages, music and fellowship; adult classes and
groups; and youth ministry that emphasizes the innate goodness in each child. If you like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Ekhardt Tolle, youll like Unity!
Sunday services and youth ministry at 10 a.m.

The Spa Loft is a vibrant, one-of-akind, holistic haven for all ages and
people. Our therapists have over 25
years of combined experience in masJune 2015 | Natures Pathways




Radiance Spa Healthy Skin & Wellness

W5699 County Road KK, Suite L, Appleton
Are you wanting that peaceful, easy escape?
Welcome to the Fox Valleys hidden gem! Welcome to Radiance.

Valley Thermography
1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite 202, Appleton

Were bringing the

ahh back into spa.
Are you wanting healthy
options for your skin, personal attention just FOR
YOU, or your own personal escape from the hectic
lifestyle we all live? Look no further. Radiance Spa is
your escape for luxurious facials, spa pedicures like
no other, massage services, and body treatments for
everything your skin and body needs. We have an
amazing infrared sauna for detoxing, release of joint
and muscle pain, arthritis and inflammation. We
also offer skin care consultations to educate and
start you in the right direction for your personal skin
care needs, as well as professional waxing, airbrush
tanning, eyelash extensions, pedicures and manicures. We are here to give you your personal attention for a beautiful, radiant you. Naturally.

Great Lakes Relaxation Center
Christine Vander Bloomen
For nearly 11 years, Christine
has worked with clients seeking massage for stress relief to
injury treatment. She educates clients about their
bodies and how they work so they can take better
care of themselves between sessions so they feel
better faster. New clients are always welcome.
Please visit our website for more information.


Natures Pathways | June 2015

Chris Haase, certified clinical

thermographer, uses digital
infrared thermal imaging
(DITI), a noninvasive clinical imaging procedure for
detecting and monitoring a number of diseases
and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Conditions and
injuries that can be diagnosed and monitored include hormonal dysfunction, inflammation, lymphatic activity, disc disease, dental, vascular disease, sports injuries, allergies, cancer and more.
DITI uses no radiation, is painless and FDA registered. Call to schedule your appointment.

Wise Woman Wellness, LLC
Randi Mann, NP Owner, Board Certified
Womens Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS
Certified Menopause Practitioner
1480 Swan Road, De Pere
Thyroid disease is a
nosed cause of many symptoms, including weight gain, depression, fatigue, constipation and hair loss. Hypothyroidism diagnosis and management
is offered by the hormone experts at
Wise Woman Wellness and can help you sometimes even if you were told your TSH blood test result
was normal. Our nurse practitioners are specially
trained in the detection of hypothyroidism and use of
natural and prescription medication treatments. Call
920-339-5252 for details.
Natural Options - Healthy Lives

Valley Transit
801 S. Whitman Ave., Appleton
Valley Transit provides

Valley Transit safe and reliable public

Think outside the car.
transportation to the
many communities that comprise the Fox Cities.
Whether youre in Appleton, Buchanan, Grand
Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, city of
Menasha, town of Menasha or Neenah, you can
use Valley Transit to get where you need to go. Service hours: 5:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Monday through
Friday, 7:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m. on Saturday.


Kaldas Center
200 Theda Clark Medical Plaza, Suite 133, Neenah
Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery, & Pregnancy,
S.C is changing how patient service is delivered. Hearing the patient and
adapting to their needs is important as we look to
support patients in their quick return to living life to
the fullest. To complement our patient services, we
offer nationally recognized skill and training to
achieve the desired outcomes of our patients.

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Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 920-209-6900

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Waseda Farms Market

Farmers market fresh

330 Reid Street, De Pere, WI 54115 / Next to Gallagher's Pizza / 920-632-7271


Life is a
not a sprint!
Well be here to
help you look and
feel your best
along the way.

20 off

Restore ... Revitalize ... Rejuvenate ... Your skin!


Kenneth Pechman, MD, PhD, Medical Director

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Board-Certified Dermatologist

2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104 Appleton

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