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Old Wood Fores Recommended Lv3

Old Wood Forest is the site of humble beginner's training, where one must wonder why there
even is a guide map for that place if the game seemed so kind as to give you quests that help
explain game mechanics. Well, this bit's more for the sake of knowing the numbers behind that.
As mentioned by CrugerSoulek in this Leveling Guide of Sorts:
Make sure to clear the area of side/free quests before advancing on.

Lv 1 Weakened Crawler
o Muddy White Body Fluid (19g)

Lv 3 Starved Killer Plant

o Nut of Killer Plant (52g)
o Petal of Killer Plant (38g)

Lv 4 Dirty Mothbee
o Small Feathers (39g)

Lv 8 Wounded Wolf
o Rotten Meat (72g)
o Foul Tasting Meat (92g)

World Boss: Lv 16 Notorious Ogre Turtle* Drops:

Giant Heart (178g)


*For side quest, unless you have a Diamond weapon from the beginner's lottery, recommended to
fight with a party.

Cave of Bewilderness Recommended Lv6

Your first dungeon, fighting all the uglies. Yup, you're gonna have a kill quest or two here. (For
above map, bright goblin for Weakened, darker goblin for Vigorous.) This cave is definitely for
good leveling once you get your side quests to this point. Don't hit the Troll's Room till you're at
least lv 8 and you got the quest for it.
"Ohh, so that's what the keys are for!" Save those keys for future red, windy, and chained boxes.
No need to waste any on this boss's drops.

Lv 5 Weakened Goblin Troll

o Scared Eyeball (44g)

Lv 7 Vigorous Goblin Troll

o Muddy Eyeball (54g)

Cave Boss: Lv 10 Oppressive Goblin Troll

Gives big indicators when its about to attack, so be sure to move out of the way and attack while
it recovers. Has some aoe attack though, so keep a good distance from toxic sludge and jump
shockwaves, then close in when you find an opening.

Waterfall Lane Recommended Lv10

You got Wall Walk! Congratulations! Poor village. Much JRPG. Waterfall Lane is a common site
for hunting the every elusive Colourful Chicks! And then some. Let's just say these CCs are an
easy way to get rich and rich fast. Once you reach Waterfall Lane, leveling will run just as
smoothly as before, with ill-struck versions of that dang turtle from Old Wood Forest being a
higher level than the guys in the cave behind the waterfall. Information on leveling in this area
can be found here. Just keep your eye out for the giant, or better yet, dat a$$. Just don't get
caught in its shockwave.

Lv 8 Wounded Wolf
o Rotten Meat (72g)
o Foul Tasting Meat (92g)
o Neodymium (500g)

Lv 9 Fleeing Soldier Skeleton

o Omni-deficient Bone (84g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard

Lv 13 Sick Turtle
o Small Strong Heart (132g)
o Dynamic Heart (162g)
o Unidentified Weapons

o Ianthanum (2500g)
World Boss: Lv 32 Reknown Quo Luzone Drops:

Alloy-like Jaw (375g)

Unidentified Accessories (Fuma Earrings, Peacock Ring, Small Power Earrings)

Big Limestone Cave Recommended Lv10

Here, you'll find ol' faithful Billy who'll be able to repair your stuff for you. He also sells potions,
but better to save your money and let the automatic regen do its job for you. First, stock up on
thin claws to prepare for some future side quests. Next, be sure to head to Bandits' Village first
lest you wanna miss out on a really cool looking village and some useful side quests! For now,
until you're lv17+, best stay away from Spider Thread Cave in the meantime and stick to the
spiders and lizards here. Also World Boss Hunters! After the Ogre Turtle, your next target is the
Wandering Frilled Lizard by the broken train cars! Lower level than Luzone out by the waterfall,
so around lv35+ or so, this guy should be okay to kill.
If one is lucky, one may also spot Rare Metal Chicks in the area! Weird little things. Like to hang
out in dark, dingy places. They're not as popular or as outgoing as the rainbow CCs though, too

Lv 8 Biting Lizard
o Decayed Fang (84g)
o Samarium (150g)
o Neodymium (500g)
o Unidentified: Accessories, Weapons, Lower Guard

Lv 10 Newly Born Araneus

o Smelly Leg (92g)
o Unidentified: Head Guard, Weapons

Lv 11 Wimpy Shocker Lizard

o Thin Claw (95)
o Unidentified Weapons

World Boss: Lv 24 Wandering Frilled Lizard Drops:

Little Decayed Fang (320g)

Unidentified Accessories (Fuma Earrings, Peacock Ring)

West Plain Recommended Lv11

"Why can't we access that why?? Why is there a quest before going to town?? Why are there so
many stupid balloon things around??" Yes, you're almost there to the main commercial hub of the
game! (WTF are these drawings?? WTF are those blobs??) Think of this map as your first taste
of Izanagi's ever fragile economy system, and a good reason you might need to farm a little haha.
Don't forget to get the hummingbird kill quest from Bandits' Village though for this area. It's
good exp; might as well get the quest out of the way.

Lv 10 Exhausted Fake Cat

o Dirty Claw (92g)
o Rubber Flavoured Meat (105g)

o Unidentified Lower Guard

Lv 11 The Weakest Hummingbird

o Tacky Beak (95g)
o Cool Beak (117g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard

Lv 12 Coward Manis
o Dry Leather (110g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard

Lv 12 Vigorous Vampire Chick

o Yellow Body Fluid (110g)
o Baby Bird's Body Fluid (155g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard, Accessories (Life Ring)

Cave of Howling Peak Recommended Lv15

Howling Peak, that lil cave down below where you miss the jump in West Plains. You'll need
scorpion's drops for main quest I believe, but don't forget to also stock up on calcium and iron
because you'll need some of those bones for side quests. Stock up on both greasy and hardening
spores too because there's one repeatable side quest taking greasy spores and you'll need
hardening spore for other quests.

Lv 14 Great Hider Scorpion

o Fragile Legs (155g)
o Poison Needle (155g)
o Unidentified Head Guard

Lv 15 Nice Soldier Skeleton

o Calcium Deficient Bone (170g)
o Iron Deficient Bone (238g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard, Weapons

Lv 16 Brave Fungus
o Greasy Spore (178g)
o Hardening Spore (226g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard

Cave Boss: Lv 18 Cross-border Heteropoda

Even if going solo, try to kill off as many of the baby eggs as possible before they hatch. You
wouldn't wanna get surrounded by a bunch of baby spiders when you still have mama boss to kill
too. In a party of three or four, get two people (preferably gunners, asa or mag) to kill eggs and
let the rest focus on the boss.

Spider Thread Cave Recommended Lv18

Here we are! I assume by this stage you have the option to take Billy's repeatable quest. Take it.
Yes, take it. Taaaaaake it. Taaaaaaaaaake iiiiiiiit. Easy 5k exp after some 4 spider and 2 skeleton
kills. Stock up on all the skeleton parts too because a few side quests will need them.

Lv 17 Strong Araneus

o Tough Spider Legs (186g)

o Unidentified Upper Guard
o Gold Bag (20,000g)

Lv 18 Anxious Skeleton
o Deodorizing Bone (195g)
o Deodorizing Jaw (195g)

Cave Boss: Lv 23 Big Eating Heteropoda

Same as Howling Peak's Heteropoda. Even if going solo, try to kill off as many of the baby eggs
as possible before they hatch. You wouldn't wanna get surrounded by a bunch of baby spiders
when you still have mama boss to kill too. In a party of three or four, get two people (preferably
gunners, asa or mag) to kill eggs and let the rest focus on the boss.

Flash Cave Recommended Lv21

Flash Cave is a well known site for grinding exp without having to spend 100,000g for a ticket to
the islands. It's not grinding the cave monsters themselves though, but rather from taking Jiro's
repeatable kill quest for 15k exp after 3 Raging Minotaur kills. Unless you're over lv30 or so, or
have strong enough gears, would not recommend tackling Minotaur alone.

Lv 20 Quiet Crawler
o Sticky Body Fluid ALPHA (215g)
o Neodymium (500g)

Lv 21 Abusive Fungus
o Cotton Candy Spore (228g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard

Lv 22 Noisy Goblin Cub

o Congested Eyeball (226g)
o Healthy Claw (320g)
o Ianthanum (2500g)

Cave Boss: Lv 26 Raging Minotaur

Boss is gonna have two mini goblin goons going after you too, but if you need help from a party,
more often than not Channel 1 will have people recruiting for Minotaur parties to fight it. If
going solo, kill off the little goblins first before going after the big guy.
Notable Avatar Drops:

Robber Hat (A)

Thug Cloth (A)

Northern Plains Recommended Lv25

Here lies another popular CC hunting spot, and compared to Waterfall Lane, there is a lot more
area to roam. Be mindful of Wilson's sidequests because you'll need to do a lot of gathering in
this map alone. Madalyne the Scientist resides down south of the map, but her main and side
quests don't come till later. Butch however will give you some good exp with his quests if you're
up for the challenge. Quick warning: the drop rates may feel significantly lower in this area
compared to the maps you've been to so far, so if farming for useless wood or fine meat, you may
be in for quite a long grind instead. Boss Hunters, King Wolf resides by the wolf caves in the
northwest, though he's a heavy hitter, I gotta say.

Lv 23 Bullish Mothbee
o Eerie Designed Feathers (292g)
o Tough Feathers (355g)
o Unidentified Accessories

Lv 25 Too Smooth Ent

o Useless Wood (327g)
o High Quality Japanese Paper (411g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard

Lv 26 Untiring Wolf
o Clammy Leather (336g)
o Fine Meat (445g)
o Unidentified Weapons

Lv 26 Competitive Bow Goblin Cub

o Salty Claw (336g)
o Cerium (1500g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard

World Boss: Lv 38 King Wolf Notable Drops:

Unidentified Accessories (Super Wild Ring, Fenrir Ring)

Cave of Gob Goblin Recommended Lv27

All the goblins! ALLLL THE GOBLINS!! In my opinion, I find Gob Golin a good farming spot
for those not quite yet ready for the infamous Hinarigaoka farming spots. Let me also be the first,
if you have not yet been to Gob Golin already, to say not all goblins are tiny. Just saying haha.
For general monster drops, stock up on at least 10 Used Up Wood for side quests if not more.

Lv 26 Cheerful Goblin Cub

o Clear Eyeball (336g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard

Lv 27 Dreamy Rod Goblin

o Unmaintained Claw (343g)
o Unidentified Head Guard

Lv 28 Intimidating Axe Goblin

o Heart with a Hole (351g)
o Used Up Wood (460g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard

Cave Boss: Lv 31 Eternal Cerberus

More Greek Mythos, anybody? Be very wary of its toxic attacks as its frontal range is much
larger than that of the boss troll/Minotaur's. When you see all three of its heads go up, however,
run as far as possible to the edge of the map to avoid its rainbow puking massive aoe toxic

Notable Avatar Drops:

Fireman Mask


Cave Hinarigaoka Recommended Lv27

You did it, man. By this point I assume you're almost, if not over, Lv30. I'm gonna stress right
now a very common message I tell any Rurouni guildies who are new to this area: DO NOT-and I repeat--DO NOT. TOUCH. THE CHICKEN. Heck, I'm barely over Lv50 myself (at the
time I made this guide) and even I have trouble against its long distance sniping attacks and its
wind aoe. (Had a friend with a full agi build try to tackle it. Ended up as one big "NOPE!" and
"What just happened?") However, for any Boss Hunters over lv60, the chicken, aka the Flame
Comb Shadow Galus, has its own little nest there waiting for challengers to approach.

Lv 27 Arrogant Soldier Skeleton

o Brittle Bone (343g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard

Lv 28 Jitter Manis
o Easy to Clean Leather (351g)
o Scandium (5000g)
o Unidentified Head Guard

Lv 26 Growing Shadow Chick

o Very Yellow Body Fluid (336g)
o Gold-like Body Fluid (436g)
o Unidentified: Weapons, Accessories (Reversal Ring)

World Boss: Lv 52 Flame Comb Shadow Galus Drops:

(unknown, currently in progress)

Cave Boss: Lv 36 Passionate Cerberus

Same as Gob Golin, but stronger obviously. Be very wary of its toxic attacks as its frontal range
is much larger than that of the boss troll/Minotaur's. When you see all three of its heads go up,
however, run as far as possible to the edge of the map to avoid its rainbow puking massive aoe
toxic attack!

North Defense Line Recommended Lv33


"Wow." That was my first reaction when I first saw how many places this map connects to, and it
made me discover my inner Dora the Explorer. It also made me realise that wow, this Izanagi
world may be waaaaaay bigger than first perceived. This is also another site for RMC hunting,
but it's probably harder to navigate around all these twists and turns when there are lots of
enemies afoot.
As for Boss Hunters, like tackling the chicken, I'd recommend being at least close to lv60 before
challenging the Carnage Demon Horse Troop! Beware as you cross its path! Dun dun DUN!

Lv 31 Violent Humming Bird

o Sneering Beak (366g)
o Cerium (1500g)
o Unidentified: Weapons, Accessories (Aiming Ring)

Lv 32 Stalwart Samurai Skeleton

o Carbonated Bone (376g)
o Unidentified Head Guard

Lv 33 Modest Ninja Skeleton

o Unsound Bone (376g)
o Unidentified: Lower Guard, Face Guard, Accessories (Vanquish Ring)

Lv 35 Quiet Demon Human Troop

o Germed Coal (388g)
o Lactic Bacteria Coal (510g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard

World Boss: Lv 48 Carnage Demon Horse Troop Drops:

(unknown, still in progress)

Cave of Echo Valley Recommended Lv35

So. You may be wondering. What is the point of this cave if the main quests don't really cover it?
That's where all the side quests come in, and plus this map is what covers the level gap between

North Defense Line and Mystic Ruined City (your next main story destination). So I hear the
Heteropoda in this map drops some really, really cool avatars. Either way, just keep on grinding,
guys. Just keep on grinding.

Lv 34 Liar Araneus
o Ringing Legs (384g)
o Unidentified Head Guard

Lv 35 Shy Scorpion
o Bloody Legs (343g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard

Lv 36 Moody Samurai Skeleton

o Twisted Jaw (373g)
o Unidentified Accessories (Vanquish Ring)

Cave Boss: Lv 39 Rainy Night Heteropoda

Same as previous Heteropodas, you know the drill. Even if going solo, it's recommended to try to
kill off as many of the baby eggs as possible before they hatch. You wouldn't wanna get
surrounded by a bunch of baby spiders when you still have mama boss to kill too. In a party of
three or four, get two people (preferably gunners, asa or mag) to kill eggs and let the rest focus
on the boss. (Bonus: a horrific photo from one Lv39 Hete run.)
Notable Avatar Drops:

Little Red Riding Hood (A)


Mystic Ruin City Recommended Lv38

Ohohoh now this. THIS is so far (imo) the coolest map you'll stumble across. It really screams
post apocalypse and the graphics make it amazing~ However, due to the gap in level within the
story quests, I'd recommend you do all the side quests for Cave of Echo Valley first (and possibly
even grinding there if not the infamous Unknown/Unexplored islands) before tackling this map
and beyond. (Also, as for the map itself, ignore the colours I used lol, but at least that's the gist of
it.) If this is your first encounter with the Liches, their magic hits hard. Really hard. No amount
of agi will save you from that haha.

Lv 36 Forgetful Wraith
o Soft Teeth (388g)
o Old Pendant (557g)
o Vermilion Crystal (557g)
o Unidentified: Weapons, Accessories (Almighty Earrings, Fuma Ring)

Lv 40 Sleep Deprived Lich

o Under Treatment Teeth (417g)
o Ancient Bronze Coin (583g)
o Hyperpure Vermilion Crystal (583g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard, Weapons, Accessories (Cheap Engagement Ring)

Lv 37 Unhealthy Turtle
o Tireless Heart (402g)
o Large Heart (562g)
o Unidentified: Upper Guard, Lower Guard, Accessories

Subway Platform Recommended Lv37

If you're feeling claustrophobic, you might feel that in this map haha, but some people prefer its
tighter spaces for farming. This place has a really cool farming guide in case you were curious.
Past the entrance, there aren't a lot of safe spots to regen, so proceed with caution. Also, if you

wind up here needing a boss kill for the main story quest, be prepared. Be very prepared.
(Other Credits: HUNTERxHUNTED)
Recently I've noticed due to the level gap in the main story quests that lower level players have
arrived here. At minimum, I strongly recommend being at least Lv30 before tackling further
quests from this point on. Trust me; it ain't gonna get easier.

Lv 36 Forgetful Wraith
o Soft Teeth (388g)
o Old Pendant (557g)
o Vermilion Crystal (557g)
o Unidentified: Weapons, Accessories (Almighty Earrings, Fuma Ring)

Lv 38 Honest Araneus
o Savory Spider Legs (406g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard

Lv 38 Cautious Shocker Lizard

o Decorative Fang (406g)
o Stinky Meat (625g)
o Unidentified Head Guard
o Gold Bag (20,000g)

Cave Boss: Lv 42 Daunting Rat Master + Lv 40 Calm Turtle Jr, Intellectual Turtle Jr, Irascible
Turtle Jr, and Gorging Turtle Jr.
TMNT. Yeah, you read that right haha. Not just one boss to defeat, but five! Unless you can tank
against the turtles, best to have a party with you. Kill of the Rat Master first because though he
may be a slow attacker, his lazer beam has enough juice to deliver anyone a one-hit KO! After
the rat's down, then kill off all the turtles, but even the turtles can range from melee to long
distance to being downright explosive.

Perished Smithy Recommended Lv38


Here we go! Another common site for RMC hunting. Don't be deceived by this map because
there is also an underground level and higher ground that takes a little parkour to reach. This is
also the site of the next closest town since North Military Post and the only town you'll see for
the next long while from here on out. It's a long pricy distance from Blacksmith Village to Ordo,
but remember to visit Blacksmith before exploring further into the maps beyond the area.

Lv 38 Bandwagon Goblin Cub

o Dried Eyeball (568g)
o Spicy Claw (406g)
o Unidentified Head Guard

Lv 37 Packed Humming Bird

o Dangerous Beak (402g)
o Cute Beak (562g)

Lv 40 Assault Demon Human Troop

o Well-kept Insignia (417g)
o Odorless Coal (50g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard

Tunnel 1 Recommended Lv42

Tunnel "1"? There's more than one of them?? Haha yup. Be careful not to get Tunnel 1 mixed up
with Tunnel 2 because while Tunnel 2 is closer to Blacksmith Village, there is a five level gap
between Tunnel 1 and 2. Knowing Izanagi's slow exp climb at this point, five levels can add up
to one hell of a bigger punch to defend against. The Axe Goblins in this area similar to Gob
Golin's can give some decent exp if you're looking for grinding places. Plus a couple side quests
will require you to kill in this area too, so why not? You'll be facing the boss here for the main
story quest though, and lemme tell ya, just like Rat's Room, you won't be alone with only one

Lv 41 Daring Shocker Lizard

o Strained Fang (424g)
o Obnoxious Meat (593g)

o Unidentified Head Guard, Face Guard

Lv 42 Muscular Axe Goblin

o Hypoxia Heart (432g)
o Flammable Wood (604g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard

Lv 42 Stealth Demon Human Troop

o Bloodstained Insignia (410g)
o Pledged Insignia (616g)
o Ianthanum (2500g)

Cave Boss: Lv 45 Impure Goblin Troll-Bro + Lv 43 Impure Goblin Troll-Sis

Congratulations! You have twins! Essentially, think of this as double the Minotaur. The main
story quest will have you go after big bro who happened to be born two minutes before sis was,
but to win, you need to beat both. Start by taking down Sis before going after Bro to save you the
trouble of having to face two at once, plus Sis is slightly easier to beat anyway.

Large Wetland Recommended Lv42

This area is also seen as good farm space if you're not there for just the side quests, and good
news is the monsters are all scattered enough that no one can really claim just one set area as
good farming territory. Just watch out for the ugly spear-stabbed Shrek roaming the middle of the
swamp. If you're here farming for accessories though, gonna leave you with a quote from a
The probability is slim, not sexy.

Lv 41 Hungry Lizard (Neutral [doesn't attack when approached])

o Muscular Meat (593g)
o Very White Fang (424g)
o Unidentified: Upper Guard, Weapons

Lv 42 Persistent Axolotl (Neutral)

o Hypnovitaminosis Eyeball (432g)

o Clear Body Liquid (50g)

o Unidentified Weapons

Lv 44 Unfit Turtle (Hostile)

o Amative Heart (451g)
o Hypertrophic Heart (631g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard, Accessories (Small Courage Earrings, Lust Earrings)

World Boss: Lv 56 Yokozuna Sumo Zombie (Hostile) Notable Drops:

Unidentified Accessories (Iron Ring)

Cave of Heavy Phyton Recommended Lv44

Yeesh, why so green? Looks like the inside of a moldy fish tank. Better yet, all the monsters here
look like they outta be a part of an aquarium. (Minus the manis--pretend they're pieces of
walking coral. In a fish tank with fake trees. And fake tadpoles. And why do most of their drops
sound really gross to touch? And why does the cave name sound fresh off the translation boat?
And you can feel my heavy feelings for this heavy python cave ooze out, like honestly, come on,
translator not that I can translate any better, but still.) Different boss though, yay!

Lv 43 Irritable Manis
o Smooth Leather (440g)
o Slippery Leather (616g)
o Unidentified: Head Guard, Face Guard

Lv 45 Organic Ent
o Photosynthesized Leaf (648g)
o Wet Wood (463g)

Lv 44 Sticky Axolotl
o Watery Eyeball (451g)
o Juicy Body Fluid (50g)

o Unidentified Head Guard

Cave Boss: Lv 47 Giant Serpent
If you aren't agi-built, this serpent will be annoying as hell. Lots of quick attacks with venom to
boot, plus it can summon Sticky Axolotl to come to its venomous aid. If you're agi built, by all
means, you can survive solo minus the poison. If not agi built, at least go in with either a cleric
or enough potions to survive the poison and onslaught of body slamming whips while you chip
away this snake's HP.

Oil Field Site Recommended Lv45

Worried I may be giving away all the good farming spots? Hell, at least with this place, the oil
field was filled with so many kill quests, people were bound to discover the farming potential of
this place eventually haha. This place then, in a sense, can be considered the upgraded version of
Cave Hinarigaoka. You got your massive mobs nicely lumped, you got your black chickies and
their money making droppings, and you got good grinding territory for exp (even a repeatable
quest! How nice!). If you were like me the first time I went to this place and entered via the
spirally path in North Defense Line instead of through Perished Smithy, you were probably
waaaaay beyond the recommended level and may have screamed across the field trying not to
get hit while simultaneously impressed that a game decided to feature a true environmental
problem haha.

Lv 44 Solo Fake Cat

o Severely Rolled Claw (451g)
o Gristly Meat (631g)
o Unidentified Head Guard

Lv 44 Fearless Wolf
o Soft Leather (432g)
o Clear Body Liquid (50g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard

Lv 46 Growing Pains Oil Chick

o Pure Yellow Body Fluid (451g)
o Amber-ish Body Fluid (661g)
o Unidentified: Weapons, Accessories (Reversal Ring)

Cave of Gross Oil Recommended Lv45

Again, I question why the translator didn't decide to make a more appealing cave name haha.
However, I do appreciate how from lv40 onwards, the locations are a little closer together in
level and don't make a massive jump like they had from lv30-40.

Lv 44 Bold Fungus
o Spiky Spore (451g)
o Liquidy Spore (631g)
o Unidentified Weapons

Lv 45 Shy Araneus
o Sour Spider Legs (406g)
o Unidentified Upper Guard

Lv 45 Mean Crawler
o Sticky Body Fluid BETA (463g)
o Small Fang (648g)
o Unidentified Lower Guard, Accessories (Goddess Ring)

Cave Boss: Lv 47 Gross Eater Heteropoda

By this point, it's essentially the same drill as any Heteropoda. If you got enough agi, you can
probably solo this guy. If not, have a pt and leave at least one person in charge of egg smashing.
Or you can risk leaving the eggs be and have everybody just raise hell against the ol' spider
mama haha.


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