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Monday June 15th

is the 800th Anniversary of

King John signing the Magna Carta
So let's celebrate this truly important
historical day with a FREE admission

Festival in Grandview Park.

With bands, food and Freedom of Expression
Come as you are [or] in old Medieval costume
there's never been a
holiday or a festival
commemorating the
Magna Carta...
Ya think they just might be
trying to get us to forget that
it's one of the most inspiring feats that changed the whole world

Lest we Forget, the Magna Carta is the very foundation of

the Supremacy of common law jurisdiction over Maritime Law,
It gave us Habeus Corpus, the right to a judge and jury trial, &
basically all fundamental Freedoms [like] we're all equal before
and under the law AND all kinds of real human rights that
Maritime Law won't stop trying to take away

Park Festivities start at 4 PM

[no alcohol it's a family event]

Then [after sunset] we march to

a Hall for a Party @ 9: PM till ?
[location not confirmed yet]
for move info call 778-707-7461 or connect on
Facebook - Magna Carta Rallies and Festivals


in your community - NOW

LIKE: Convince the local Legions in your

community to have some kind of event
AFTER ALL: if they celebrate Valentine's Day
and St Patrick's Day, then there's no excuse
for not commemorating what millions of soldiers died to protect.
We only found out about this coming up last week
We really are sorry for not giving more notice BUT
this just points to the fact that Authority is obviously
trying to hide this truly important historical date.
This ignorance is not an accident, when the HARPSTER
is wholesale robbing us of all the basic human rights that
the Magna Carta granted us. We should never forget the
fact that over a billion people have died in Wars defending this trust.


anyone in any community in the

world can solicit their local Irish or English
Pubs [for example] and inspire them to
promote a Special Event to remind
AUTHORITY that once reminded, we've
not forgotten or forsaken this trust of
Lest we forget, it's never to happen again

Just look at the obvious: There's never had been a

Magna Carta Day, or we would have a yearly reminder as
to why it's so important; just look at the history...
[in 1915]- they did not want us to celebrate its 700th
anniversary when they just formed the Federal Reserve.
[in 1815]- they should have celebrated it, because the
War of 1812 was billed as taking back all basic Magna Carta rights

IN CANADA, we really need a Peaceful

ways and means to let the HARPSTER
know that we're not defacto debt slaves
All any ANTI-HARPER advocate needs
to do is inspire the locals to create a
Festival to promote the Magna Carta.
BOTTOM LINE: be inspired take a chance on making a difference.