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By Jason Cohen
rowing up in Long
Burton dreamed of
playing professional football. On May 2, his dream
came true when the Detroit
Lions selected him 168th in
the National Football
League Draft, making him
the first student from West
School to get drafted.
When you love something you want to be able to
perform or work in that
field at the highest level,
Burton said.
Burton, 23, said his love
of the gridiron traces back
to his father, Peter, who
played quarterback at
June 2015

June 2015

WMC Alum First Drafted Into Pro Football

Susquehanna University.
Additionally, his brother,
Drew, 27, played basketball and his sister, Lindsay,
25, played at Johns
Hopkins. Not only did he
bond with his father, but
most of his friends played
as well. His mother Anne
showed great support for
him and his siblings while
they played sports, he said.
They (his family) set
examples of how you
should act and what a student athlete should be, he
He played flag football
and was a member of the
Long Valley Raiders from
fifth to eighth grade.
His hard work paid off

as he was the first freshman

to start on varsity at West
Morris Central in school
history. Burton, who was a
tailback in high school,
said he learned a lot from
the upper classmen and his
coaches. As a senior, he
had 200 carries for 1,769
yards and 20 touchdowns
and helped the Wolfpack
win the state championship
in 2009.
The way coach Kevin
Hennelly runs that program
is first class from top to
bottom, Burton said. I
never focused on going
pro. If you focus on that, it
can take away of what your
responsibility is. You cant
worry about playing at the
next level.
He missed most of his
junior year due to an ankle
injury, so many colleges
passed on recruiting him.
However, Burton attended
Rutgers University, where
he was a walk-on player
and switched from tailback
to fullback. The transition
to college was a bit difficult
at first because guys were

stronger and faster, but he

adjusted quickly, he said.
After red-shirting his
freshman season, Burton
worked hard and became
one of the teams five captains for the 2014 season.
Scouts began calling him
this past year and when he
had a pro-day on March 11,

he knew his chances of getting drafted were real.

I love Rutgers and Im
glad I went there, he said.
I knew the role that I had.
Burton watched the
draft with his parents and
girlfriend Kirsten Oddo
with an open mind and
when he got the call from

the Detroit Lions he was

overwhelmed and it was
one of the proudest
moments of his life.
Now that the hysteria of
being drafted has passed,
Burton has moved to
Detroit and fallen in love
with the organization. He
continued on page 4

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Chester Authors Work Strikes Fear in Readers

By Elsie Walker
hen it comes to
horror, Chester
author Carlotta Holton is an
expert. The award-winning
author of Salem Pact,
Vampire Resurrection and
Touching the Dead,
Holton plays on the fear
within the mind.
Her latest book, Grave
Matters, is a continuation
of Touching in the Dead.
It is an anthology of short
stories based on ethnic
superstitions and legends
from around the world. Jack
Evans, host of WMBSCBS The Jack Evans
Show, has described it as
"A mlange of terrifying
supernatural tales that will
keep you turning page after
page. Grave Matters combines legends, curses and

superstitions from the past

with a keen contemporary
Absolutely riveting! A must
read for fans of the horror
The book is now available through,
Barnes and Noble, and
Dorrence Publishing.
When asked what she
thinks are the elements of a
good horror story, Holton
answered, a unique concept, descriptive, sensory
imagery and atmosphere,
memorable characters and
an off beat ending.
The stories in Grave
Matters take the reader
around the world with settings in Italy, Portugal,
England, the states and
more. The characters range
from a mans wooden children (marionettes) to Hitler.
For her stories, Holton

Holton, who has also

written for the New York
Times and The StarLedger, said, That is like
asking a mother which is her
favorite child. I have my
favorites for different reasons. I love the psychologi-

Carlotta Holton

draws on superstitions she

learned from family, others
who share their own specific beliefs, on-line research
of numerous cultures and
her travels to countries
abroad and within the 50
Its quite a Pandoras
Box of ideas, she said.
When asked about the
stories, perhaps sharing a
favorite, the author seemed
to hedge a bit.

cal and supernatural banter

between twin brothers in
Momento Mori; I love the
desperation, albeit nefarious, solution of one town
struggling to survive in A
Town to Die For and
Nevermore entails para-

normal ravens at The Tower

of London, a favorite travel
Although a horror writer,
Holton will be quick to
share that none of her works
are the kind that many assocontinued on page 4





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Chester Authors Work...

continued from page 2

ciate with the genre, those which graphically portray slaughter and violence. Rather,
she prefers emphasizing the role suggestion
and its power over the mind have to create
Holton said, Im not a fan of gore horror; I find the intricacies of the human mind
far more terrifying. To plant the seed of
doubt or fear within the mind can be quite

disturbing and not easily forgotten.

Manipulating certain legends or tenets that
humans can become obsessed with is a cunning way to involve the reader in a frightening and sometimes creepy supernatural armchair journey.
Her interest in the genre started as a
teenager. It began as an interest in mysteries, growing from mysteries in books to
those on TV and then in movies. However,

even then, as her interest in the horror genre

blossomed, it was never the blood and guts
Holten said, I watched a lot of the
Vincent Price movies of Poes classics like
The Pit and The Pendulum, The
Premature Burial, The Mask of the Red
Holton is in good company in her beliefs
about the psychological power of superstitions over society and a persons mind. That

is reflected in the quotes she shares before

each short story.
The quotes come from everyone from
Voltaire to Stephen King.
However, it is perhaps the quote which
prefaces the book, which best captures the
impact of this type of horror.
That quote comes from Mark Twain:
When the human race has once acquired a
superstition, nothing short of death is ever
likely to remove it.

First Drafted...

continued from front page

said the biggest adjustment will be the
speed of the game and learning the playbook, which is much more complex than
Im going to be the best football player I can be, he said. Theres a lot of work
that still has to be done, so Im just taking
it one day at a time.
Many people have congratulated him
on making it to the NFL including Coach
Hennelly said he is not surprised Burton
got drafted and said he was privileged to

have coached him.

Burton not only had the talent to succeed on the field, but was a leader and
always put the team first, Hennelly said.
He said he and his staff knew there was
something special about Burton from the
moment he stepped on the field.
Everything he did was 100 percent,
the coach said. He was a very good athlete that worked himself into the position
he is in now. Hes really humble and down
to earth. He appreciates where he is now
and knows why he got there. I think hell
do well at the pro level.


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Celebrating Our 90th Year!

Chester Lions Club Supports Those In Need

t a recent meeting of the Chester

Lion Club numerous donations
were authorized. Ranging from
local to international organizations, the
donations will be directed to worthwhile
charities that are, like the Chester Lions
Club, dedicated to helping those in need.
New Jersey Battered Women Services
(JBWS), Court Appointed Special
Advocates (CASA), the Seeing Eye of
Morristown, the Black River Middle
School Language Arts Award, and the
Lions Club International Foundation will
all receive funds.
JBWS provides assistance to women in
domestic violence situations.
CASA serves children who have been
abused and placed under foster care.
Volunteers represent children in Family
Court, advocating for safe, loving, permanent homes.
The Seeing Eye of Morristown raises
and trains dogs for the blind and instructs
visually impaired individuals in the use
and care of the dogs.
The Black River Middle School
Language Arts Award in Chester was presented with two gift certificates.
Foundation will receive a donation to
improve measles vaccine distribution

The Chester Lions Club supports the
activities at the 14th Annual Children's
Carnival. Held at Horseshoe Lake, this
annual event continues to provide Roxbury
Social Services with much needed funds to
help needy children.
Local families have come together to
run the carnival on Sept. 28, to benefit the
less fortunate children of Roxbury
Township. The families are the Graf,
Graham, Stellingwerf and Weinpel's who,
in the last 13 years have raised $24,000
from this endeavor. Sponsors also include
the Kiwanis Club.
The proceeds are used to purchase gift
cards that are distributed in conjunction
with Roxbury Social Services and operation backpack, providing basic school supplies for children.
More than 30 carnival games as well as
a raffle will take place on Sun., June 28, at
Horseshoe Lake from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Bring a pocket full of quarters and enjoy
the fun.
The Chester Lions Club continues to
support worthwhile activities that change
lives for the better and improve the lives of
at-risk individuals. For further information, contact Phil Savell at 908 879 6543 or

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Local Blood Drives To Be Held

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Established Since 1969



Mon.-Sat. 9:30am to 6pm

ew Jersey Blood Services is conducting local blood drives area

which is open to the public. The
following drives are scheduled:
June 19- Shoprite, Flanders; 1 p.m. to 7
June 25- St. Francis Health Resort,
Denville; 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
June 25- Moose Lodge 541, Dover; 1 p.m.
to 7 p.m.
June 26- Madison Area YMCA, Madison; 2
p.m. to 8 p.m.
June 29- Knights of Columbus 3665,
Netcong; 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.
June 30- Wyndham Hamilton Park Hotel,
Florham Park; noon to 6 p.m.
New Jersey Blood Services, a division of
New York Blood Center (NYBC) is asking
for help to maintain an adequate supply of
all blood types, but especially O-negativethe universal blood which can be transfused into anyone in an emergency. In addition, hundreds of additional blood drives
need to be scheduled to meet projected hospital demand. Current inventory of several
blood types is running below the desired
target level.

Its simple: hospital patient demand for

blood often outpaces our best efforts to
recruit donors and schedule blood drives,
said NYBC Executive Director of Donor
Recruitment Andrea Cefarelli. There are
always reasons but we have to overcome
that for the sake of hospital patients who
need us.
This is one of the toughest times of the
year, Cefarelli added. Were asking for
our dedicated supporters to roll up their
sleeves to make sure were able to provide
our hospital partners with whatever they
need to take care of their patients.
Blood products have a short shelf life,
from five to 42 days, so constant replenishment is necessary. Each and every day
there are patients who depend on the transfusion of red blood cells, platelets and plasma to stay alive. But blood and blood products cant be manufactured. They can only
come from volunteer blood donors who
take an hour to attend a blood drive or visit
a donor center.
To donate blood or for information on
how to organize a blood drive, call 1-800933-2566. Visit:

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Kids Groups Spreads Kindness In Community And Beyond

students in its membership, according to the
Kids4Kindness website.
The club currently has 60 members,
according to Eunice Boyd who is one of four
Kids4Kindness leaders.
Ive been with the club since the beginning, Im one of the parents and then I
became one of the leaders, said Boyd.

By Chelsea Cattano
n 2012, Kids4Kindness Club was started, under the umbrella of the Parent
Teacher Association, as a way to spread
kindness throughout the school communities of Morris County.
According to the Kids4Kindness website, The mission of the Kids4Kindness
Morris County 4H Club is for children and
parents to work together to raise awareness
and spread kindness throughout the community.
With the philosophy of children who take

time to be kind and help others are more

independent, have better self-esteem and
succeed in school, this program was created
as a way for children to make a difference in
the community that they live in.
Kids4Kindness has since been expanded
to be included under the Morris County 4H
Club and includes children from kindergarten through one year post high school.
This expansion has allowed the club to
broaden its horizons and make a more significant impact on the surrounding community while including a more diverse group of

There are four leaders in the club and

Michelle Lis is the head leader.
In the past, members of Kids4Kindness
have completed numerous projects in an
effort to have the clubs efforts felt by different groups within the community. Some of
these projects include creating heating
continued on next page

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Kindness In Community...

continued from previous page

packs, which were delivered to a nursing
home, making cards for a child battling cancer, creating kindness posters to hang
throughout the community, making more
than 700 bracelets to show their support for
their peers in Newtown, CT, and wrapping
pajamas for Foster Children which were
delivered during a holiday party.
The group has also created notes to put
on each childs desk Kindergarten through
eight grade for first day of schools; collected
food for the local food pantry, sorted food
and stocked shelves and made birthday baskets; and sent packages to local soldiers who
are serving oversees.
Recently, members of the club have participated in a community clean up, and the
making of fun beach pail for children at a
local food pantry.
On May 23, Kids4Kindness club members attended the Veterans Celebration at the
Rock Spring Park. The children made more
than 50 keychains with red, white and blue
beads and gave them to the veterans.
On May 26, the club gathered and
cleaned up Pleasant Grove Road from
Schooleys Mountain to Zellers Road for
Community Clean-up week.
The club has two main upcoming events,

one of which is that they are going to be at a

green market running an arts and crafts
table. They plan for this to be for any child
who is at the market and they will be doing
sand art.
We also have an event at the senior center where we are going to be doing bingo
with the seniors, said Boyd.
We are creating summer fun packs for
Food Pantrys children, helping a classroom
of K-2 in Newark, and also assisting 4H Fair
in Chester in July, Boyd added.
What the group wants is for Others to
know about us: We want the town of Long
Valley to know that our club is there to help
people in our community. If there is someone in need, we can confidentially collect
items or offer assistance. We want to spread
kindness and good will to our local community.
Anyone in kindergarten through one year
post high school can be a member of
Kids4Kindness. Any prospective members
should contact one of the clubs leaders to
register with the club. The club leaders can
be contacted through its webiste,; the clubs Facebook page; or

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New Officers Installed

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Rummage Sale

n Frid., June 19, and Sat., June 20,

between 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., Holy
Trinity Orthodox Church plans to
have a huge rummage sale at 120 Dover-

he Evening Membership Department

of the Long Valley Womens Club
and NJSFWC installed their new
officers for 2015-2016. The club is a nonprofit club that helps the emergency services, gives out scholarships to seniors, and
work with many groups such as NJ Battered
Women, NAMI and LFCAP. Beverly

Scoza, liason from the LVWC, installed all

members at the Pandam Room in
Hackettstown on May 13. Pictured, from
left, are the officers Annette Sadloski, vice
chair; Bernice Jacob, corresponding secretary; Jill Wanner, treasurer; Bev Scoza, liason of LVWC; Faydean Henkyl; Carol
Procter, chair.

Chester Rd., Randolph. Great items for college students available. There will also be a
selection of antiques. For additional information, contact Sandi at 973-691-2653.

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Breakthrough Treatment Now Available In Long Valley

magine 30 to 40 years ago if you were told that lasers would

replace scalpels in surgery or that robotic instruments would build
cars; you may not have believed it. By the same token would you
believe that chiropractic treatments could be performed using a special hand-held instrument developed by NASA scientists; all while
you were sitting in an upright position without turning or twisting
Advances in computers and engineering technologies have been
able to uniquely blend with chiropractic in order to both analyze and
treat the human body in such a way that was never before realized.
According to Dr. Michael S. Hyjek, This new form of computerized treatment is so gentle and effective, that it amazes even the most
skeptical patients. Its called the Impulse IQ Adjuster and is the latest, state-of-the-art technology in existence today, and the only one in
the Long Valley area
The Impulse IQ Adjuster can safely and gently analyze and treat
the spine and other joints to remove the nerve impingement that is
often the cause of pains in the low back, neck, shoulder and elsewhere in the body. It also works on a variety of muscular conditions
to loosen tight muscles with ease and comfort. Many patients say that
its like getting a mini-massage.
It can also help increase the amount of motion in almost any joint.
Even patients with knee, hip and foot problems such as plantar fasciitis are being helped. It is also covered by most insurance companies
including medicare.
Dr. Michael S. Hyjek, the secret to the Impulse IQ Adjuster lies
in its advanced piezoelectric sensor that is able to detect the slightest
amount of restriction in a joint and then deliver an extremely precise
adjustment. He says that Even though traditional forms of adjusting also work, people are drawn to this new technique because of

says Dr. Michael S. Hyjek. Now, there is no longer a reason

for anyone to be weary. The Impulse IQ Adjuster is perfect for
anyone who has been thinking about going to a chiropractor,
but hasnt yet made that decision. Dr. Michael S. Hyjek, wants
everyone to be able to experience these same benefits and if
you have any of the following conditions, the Impulse IQ
Adjuster may be the answer youve been looking for
Low back discomfort
Sciatic nerve pain
Planter Fascitis
Neck and shoulder pain
Knee or hip pain
TMJ dysfunction
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Sports injuries
Treatment with the Impulse IQ Adjuster is consistent,
measurable and extremely gentle. There is no guesswork, and
its safe for individuals of all ages. Call our office today and
mention this article to receive a FREE Impulse IQ adjuster
analysis to pin-point your problem area and see how the
Impulse IQ Adjuster can help. Call within the next seven days
Dr. Michael S. Hyjek uses the Impulse IQ Adjuster to and you will also receive a complimentary nerve stress scan
analyze a patients spine and pin-point areas of nerve and computerized muscle test that can show the areas of your
impingement syndrome causing malfunction and pain. stress and how its affecting your body. Call 908-876-8777
today to reserve your free Impulse IQ Adjuster Analysis Scan.
how gentle it is and does not involve any twisting, (Reg. $125)
This technological marvel can help you return to a healthespecially in the neck. Many people love getting
adjusted with traditional manual techniques, all of ier lifestyle. You may no longer have to live with a persistent,
which are safe and effective, but there are a large painful condition. Call us today.
number of people who never get to experience the Dr. Michael S. Hyjek
amazing benefits of chiropractic because they are 2 Mountain View Ave., Long Valley, NJ 07853
scared to have their spines adjusted in that way,

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Valid through 7/31/2015 H

Valid through 7/31/2015 H

Valid through 7/31/2015 H

Valid through 7/31/2015 H

1855 Route 57 Next to Kohls and Walmart Hackettstown (908)850-5025

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Yoga To Manage Stress

Volunteers Needed

ummer Gentle Mat Yoga is a seven

week program set for Wed., June
17 July 29 at Washington
Township Senior Center from 10:30
a.m.-11:30 a.m. A non-refundable fee of
$75 is due. Space is limited.
For a decade or more, doctors and
other health practitioners have been recommending yoga to their patients to
manage stress or depression or to serve as
complementary self-care for people with

ew Jersey Blood Services, a division of New York Blood Center,

which supplies blood products
and services to 60 hospitals throughout
the state, is in need of volunteers at blood
drives. The blood service volunteer is an
integral member of the collection team
whose task it is assist donors with registration, escorting and canteen duties, and

back pain, arthritis, multiple sclerosis,

cancer and other medical conditions.
This hour yoga class is a growing population of aging adults that can greatly
benefit from gentle stretches, guided
breathing techniques and assisted
strength building.
For more information, contact the
recreation office at (908) 876-5941;
email or visit

to watch for post donation reactions.

Volunteers should have the ability to
relate to the public, be able to perform
different jobs as needed and have the
willingness to follow the rules. For additional information contact, Manager of
Community Relations, R. Jan Zepka at

Vacation Bible School

mmanuel Lutheran Church in Long

Valley invites all children ages three to
fourteen to join in a railroad adventure!
Engineer Ed and his dog, Loco, will lead
through Making Tracks Vacation Bible
School to teach Jesus power to guide

through life to heaven. Immanuel invites

everyone to participate in Bible study,
crafts, games, music, and snacks the mornings of Mon., Aug. 3 through Fri., Aug. 7.
The program is free and will be held at the

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Beach Volleyball Coming To Long Valley

each volleyball is considered to

be the best cross-training available for an indoor volleyball player to improve their game. Beach volleyball is also an official NCAA sport that
offers scholarship opportunities.

Washington Township Recreation is having an eight week Girls Junior Beach

Volleyball Camp scheduled for June16Aug. 6, for ages 12-16. Players looking
to compete in tournaments will meet on
Tues. and Thurs. from 6:30 p.m.-8:30

Funds Needed For Church Mission

ighlands Presbyterian Church in

Schooleys Mountain plans to hold
a fundraiser on Sat., June 27, to
support its church mission trip to West
Virginia. Each year, members of the
church participate in a work trip to assist
needy communities with manpower and
support. Teens and adults in the congregation enthusiastically participate in the life
changing mission, and many take part year
after year.

Music from the 60s, 70s, and country

line dancing tunes will be featured in the
June 27 event. Dancing will take place at
the Schooleys Mountain Fire House in
Long Valley at 7 p.m. Cost of the event
will be $10 ahead of time or $15 at the
door. Light non-alcoholic refreshments
will be available.
To purchase tickets or request additional information, contact Barbara at (908)

Attention Schools, Churches, Organizations

Send Your Press Releases

p.m. for a non-refundable fee of $200,

and beginners and recreational players
will meet on Wed. from 6:30 p.m.-8:30
p.m. with a non-refundable fee of $125.
Both sessions will be held at Rock Spring
Park Volleyball Court, Long Valley.
The camp is overseen and run by

GEVA Certified Coaches, as well as

Beach IMPACT certified, the highest
beach volleyball coaching certification
given through USA Volleyball.
For more information, contact the
office at (908) 876-5941 or visit

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New Altar And Benches By Eagle Scouts

and his team constructed the altar, five
wooden benches and a prayer garden
with a statue honoring St. Francis of
Assisi. To earn the Eagle Award, a scout
must be active with a troop, earn a minimum of 21 merit badges, assume a position of leadership in the troop and complete a service project that benefits his

community. Petronella, who is very

active in Long Valley Presbyterian
Church, and a future 2017 graduate of
West Morris Central High School.
received 34 merit badges. The mass was
celebrated by Rev. Msgr. Raymond
Lopatesky, Rev. Msgr. Joseph Goode and
Rev. Abuchi Nwosu.





! Chapter 7 - Liquidations ! Chapter 13 - Wage Earner Plans

ollin Petronella of Long Valley,

pictured with Scoutmaster Jim
Maguire, received the highest
rank in scouting at his Eagle Scout Court


of Honor ceremony following the outdoor mass at Our Lady of the Mountain
Church in Long Valley. For his Eagle
Scout Project, Petronella from Troop 236


Evening Hours Available Call 908.850.6161

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Queen Sets

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Lift Chair


320 Mountain Ave | Hackettstown


320 Mountain Ave | Hackettstown
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On Time Professionals 201-214-5354

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the mines the scouts participated in a

rock/mineral project to earn a Geology
Award and work towards the Cub Scout
World Conservation Award.

On Time Professionals 201-214-5354

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On Time Professionals

n a recent outing to Sterling

Mines, Pack 236 of Long Valley
explored a once active NJ zinc
mine dating back to the 1830's. While at

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Find out how

acupuncture can help you.

Twelve Rivers
Beth Leatherman, L.Ac., MSTOM

Specializing in:
Pain Management:

Back Pain Neck Pain Headache Sports Injuries

Sciatica Joint Pain Fibromyalgia

Womens Health & Infertility

IVF & IUI Support Painful Periods
PCOS Endometrosis Menopause

Internal Medicine

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Gastrointestinal Allergies & Upper Respiratory

Oncology Support Neurological
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Enjoy Fresh Favorite Mexican Cuisine And Unique,

Hand-Crafted Cultural Treasures

By Cheryl Conway
ts only in downtown Chester, but with just one step
inside Fresco Mexican Restaurant guests will be swept
away into a world that is easy to describe as charming,
inviting, fresh and bright.
From the warm welcome by owners as customers walk
through the door, to the bright, bold dcor with its colorful
paintings on the walls, bright blue tables and chairs along
with the relaxing music and the tasty, fresh cuisine, Fresco
Mexican offers a wonderful atmosphere for dining day or
night. But the experience does not end there as right next
door, customers can shop for the most fabulous collection
of handcrafted art at their Boutique Random Acts of Fresco.
Voted top three in the 2015 Readers Choice Awards for
Best Restaurants and Food by Morris Essex Health and
Life magazine, Fresco Mexican restaurant on Main Street
in Chester offers a distinctive menu with a variety of
favorites from Mexico.
Opened in Chester since 2010, the first restaurantFresco- had been located in Flanders since 2006. Owners
Marco Rojas and Carlos Cervantes joined their years of
passion to establish one of the finest Mexican area restaurants.
Rojas, from Guadalajara Mexico, developed his regional style of Mexican cooking in his mothers kitchen. It was

there where he learned how to use the fresh produce,

cheese, and meats from the local merchants.
Relocated to New Jersey in the late eighties, Rojas
expanded his skills of international cuisine working as
executive chef at The Black Horse Pub in Mendham and
The Short Hills Club in Short Hills.
I named our restaurant Fresco (fresh) because there
really is no other way, Rojas says on his website.
Cervantes, from Key West, started his career in hotels at
the famed Pier House Beach Club and Resort. After moving to NJ in 1988, Carlos managed various restaurants
throughout the northern NJ area; including 15 years at The
Madison Hotel in Morristown as a sales and catering manager.
The two joined forces in 2006 with Fresco in Flanders,
moved to Chester four years later, and then one year later,
in 2011, opened up a unique gift shop right next doorRandom Acts of Fresco - featuring hand-crafted artisan
imports from countries such as Mexico, Peru, Guatemala,
Haiti, India and Ecuador.
Unlike various countries represented at the boutique, the
restaurant features all Mexican specialties. For drink, customers can bring their own alcohol, and add to the restaurants fresh made non-alcoholic margarita mix. Mexican
sodas are available, but the Hibiscus Iced Tea made from

the dry flower is most refreshing. Guests can buy a bag full
of the flowered leaves at the restaurant and at Random Acts
of Fresco to make their own at home.
The best, homemade tortilla chips with salsas such as
mild chipotle and tomatillo salsa with cilantro comes next.
Chilled Gazpacho, a cold tomato soup with cucumbers and
chopped vegetable garnish of peppers and onions is popular to start.
continued on next page

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continued from previous page
If dining with another, the Bocadillo Platter appetizer is
a great one to share as it includes three specialties- Chicken
Empanadas, Beef Taquitos, and Guacamole that is chunky
style and as fresh as it gets.
The Sangrita Chicken Salad comes marinated in homemade orange-tomato dressing, and includes crisp greens,
grapes, avocado, fried plantains, spiced pecans and fresh
For an entre, the Shrimp Al Pastor Molcajete is a house
specialty served hot in a bubbling Aztec Stone Dish, which
can also be purchased at the boutique next door. Enjoy
fresh, full of flavor shrimp combined with chorizo, and
fresh pineapple with poblano peppers, and onions in a spicy
ancho chili sauce; and accompanied with Mexican rice,
refried beans, and homemade tortillas. Preparations of this
dish change weekly.
Some other entrees on the menu include burritos, paninis, tacos, and wraps all popular for lunch; and a variety of
dishes like enchiladas, chimichangas, chile relleno, nachos
and so many dishes varying chicken, pork, steak, shrimp
and vegetarian.
On the kids menu, young guests can enjoy favorites like
salchipulpo, quesadillas, nachos and more.
Whether an appetizer, entre, dessert or a drink, presentation is eye appealing.
The Pastel de Tres Leches which is a moist vanilla cake
soaked in three types of milk and brandy, with a layer of

white icing, swirled chocolate sauce on the plate and two

sliced strawberries. Sharing is not recommended, as it is
that good and definitely worth the calories.
Fresco Mexican also collaborates with The Sweet Spot
Bake Shoppe down the street in Chester, offering their
Chocolate Coffee Brownie Pops and Lime Margarita bars.
Cervantes is working on adding Margarita Cheesecake to
his dessert menu.
Once the owners were settled in their new restaurant,
they started to research the idea for a boutique next door,
says Cervantes. Just one year later, Random Acts of Fresco
opened its doors.
Random Fresco started with Mexican art, so he and his
partners visited Mexico and came back with fabulous finds,
all purchased from wonderful artists throughout the region.
Random has since expanded to other countries and filled up
the boutique with Ecuadorian jewelry; textiles and embroidered pillows from Guatemala; scarves from India; Haitian
metal art made from discarded 55 gallon steel oil drums
recycled into wall dcor like a giant sunflower; Impressive
pottery; and upscale jewelry with gold and pearls featuring
artists from New York and Boston.
Customers stand in awe at the selection and variety, such
as heart sconces made from iron, Day of The Dead Art like
the painted ceramic skulls and skull wine stoppers, a fan
favorite, Mexican mirrors with tin roses made out of recycled aluminum, leather and fabric handbags, woven belts
from India, a pig sculpture with four pigs standing on top of

the other, iridescent glasses made from blow fused glass in

Mexico, authentic Mexican saddle purses, printed scarves,
decorative plates, candles, table runners, picture frames,
statues, vases, colorful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so
much more.
Customers will also appreciate the later hours and outside dining in the front patio open as the weather permits
from spring to the fall.
Eat, Eat, Eat Shop, Shop, Shop, Cervantes stresses.
Hours are Sun. Thurs., 10:30 a.m. 9 p.m.; Fri. and
Sat., 10:30 a.m. 10 p.m. For more information or to view
the menu, visit; or call 908-955-7222.

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Chester Woman Captures Win In Bayer Photo Contest

By Ejvind Boccolini
Chester woman and retired nurse is the winner of a
photo contest sponsored by Bayer, after taking a
beautiful photo of a Cape May scene that was chosen as part of a campaign to raise awareness about CTEPH,
or chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension.
Patricia Middings, a resident of Chester for 50 years, said
the reason she entered the Bayer photo contest was because
it was directly involved with the medical field. Her outstanding photo, courtesy of Bayer, is of "The Cove" at Cape May,
a section of the beach hailed as picturesque, family-oriented
and good for surfing.
Middings said she loves to photograph nature scenes, and
is pleased that her photo won and that it helps to raise awareness about CTEPH (on, chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension is described as a rare form of pulmonary hypertension in which a "thrombus - clot-like mass
- gets stuck to the lungs blood vessel wall and blocks blood
On Bayer's website, Bayer.US, it mentions that
Middings won this contest by showcasing an inspiring
moment with her photograph, and that the photo contest was
"designed to raise awareness about chronic thromboembolic
pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) by showcasing inspirational events, sights or moments in time that can take a person's breath away.
To enter the contest, photographers had to first visit the
educational disease awareness site and take a

quiz about the CTEPH symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

options, including the potentially curative surgery, pulmonary thromboendartorectomy. Photos were judged based
on their visual appeal, as well as their ability to depict a truly
breathtaking moment."
Middings uses a Canon Powershot Fx130 IS camera, and
said she won blue ribbon awards for her photos but never a
"It's a hobby," she said about photography. "I've been
doing it for about 10 years, probably longer."
Middings said she usually photographs nature -"scenes,
flowers, bugs."
This particular contest was appealing to Middings
because of its tie to the medical field and how it has the purpose of raising awareness about CTEPH. Middings is, after
all, a retired nurse who worked at the Kessler Institute for
Rehabilitation, in Chester, a renowned rehabilitation hospital.
Her photo also helps people realize that some areas of
New Jersey still possess an excellent display of nature, and
that it is still is a pretty state.
"It is. It's so beautiful," she said.
When asked if she plans of entering any other photo contests, she said she may if "something suitable comes up."
Middings said it has to be something inspiring. "It has to
be something that means something to me."
In the meantime, she said she was "very pleased that my
photo won," and the fact that it could help someone is a very

Have you seen your future home lately?

You wont believe your eyes!

Join us for one of our next Village Luncheons and see our multiple new
dining venues, including the Heritage Room, The Musconetcong Grille
and Paddys Pub! Youll also see our new Great Room and Game and
Media Rooms and our beautiful outdoor patio space.
A casual lunch will be served at 12:00 noon and information and a
tour will follow. Please plan to arrive about 11:45am. Staff members
will meet you in the Main Lobby of Heath House.

RSVP REQUIRED: 908-684-5009

Wednesday, July 8th at Noon
Wednesday, July 22nd at Noon

Photo is courtesy of Bayer.

good thing.
On, it describes chronic thromboembolic
pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH).
"When people talk about blood pressure, they are normally referring to the blood pressure you measure with a
cuff. This is called systemic blood pressurethe pressure in
your bodys arteries (blood vessels) as your heart pumps
blood to the rest of your body. If your systemic blood prescontinued on next page

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Washington Library To Host

June Adult Programs

ashington Twp. Public Library plans to host

these adult programs for the month of June.
These programs are subject to change. For more
information call the library at 908-876-3596.
The Right Way to Plant a Tree for a Long and Healthy
Life- Tues., June 16, at 7 p.m. Steve Zaikowski of the
Long Valley Shade Tree Committee, aims to teach the
public the right way to plant a tree. Learn how to correct
the problems with existing tree problems, learn what a
mulch volcano is, and what current pests to look out for.
Friends of the WTPL Movie- Wed., June 17, at 7 p.m.
Friends of the WTPL is a chronicle of one woman's
1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from
a recent catastrophe.
Evening Knitting Group- Thurs., June 18, at 7 p.m.;
and Thurs., June 25, at 7 p.m.
The Raritan River: Our Landscape Our Legacy- Thurs.,
June 18, at 7 p.m., Judy Shaw, author of "The Raritan
River: Our Landscape Our Legacy" will present Raritan
Rivers history, industrial importance, aesthetic value,
importance to our water supply, and current perils.
Lunch n Learn - Aging in Your Own Place- Mon., June
22, at noon. Studies have shown, 90 percent of adults over
the age of 65 report that they would prefer to stay in their
current residence as they age. One-third of American
households are home to one or more residents 60 years of
age or older. Yet, most Americans do not make a plan to
age in place until it's too late. Yet its never too late to start
coming up with strategies, which will improve ones ability to live independently.
Come hear about some of these simple steps and strategies that one can take to live out life in the manner that is
suitable for ones choosing, with Rebecca Abenante from
Morristown Medical Center. Lunch is $2.
Earthwatch Adventures- Mon., June 22, at 7 p.m. Bob
Herman will discuss and show his slides of his various
travels with Earthwatch.
Adult Paint class Tues., June 23, at 7 p.m. The
Washington Twp. Public Library plans to present an adult
art painting class. Space is limited!
Flying Higher: A WASP Takes Wing - Wed., June 24,
at 7 p.m. During World War II, more than 1,000 women
volunteers completed the WASP military pilot training
program. They endured terrible Texas weather, snakes,
spiders and scorpions, as well as the hostility of some
male instructors. Graduating WASPs piloted every kind of
military aircraft, tested new and overhauled airplanes,
some with defective parts or dangerous reputations, delivered more than 12,000 planes, and flew over 60 million
miles, sometimes towing targets that soldiers shot at with
live ammunition; 38 of them died serving their country.
Then they were told that men needed their jobs and they
were dismissed and forgotten.
Carol Simon Levin tells the story of the amazing
WASPs through the eyes of Ann Baumgartner Carl, the
Jersey girl who trained as a WASP, became the only
American woman to test-fly experimental planes during
the war, and the first woman in the world to fly a jet airplane.

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CCM President Retires After 30 Years of Leadership

r. Edward J. Yaw, president of

County College of Morris (CCM),

announced today that he has informed the

CCM Board of Trustees that he will not

Woman Captures Win...

continued from front page
sure is high, you have systemic hypertension.
The blood vessels in your lungs, called
pulmonary arteries, have their own pressures. In some cases, this pressure can be
high, causing pulmonary hypertension (PH).
PH makes the right side of your heart work
harder. Over time, the right side of your
heart becomes enlarged, making it harder to
pump blood." And, chronic thromboembolic
pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH), is considered a rare form of pulmonary hypertension in which a "thrombus (clot-like mass)
gets stuck to the lungs blood vessel wall and
blocks blood flow."
The condition can be improved by way
of surgery, if individuals decide on this. This
is mentioned on the website as well.
Bayer raised awareness about CTEPH,
by promoting the "Breathless Moments"
contest through public relations and social

"It is estimated that 500 to 2500 patients

develop CTEPH every year in the U.S.,
many of whom go undiagnosed, which is
particularly troubling as a surgical option
has the potential to cure some CTEPH
cases," said Dr. Dario Mirski, vice president
and head U.S. Medical Affairs, Bayer
HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. "Bayer is
proud to be working to raise awareness
about CTEPH, in the hope that increased
education will lead to better outcomes for
Rino Aldrighetti, president and CEO of
the Pulmonary Hypertension Association,
Silver Spring, Md., said "We are very
pleased to see Bayer's commitment to
CTEPH patients and their work to raise
awareness about the disease. Increased
awareness is important because CTEPH is
often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, causing
patients to lose valuable treatment time,
which can lead to a poor prognosis."

seek renewal of his contract when it

expires in August 2016.
Yaw told the college community of his
decision this morning at CCMs spring
Professional Day for faculty and staff.
I want to express my deep sense of
gratitude for what we have been able to
accomplish here, said Yaw. I am especially proud of our faculty. It is because
of their dedication that our academic programs are so widely recognized in the
state and even around the nation.
Yaw was appointed the second president of the college in 1986, following the
retirement of CCMs first president, Dr.
Sherman H. Masten. Yaw first joined
CCM in 1980 as Dean of Academic
Affairs. Prior to that, he served as
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at
Adelphi University in New York.
Under his leadership, CCM has
become one of the states leading community colleges. As a result of his vision
and guidance, the college has one of the
highest combined transfer and graduation

rates among community colleges in New

Jersey. Students and faculty also are regularly presented with awards and honors
for their accomplishments.
In addition, Yaw has played an instrumental role in shaping higher education
in NJ through his work on professional
and educational councils. During his
service as chair of the NJ Presidents
Council representing all of the states
colleges and universities he led the
effort to enact a statewide transfer agreement to ease the process for students
seeking to pursue their educations
beyond an associate degree. An active
community leader, he has served on the
boards of numerous organizations,
including the Morris County Chamber of
Commerce and the Urban League of
Morris County, offering his time and
expertise to improving the lives of others.
Yaw earned his Ed.D. from Columbia
University, his M.S. from Southern
Illinois University and his B.A. from
Harpur College, SUNY Binghamton.

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Who Was On The Mark On How The 21st Century Would Be

Powered - Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla

by Michele Guttenberger
oday there is renewed curiosity
about who was the best visionary of
the 20th Century now that weve
entered the 21st Century. Which of these
two legendary geniuses was it Thomas
Edison or Nikola Tesla who best predicated
the worlds power technology for marvelous modern day living?
Retelling this legendary story of the battle of these two rival inventors often presents embellished or misleading facts that
attempts to repackage history in a more
composite way for todays popular appeal.
The fact is that Thomas Edison did not
invent the light bulb. He made improvements to the incandescent bulb that its pioneering designer (Joseph Swan) even
admired. Thomas Edison made the incandescent light bulb practical, economical and
efficient to get people to accept electricity
as the source of power that lit these bulbs.
The electricity that Edison endorsed to
power these bulbs was DC - Direct Current
and that is where he came into conflict with
his former snappy employee Nikola Tesla.
The popular myth on Tesla was that he
led the charge on electrical current power.
This is misleading because the use of AC
was used in medical devices long before
Tesla was even born. The earliest big discoveries and experiments in electricity go to
Michael Faraday which dates back to the
1820s. Nikola Tesla was the big power
electricity sort of thinker employed by

Westinghouse to further advance AC

Alternating Current power as the way to
modernize the world. Think of miles of utility lines of power and this is the transmission of Teslas AC Current. It is that big network grid that connects power to every
home in the US.
So Edison did not discover the light bulb
and Nikola Tesla did not discover AC
power. Both men made phenomenal
progress in their area of research and development.
What really separated Edison from Tesla
was the application of these inventions.
Here is where Thomas Edison has a
stronger connection to modern day living as
we know it today. Edisons research was
done for practical benefit. His vision was to
bring safe electricity to the home that did
not cause a familys life to be at risk in using
his home inventions. There is more safety
in using DC power even though it cant go
the distance. Edison did not think of transmitting power over long distances. Edisons
mind was off the big power grid. He
believed in local generating stations embedded in neighborhoods that served electricity
to each home. He even proved that a home
could have its own standalone generating
station. Inside his own gated estate community at Llewellyn Park, he purchased a standard size family home in 1905 on
Honeysuckle Ave in West Orange. He
made this house into a demo model home of
electrification. The house had its own elec-

Register for Fall

at County College of Morris

egistration for the Fall 2015

Semester is currently taking place
at County College of Morris
(CCM) in Randolph. By applying and
registering now, students are presented
with the best opportunity to enroll in
classes that take place on the days and
times that best fit their schedules.
At CCM, students are able to select
from more than 50 associate degrees and
more than 25 certificate programs taught
by a faculty specifically focused on
teaching. In addition, full-time students
can save $5,000 to $25,000 or more a
year by starting at CCM. According to
the College Board, tuition and fees for
the 2014-15 academic year averaged

$31,231 for private colleges and universities, $9,139 for state residents at public
colleges and universities, and $22,958
for out-of-state residents attending public
colleges and universities. In comparison,
the annual cost of tuition and fees for
full-time students taking 12 credits a
semester at CCM is $3,656.
To get started, review the degree and
certificate programs at CCM at To apply to the
college, go to
or visit the Admissions office in the
Student Community Center on CCMs
Randolph campus. For more information,
email or call 973-3285100.

tric generating station. It is

here that Thomas Edison
tested out the practicality of
his various new Edison
inventions, and devices for
his vision of the modern day
family home. In 1912 he
issued a newsletter to his
employees that stated this
model home was installed
with several new moving
picture machines in the billiard room of this house.
Can it be said then that
Thomas Edison promoted
the first home theater concept that is now a trend in
the 21st century.
When we flip the light
switch to light our home,
this is a Tesla concept of AC
power. When we recharge
are battery powered person-

al electronic devices we are

using DC power. So, we
can say that PC users are in
the Thomas Edison state of
mind on power.
Visit the Thomas Alva
Edison Museum NPS
where home innovations

were made - Open Wed.,

through Sun., Hours 10
a.m. - 4 p.m. Admission fee
is $10. Located at 211 Main
Street, West Orange, NJ
07052 Visit website for

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Of course we can book you that same deal you saw online! But we would rather send you on a vacation that is actually right for YOU!

When you want to know, ask someone whos been there!

Theres traveling. And then theres traveling with Monograms. The difference? With
Monograms, we take away all the hassle of travel, leaving you with nothing to do
but enjoy. And now, were taking away a lot of the price too. These are great offers,
to amazing places good for just about whenever you want to go. Take a peek at this
months deals. But hurry, because theyll be gone when the month is over.


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*Land only prices Airfare is additional
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Route 206 Chester 1-800-468-2359 ShopRite - Marshalls - Staples Mall

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Celebrate Dad with Grilling and Golf

his year for Fathers Day, skip the tacky tie and
give dad something he truly wants quality time
with the kids who gave him such an honorable
title. Plan an intimate family gathering with all his
favorite foods and a few special touches that reflect his
other passions in life, such as golf.
Let dad savor some grilled goodness (and a healthy
dose of antioxidants) with colorful fruit and veggie
kabobs. Healthy, hydrating watermelon is the star ingredient of these colorful skewers, which also include marinated chunks of pork.
Add a low-calorie, fat-free side by serving watermelon balls in a fun golf ball-shaped vessel carved from a
watermelon rind.
For more recipes and carving ideas using versatile
watermelon, visit
Pork and Watermelon Kabobs
Servings: 8
6 tablespoons brown sugar
6 tablespoons soy sauce

6 tablespoons diced red onion

3 garlic cloves, minced
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/4 teaspoon ground thyme
Pepper to taste
1 pound boned, lean pork chop, cut into 1-inch cubes
(approximately 38-40 pieces)
32 cubes watermelon (1 inch each), plus extra for garnish if desired
16-24 zucchini rounds (1/2 inch)
16 pineapple chunks, fresh or canned (1 inch each)
24 yellow or orange peppers chunks (1 inch each,
approximately 3-4 peppers total)
Cooking spray
Sesame seeds for garnish
Combine sugar, soy sauce, onion, garlic, lemon juice,
olive oil, thyme and pepper in mixing bowl. Pour into
resealable bag and add pork pieces. Seal bag, mix thorcontinued on next page



1 Lg. Cheese Pizza

Fried Calamari
Baked Ziti House Salad with
choice of dressing 1-2 Lt. Soda

1 Lg. Cheese Pizza

1 Order Buffalo Wings
1 Order Mozzarella Sticks
1-2 Lt. Soda

Tax not included, delivery or pick up only. Not

to be combined with other offers. Exp. 7/31/15

Tax not included, delivery or pick up only. Not

to be combined with other offers. Exp. 7/31/15





2 Lg. Cheese Pizzas

1 Lg. Order of Mussels
1 Large Salad

1 Lg. Cheese Pizza

1 - 7 Italian Combo
1-2 Lt. Soda


Tax not included, delivery or pick up only. Not

to be combined with other offers. Exp. 7/31/15


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to be combined with other offers. Exp. 7/31/15


Party Trays

10% OFF

Tax not included, delivery or pick up only. Not to be combined with other offers. Exp. 7/31/15

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Celebrate Dad...

Call us for your

next event or party.
Catering for
all occasions!

5.00 OFF

$25 or
more check

Limit 1 per table.

Not valid on Holidays. Expires 7/31/15

10.00 OFF

$50 or
more check

Limit 1 per table.

Not valid on Holidays. Expires 7/31/15

continued from previous page

oughly and refrigerate for at least 1
hour, turning bag periodically.
Remove pork from bag and reserve
marinade. Thread 5 pork pieces, 4 watermelon cubes, 2-3 zucchini rounds, 2
pineapple chunks and 3 peppers on each
of 8 skewers, alternating the order.
Spray cooking surface on heated grill
and place kebobs on grill. Grill for 12-15
minutes, or until done, turning and basting frequently with reserved marinade.
Garnish with sesame seeds and chunks of
Golf Ball Serving Bowl
Wash watermelon under cool running
water and pat dry.
On cutting board, place watermelon

on side and cut off 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch

from stem end, being careful not to cut
too deep into white part of rind. This will
provide sturdy base.
Using paring knife, cut a 3- to 4-inch
round circle in top of watermelon.
Use melon baller to make shallow
round divots into rind of watermelon to
mimic dimples in golf ball. Next, use
kitchen knife to peel thin layers of rind
off to expose white underneath, being
careful not to cut too deep or red flesh
will be exposed. Try to get as much of
green rind off so it will resemble a white
golf ball.
Hollow out watermelon with spoon or
scoop. Place on tray and add watermelon
balls to serve.

Dads Come In & Get A


With your dinner on Fathers Day. Dine-in only.


10% OFF



2 Large Pies
Toppings Extra
1 Per Family


(Reg. $27)


Try our Special Sauces

For Only $10.99

Garlic & Oil, Bolgnese, Alfredo,

Pesto, Vodka, Meat Sauce, Puttanesca
Choose Your Pasta:
Ziti, Penne, Spaghetti, Linguini

*Served with Salad & Choice of Bread





We Offer Daily Specials

Gourmet Pizza Delicious Desserts
Catering Party Trays
3-6 Foot Long Subs Sandwiches
Paninis Salads Antipastos

We Remember and Honor Our

Veterans This Memorial Day

191 Route 206 Chester

Chester Springs Shopping Mall
(Next to ShopRite)


10% OFF

Any Catering Order or

Total Bill of $25 or more
With this coupon. Not to be
combined. Exp. 7/31/15

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Acupuncture Can Enhance Your Endocrine System and Optimize Your Health

id you know that your endocrine system produces

thirty (30) distinct hormones each of which has
extremely specific jobs to do? Your endocrine system is responsible for all hormonal functions in the body.
Your endocrine system governs your physical growth, mood,
reproduction, mental functionality, your mood and your
immune system. Needless to say, it is very important to have
your endocrine system operating optimally at all times.
When not working properly, you can become susceptible to
infertility, various diseases and your ability to overcome
infection will become weakened. Your endocrine system
impacts every area of your health and yet unknowingly it is
bombarded on a daily basis with the foods you consume and
the amount stress you allow in your life.
The cornerstone of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
has always been about prevention and helping the body to
restore balance to the various organ systems and meridians or
pathways that cover the entire body. If these pathways or
meridians become obstructed or depleted you can suffer from
a myriad of symptoms such as: tiredness, weight gain,
depression, digestive problems, infertility, hair loss, arthritis
and feeling cold all the time, regardless of the temperature.
The following are a list of each of the endocrine glands and
their functions:
Thyroid The thyroid gland produces thyroid stimulating
hormones (TSH) and Triiodothyronine (T3) and Free
Thyroxine (T4) which control the growth, your temperature
and function of every cell in your body. Your thyroid controls
your metabolism a high TSH combined with a low or normal T4 generally indicates hypothyroidism, which can have
a detrimental effect on fertility, your energy level and your
ability to lose weight to name a few. Sometimes a diseased
thyroid gland will start producing very high levels of T3 but
still produce normal levels of T4. Therefore measurement of
both hormones provides an even more accurate evaluation of
thyroid function.
Reproductive Hormones Your reproductive glands consist of either ovaries or testes and secrete hormones that control the development of male and female characteristics.
Women have two ovaries and their function is to release egg

Deborah Waddell,
Dipl. Ac., C.A.

cells and to produce hormones. They usually produce one

egg per month and their function is quite unique. The normal
ovary produces two very important hormones but in a very
special unique way. For the first half of the menstrual cycle
only Estrogen is produced but in the latter half the ovary also
starts producing another hormone Progesterone. The ovary
also produces small amounts of testosterone. Did you know
that when a baby girl is born, her ovaries contain all the egg
cells (ova) she will ever possess? The egg cells are formed
in utero and no new egg cells are formed after birth. This differs substantially from the male, who start producing sperm
only at puberty and then continues to produce sperm for the
rest of his life. This is why women enter the menopause with
a womens cycle is considered Yin as is Estrogen, while the
second half of a womans cycle is Yang in nature and is
Progesterone. It is vitally important that both are balanced to
ensure a good menstrual cycle and provide a fertile ground
for conception.
In males the Testes are glands are responsible for making
testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, and for generating sperm. The semen is considered a Yin substance while
the sperm and its ability to swim is considered to be more
Yang. Therefore, sperm volume, motility and morphology
come under the auspices of both Kidney Yin and Yang.
Hypothalamus/Pituitary The hypothalamus/pituitary
glands provide the primary link between the endocrine and
central nervous systems. Nerve cells and hormones signal
the pituitary gland to secrete or suppress the release of various hormone messages to your other glands. The pituitary
gland secretes your growth hormones. The hypothalamus
controls the autonomic nervous system and acts with the limbic system to regulate emotional and behavioral patterns, regulates eating and drinking, and controls your body temperature. It also controls pituitary gland secretions.
In response to stimuli such as stress, pain and emotions,
the hypothalamus can exert effects on the pituitary gland to
order to respond to these stimuli.
Adrenals Your adrenal glands sit on top of your kidneys
and regulate your bodys response to stress and are made of

Treating: Mental and Emotional Issues

Musculo-skeletal and Neurological
Upper Respiratory Tract
Gastrointestinal Disorders Reproductive System

Deborah Torrance,
Dipl. Ac., C.A.


Valley Professional Center, 59 East Mill Road (Rt. 24),
Suite 2-201-A, Long Valley, New Jersey, 07853 (908) 876-3643

two parts, each of which secretes a separate set of hormones.

The adrenal cortex or outer part produces hormones that are
vital to life, such as cortisol (which helps regulate your
metabolism and your body respond to stress). The medulla
or inner part produces hormones such as adrenaline which
helps your body react to stress. Over time, chronic elevated
stress levels can lead to weight gain, decreased resistance to
infections, fatigue, muscles aches and low blood sugar.
Pancreas Your pancreas makes pancreatic juices and
hormones, called insulin and glucagon. Both these hormones
are secreted directly into your bloodstream, and together,
they regulate the level of glucose in the blood. Insulin lowers the blood sugar level and increases the amount glucagon
(stored carbohydrate) in the liver. Glucagon increases your
blood sugar level if it falls too low. If the insulin secreting
cells do not work properly, diabetes occurs.
Pineal Your pineal gland is also referred to as the third
eye. It is the spiritual Third Eye, our inner vision and it is
considered the seat of the soul. It is located in the center of
the cranium. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin,
a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns
and seasonal affective disorders.
As you can see from the information above, your
endocrine system is vital to maintaining homeostasis or balance to your life. A healthy endocrine system which secretes
just the right amount of specific hormones will slow your
aging process and keep you vibrant and healthy as you age.
When treating an endocrine condition with Chinese
Medicine and Acupuncture, my job is to determine the root
cause of your imbalance and then treat both the root cause
and the branch (your symptoms). The endocrine system is
tied to the internal balance of your yin and yang energy. I like
to use this analogy, imagine that the Yang energy is like gasoline that fuels your car, and the Yin energy is the coolant for
the cars engine. Without the coolant, the engine overheats
and begins to burn out. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture
work to make sure the Yin and Yang are equal within the
body restoring your internal balance. The root of the bodys
Qi or energy in Chinese Medicine is the Kidney Organ
System. Treatment used to strengthen the Kidney System
and movement of Qi throughout the body is used to strengthen the Kidney Organ System thereby restoring your
endocrine glands.
Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has been used for
thousands of years to restore hormonal balance, regulate
energy levels, smooth emotions and help manage sleep, treat
menstrual problems and reproductive problems. Treatments
take you as an individual and your symptoms into account
and are aimed at balancing the energy in your body, optimizing your health, restoring your immune function and balancing the production and release of hormones through a variety
of approaches ranging from acupuncture and herbal formulas
to dietary and lifestyle changes. Many patients benefit from
an integrated Eastern and Western medical approach to
endocrine health. At Skylands our patients are also educated on the various day to day food and chemicals from household cleaning products that disrupt your endocrine system on
a daily basis.

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First Annual Team Bloke 5K For

Brain Cancer Awareness

arden State Races is proud to present the first annual Team Bloke
5K for Brain Cancer Awareness.
On Tues., Nov. 4th, Doug Clark was at
home working when he suffered a grand
mal seizure. After several surgeries it was
determined that Doug had a grade 3
Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Although it is a
treatable form of brain cancer there have
been many intense surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation involved with his treatment. A majority of the proceeds from the
race will go to help the Clark family with
some of their growing medical expenses
during this very tough time. A remainder
of the proceeds will go to support the
Mendham Borough EMTs, who answered
the Clark familys emergency call as well
as to support Stomp the Monster whose
mission is to help families during the
tough time of a loved one fighting cancer.
As a former patient of Therapeutics
Unlimited Physical Therapy and Sports
Rehabilitation, under the care of Janice
Mora, we urge anyone who is interested to

run/walk the 5k on August 1. Run/walk

start time: 8:30 a.m. Run/walk end time:
9:30 a.m. Adult price: $30 race fee +
$2.50 sign up fee. Kids 1/2 Mile Fun Run
start time: 9:30 a.m. Kids 1/2 Mile Fun
Run end time: 10 a.m. Kids price: $15,
race fee + $2.50 sign up fee. To register go
to the site today; https://runsignup.
com/Race/ NJ/Mendham/TeamBloke5K

T-F 9AM-8PM Sat 9AM-5PM Sun 9AM-3PM Monday by Appointment Only 12PM-6PM

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The Rose House Offers Kindness For Those With

Developmental Disabilities

By Ejvind Boccolini
ll throughout northern New Jersey, an organization is helping adults with intellectual and/or
developmental disabilities lead more meaningful lives as they become integrated into the community
and workforce more and more.
The Rose House, in Morris Plains, is a "non-profit
organization, providing person-centered programs for
developmentally disabled adults, helping them to pursue
their goals and dreams, and become valued members of
their communities," their website reads.
Earlier this month, Tom Mitchell, of the Rose House
spoke in a phone interview about upcoming programs
and the help they have given individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.
The Rose House serves adults with Intellectual and
Developmental Disabilities (IDD) such as Down
Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum
is; and its website is
Mitchell said The Rose House has programs to help
out families with an IDD individuals, and the men and
women themselves, visiting their homes for possibly a

few hours each day or each week, depending on the

level of care. There are different levels of vocational
training and "self-directed" supports as well, and IDD
individuals also visit the community for activities.
In Parsippany, at the Parsippany PAL, there is the
Rose House Cafe, a community center-type facility in
which IDD men and women serve tasty muffins, soups,
salads, chips and hot dogs to the members and occasional members of the community. This is one example of
how IDD men and women have been trained and integrated into the workforce, each gaining a personal uplift
and creating a more meaningful life for themselves.
The Rose House also has four group homes, and 10
apartments in northern NJ, offering residential possibilities for men and women. There are two group homes in
Budd Lake, one in Morris Plains, and 10 apartments in
Hanover. They are in the process of purchasing a house
in Parsippany as well.
Training and education in independent living skills
can allow individuals to enter into these residential living spaces. They gain skills in cooking, cleaning, community shopping, and of course, job skills such as working a cash register, for instance.
"The more integrated the better," said Mitchell,

adding that the Rose House has served more than 100
individuals during its 15 years.
For these programs, families receive partial funding
from the state, and parents provide funding too. The
Rose House accepts men and women 21 and older.
As a result, IDD men and women can become integrated by way of community-based Residential Living
Skills that they will obtain from The Rose House;
Competitive Employment Training; Job Sampling for
High School Seniors (graduating seniors can become
involved though not yet 21); and Healthy Choices, a
three-session course on cooking your own healthy, tasty
meals, designed specifically for people with developmental disabilities and their caregivers.
Rose House representatives will be meeting at the
end of June with County College of Morris (CCM) representatives to plan a 5K run/walk at CCM in Randolph
for Oct. 11. Check its website, the closer to the event to confirm the details.
Individuals qualify for the Rose House services via
referrals from the state Department of Developmental
Disabilities, Easter Seals, and also via referrals from NJ
high schools.

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