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One of the secrets to running a productive

shop is maintaining dependable ironworkers

to carry out various fabrication tasks. Piranha
is a name that every machine shop manager
should know aboutthese ironworkers are
renowned for their accuracy and versatility.
Having said that, let's explore the world of
Piranha ironworkers.

Ergonomically designed and highly durable,

Piranha ironworkers come with a number of
workstations that give operators a wide
range of fabrication options. These machines

are available in three distinct types:

1. Single operator ironworker
2. Dual operator ironworker

3. Single end punch press

Lets take a closer look at these three types.

A single operator ironworker from

Piranha can perform a variety of
functions, including but not limited
to punching, bending, and notching.
These machines have been
designed to minimize part distortion
and enable fast cycle times.
Several single operator models are
available from Piranha: P-50, P-65,
P-90, P-110, and P-140. The model
number indicates the machines
punch capacity in tons. For
example, the P-110 boasts a 110ton punch capacity.

Dual operator ironworkers allow the user to

perform two distinct operations simultaneously.

For added convenience, each workstation
includes a dedicated joystick and foot pedal.
These ironworkers are available from Piranha
in two models: PII-88 and PII-140.

A single end punch press gives

the operator a simple method of

punching holes in materials.
Not only is this unit extremely
accurate, it creates holes quicker
than other techniques used for
this basic fabrication task. This

speeds up production cycles.

Piranha has one single end punch
press in its catalog: SEP-120.

Piranha ironworkers differ in their design and

capabilities, but there are many standard features
shared by all models. These include the following:

Urethane hold-downs - These

automatically clamp and unclamp materials

Urethane strippers - These keep the

material flat

Shear blades - A low rake angle blade

prevents part distortion

Piranha also makes available a number of optional

attachments that can significantly expand the
capabilities of their ironworkers. These attachments
include the following:

Channel die blocks - Commonly used for

punching channel legs.

28XX punch attachments - Can increase

punching range by up to five inches.

Quickset gauging tables - Mounts on the

machine platen table to enable speedy
punching of multiple holes.

We're not donehere are still more high-quality

Piranha ironworker attachments:

Mechanical backgauges - These supply an

infinitely adjustable mechanical backstop

Electrical backgauges An electronic

variation of the mechanical backgauge

Channel shears - These can remove a

half-inch slug from the material

1.5" oversize punch attachments - Can

punch a hole as large as 1 9/16

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