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College Republicans (217) 652-0987

8th Meeting of the General Assembly

2006-2007 Academic Year
April 9, 2007 -- LRH Great Room

I. Student Government Candidates Forum – Next MONDAY, April 16th @ 9:45


II. Our Final End-of-the-Year Meeting – Monday, April 30th @ 9:45 PM @ LRH

III. Special Guest Speaker – Brad Mills

The Springfield Metropolitan Exposition & Auditorium Authority (SMEAA) is an important local office.
Both the UIS & LLCC campuses are in SMEAA District 5, where this is a highly contested race,
between five candidates, for three positions. Mr. Mills is an engineer, who helped with the creation
of Lincoln Residence Hall, and has worked on other campus & community projects as well. He needs our
assistance, in order to win this key race.

IV. New Business

A. Open House @ New Sangamon GOP HQ
I. This Thursday – ALL DAY EVENT – 1132 Sangamon Avenue
II. Radio with Sam Madonia – 6:00 AM
III. Speakers (including U.S. Congressmen Ray LaHood & John
Shimkus) – 5:00 PM
B. Taking Back the Capital City ~ Election Day is almost
here… [April 17th]
I. Mayor + City Clerk +10 City Council seats, SMEAA, Park Board, School
Board, etc…
II. UIS Candidates: Matt Mau (Chatham) and Jarod Hitchings
C. Campaign Help Needed!!
I. Debbie Cimarossa (Ward 7) – Breakfast & Blitz
1. This Saturday @ 10 AM – Meet @ Firehouse Tavern (5th &
2. Free Lunch will also be provided…
II. Frank Lesko (Ward 4) – Walkers also needed, Sat. & Sun.
III. Jerry Goldblatt (City Clerk)
IV. Steven Dove (Ward 9) – Campaign Office now open @ 1536 W.
Jefferson Street
D. ELECTION DAY (Tuesday, April 17th) – Help needed all day; Victory
parties at night.
E. Lobbying: Blagojevich’s Tax, 2nd Amendment, Life,
Licenses, etc…
F. Students for Firearm Safety: Zackary Davis, President
G. Campus Cleanup: Friday, April 20th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM
H. Statewide CR Convention – Sat. & Sun., April 28-29 @ WIU

UIS College Republicans 24/8 Hotline: * (217) 652-0987 *

College Republicans (217) 652-0987

I. Black Republican Movie

J. Relay for Life (April 27th) - Join our team!

V. Old Business
A. Involvement Incentive Program – Raffle Prizes!
$100 Best Buy Gift Card $50 Barnes & Noble Card $10 Movie Pass Other Prizes
B. YAF Midwest Conference in MN – Christina, Nico, Dan, Zack,
Joe, Olga, Matt
C. Black Chamber of Commerce Candidates Forum – Chris

VI. Remarks by Officers & Adjournment

UIS CR Events Calendar:

UIS College Republicans 24/8 Hotline: * (217) 652-0987 *