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Now a day, traditional teaching is useless; preparing classes with

repeating and translating activities is already old fashioned. There are
new ways and tools that we can use for teaching in an interactive and
funny way for the students. Instructional Technology is just more than
just have technological devices. Instructional technology refers to the
theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management
and evaluation of the processes and resources for learning. (Carolina).
IT is not only technology in our hands, it is to know how to use them into
the learning process in order to make the students to be interested on
the class and more actively participators in the activities that can be
done.IT does not refer only to computes, but the devices we have in our
class, cell phones, TV, speakers, data show and even a tape recording,
because there are some activities that need some audio and the
students can be taken into the process by doing a musical activity.

All of us know about what Instructional Technology is now a day,

but what is it used for? That is a question, that every single traditional
teacher wonder, and the answer is simple It is used to improve
educational and training systems in organizational settings, school
systems, and universities through the application of research and best
practices from instructional technology (Carolina). Even though we
have the resources and/or devices, teachers must show their students to
use them in an educative way that they will enjoy and be identified for
improving their skills and abilities to use and produce the language.
Teachers must not get use to just assign a task to do in the computer,
teachers must make a commitment with the use of technological tools
with students in order to talk their language, which is technology.

By Milton Martinez

In more and more schools today, technology is recognized as an

instructional tool, not as a subject of instruction. Still, many educators,
less familiar and less comfortable with technology than their students,
struggle to seamlessly integrate a growing list of technology tools into
their regular curriculum. (Starr, 2011). There is a huge problem when
using technology in the curriculum, TEACHERS DO NO KNOW HOW TO
USE IT, and that is sad, teachers who prefer to be sat down and keep
teaching grammar at the old school style, are the ones who less use
technology in their lesson plans. Just imagine how ridiculous a teacher
looks like when is trying to use an app and he/she does not even have a
smart phone or does not know how to use it but he/ she uses anyways,
students will get lost and the idea of teaching through technology would
not be more than that, an idea that was not activated.

Teachers must be the ones who best manage technology and

students have to be aware that they must follow the steps or indications
that the teacher gives to them in order to complete an assignment, but
that assignment has to be using technological devices, a video, that can
be related to the topic and generates vocabulary or a song in order to
look for specific words (for example). Therefore, teachers need to be
updated and seduce their students to get into the technological teaching
process, if not, the teaching practice that these teachers perform, will be
too traditional.

The use of Instructional technology is a new trend that Works very

well and helps to enhance the results of the teaching process, if these
tools are used in a proper way. Therefore, we have to know how they

By Milton Martinez

work and how we can apply them, so that we can use them with our
students and make a better learning process for them, make them feel a
commitment with the activities and the learning process, in this way,
students will feel more motivated and happy to keep learning English.

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By Milton Martinez