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Maricia Lynn Tenedora

520 Dixon Rd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 203-8835

Objectives: Seeking a challenging and responsible position in Engineering/Manufacturing

Document Control, where accuracy and effective coordination and communication of
information between departments are required for continuous success.

Skills: PC, Windows, Microsoft Word and Excel, Lotus Notes, Oracle database, PDM Work
Manager, GECO database, GPSI database, DDV Vault, HP3000 MM, Netscape and Explorer
Internet browsers, Fox Pro database, Access database, BRIO database, GBC Binding Systems,
Xerox and Fax machines, Outlook, PDMLink database, Visibility database, Impromptu


Dec 2006 ASYST TECHNOLOGIES (Engineering Services), Fremont, CA.

Mar 2009 Document Control CA- Change Analyst
• Review/Support ECR/ECNs ,SP-BOM, Fast Track, Planning BOMs, Cost Reduction, Fast
Track/Full Track Release for accuracy and completeness, determine multi-group impact.
• Review/Support Commercial Part spec sheet requirements
• Enforce Copy Exact, ROHS, Software/Firmware and PCB requirements
• Amend clarifications from manufacturing facility (Flextronics)
• Review Deviations for completeness, part number assignment, and maintain log
• Utilize Visibility DB for Cost and Lead Time provided by Supply Chain Manager, description
changes, Engineering Code for Obsolete Parts, Approved Manufactures information (AML)
• Support Part Number request for multiple groups (CCWS/RMA/GWS)
• Create/Update internal department Work Instructions, and release folder
• Manage Confidential and Proprietary documentation
• Participate/Facilitate CCB and Pre-CCB Meetings, create and distribute CCB Reports
• Contributor to the Document Control zero backlog
• ECN follow up to assure on time deliverables
• On-going projects such as; Wildfire testing, Development Life Cycle State, Cost Reduction,
ROHS, and database clean-up
• Completion of Safety Classes


Sep 2006 Administrative Assistant/ Customer Service Rep-Permanent Volunteer
• Merchandise sales: Inventory, selling and promoting merchandise, and cash handling, mail
online merchandise sales to customers
• Ticket sales: Inventory, online ticket sales and ticket booth, handle cash and credit card
transactions, mail online ticket sales to customers
• Customer Service: Answer phones for questions regarding upcoming event, ticket sales and
online merchandise sales
• Staff: Coordinate hotel arrangements, meals, hours and payroll. Track production budget on
spreadsheet and receipts, train as needed
• Event preparations: Prepare/ distribute credentials (authorization badges) for staff, media
fighters and coaches

May 2000 APPLIED MATERIAL (Eng. Services), Santa Clara, CA.

Nov 2003 Document Control EC Analyst- EC Manager
• Review/Analyze Engineering Actions (REA) and ECOs for content, completeness and
accuracy to include design changes, part manufacturability changes, enhancements to
manufacturing processes, complete Change Category statement
• Assign disposition of REA to appropriate Triad to include the Manufacturing Engineering
Authority (MEA), Design Engineering Authority (DEA), Group Product Manager (GPM) or
the appropriate EC Engineer, determines jump step Engineering Change Order (ECO)
• Review/Determine Product Family Lines on ECOs, conducts where-used searches
• Interface with engineering groups to ensure effective implementation of ECOs
• Escalate unresolved problems or conflicts to senior level EC Analyst
• Generate/Track KPIs for Engineering Changes in process to completion; reports when
escalation actions are required
• Participate in EC process managers’ and CCB (Change Control Board) meetings
• Ensure proper ISO Certified documentation of ECO process and policies
• Ability to write ECOs, Train/Coach ECO participants in functional areas
• Manage Confidential and Proprietary documentation
• Knowledge of PDM Work Manager, BOMs, and Item Master Theory
• Support Commercial Part Number Center (CPNC), search for part duplications in GPSI
• Upload/Download drawings from PDM work manager
• Review specification for Safety Compliance
• Update/Approve Part Definition Form (PDF)
• Update Oracle with correct description; manufacturing part numbers; item status

July 1998 GN RESOUND CORP. (US Ops), Redwood City, CA

May 2000 Senior Document Control Coordinator
• Create/Maintain binders for various departments
• Support part number request
• Distribution for US Operations (Eagan and Redwood City)
Obtain required approvals and distribution for deviations New/Revised documents
• Review of documents prior to approval
• Update/Maintain Document Control Database, and Master list
• Interface with Domestic and International facilities
• Update/Maintain the current ISO 9000 procedures for all departments

Apr 1994 APPLIED MATERIAL (PVD&CVD Divisions), Santa Clara, CA.

July 1998 Document Control Coordinator
• SP/ECOs admin review, data entry, file transfer from PDM database to Release folder
• Implement/Check ongoing and defined activities on all SP-ECO related tasks
• Monitor/Maintain the SP-ECO log for the monthly process indicators
• Support Document Control customer service, participate in MDB database testing
• Print/Assemble Blue Books, CES Customer Books, and Software packages for system
build and shipment
• Generate/Update procedures and processes for DC duties, locate missing documents


Feb 1994 Data Processing Assistant
• Prepare/Invoice Pic-Tickets and related tasks
• Printout/Distribute reports such as End of Month, Inventory, Pricing and daily reports

• July 1987 ARROWHEAD WATER, Milpitas, CA.

• Oct 1989 Data Entry Administrator
• Perform Data Entry on an ongoing basis, Implementing procedures to maintain an
efficient workflow
• Utilizing a computer for inputting and maintaining discounts prices, and free monthly
• Prepare/Present Management with status reports on an ongoing basis
Handling credit and collection procedures in accordance with company policies and
• Administrate/ Coordinate projects with Management. Ability to schedule, determine
priorities, and meets critical deadlines