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Who was the leader of Iran after the Islamic Revolution of 1979?
a. Mohammed Ali
b. Ayatollah Khomeini
c. Hassan Rouhani
d. Genghis Khan
e. George W Bush


After which major event did Iran and the US break diplomatic relations with one
a. The Islamic Revolution
b. 9/11
c. The Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1980
d. The Election of Hassan Rouhani
e. The 1989 Olympics


Which Iranian president is considered the Diplomat Sheikh?

a. Hassan Rouhani
b. Ayatollah Khomeini
c. Mohammad Khatami
d. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
e. Muhammad Ali


Which warship attacked an Iran Air flight in 2002?

a. USS Freedom
b. USS Vincennes
c. USS Lusitania
d. USS Patriot
e. USS World


What is the Vietnam Syndrome?

a. The viral disease that was spread by mosquitos in the damp jungles of Vietnam

b. The sickness many Vietnam veterans were diagnosed with after they came back
for the Vietnam war
c. The love of Vietnam cuisine
d. Fear and reluctance of getting militarily involved in third world countries
e. The prejudice that many Americans at home felt towards Vietnameses

Who was the Secretary of State that secretly visited China in 1971?
a. George Bush
b. Malcolm Bassinger
c. Henry Kissinger
d. Lorraine Smith
e. Timothy Green


Why did the Tiananmen Square Protests occur?

a. There were food shortages throughout the country
b. Farmers were protesting against the unfair treatment they received from the
c. Citizens were afraid that western ideals were ruining their culture
d. Citizens were protesting US imperialism
e. Students were protesting for democratic reform and the end to corruption


What does dtente mean?

a. The art of foreign policy
b. A relaxing of tension, especially between nations, as by negotiations or
c. The philosophy that the world depends on the wellbeing of foreign policy
d. When two countries are in a troublesome alliance
e. When two countries are on friendly terms


During which space mission did famous Russian-American handshake occur?

a. The Discovery Shuttle Mission
b. The ISS Launch

c. The Apollo-Soyuz Mission

d. The Columbia Mission
e. The Enterprise Mission

Under which Russian leader were Russian-American relations reset?

a. Gorbachev
b. Putin
c. Stalin
d. Zubkov
e. Medvedev


After 9/11, what did the Bush administration declare?

a. A war on terror
b. A fight for liberty
c. The end of Iran
d. The end of Al Qaeda
e. The end of the world


What operation was launched by the Bush administration after 9/11?

a. Operation Fight for Liberty
b. Operation Save all Americans
c. Operation Enduring Freedom
d. Operation D-Day
e. Operation Free For All


The 1973 War Powers Resolution requires that

a. The US and France retreat from Vietnam
b. The president could not send troops into combat for over ninety days without
congressional consent
c. The US does not declare war on a significantly less powerful country
d. All countries be equal in military power
e. All conflicts between countries should be resolved by playing a game of Risk


The Pentagon Papers

a. Is a Secret Department of Defense study of US political and military
involvement in Vietnam
b. Is a Secret Department of Defense study of political and military development
in Russia
c. Was released in the mid-1940s
d. Contains secrets on all past American battles
e. Was released in the mid-1930s
DBQ Questions

1. What does this cartoon imply about the USs involvement in other countries?
a. The US will jump at any chance to do so
b. The US is hesitant to help other countries

c. The American belief is that helping other countries implies you are a
good leader
d. It is Americas duty to help other countries
e. It is necessary burden to help other countries