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Title: Gateway of Tally

Learning Objective: Students will learn to navigate through the

Gateway of Tally


Click on Tally ERP 9

on the desktop

Close the window by

clicking on the X
button on top right
Move to the Info
panel area

This movie is to introduce you to the
Gateway of Tally screen which is the
control center of Tally
Lets double click on the Tally icon on the
In this initial screen as we login we will
be able to see the Company info menu.
Lets take a look at the various areas of
the Gateway of Tally screen before we
move ahead with the creation of a
On Top is the horizontal button bar which
includes the buttons like Print, Export,
Email, Upload etc
The Help file is the last button to the
right which can be used to access the
help file. Click on the Help button with
the mouse or by pressing on Alt + H
which is shown on the left of the Help
menu. The window Help options opens
up. In case you have installed the
complete Tally installer hit enter on the
local help option. A new window with the
help manual opens
This closes the Help window and we are
back to the company info screen
This is the Info panel area which includes
the product, Version, License and
Configuration area
The version shows the Tally Ver (ERP9)
and release 3.7. The Edition is Silver
which means single user. Gold edition is
multi user and many users can connect
to the server at the same time.

Click mouse on the

calculator area.

Click mouse outside

calculator pane and
the info pane is

Move cursor to
Button area

Move cursor to Main

Move cursor to task

Enter on Select

License currently shows the educational

mode. In case the license has been
applied then it shows the serial number
and also the user to whom its licensed.
This will also have information regarding
the Tally .NET subscription and when it is
The Configuration shows the Port of the
ODBC server
The calculator pane contains the
calculator where calculations can be
conducted. You can click on the
calculator area or use Ctl + N to move to
that area
Calculations can be done here like
Tally follows BDMAS (Bracket, Division,
Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction) rule
for execution sequence
The info pane is visible again

You can click on the info pane bar or use

Ctl + N to collapse the info pane
This is the button area. There are
currently no icons present but as we
move from screen to screen the buttons
will appear contextually.
This is the main area where all the
menus and the list of companies are
This is the task bar. Here it shows the
copyright information and also displays
the system date and time as hour:min:ss
We have covered the different parts of
the main screen and now lets hit enter
on the select Company menu
This list displays the list of companies

Hit enter on the Al

KHalij International
Move cursor to the
Current Period

Hit enter and return

to main area

Hit enter and move

back to main area

present in the current system. Currently

there is only one company called Al
Khalij International LLC which is a sample
company provided by Tally. The company
number is 10030 and the periods are
from 1st Jan 2011 to 31st Dec 2011. The
select company above shows the path
where the company files are stored
which is c:\users\public\tally.erp9\data.
Now lets hit enter to select the Al Khalij
International LLC
Now we have reached the Gateway of
Tally menu area. Lets explore the
various parts of the main area
his shows the current period. It shows 11-2011 to 31-12-2011. In order to
change the current period click on Alt +
F2 : Period. Also we can alternatively
click on the F2 button area. This is the
date which is displayed. We can then
change the period so that any
transactions being entered will be in this
period selected
The current date is displayed in the area
next to the period and this will show the
exact date the transactions will be
entered. We can click on F2 or
alternatively click on the F2:Date button
on the right to change the current date.
The current date can then be changed.
Lets retain the current date and hit enter
to move back to the main area
The list of companies will show the open
companies. There is only one company
currently and the date of last entry is
also shown. The date of last entry is
{Check the date}.
When we select multiple companies the
last selected company becomes the

Move cursor to
Gateway of Tally

Move cursor to
button bar

Press F12 on the


Hit Esc on keyboard

Active company and will be in bold.

This is the Gateway of Tally with a list of
menu options. To select a menu option
we can move our selection to the specific
menu and hit enter or click on the menu
and hit enter
At the rightmost part of the Gateway is
the button bar which was talked about
earlier. This shows several buttons and
depending on options some of them may
be active or inactive and appears
dimmed. These buttons provide quick
access to many areas and tasks
Now, to invoke a task through a button
there are 3 ways.
By Mouse Click the button at the
button bar
By Function key Each button has a
function key assigned to it from F1 to
F12. Click the function key to invoke.
By hotkey Some buttons have a
character or function key with single or
double underline. You can click on Alt +
Function key for single underline and Ctl
+ Function key for double underline
Lets click on F12 to go to the Configure
The menu now shows the Configuration
menu. This is one level below the
Gateway of tally and it shows 3 dots
after Gateway of Tally. To move back to
Gateway of tally lets use the Esc key to
go back. In tally we need to use the Esc
key always to move back from the
current area.
We are back to the Gateway of Tally
Now lets see how to select a menu item.
We would like to go to the Balance Sheet

Move key down till it

reached Balance
Hit enter

Hit Esc key

Move 2 steps above

by pressing up arrow
2 times
Press B keystroke

Hit esc

Press Esc
Press N
Press Q
Press Y

menu item
Now lets hit enter
The balance sheet is displayed. Now to
move back to the Gateway menu lets
press Esc
We can also select the Balance Sheet by
pressing the highlighted letter in the
menus. For example the Accounts info
has A highlighted. Lets move the
selection away from balance sheet and
see what is the highlighted letter for
Balance sheet.
B is the highlighted letter. Lets press B
The same result is achieved by pressing
the highlighted character. Lets move
back to Gateway of Tally
Now lets exit from Tally. To do this we
need to either use the Esc key or press Q
to quit.
Now you can press the Y key to exit or N
to go back to Gateway. Lets press N
Lets press Q this time
Lets press Y
We are now at the desktop. With this
movie we have learnt to navigate the
Gateway of tally area and in the next
movie lets take a look at how to create a