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Antwerp, NY

Antwerp Community
Town Board Moments

Village Board Moment

1. Citizen Concerns a.
Mike Stoffel representing
IRAS requested annual
budgeted funds from the
Town. Mr. Stoffel received
payment from Mr. Shaw.
2. Communications: a. Mr.

Public Hearing- The

purpose of the hearing
was to hear comments
regarding water and sewer
rate adjustments. The
proposed rates are as
follows: Water debt
$50.67/qtr./Edu, Sewer
debt $65.75/qtr./Edu;
water use $17.00 first 500
cuf/qtr/edu and $10.50
each additional 500 cuf or
portion thereof. The new
debt rates will be effective
with the July 2015 billing;
the new usage rate will be
effective with the October
2015 billing.

Shaw opened and read the

Bids received for mowing of
the cemeteries. There were
many concerns and
questions about some of the
bids and the way they were
presented and the way they
were priced out. They
decided to resubmit the
mowing bid in the
newspaper and hold a
special meeting on Monday
May 18th at 7:00pm at the
Town Hall to open and
award the proposed bids
3. Mr. Shaw addressed the
board about purchasing a
new door for the Town Hall
back entrance which is
being used every day now
during construction on the
front. Permission was
granted to purchase a new
door from North County and
get it installed.
4. New Cemetery business;
discussion on installing a
flag, was decided to wait
until sign lettering is done.

Next Town Board meeting

will be on, June 8th, 2015
@ Town Hall @7PM

1. Citizen Concerns- a.
Resident concerned
about a residence being
used for a business
when not zoned for one.
Actions have been
taken and will proceed
2. DPW Report
Residents are still being
asked to continue to
conserve water.
3. A motion was made
and carried to waive the
open container law on
Old Homes Day August
1st. The waiver is
Village wide until 8:30
pm and then from the
corner of Depot Street
to the railroad tracks on
Main St. only until the
end of the dance.

4. A motion was
made and carried to
sign the
agreement with EPS
at a cost of $675
each per year. This
is for the two new
generators at the
pumping stations.
Next Village Board
meeting is on June
10th, 2015 @ Village
/ Fire Hall @ 7PM
Mark your Calendar
June1- 4th & 8th
grade Science
Written Test
June 2nd HS
Regents Exams
June 3rd HS
Senior Awards Night

7 PM
June 5th IRIS PTO
Talent Show 6PM,
Senior Class Trip,
Dairy land Festival
June 6th SAT @
June 8th- Thespian
Induction @ 7PM. ,
Town Board Meeting
@ 7 PM @ Town.

Mark Your Calendar
June 10th Village
Board Meeting @ 7
PM @ Fire/ Village
June 11th Board of
Education Meeting
June 12th- IRIS Flag
Day Celebration

June 13th ACT @

June 14th
American Legion
Flag Burning
Ceremony- Flag Day
@ 6PM.
June 16th -24th
High School Regents
June 18th Jefferson
County Dog Shelter
Rabies clinic @ 68PM
June 19th Fourth
Quarter Ends All
June 20th- Pancake
Breakfast @ American
Legion (info on back)
June 21st Fathers
June 25th BOE
June 26th
Graduation 7PM

A Big Thank You to

the Antwerp
Residents that are
making Antwerp
shine with their
spring cleaning.

Happy Birthday
Phyliss Marsh 6/1
Kris Culbertson 6/2
Amy Clark 6/5
Nicole Watson 6/5
Andy & Gary Dean
Velda Reed 6/9
Matt Dean 6/14
Jeff Ives 6/19
Mercedes Hughes
Kris Dean 6/23
Buck Culbertson 6/28
Church News Antwerp United
Methodist Church
News: (next to
primary school) Weekly Sunday
services at 10:00 am.
Save your old torn
flags for the
American Legion
Flag Burning
Ceremony on June
14th @ 6PM.

Town Clerk News

This years Old Home
Day /ORA events to be
held on August 1st,
2015. The ORA 5k,
10K, 1 Mile run/walk
starting at 9AM.
Registration form
details to access is on
the operation restore
antwerp facebook
They are looking for
parade participants,
organizations, antique
cars, tractors,
motorcycle groups, &
floats. For more info or
to sign up, Contact
Barb Mitchell 6592419.

What can Cancer

Services Program (CSP)
do for YOU???
If you answer YES to the
following questions you may
qualify for our FREE Annual
Cancer Screening Program
ARE YOU Uninsured /
Underinsured? Age 40 or
older?A Jefferson County or
Lewis County Resident?
Breast Cancer Screening:
Mammogram and Clinical
Breast Exam .Women ages
40+ and women under age
40 who are at high risk for
BC, Cervical Cancer
Screening: Pap test &
Pelvic Exam Women ages
40+. Colorectal Cancer
Screening: FIT (Fecal
Immunochemical Test) KIT
Please call us for more
information:Lewis County
Public Health -Lewis County
Jefferson County 315-7863718

Church News -

Whats up in
Crosby Public Library A class on Google
Docs is scheduled for
June 24, 2015 from
4:00pm until 5:30pm.
Students will learn how
to create and edit
documents online.
With this program, you
can work on the
document no matter
where you are, using
any device.
Please pick up your
dog droppings while
on walk!
June 20th - Pancake
Breakfast @ American
Legion from 8AM 11AM. Price: $5 per
person . Benefiting the
Antwerp Food Pantry.
Summer Recreation
Program is scheduled
to run starting July 6th.
More info will be
posted later. They will
also be running the

lunch program.
The last day of Sunday
School of the First
Congregational Church
will be June 14th.

Jefferson County Dog

Shelter Rabies Clinic
Dogs, cats, and Ferrets 3
months and up. Thursday,
June 18th, 6-8 PM @
Jefferson Co. Dog
Look out for Future
Dates July 4

Independence DayHonor Veterans- Fly the

July 6th Summer
Recreation Program is
July 8th Village Board
Meeting @ 7P
July 13th Town Board
Meeting @ 7 PM
Look for list of concerts
at the Oxbow Park.

Hello Antwerp, Summer

is almost here. Have you
set up your gardens to let
them bloom?
As always, I am here for
your news. Call me @
659-8213 or email me @
net Take care and God
Bless you all.

Laura Hancock



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