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Proposal for industrial Visit

Industrial visit is a part of the management course, during which students visit companies and get
insight of on the internal working environment of the company. The industrial visit also provides
an insight on how companies work and also useful information related to the practical aspects of
the course which cannot be visualized in lectures.

We students of 5th semester are planning to organize an industrial visit on 3rd April 2015 to get
practical knowledge after the theoretical study of BBA. As the primary objectives of this visit is
to get familiar with the industry and its working procedure beside that there are others such as
exploring knowledge and become socialized with the department we will visit.
We students are expecting the approval of this visit from the college management team and
expect that college will provide various precious experiences of industrial visit in order to make
out program successful.
This industrial visit is conducted as a part of event management which every BBA students
should learn as being a student of management.

As the primary objective of this visit is to match our theoretical knowledge with the real working
environment. There are also some other objectives which are as follow


Student will get expose to the real application of industry machinery.

Students are able to get the knowledge, and picture of working departments in the real
configuration which is difficult to imagine in theory classes. Students will be more
understand what are practical elements or components in working space area, either with
manual or automated systems.
To become aware of the role of different people in an organization
To become aware of career opportunities
To recognize the need for health and safety in the workplace
Students are able to focus on specific aspects of their studies

Profile of industry to visit

Dairy Development Corporation established under corporation Act 2021 BS. DDC-a fully state
owned corporation, initiated for the economic advancement of the poor farming communities,
has flourished into a nationwide movement with an annual collection over 60 million liters of
milk from more than 75 thousand milk producers through 888 milk cooperatives spread out in 33
district. With the sate-of-art infrastructure comprising of fully modern dairy plants, 11 cheeses
manufacturing units, 45 milk chilling plants and highly qualified dairy specialists, DDC is a
precious asset in the economic development of our nation.
DDC were uncompromising about a strict adherence to quality of milk & milk products, hygiene
and sanitation of the plants. We pledge to uphold the grand tradition set by our predecessors and
to endorse the trust and faith placed in us by our valued customers.

Target no of patricipants
Number of students are 25 including 23 from 5th semester and 2 from college management team.

Program Tentative
7.30 am
8.00 am
9.00 am

Short briefing
Move out from college by
transport provided

Lainchour, DDC Industry

Estimated Budget
This visit does not seem to be costly. No other charges are charged except the transportation cost.

Support from college

We are expecting following supports from the college
1. College should provide two representative, one lady representative is compulsory.
2. We are expecting that college will provide transportation facilities.
3. To approve our tour package.

Involving the class at all stages of the industrial visit motivates the students and helps them take
full advantage of all learning opportunities presented. It also brings a dimension to students'
education, which they cannot gain in the classroom as well as helping to make connections
between the different aspects of their educational experience.
WE hear and WE forget
WE see and WE remember
WE do and WE understand

Hooping for your positive response!!