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Miskin Theatre Assignment:

Assignment Cover Sheet

Assignment Reference:

Level 3 Diploma in Music Performance


Developing your musical ear

Principle units:

Unit 4: Aural Perception Skills

Ongoing units:

In addition to the principle unit covered in this brief, Unit 40 (Working and developing as a musical
ensemble) will be ongoing throughout the year.

Timing within Course:

Yr 1,Term 3,

Submission Deadline:

Blog: 24th June 15

Special Considerations:

As well as working with directors and other company members, independent Study is essential.
NOTE: Your personal blog is regarded as part of your log book and will be marked


Primary and secondary research are necessary, proof of which will be in your diary.
Company/band meetings, discussions and debates will also be taken into account.

Directors in charge of

Marc Morrison

Relevant departmental

Brief IVd by:

Assessment throughout this course is essentially formative, therefore company members can revisit or elect criteria as stated within this brief and from past and future briefs to arrive at their final
assessment grades.


Cover Sheet

Evidence: This will be in the form of blogs/logs, observed participation, director observations, video recordings and research note.
This project is inextricably linked to all other performances.
Grading Criteria: Pass, Merit or Distinction are attainable.
English and Maths: This project will include functional skills in English and Maths. Please bear in mind your industry requires
eloquent use of English and accurate use of figures, to which end, the continuing development of these skills are firmly embedded
inside all your work.
Note on copyright and plagiarism: This process will require independent research. Copying from the internet and additional
sources is not appropriate and violates copyright and will be classed as plagiarism unless fully annotated and credited. You must
make your work your own. We need to see that you have an understanding of the areas that you have researched. Copying work
directly from ANY source will not be tolerated. If you quote ANY existing material you must put it in quotation marks and in
brackets, attribute the source / author. For example: Copying is cheating (Robbie McGovan, 2013, Miskin Theatre)

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Miskin Theatre Assignment:

Assignment Cover Sheet

The Brief
As Musicians it is essential that, when you hear a piece of music, you are able to use appropriate language to describe and explain
the different elements. Together with your language/notation workshops and your practical work, you will be expected to develop
these skills within various scenarios.
During theory and practical sessions you will develop an understanding of core musical elements (i.e intervals, pitch, chord and scale
progressions, harmony, rhythm) that frequently occur in numerous music styles and genres . These sessions will require you to
demonstrate your understanding of all the musical factors mentioned above .
You will also choose 2 contrasting pieces of music, preferably from the freshers/F.M.P playlist, and explain in your blog the different
elements of harmony, tonality, chord progression, rhythm, pitch and intervals that are found in the chosen pieces.
Have fun exploring different styles of music and discovering their musical build. Be sure to share all research on your blogs as well
as in sessions.
Aim: The aim of this unit is to enable you to develop skills and knowledge of music theory, in order to assist with the practical
application of essential theoretical principles.
Professional Practice: Please be aware that you will be putting professional practice into action within The Miskin Theatre, which is
a publicly licensed professional environment in which you are given the opportunity to publicly test your skills and gain creditable
industrial experience.

*Please refer to the attached sheets for information on the units you will be covering. All the criteria contained in these units join together to underpin your
training and development as a musician. If there is any confusion over any of the aforementioned, please bring it up at the next company meeting.

Brief IVd by:


Cover Sheet

What you need to do:

Choose 2 songs; 1 from Group A and 1 from Group B. Complete Task 1 & Task 2 using your chosen songs as reference.
Group A
Hold my hand Jess Glynne
Let her go - Passenger
Little Monster - Royal Blood
The Worst Jhene Aiko

Group B
Take Five Dave Brubeck
Hey Ya - Outkast
Golden Brown The Stranglers
Ill say a little prayer Dionne Warwick

Task 1 (Unit 4 - GC 1 2 3 4 - PM) Evidence - Obs, Blog,

Listen to both pieces of music. Identify and describe the various uses of:


Task 2 (Unit 4 - GC 1 2 3 4 - D) Evidence - Obs, Blog

Look back on your analysis and give informed opinions on why these musical choices were made and what effect did they have on the
two songs.

Evidence: This will be in the form of your log books, blogs, observed participation, video recordings and research notes.
Grading Criteria: Pass, Merit, Distinction are attainable.

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Miskin Theatre Assignment:

Assignment Cover Sheet

Grading Criteria

Unit title: 04 Aural Perception Skills




M1 describe, in a variety of
P1 identify, in a variety of types
types of music, simple intervals D1 explain, in a variety of types of music, simple
of music, simple intervals and
and pitches
intervals and pitches

Obs, Blog

P2 identify, in a variety of types M2 describe, in a variety of

of music, simple chords and
types of music, simple chords
chord progressions
and chord progressions

D2 explain, in a variety of types of music, simple

chords and chord progressions

Obs, Blog

D3 explain, in a variety of types of music, complex


Obs, Blog

P3 identify, in a variety of types

of music, simple rhythms

M3 describe, in a variety of
types of music, complex

P4 identify, in a variety of types M4 describe, in a variety of

of music, simple harmony and types of music, simple harmony
and tonality.

Brief IVd by:

D4 explain, in a variety of types of music, simple

harmony and tonality.

Obs, Blog