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Leyton Children Centre Timetable

June to September 2015





Leyton Cricket
Leyton High Road,
E10 6PY

Active play 9.45am-11.15am

Stay & Play 1pm-2.30pm

The session will help your child to

develop physical skills, balance, speed
and coordination, increase selfconfidence, enjoy exercise from an early
age, develop social skills and meet other
children, develop and increase
concentration and participate in group

(including healthy snack and circle time)

Themed activities for under 5s in
stimulating, friendly environment for
early learning. Sessions allow children to
enjoy a selection of toys in a relaxed
atmosphere and it is a good opportunity
to meet other families

Messy Play 9.45am-11.15am and Stay & Play 9.45am-11.15am

(including healthy snack and singing together)
Get ready to get messy in fun and
stimulating environment. The session
offers children a chance to explore a
wide range of textures and materials as
well as developing their co-ordination
and fine motor control as they also use
a range of tools.


Themed activities for under 5s in stimulating,

friendly environment for early learning.
Sessions allow children to enjoy a selection of
toys in a relaxed atmosphere and it is a good
opportunity to meet other families.

Baby Clinic 1pm-3pm

Baby clinic is run by our local Health Visitor
team. It is an opportunity for you to receive
support and advice on a wide range of family
health issues. Also a chance to weigh your
baby and get breastfeeding support.

Job Centre Plus 10am-12noon

(booking only)
Job and employment advice form a dedicated
Job Centre Plus Advisor to support you back
into employment

51 Beaumont Road,
Leyton E10 5DE

Health Reviews and Community

Nursery Nurse 9am-3pm

Positive Beginnings 10am11.30am (booking only)

Health Reviews and Community

Nursery Nurse 9am-3pm

(booking only)

Positive Beginnings is a group for new

parents that covers ; Baby Massage,
Communication & Attachment, Baby
Signing and Breastfeeding & Weaning.

(booking only)


We have lots of other ways

that you can be part of the
Children Centre. Maybe you
could be a Parent Rep for the
Parents Forum, or even be a
member of our Advisory Board.
We have several volunteer
roles available to support
delivery of the sessions. If you
are interested or have any
ideas you would like to share
then please let us know

Midwife 9am-5pm

Midwife 9am-5pm

(booking only)

(booking only)

Health Reviews and Community

Nursery Nurse 9am-3pm
(booking only)

Unless a session states that it is booking only then you can just turn up on the day. If you are interested in accessing a
service that is by booking only then please call us on 020 8496 2737 for more information and to book a place.







Seddon Centre
Clyde Place, Leyton,
E10 5AS

Rhyme Time 9.30am-10.15am

Baby & Me 10am-11.30am This

Talking Together 10am-11.30am

Triple P 10am-11.30am

Join us with your little ones for a session

filled with, rhymes and singing in friendly
and relaxed atmosphere. The session
supports children in building up their
confidence and social skills and will give their
speech and language development a real

group is for new parents and their babies

(under 1s). Fun and interactive sessions to
support babies and encourage early
development in relaxing environment.

(booking only)

Building Brighter Futures 10am12noon (booking only)

Staff will demonstrate lots of fun things for
families to do together at home - and out and
about that will stimulate children and give
them different learning experiences.
All Building Brighter Future sessions are
completely free and they will be themed to
include such topics as science and nature,
reading and books or fun with numbers etc

Triple P Standard is designed to help parents

improve their child's behaviour and give them the
chance to learn and discuss parenting techniques
with other parents and carers.

Sing-a-Long Dads 10.30am

Just like Rhyme Time but for dads only

Speech and Language group offering

parents strategies to support their
childrens communication development.

Baby Massage 10am-11am

(Booking Only)
A relaxing, bonding activity for parents and
their babies as young as 6 weeks. Parents will
be given the opportunity to learn about the
benefits of baby massage and how it can
help with relaxation, colic and constipation.

(booking only)

Citizen Advice Bureau 10am-12noon

Newborn Lunch 12.30pm2.30pm (1st Tuesday of the month)

(booking only)
Advice for budgeting, money management
and general finance matters

An opportunity to meet and make

friends with other parents and share
your experiences of birth and the first
few weeks of being a parent. Our
Breastfeeding Support- staff, midwife
and health visitor will be on hand to talk
about any concerns or worries you may
be experiencing.

Childminder Drop-in 1pm-3pm

(3rd Tuesday of the month)
Monthly drop-in dedicated for
childminders, supported by a range of
professionals from partner agencies

Other Venues
Brooks Farm, Skeltons
Lane Park, Leyton, E10
Leyton Manor Park,
Capworth Street,
Leyton, E11 3PA
St. Josephs Catholic
Infants School, Marsh
lane, Leyton, E10 7BL

Outdoor explorers @ Brooks

Farm 1.30pm-3.30pm

Outdoor explorers @ Leyton Manor Park


Explore our indoor and outdoor play area

with farm based learning activities for the
families and walk around and enjoy the
experience of visiting a farm, discovering
range of animals it offers.

Come along and discover all things outdoors in your local

park. Fun outdoor physical play for children that involves
skipping, jumping, kicking, balancing, throwing and
catching as well as social interaction.

Story Time @ St. Josephs School

2.30pm-3.15pm (term time only)
Come and join the session that involves stories,
interacting with puppets and re-enactment of stories
through movement and singing .It is a great opportunity
to spend some quality time with your little one reading
books in a relaxed environment as well.