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Planetary Angels Information

* Angels of Ceres - The Angels of the Great Mother who support us with the principles of sharing
and care through the energy and support of the goddess and divine feminine.
* Angels of Chiron - The Angels of Chiron are the Record Keepers of the Past, Present and
Future. They are here to support us with the current shift in group and universal consciousness.
* Angels of Juno - The Angels of Juno help with the balance of power and individual freedom.
* Angels of Jupiter - The Angels of Jupiter have come to assist us with personal and spiritual
growth, intellect, prosperity and true spiritual abundance in all areas of your life.
* Angels of Mars - Connecting with the Angels of Mars will give you the spiritual tools to face all
of your current situations with the power of the warrior. This is a very intense energy to work with
which will push you towards Victory.
* Angels of Mercury - When you connect with the Angels of Mercury you will be given the
spiritual tool to help you with the way in which you communicate with others. Their energies will
also help those who work more with their creative side so is a wonderful energy to use if you find
that your creative nature has been blocked.
* Angels of Moon - The spiritual connections with the Angels of the Moon have been designed
for those who work with magic and the divine feminine. These angels focus their attention on
helping you with the integration of your emotions and the releasement of old habits which no
longer serve you on your spiritual and lifes path.
* Angels of Neptune - The Angels of Neptune are coming forward to aid humankind with the
awakening of their psychic self. This includes the increase in Intuition and your imagination.
* Angels of Pallas - The Angels of Pallas are coming to us at this time to help those who face
issues connected with learning, creativity, politics, healing and competition. They also work very
well with the energies of the Angels of Neptune in that they help with the awakening and
development of all psychic abilities.
* Angels of Pluto - The Angels of Pluto are of a very high vibrational frequency and work mainly
with the healing and clearing of large scale Karma. This means that their energies are very
beneficial when used for planetary healing of Mother Earth. If you need or desire the power to
control things then the Angels of Pluto will help you.
* Angels of Saturn - The Angels of Saturn deal with the gifts and blessings of responsibility and
change. They are the Angels who will help you with all of lifes transition through the spiritual tool
of strength and practicality.
* Angels of Sun - The Angels of the Sun represent the power of the will and the main direction
and focus on any subject. They will help you to lead with respect and authority, to impress and
influence other people, when they are in the right direction. These Angels will help with
your greatest ambitions.
* Angels of Uranus - The energetic forces that govern the Angels of Uranus mainly deal with the
energies of originality through your thoughts and expressions. This is an idea energy connection
for anyone who feels called to channel their own attunements or to work with their spiritual self in
any form of creative hobby.

* Angels of Venus - The Venus Angels have come forward at this time to help us with the
improvement of the atmosphere around you. This is especially beneficial for those who are public
speakers or channellers.
* Angels of Vesta - The Angels of Vesta represent the aspirations of all women and their ways to
achieve their specific aims. The Angels of Vesta are also the Guardians of Witches, those
individuals who took the oath to serve humanity with dedication and positive actions. They are
also protectors of families.