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Statement of Purpose.

Objectives: Dr.Aditi m Sengupta

A variety of events in public health have focussed attention on the need to
improve public health agency performance. In 2002 the Institute of Medicine
released a major report that states :
The future of Public Health in 21st Century, the recommendations being
exploration of public health accreditation as a means of improving performance
and accountability for governmental public health programs in different
According to me the certification on Global Mental Health trauma will promote
and protect the health of communities by advancing quality and performance of
all public health with an International impact and will uphold the structure around
the Essential public health factors like hygiene, maintenance of public education,
sanitation and disposal of garbage besides teaching the necessity of healthy
cooking, nutritious activities and meeting the management capacity in the
administrative domain.
Attached Photographs:
Myself being born in Calcutta in an upper middle class family, never allowed me
to focus on the serious issues except for viewing them and having a Blessing that
is through the Blessed Mother Teresa Order. I participated in the Polio
Eradication Program in 2000 in the Beniapukur Slum area, in Kolkata, India.
However a sudden breakup in this protection barrier, took me out in the streets
and in the slum areas, much later came to know that my scores in my Final
MBBS, in Medicine was altered and never could recover the same until I
completed a Masters program in Clinical Chemistry from Eastern Michigan
University and got admission to Harvard Courses with a backup support from
Univ. of Michigan.
In the context of sitting for the Boards this truth got revealed, and without
knowing the truth I fell in wrong hands of marriage, which has ended in two
automobile accidents, a breakup with the first accident and thereafter the
compromises which made path for the second one to take place. Still now
seeking opportunities to get into the MPH program but could not get the data in
hand which will do the necessary work as in between our family saw many
irreparable damages which are difficult to revive.
The brunt of the attack came from United States as I was not allowed to apply for
Permanent Residency after working tirelessly in the academic arena, for 10 years
now returning back to India on 14th of April, 2015 in dire situation of economy
with injuries all over has started taking another toll in my life.
Hence this application which is also to assess the systemic and collaborative
efforts to assess the health needs of community.

With a faint hope that the decision- making process of this program will identify
the mission and vision of the strategic planning and will duly address the issues
that require focus in the health care arena.
There is no question as automobile accidents which Ive gone through twice are
a pivotal incidence in public health. The results of the self-study supported by the
concept learned practically through the help and love of the Sisters of
Missionaries of Charity of The Blessed Mother Teresa Order and working with the
Blessings of the Superior General, Sr. Mary Prema needs a revival of the lost
glory. All my future studies are directed towards accreditation of the interactive
effects of the prerequisites already stated, resources, population size, and finally
the tenure of top executive functioning. Hence is the necessity of this program
application to be sanctioned.
The basic objective in attending this program if given an opportunity is to
improve population health by learning from the pre-existing systems and
services and recommending the necessity of collaborative outcomes through
scientific traditions supported by evidence based research and the consequences
of variation.