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Pre-Conversation check list, copy of:

Your Mid-Year Review

Talent Review Summary

360 Report (if applicable)

StarVoice (if applicable)

Executive Assessment (if applicable)

Win with Talent Competency Guide



How do I prepare?


Reflect on your Mid-Year feedback , goals (Big 5) and IDPs

o Have your priorities shifted? How did you adapt to changes?
Plan your conversation to accomplish the following:
o Review your personal commitments and goals for the year
o Align your self-assessment with your Managers evaluation of
your accomplishments and performance
o Ensure you understand your Managers feedback, both the
successes and the challenges you had in 2013
o Use the Employee Year End Preparation Template on the
next page to focus on your key discussion topics

Schedule the meeting

Review the employees goals, IDPs, and Mid-year input
o Review direct reports initial goals, shifting priorities of the
business and consider if these goals are still appropriate
o What updates may be necessary to reflect the dynamic nature
of our business? Reflect on what and how goals were met
and projects managed by your direct report
o Identify specific behaviors and skills impacting performance
Receive feedback from others who worked with your associate
Prepare yourself and focus on creating a positive experience
Partner with your HR Generalist for resources (i.e. elearning
Understanding BAND Rating and How it Links to Our Promises)

What should I talk about during the conversation?


Review current goals and IDPs:

o Are these still the right goals? Did I adapt to new priorities?
o Provide your manager with specific examples of what youve
accomplished and where you feel you have opportunities
Let your manager know of any challenges you experienced
Discuss and align on:
o Year-end goals, commitments, behaviors and practices that
enabled or hindered your performance
o Resources and development you sought in 2013
Reflect on how you delivered on our promises and how your
accomplishments contributed to the results of our business

Review current goals and IDPs

o Open a discussion on whether goals were appropriately
updated or reprioritized during the second half of 2013
o Acknowledge Accomplishments: What went well?
o Identify Opportunities: What could have gone better? What
are your learnings?
Be empathic while identifying performance challenges
Provide clarity and focus regarding:
o Your assessment of your direct reports performance
o Key expectations you had for high performance based on
objectives, competencies, skills, expertise, and results

What should I do after the conversation?


Reflect on the feedback youve received

Take action on what you believe will enhance your experience
Continue to seek input from your manager and others
Verify that you had the conversation. To do this, you can
acknowledge the discussion in the PMP application

Document your discussion by adding comments on the PMP tool

Record the highlights of the conversation for yourself
Check-In with your direct report on additional thoughts they may
have after your conversation
Maintain an on-going dialogue and start planning for next year
Global Talent Management


Associate Name:

Manager Name:

Think through the following questions in preparation for the PMP Year-End Review. Understanding and processing the feedback you
receive is a critical component of the discussion. Feel free to adapt this form to fit your needs. Best practice is to send it as a preread to your manager two business days before your meeting. Prepare yourself for a meaningful dialogue with your manager.

Associate Preparation Questions

Did you have to modify your goals and realign them to new priorities? What did you do differently? If so, describe the changes:

Describe progress you made since Mid-Year discussion. What went well? What are your successes? Any missed opportunities?

Did your manager enable you to achieve your goals? Were you clear about what you needed to achieve them?

How did you display your strongest competencies? What actions did you take on your development plans?

Post-Conversation Outcomes:
My manager and I are aligned on the degree of difficulty and challenges Ive experienced in working towards my goals
I am accountable for my performance results and understand what were my responsibilities and commitments in 2013
My manager and I are aligned on meaningful career development opportunities available to me in the future
My performance can be documented on the Performance Management System as we both agreed on my results
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