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Aries: Starting with the fire sign, Aries' weakness is their anger and their explosive

reaction. They are known as the 'emperor'. They don't believe in yelling or ignoring the
unfair, they just hit and prove their superiority by showing their emperorship. Their
stubborn and head strong nature may prove to be destructive.
Taurus: Taurus is rigid, unchanging and lazy. They are bound around their regular
routine and makes really slow moves, so they miss out many good opportunities. They
also become stubborn and have a tendency to exaggerate.
Gemini: The air bearing twins are very fast and unpredictable; they move in different
directions and work in different fields. They don't care about their health so much and are
considered to be double faced. They may act differently for personal gain.
Cancer: Cancer is a shy, secretive and moody sign. They do not forget things easily and
may seek revenge. They get jealous easily and may speak ill of others. Their moneyminded nature may be perceived as a negative trait.
Leo: The son of the sun, lion (the Leo) is the sign of royalty and domination. Their
weaknesses are that they have a deep desire to rule over all, they are stubborn in
believing themself and excessively use their power. Staying in the limelight is fine, but
hogging it all the time is not.
Virgo: Virgo has a problem when it comes to trusting others. They wouldn't even trust
their best friends.They are reluctant spenders. They criticize and nag; qualities which
many find to be annoying.
Libra: Libra gets confused all the time. Once in a while is fine, but to be indecisive
whenever you ask something can be a frustrating thing to experience. They may be
critical without paying heed to others' emotions.
Scorpio: They can be very vindictive as an enemy, so try not to bring out the worst in
Scorpio. Their inability to make the right decision in love is their biggest weakness. They
are stubborn too.
Sagittarius: They get distracted very easily and also change their personality according
to the situation. They have this desire to do too many things together, which can lead to
problems later. They forget about all the practical things in the world.
Capricorn: Capricorn is too detached from reality and may also appear cold when in
love. They are slow learners who take their time before adapting to something new.
Aquarius: Aquarius desires freedom too much and believes in doing things alone. They
have a quality of being coolly sarcastic and become highly impatient when they are

Pisces: They are not very determined and excessively trust others. Pisceans are most
difficult to understand. They are extremely sensitive and also very gullible. People may
take advantage of Pisces' naivete.

The Weakest Spots according to your Zodiac

The vigorous Rams are naturally gifted with great energy, strength and stamina.
However, they are hasty and impulsive, and that makes them susceptible to minor injuries
and falls. Disorders of the head, stomach and kidneys may also be an issue for them.
Thus, the Aries need to take an extra care of these body organs, or they may develop
chronic health problems like migraine, sinusitis, indigestion or kidney stones. Too much
work pressure or an unhealthy diet, thus are a strict no-no.
Bulls are robust and possess a great physical stamina by birth itself. Gifted with a nice
appetite and sturdy structure, it's unlikely that they would suffer from any major health
problems during childhood. Yet, as they grow older, they may develop a tendency to put
on weight or may become unhealthy/ unfit. They tend to overindulge in food and drink,
and love their sleep. And, they may remain away from physical exercise for long periods.
This, besides, a sensitive earnose-throat, is their weak spot.
The flitting, over-zealous Twins love activity and socialising. Too much buzz, though,
may make them prone to anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. Thus, the Geminis need to
take a good care of their sleep and food habits. Prone to respiratory problems/ asthma
when young, and influenza/ viral infections as they grow older, Geminis need to pursue
Yoga and meditation to calm their mind and get a clear direction. Daily exercise is a must
to get rid of the extra energy. They may also suffer from pain and restlessness in limbs.

10 foods essential for women



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Figs are a great health food, containing many vital

minerals and vitamins as well as contributing to
your daily portions of fruit and veg. Two minerals
found in figs that are particularly beneficial to
women's health are iron, which is often deficient in
menstruating women, and calcium, which is
important for post-menopausal women, who are
more prone to osteoporosis.
The sorted Crabs are organised and usually enjoy good health, thanks to their healthy
eating and sleeping habits and their keen interest in yoga, meditation and the likes. Yet,
emotional and sensitive beings as they are, many of them are prone to bouts of
melancholy and depression. They should aim to keep themselves active and busy, as it
would help them vent their excess emotional energy. Lovers of their homes and hearth,
they should make outdoor sports a part of their routine to cut monotony and tendency to

get lazy.
By and large, most Leos are strong and robust, and possess vast reserves of energy.
However, if they are not careful with their posture, backbone or spine, from early on in
their lives, Leos may face problems owing to these weak spots. Most Lions are obsessed
with power and domination, which doesn't win them many friends and allies. Besides,
they are also given to bouts of rage and extreme anger. All this may adversely affect their
mental well-being, and hence they need to do all they can to curb aggression. Yoga and
meditation are excellent for them.
Virgo is probably the most health conscious sign of the zodiac. Most of the Virgo natives
meticulously stick to their diet and exercise routines, and often moderation and balance
are as much a part of their life as their painstakingly organised activity schedules. They
seldom fall sick, and when they do, they ensure getting appropriate treatment and rest.
However, they can be obsessive worriers, which is a sure shot way to psychosomatic
disorders. They may also be quite competitive and may find it hard to lose anything. In
the course of their lives, they need to learn to take it easy and let go of things.
Ruled by Venus, Libra place great value in balance and beauty. They often are
preoccupied with looking young and beautiful, and as many of them are naturally
charming, they don't find it hard too. Hence, diet, exercise and disciplined lifestyle are a
part of their lives. They don't usually face chronic health concerns, as they are quick to
take note of any nagging issues, and believe in nipping them in the bud. They must,
however, keep away from over indulgence, excess expectations, temptations and
emotional outbursts. They should also take care of their back and skeletal system.
Passionate Scorpios are gifted with a great tenacity and resilience; their ability to bounce
back from a health setback is immense. Besides, many of them have good immunity and
resistance against negative, and hence enjoy sound health. However, given their intense
mental make-up, it's likely that they may fall prey to anxiety, jealousy and brooding.
They need to keep their urge to distrust everyone in check, and must attempt meditation
and deliberate positive thinking. Many of them may also be susceptible to accidents and
minor injuries.
Archers are naturally sturdy. They rarely face any health issues, especially in the early
part of their lives. However, most of them are prone to over-indulgence of various kinds,
which may land them in a soup, especially as they age, once their strong composition is
not as robust as it used to be. They may face problems related to skeletal system and
gastrointestinal system. Also, the free bird Archers must drive carefully. Agreed that they
value their independence above anything, it is in their best interest to relax and give rest
to their extreme restlessness, every once in a while.

The Goats' resistance to most ailments is excellent, so they are likely to be safe and sound
in their old age. Their body, though, may be frail, especially the knees and the bone
structure, and they may suffer from chronic ailments in their childhood. Over-indulgence
is a no-no, and so are anger, detachment and passivity. Goats are prone to bouts of coldbehaviour, anxiety and negative thinking; they ought to curb these tendencies. Besides,
workaholic Goats may need appropriate rest and relaxation from time to time.
The Water Bearers tend to have weak bones, so falls or minor accidents should be
guarded against. Besides, their nervous system and heart may also cause them health
concerns. Most Aquarians tend to think and flit-about too much, which can lead to simple
to complex neurological disorders. Given their preference for activity and socialising,
though, many of them are well-maintained and fit, which is a good sign for their health.
However, they need to learn to relax and accept things as they are, rather than constantly
running for the 'better'.
The Fish have, perhaps, the frailest physical structure and body mechanism in the whole
zodiac. Besides, they are sentimental beings, and are quite prone to overindulgence,
substance-abuse, lethargy and passivity. Many of them love eating from a can/ packet, as
it's the easiest and requires the least effort; the junk definitely doesn't do them much
good. Most Pisces, thus, should aim to get a solid partner and settle down early in their
lives, as once the Fish feel rooted, feet firmly on ground, they tend to get very organised.