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Assignment: Analysis of Self Personality

With the help of MAYERS-BRIGS
TYPE INDICATOR by Katharive C.
Briggs & Isabel Briggs Mayers.


We say someone has a strong personality, or a likable personality or that someone is dull. We
sometimes even say that someone doesnt have a personality at all.
I believe Personality is mosaic of characteristics whose continual interplay conditions the various
ways in which we behave. Therefore our personality encompasses allow qualities & all our faults,
because of personality that each human being on the face of the earth is unique.With the draft of
MAYERS BRIGS TYPE INDICATOR. We analyze ourselves personality, which results we
found personality altogether is the mixture of our attributes. From the outcome of the
questionnaires, I found my personality belongs to the category of ESTJ

With the help of MAYERS-BRIGSTYPE INDICATOR. I found my personality comes under the
category of ESTIJ
ESTIJ (Straight-forward and honest) i.e.
E-Stands for Extroverted
S-Stands for Sensing
T-Stands for Thinking

J-Stands for Judging

or Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judging

The above qualities are similar to the personality of corporate leader as well as superior corporate manager.
Such characteristics are popular role model to their organization as well as society. They honours traditions
And have a clear set of standards and belief. They expect the same of from their organization or Society.
They have such a clear vision of the way that things should be that they naturally step into strong leadership
roles.They are Self-confident and aggressive at the vision systems and plans for action.,and at being able to
see whatsteps need to be taken to complete a specific task.
An example: Dr Vijay Mallya the most flamboyant face of India.He put Indian Liquior on the global map.
But many should recall that he was part of that brood of NRI take over kings that shook up the India
Corporate scene in the 1980s.He is also the man who revived the Indian Derby scene.And ,more recently,
he has become a parliaterian.
Another example I would like to share about My Boss Mr.Arun Fernandez whos personality is also very
relevent to the top most leaders personality.He is V.Positive and motivator kind of man who always keep
motivating to their employees by sharing a good business tactics as well as how to keep or nurture a very
good relationship with your clients.I am the one who is highly get motivated by such motivational spirit.
About My Personality Type:
Every human being has a different way of portraying of their Personality. I am very friendly open-Minded
and very enthusiasitic man.My priorities generally,put God first,Family Second and friends third. I am
punctual,dedicated and committed towards my work as well as relationship.
At work I usually,Plan for the day in advance. For instance, Tomorrows work I priorities today itself to get
the rid from any obstacles. Usually I give equally important to all my work as per the timeline.My
Personality does have weakneses like-My tedency to belive that I am always rights and generally
uncomfortable with change and moving in to new terriorities.
Relationship: I tried my level the best to keep a very good kind of relationship with my clientele as well as
interial employees reason I know I can meet my timeline only ,if I have a very good relationship with them.
Some way I tried to build up a very good relationship with my boss too.
Achievement: I ,personally believe,if a person have a very good relationship i.e. at work,Societ,
Communityetc.Which facilitate to accomplish the success. I think Success comes when we and our work
both falls in love together.When we achieve something we belive to attend the success up to the certain
Conclusion: Through the Analysis,I come to know I have some good strength,which I should utilised in a
very thorough manner and found weaknesses where needs to do improvement.Opportunity is the way to
utilised the strength in a positive manner. We need to prepare for threats as well where no one can avoid or
neglect our strength.
To,sum up,I found I really need to shape more myself (interm of look,feel and very positive attitute) spirit
and pleasing personality. Like A very good and premium class product of any company.