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1) Personal information:


Gender: a) Male

Age: a) 18-25 years

b) Female
b) 26-35 years

c) 36-60 years

d) 60 and above years

Education: a) Graduation

b) Post Graduation

c) Professional Degree

Occupation: a)Self-employed

b)Government Service

c) Private Service

d) Any other

Annual income: a) Below 1 lakh

b)1 lakh to 4 lakh

c) 4 lakh to 8 lakh

d) 8 lakh and above

2) Which type of bank you prefer for operating your account

a) Co-operative Bank

b) Commercial Bank

3) Are you aware of the all Products and Services under Retail Banking System?
a) Yes

b) No

4) Which type of services you are currently using from Retail Banking Services?
a) Personal banking


c) Corporate

If Personal Banking then,

5) Which type of products and services you use from Personal Sector of retail banking?
a) Deposit schemes
d) Mutual Fund

b) Retail loans
e) DEMAT Account

c) Investment and Insurance

f) Mobile banking service

g) Any other
6) In deposit schemes which type of account you use to make your deposit?

a) Saving accounts

b) Current accounts

c) Term deposit Accounts

7) In which scheme of savings accounts you make deposits?

a) Regular saving account

b) Akshay salary account

c) CUBS account for kids

e) Suvidha saving account

f) CAMPUS account (for

college students)
g) Janhit account for any individual or jointly
8) Which scheme of term deposits you use?
a) Fixed Deposit

b) Recurring deposit

c) Madhukar tax saving Deposit

9) While make deposits which factor will you prefer?

High Interest rate
low risk
Good returns




If Retail loans sector then,

10) Which type of loan you have taken from this Bank?
a) Vastu siddhi housing loan
repairs and renovation
f) Gold loan

b) Superfast car loan

d) Saraswati Education loan

c) Sajawat loan for house

e) Pravasi- Travel loan

g) multipurpose loan

11) How much percentage of loans you have repaid?

a) 0% to 25%

b) 26% to 50%

c) 51% to 75%

d) 76% to 100%

If Insurance then,
12) Which plan you have chosen for Insurance?
a) Protection plan

b) Childrens plan

d) Investment plan

f) Health plan

c) Retirement plan

13) Do you pay your premium of insurance regularly?

a) Yes

b) No

If you invest in mutual funds then,

14) Which mode of investment will you prefer while investing in Mutual Funds?
a) One time investment

b) Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

If DEMAT then,
15) Are you satisfied with DEMAT Account service?
a) Yes

b) No

16) Which type of DEMAT Account you have?

a) Individual Account

b) Corporate Account

17) Which type of NRI services you usually use?
a) NRI Deposit

b) NRI Loans

c) Remittance services

18) In NRI which type of account you make deposits?

a) Non- Resident Ordinary (NRO) Account
b) Non-Resident External (NRE) Account
c) Foreign Currency Non-Resident (Bank) Deposit
d) Resident Foreign Currency Account
19) In NRI which type of loan you take from NRI loan scheme?
a) Personal loan

b) Home loan

20) Do you use money transfer service for transferring money?

a) Yes

b) No

21) Which scheme of money transfer service you usually use?

a) Money Gram

b) Xpress Money

If Corporate Sector
22) Which type of corporate sector related services you take?
a) Udyogini

b) Micro Finance Self-help group

c) Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

d) Traders

e) Trade Finance

23) Which type of service you take from bank?

a) Working capital

b) Corporate loan

c) Term loan

d) Export Financing-Pre

and Post shipment

e) Import Finance

f) Bank Guarantee

g) Bill discounting

h) Letter of credit (Inland and Foreign)

i) Property loan

j) Rental loans
If services then,
24) Which type of services you usually use from Retail Banking System?
a) VISA Debit card

b) SMS banking

c) Easy pay

d) GOMO (Mobile

e) Internet Banking

f) Mutual Fund

g) Demat account facility

25) Are you satisfied with the Products and services of the bank?
a) Yes

b) No

26) Do you think there is any need of improvement in Retail Banking System of the bank?
a) Yes

b) No

27) If yes, then give rating on the following basis,



Not modified

Speed of process
User friendly language
Less Documentation
Internet Banking Service
Mobile Banking Service
Debit Card/ ATM Card
Retail Loan

28) Do you think that Retail Banking System helps you to make easy and fast banking
a) Yes

b) No

29) How important are the following benefits to you being a user of Retail Banking
Easy to operate
Fast process
Low risk
Transparency in
banking system

Very High

Partially High


Very Low