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Passage to a New Century (1968-Present):

Civil Rights
Alice Yu, Candace Yu, Kevin Yan, Xavier Siu, Vincent Tang

Civil Rights Act of 1964


First proposed by JFK but faced opposition

Signed by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964
It ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of
race, color, religion, sex, or national origin

What is affirmative action?


A result of the Civil Rights Movement

Intended to provide equal opportunities for groups facing discrimination (minority groups and
women) in employment and education

The Philadelphia Plan (1967)

- A federal affirmative action program

- Established to racially integrate building
construction trade unions with mandatory
nonwhite hiring on federal construction contracts
- Construction unions lost control over the hiring
process during the 1970s and little impact was
made in integrating the skilled workforce at job

Affirmative Action in Education


Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978)

Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger (2003)
Parents v. Seattle and Meredith v. Jefferson (2006)
Fisher v. University of Texas (2012)

Affirmative Action in Employment

- Ricci v. Destefano (2008)

- White and Hispanic candidates for
promotion in the fire department sued city
officials when they didnt certify the 2
exams needed for promotion
- Werent certified because the test results
would disproportionate the number of
whites compared to the number of
minority candidates
- Supreme Court ruled 5-4 saying that Title
VII of the Civil Rights Act was violated

Proposition 209 (1996)


California Affirmative Action

Amended the California Constitution to prohibit public institutions from discriminating on the
basis of race, sex, or ethnicity
Supported by California Civil Rights Initiative Campaign and opposed by pro-affirmative action
advocacy groups

Martin Luther King Jr.

- Civil Rights Activist

- Founded the Southern Christian Leadership
Conference which helped register black voters.
- Lectured on Civil Rights around the country
- Advocated for peaceful protest
- March to Washington
- I Have a Dream speech

Malcolm X

Black Nationalist Leader

Spokesman for Nation of Islam
Worked with Elijah Mohammad
Justice by all means, including violence
Pilgrimage to Mecca changed his ideas.

Police Brutality

Michael Brown

Eric Garner

Freddie Gray

Barack Obama

- The 44th President of the United

States of America.
- This is notable because he is the first
black president.
- Obama was also Illinois State Senator
(19972004) and U.S. Senator from
Illinois (200508).

Condoleezza Rice

Born November 14, 1954

Was appointed as the United States' first black female national
security adviser by George W. Bush in 2001
Was the first black female Secretary of State from 2005-2009

David Dinkins

- The first black mayor of New York

City. (1990-1994)
- In 1965 was elected for a position in
the state assembly, he served in
New York City as a president of
elections, a city clerk, and a
Manhattan borough president.
- Lowered NYCs crime rate.

Colin Powell

- The first African American to

serve as National Security
Advisor, Chairman of the Joints
Chief of Staff and Secretary of
- While he was serving as National
Security Advisor in the Ronald
Reagan administration, he was
promoted to four-star general.

Andrew Young

- Worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, in

the Southern Christian Leadership
- Served as a mayor of Atlanta.
- Was involved in many organizations,
such as public policy, political lobbying
and international relations
- Was pastor of a church in Marion,

LGBTQ: Background Info

(before 1950)

- Europe
- Sigmund Freud
- Magnus Hirschfield
- Setbacks
- United States
- Effects of WWII
- Society for Human Rights
- Alfred Kinsey

LGBTQ: 1950s through 1960s

- Organizations

Mattachine Society
Daughters of Bilitis
One, Inc.
National Transsexual Counseling Unit

- Figures

Donald Webster Cory

Evelyn Hooker
Frank Kameny
Barbara Gittings

- Places

Stonewall Inn

LGBTQ: 1950s through 1960s

- Events

- Lavender Scare
- DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
- Executive Order 10450
- One, Inc. v. Oleson
- Illinois Sodomy Laws repealed
- New York Liquor Authority
- Stonewall Riots

LGBTQ: 1970s to 1980

- Organizations

National Organization for Women (NOW)

Church of Christ
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Dan White
National March on Washington
The Democratic Party

Kathy Kozachenko
Harvey Milk
Anita Bryant

- Events

- Figures

LGBTQ: 1980s to Present

- Organizations

angry street theatre groups

- Military Problems

Serving in Silence
Dont ask, dont tell.

- Figures

Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer

Ellen DeGeneres
Bruce Voeller
Ronald Reagan

- Events

Celebrity Influence
End of State Sodomy Laws
Lawrence v. Texas

President Reagans Speech on Aids


Continuation of Sources