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HelveticaLite Release Candidate (2.7.

A light skin for Football Manager 2015.
Updated : 25.11.2014

Changes in 2.7.5 version

Reworked the Positions panel buttons in Player Overview panel
Slightly increased the width (from 200 to 400px) of the team name in the League
Stage panel
Reduced the transparency of Match In Between Highlights panel.
Fixed the kex text (selected/unselected/conflicting) text in the Instructions pa
Fixed the white text (now dark grey) in the buttons of the Make substitutions ma
tch panel
Fixed the background colour (before black, now red) of the Processing World News
Item panel
Darkened the background colour of the post match Stats
Fixed the invisible text (Leave match, Save game etc.) on the Match buttons
Replaced the goal icon and fixed its colour
Increased the rows height int he Fixtures panel
Fixed the Position data panel in Player Profile (Attributes)

Changes in 2.7.4 version

- Increased the boldness of the attributes in the Player Overview panel
- Added a divider line between the height/weight values in the Player Attributes
- Slightly fixed the layout in the Player Profile Personal Details panel
- Increased the size of the club logo in the Titlebar and added a divider at the
right of the name of the player
- Recoloured the World Menu panel background to dark grey and recoloured the sub
- Fixed width values for Nations and Unemployed sections in the Sidebar
- Slightly edited the Inbox Feed panel in Manager Home view
- Recoloured logically the graph diagrams in the Finances Overview
- Reworked the Player Form and Career Stats panels
- Completely reworked the Reports > Stats player panel
- Fixed the Inbox button with unattended transfers
- Replaced the Inbox/Transfers icon buttons
- Fixed the invisble "Unknown" Rec text in the Person Search List panel
- Fixed the background colour of the Position Instructions panel in Tactics
Changes in 2.7.3 version
- resized the sidebar width to 160px and resized the text to 7.5px, due to gaps
when using some foreign languages
- fixed the Reserves/u19 etc/ icons colour in sidebar
Team Squad Tactics panel
- fixed the Team next match panel below the pitch in Team squad tactics view
- reworked the Team squad tactics pitch from the Shallow's panel

- recoloured the players columns in Team squad tactics panel

Player Overview panel
- completely reworked the personal details panel, and added Club badges at botto
- fixed the percentage value texts in player's Physical stats panel, and centere
d the text
- added the height and weight values in the Player Attributes panel
- replaced the default club logos (now 200px)
- added the final release of michaelmurray's Between in highlights panel
- added and tweaked the michaelmurray's match Titlebar
- fixed the invisible text in the Match feed item panel
... and many fixes and improvements.

Changes in 2.7.2 version


fixed the colour of the league table stats

fixed the lighter colour of some disabled menus/buttons
modified the background colour of edit fields (now white)
the top of the sidebar is now aligned with the header
reduced the width of the sidebar from 160 to 150px wide
realigned the content in the sidebar
recoloured the sidebar, it's now always the same colour
reworked the inbox icon and box
reorganized the player overview panel
lightened the attribute analysis text colour in player overview panel
centered the recommandation text in the report panel in player overview
new bullet icons

Changes in 2.7.1 version

- Fixed the buttons appearance in the Set Pieces Instructions panel
Changes in 2.7 version

Reworked the whole match panels, including :

a new scoreboard
a new caption panel
a customized "between highlights" panel


made a temporary trick about the league table stats, they now appear in a ligh
new icons in "squad depth > by position" panel
and many changes and improvements

Changes in 2.6.5 version

-Fixed the Main menu panels

Changes in 2.6 version

-Removed players suitability icons in pitch in tactics panel
-Simplified the suitability tooltip
-Resized the "best roles" buttons in player attributes overview panel
-Added the morale label into attributes panel
-Modified the wannachupbrew suitability panel
-Reworked the wannachupbrew scout report panel
-Reworked the entire scout report panel
-Tweaked the ingame edit button (only in mini sidebar version)
-Reworked the inbox/headlines panels
-Replaced the default competition league logo
Changes in 2.5 version :
-A totally reworked player overview panel (including reworked bergkamp stats and
wannachupbrew suitability panels)
-An alternative skin with a icons only sidebar
-New Inbox and Headlines panels
-An exclusive centered Main menu panel
-Wider and larger tables
---------------------Known bugs (to be fixed) :
some stats (played-wins-draws-lost) into Stages panels are too light (please ref
er to the Combined view or the League table in the Home panel)
physical stats displayed on a 10'000 basis rather than percentages in the Physic
al panel
---------------------How to install :
Extract the content of the zip file at the root of your /skin folder.
Windows: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\skins\
Mac OS X: /Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/skins/
Create the folder "skins" if it doesn't exist.
Start the game and go to Preferences screen then Interface tab.
You should see two "HelveticaLite RC1..." as options in the skin drop down of th
e Overview box.
Choose yours then hit the Confirm button.
----------------------Dr Swit from Switzerland.