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K.N.Rao, India

K. N. Rao needs no introduction, he runs
the biggest school of astrology in the world,
has produced the highest number of top
quality books which has cult following, and is
known for his outstanding predictive ability.
History acknowledges his contribution in
popularizing Vargas usage in India & USA,
Double Transit phenomenon & Chara Dasha.
He is considered as the one who displayed for
the first time in astrology what was termed
spell bounding writing styles in Jyotish, using
narratives with top class jyotish content, a
style now adopted by many over the decades.
It is often found that what he writes in one
line is 15 page articles for others. For his
articles visit

he other day some astrologers

sitting at my place spoke again
of the correct horoscope of Atal
Behari Vajpayee telling me that three
astrologers found it
an occasion
recently to write about his horoscope
insisting that it had to be and was, Tula
(Libra) lagna.
I told them not to waste their time
to search the horoscopes of Indian
politicians and now, of Indian
cricketers, ever since under 18 cricket
has become so important for the
shaping the careers of these cricketers.
I will not reel off their stories excepting
contemporary cricketer now described
as 25 years old is actually 29 years.
Thereby hangs a tale which had better
remain untold.
Coming to the horoscope of Atalji,
as early as 1980 a member of the Rajya
Sabha Raja Saheb Maqsoodpur, known

as J.K.P.N. Singh gave me his horoscope with Ataljis year of birth as 1926 which was
the year displayed even on government website for more years till Atalji retired from
politics. Now it has been corrected as 1924. If you can, get some old issues of some
astrological magazines published from Delhi and you see the year mentioned as 1925
with Tula lagna and great successful predictions about him. In astrology these days
it is either taxidermy when an astrologer fits into his imaginary horoscope of a
political leader all known facts into it, stuffs it with astrological jargon and justifies it
or pure guessology based on known contemporary political facts.
Why cannot these astrologers use their common sense first and search a
biography of these politicians, not the internet, and check some facts and even birth
details, if given there?
Later, the same politician gave me another horoscope of Atalji with Tula lagna
and the year of birth as 1925. I again rejected it saying that it would give him

education in science, with physics as a main subject .

These days, now when Atalji has been awarded Bharat Ratna, that controversy
has been revived by as many as four astrologers, my young friend told me, giving him
Tula lagna but with the year of birth correctly 1924. I said it was wrong again as it
would give him education in botany, biology and not what he got.
In the verification of any horoscope, start first with the education a man received,
if he is educated--a weak spot of most of the astrologers who cannot do this vital
I narrated to the astrologers how I went on rejecting the horoscope of Atalji till an
astrologer friend of mine from Madhya Pradesh offered to get me the horoscope of
Atalji from his family in Gwalior. The one he gave me convinced me about its
correctness. Later, Sri Murli Manohar Joshi gave me the same horoscope, though I
know, that he gave 1925 as the year of birth to other astrologers!
I accepted 1924 as the birth year with Vrischika lagna, sometime in 1990. It
shows education in political science and law. In 1995 when in Houston in USA, a
Hindu association invited me to speak before their gathering, I gave a prediction that
in 1996, a weak BJP would get a chance to form a government at centre though a

The publisher of SA Magazine has seen live, Shri K N Rao predict about the subjects one would dominate in during ones
education, in his wide travelling over India he has not seen any other astrologer except Shri K N Rao who does it so well to
rectify birth charts.

wobbly one. In 1996, in a television programme I gave this prediction in bold tones
(see the article in the Hindustan - the Hindi sister of the Hindustan Times) of 26
December 1999 in which my prediction of April 1996 is reproduced and the correct
horoscope of Atalji as given in his biography, now available can be double checked
but there are those astrologers who still want to argue, like Oliver Goldsmiths
Village School Master.
The Village Schoolmaster
In arguing too, the parson own'd his skill,
For e'en though vanquish'd he could argue still;
While words of learned length and thund'ring sound
Amazed the gazing rustics rang'd around;
And still they gaz'd and still the wonder grew,
That one small head could carry all he knew.
Internet astrology
In astrology, with many astrological magazines proliferating and the menace of
internet astrology, there is a great danger of more and more village school masters
springing up in Hindu astrology, including some Westerners who write on Hindu
astrology and one of them recently wrote that Atalji had Tula lagna without knowing
that the basic verification begins with education, then a job, marriage and children.
In the case of Atalji he studied political science and law is a basic fact that has to
be verified and those who do not know how to verify education with sixty percent
success at least should learn it first.
Note: If the horoscope of Atalji is to be corrected minutely, the birth time will be
05/45/50 seconds. Work on this basis.
Marriage and Children
Atalji was technically unmarried and I do not want to go into this unpleasant
episode of his having also an adopted daughter.
Ataljis Son in law (Damad), Ranjan Bhattacharya is not as famous as Sonia
Gandhis son in law Robert Vadhra, even though Gulam Nabi Azad had once

brazenly referred to some unpleasant aspects of Ataljis family life for which he never
Sober Politician
Atalji is remembered as a sober politician with a liberal face in a party like BJP
which then in his era had also the well-known hard-liners like Advaniji and Joshiji.
For this examine the tenth house. In Tula lagna with Rahu in the tenth house
aspected by Saturn he would have been like the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher. See
her horoscope.
Astrologers should use their common sense in the case of a politician who has
been in public life to judge it. With Jupiter conjoined with the tenth lord Sun also
aspecting the tenth house, what image would it give to a politician?
Make a contrasting study of the dashamansha of both Atalji and Mrs. Thatcher
to confirm it.
Then see the combination of seventh and twelfth lord, Venus with Moon the ninth
lord giving an excellent rajayoga and of Jupiter the second and fifth lord combining
with the tenth lord, Sun another though spoiled also by Mercury as eighth lord
showing his long struggling chequered career.
Rahu in the ninth house is in a rajayoga giving position and it is in its
mahadasha that he rose to the pinnacle of his career. Read Parashara Shastra to
know the importance of Rahu in the ninth house and also Rahu in Karka. Mahatma

Gandhi rose of dizzy heights in the mahadasha of Rahu in Karka the tenth house .
Margaret Thatcher became prime minister of England also in the mahadasha of
Rahu in the tenth house which is Karka.
See my predictions given in 1996 April and also in 1999 in Hindustan and
translated by Anju Sachdev, along with scanned pages from the biography of Atalji
given here.
The clear purpose of writing this is to warn young astrologers not to get impressed by
the weak justification of some astrologers writings with poorest ability to verify a
horoscope from basic well known facts and their total negligence of some authentic
knowledge about famous personalities from their authentic biographies.

Is Rao Saheb is giving us a hint to do research on charts with Rahu in Cancer/ or Rahu in Cancer in 10H and its mahadasha
what results it is giving. Someone among the readers should produce a research on 20 charts with

The shaky condition of the major Political parties:

Astrologers have made a mockery of the horoscope of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Some
so called astrologers happen/venture to take his year of birth as 1926, some take it as
1925 and some even as 1924, then they pluck the analysis done in newspapers and

post it as their prediction, making still a bigger mockery of his horoscope and still a
graver mockery of the sacred science of astrology.
There is this recently published autobiography of Atalji where he himself mentions
that his year of birth is 1924 but his father added two years to it, still how the
astrologers have given him Tula lagna, I fail to understand. The astrologers who
have taken Tula lagna with year 1925, are not good from any angle, the year is
wrong and so is the lagna. Atalji himself has written in his book that the day is 25
December 1924, Brahma muhurat. This was the horoscope given in Journal of
astrology and this was the horoscope on the basis of which a prediction was given
that from 1995 BJP shall come in power. In 1996, the BJP came to power for a short
period of 13 days, but unable to establish complete majority, the government fell. But
in the mahadasha of Rahu, still there was the antardasha of Sun and Moon to come,
which are the tenth and the ninth lord respectively for his horoscope. Hence, it could
easily be predicted that even after the government fell, with the Rahu placed in the
Bhagya sthan (the ninth house of luck), in the mahadasha of Rahu, in the antardasha
of Sun and Moon, he would become the Prime Minister of India.
And in Nov 1999, before the antardasha of Moon finished, yet again, for the third
time, he became the Prime Minister of India. Mars being the lagna lord and the sixth
lord, he has to face ample opposition. Kalyan Singh, the Ex-Chief minister of UP has
decided to revolt against him already. This is the ill-effect of the dasha of RahuMars, which is showing. When the Prime minister has to openly face opposition then
it is also going to impact the other units of BJP. Moreover, the time is not good for
Atal jis health. After 26 December, when Atal ji is going to complete his 76 years, he
will have to face more problems and his health will also become a matter of concern.
In Nov 2000, the Rahu dasha ends and Jupiter mahadasha starts; Jupiter the second
lord placed in the second house, combust with Sun and aspected by Saturn. Its
astrological implication is clear.
26 Dec 1999
Sunday (Hindu Hindustan)
The Predictions which came true.
Bharatiya JantaParty (Lagna Mithun)
The Bhartiya Janata Party can be expanded as the Bharatiya Janta ka pyar
(favourite party of the people). This party has reached its better time but the best is

yet to come. After the elections, the engagement ceremony will be very nice but there
will be controversy with the marriage ceremony (Chunav ke baad rokni ki rasm
adayagi to sukhad rahegi par vivah ko lekar vivaad rahenge). It can be predicted
astrologically that some smart balancing is the need for the party now. Steps will be
taken by the Bhartiya Janta Party to develop its economic policy.
[Dainik Hindustan 21 April 1996]
Translated by Anju Sachdev
The wobbly thirteen days government was anticipated by referring to engagement
but delayed marriage.