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The people to whom the campaign is directed live in metropolitan and
urban cities of Peru, of any marital status and socioeconomic status.
Sprites target is young men and women from 14 to 22 years.
Transparent content of the soda, aims to attract the attention of
anyone who is young at the most difficult stage of his life, as is
adolescence or teenagers. This means that the color of the drink is
related to any person who is shown to others as it is without having
fear of what people say. Having a target audience with the above
features, the brand is positioned in their minds in an amiable manner
using direct and showing the reality of young people. Insights are
used to show an external perspective and how feelings are identified.
Within the campaign launched in Peru, it presents different situations
shown in a fresh and fun way, which is carried out by teenagers. The
target audience has a common profile of trying to be different from
others and stand out from their group as a way to shape their identity
as a person within society. Most of the publicity seen on billboards,
images of a specific situation, is always accompanied by the phrase
"the way things are (Las cosas como son) using green, blue and
white colors. "[...] Sprite invites you to express yourself without any
social restraint, which engages with the attitude you have shown
adolescents as they are (Cotrina, Furuzawa; Qumsiyeh, Raed, Rios;

Roles portrayed
To appeal to their young target audience, the campaign tries to
position the brand in their minds in a more sociable manner. The
messages are direct and sincere. They are not indicated for teenagers
what is right and what not, but they are told things so you have until
a certain irony and irreverence in the tone of the message, inviting
the audience to be reflected in the situations shown in the messages.
The publicity reveals an outside perspective and shows several
situations in a humoristic way.
The young people feel the need to be part of a group not only to
reinforce their identity as a result of a personal need, but they are told
constantly that should be part of "something", and that this identity
must be shown to everyone. Sprite uses the youth in his campaign
and sold them the idea that they should be "transparent". In other
words, be yourself, we must be ourselves and, thus, be different. This
is an idea with which young people are sympathetic because, behind
the identity of a group is the need of each of these individuals,
highlight the rest of the people and go against the rules constructed
by society.
Analyzing the publicity launched in Peru and shown in Sprite Perus
official web page (2014), in the video section the show four different
videos presented by different roles. Erving Goffmans impression
management is used in the first video called Hablas de mas. The
main teenager uses self-presentation and tries to portray himself in
the best possible way to the girl she wanted to seduce and conquer.
He shows exaggerating languages and blemishing his real identity by
covering his flaws. The teens intention is to project a false, created
and misleading images and ideas about him by using different tactics:









management is enforced in Sprites publicity.

In the second video Estado solita, the girl portrays her role in the
front stage by only presenting what she wants in order to call
attention. Her actions and role in social media are a reflection of her
motivation. Sprite motivates teens to be open-minded and show
others how you want to be seen. The next video named Das todo por
un like searches for approval of your friends and people by doing
anything to be socially acceptable. Ingratiation is a key word for the
commercial by making whatever is necessary to feel good about
The necessity or individual idea of young people, which is reinforced
by society, to be different from the rest and be you helps this group is
an easy target to seduce the public and consumer. The campaign
externalizes their ideas, beliefs, ways of perceiving society, which
usually have irreverent and rebellious actions and attitudes. They feel
the need to translate them into their appearance, social behavior,
hangouts, and activities which are show in the last video called Las
mujeres lloran por todo.
The teenagers and young adults give Sprite a proper image with a
define personality by being honest and authentic of how they are
portraying the truth about the presented situations in the publicity.
Sprites campaign, by showing the truth, make the young people feel
identified generating the necessity to consume it because it has been
made for them.
Sprite shows different types of roles and different people trying to be
or act in a certain way and being socially accepted and acting the way
they want to obtain a status and personality. The sodas main goal is
to create a bond between the target audience and the brand by
feeling identified by their publicity.


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