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During CLE classes, I am expected to follow these

procedures and routines to ensure a smooth and
fruitful encounter
Before the bell
rings, I am
expected to

1. know the passage we will pray for the Opening Prayer. The Prayer
Leader for the period should have written the passage for prayer.
2. have the things I need for CLE on top of my table or under my chair.
I know that Im not allowed to go to the locker when CLE begins.
3. have gone to the Restroom to do my thing. I am not allowed to
leave the classroom during class.

When the bell

rings, I am
expected to

1. be ready. Im going to stand behind my chair and prepare for the

Opening Prayer. My iPad should be turned off. All other things not
related to CLE are already kept out of sight.
2. have all my materials ready on top of my table or under my chair.
3. open my Bible to the passage assigned by the Prayer Leader.

During prayer, I
am expected

1. follow the prescribed format for CLE Opening Prayer.

2. maintain proper disposition and help create a prayerful atmosphere.
3. read the Gospel loudly and reverently while standing and listen to
the reflection of the prayer leader.

When the
teacher asks to
bring out
materials or to
requirements I
am expected

1. have them ready. I am not allowed to leave the classroom to get it

from my locker and most especially from my friends.
2. submit on time. An assignment, project or assessment submitted
late within three days can only receive B as the highest mark. I
know I will receive an F if I submit three days after the deadline.!
3. pass my papers/assessments properly, orderly and without
standing, from the back to the front and from the sides to the

discussions, I
am expected

1. actively participate in class. I will raise my hands if I want to recite or

share something in class. I will be ready with my answer when the
teacher calls me. I will post only relevant answers to contribute in
online discussions of the class.!
2. promote an atmosphere of active discussion and learning. I should
be mindful of my remarks and behavior so as not to disrupt the flow
of the class.

During team
activities, I am
expected to

1. arrange my table and chair quickly and quietly according to the

2. diligently fulfill the tasks assigned to me.
3. use time efficiently and contribute to a meaningful discussion by
staying on task and reminding my group mates to do the same.
4. return to my original seat quickly and quietly.

When the class

goes to another
venue for other
activities, I am
expected to

1. quietly join my classmates in forming two lines outside the

classroom according to our height.
2. walk quietly and briskly to the assigned venue while keeping our
distance from the classrooms.
3. keep right when sharing the corridor with an oncoming class.

During Sacred
Times and in
Sacred Places, I
am expected

1. actively participate in the activity.

2. contribute to a prayerful atmosphere through my proper
behavior, posture and disposition.
3. show reverence to the Sacred Time and Space by leaving
behind unnecessary materials and avoiding needless trips to the
comfort room.

When I need to
go to the
bathroom or
infirmary, I am
expected to

1. raise my hand and ask permission from the teacher to leave the
2. know that the teacher may examine and judge carefully whether I
may be allowed to go to the Comfort Room or the Infirmary. If I will
be allowed, I know that I cannot bring my iPad there.
3. wear the CR Pass and exit through the exit door when going to the
bathroom and return to the classroom in no more than 3 minutes.!
knock on the entrance door and wait for the teachers
4. acknowledgement before entering the classroom.
5. present my student planner to the teacher and have him/her sign it
before proceeding to the infirmary.

When we are
taking or doing
assessments, I
am expected

1. follow the proper testing protocol.

2. be honest at all times. I will write only my own answers. I will cite the
sources of materials that I placed in my assessment. I will not claim
work that is not mine.

At the end of the

class, I am
expected to

1. join the class in praying the closing prayer.

2. wait for the teacher to formally dismiss us before I fix my things
or stand up, as a sign of respect.
3. greet the teacher properly.
4. fix my things and be prepared for the next period.

All in all, I am
expected to

1. value each and every person in school - my teachers, my

classmates and all other people who work in Xavier.
2. be very respectful at all times.
3. be responsible with my CLE work in class and at home.
4. give my very best because God deserves my very best.