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30 Things to Do Before Turning 30

They say life begins at 30. But for some turning 30 is the beginning
of the end! Whichever way you see it you've gotta tick off these
thirty things before your thirtieth birthday.

30. Learn How To File Your Own Taxes

Remember how you struggled with your taxes during your twenties?
Well, by the time you turn thirty you must know how to do your

29. Stop Living For the Social Media

Posing, pouting, making people jealous shouldnt be your motive
now. Leave all that for the twenty-somethings. Agreed that
social media is necessary; but living for it shows that your priorities
are petty.

28. Vote
Your vote shows that you're a responsible citizen of the country.

27. Read At Least 30 Life Changing Books

When I say thirty 'life changing' books, 'Half Girlfriend' does not
count. Read books that will give you a life changing perspective
that will stay with you forever and which will help you to lay down
your own rules.

26. Run a Marathon

Only a runner knows what a long and steady run means to
him. Completing a marathon requires great discipline. If you
achieve this one, you are ready for greater challenges in life.

25. Have One Hilarious Blind Date Story To

Its ok if you are bad at dating. Horrible dates can be turned into the
best bar stories.

24. Attend One Memorable Music Concert

Make it a point to attend one memorable music concert, where you
will get to see your favourite artist performing live on stage.

23. Say 'Enough is Enough' and Quit

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Since you cant afford to do this after 30, you must get out of menial
jobs as soon as possible. Say goodbye to bad jobs, however say it in

22. Get an Adrenaline Rush

You want to go bungee jumping? Overcome your fear by going for
adventurous sports and treks with your pals.

21. Find Your Own Central Perk

By the time you turn 30, you must find a place like Central Perk or
MacLarens pub to hang out with your friends on a regular basis.

20. Take a Road Trip

Go on a road trip with your friends and come back with some
cherished memories.

19. Deliver a Great Speech

Whether its a farewell or wedding, give an inspiring speech for
which you will be always remembered.

18. Learn a Foreign Language

Try to learn a new language. Impress others with your impeccable

French or Spanish or Italian.

17. Shed Those Extra Kilos

Dont do it for others. Do it for yourself. Losing weight not only has
a feel good factor but it also makes you realise how you were
ignoring your health all this while.

16. Stop Being 'Chindi'

Stop being stingy and live a little bit. Take friends for dinner; throw
a lavish birthday party at least once in a while without thinking how
much that will burn a hole in your pocket.

15. Learn Swimming

It's an essential life skill, which you must learn.

14. Understand Alcohol

You cant drink like a teenager and puke everything later. You must
handle your drink like a gentleman. If you cant, then kindly stick to

13. Travel Alone

Traveling alone helps you understand the power of solitary
harmony. Embarking on a journey where you are your own map,
teaches you more about life than anything else.

12. Splurge on an Item You Can't Afford

It's ok to splurge on something which you can't afford. You work
hard, therefore you deserve it.

11. Learn To Cook a Meal

Enough of noodles and fried eggs. Learn to cook exotic cuisine and
surprise your mom.

10. Watch All the Popular Sitcoms and


From 'Friends' to 'Breaking Bad' to 'Pulp Fiction' and to 'Kaagaz Ke

Phool', you must not miss the popular sitcoms which form a
significant part of the pop culture.

9. Be Someone's Role Model

Pat yourself if someone considers you their role model. You are
already a hero.

8. Understand Physical Intimacy

Dont consider sex as just a need. Casual sex offers instant
gratification, but thats that.

7. Learn How to Dress Up For the Job You

Want and Not For the Job You Have
It's never too early to suit up!

6. Test Drive Your Dream Vehicle

Or best buy it!

5. Know Your Roots

Never forget the place where you were born. Its there where
everything started.

You have to.

3. Survive a Heartbreak
It takes courage to endure the pain of a heartbreak. Learn how to be
stoic and move on. This will only make you stronger.

2. Find at least one '4 AM' Friend

You have 700 friends on Facebook? Okay, then. Now think about
this whom will you call at 4 am if you feel down and want some
friend support? None from the 700 friends? Well, thats what we are
talking about. Find at least one true friend who will stay by you
come what may.

1. Be at Peace With Yourself

This is extremely important. If youre at peace with yourself now,

then youre ready to rock your thirties and the remainder of your
life. Accept reality and move on. Dont compare yourself with
others. Your purpose in life is different.