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who are the arab*underground?

This year's Arab* Underground stretches far beyond the pre-conceived

borders of the so-called "Orient". Instead, we ascertain that human kind
is no longer confined by the states or borders that we were born into.
Our program seeks to bring perspectives around descendants
of Arabs, Berber, Turks, Kurds, Armenians, Persians, Afghans,
around North Africa and West Asia, around Islam, queerness
vs. homophobia, Western imperialism and liberation struggles.
Through workshops, talks, film screenings and various
performances we want to show the diversity of the MENA
region and critically reflect contemporary racism and growing.
In addition to the main acts performing at the Fusion stages, Theatre,
Cinema and ConTent, we warmly welcome you to our space located between
Dubstation and Safe for a continuous program of workshops, films, a
virtual reality experience, and diverse music and theatre performances.
Collectively, we want to recognize and deconstruct the paradigm
of the binary divide, between norm and anomaly, natives
and foreigners, West and Orient, White and non-White.
We believe in an emancipatory, transcultural approach, in searching
for similarities instead of differences, in simultaneously celebrating
our own distinctness, and in sharing our knowledge and dreams.
By breaking down this barrier of duality, freedom prevails through
the borders within our individual selves as well as in society.

We do not want to reproduce the Orientalistic vision of 'Arabs'

as a single homogenous group but rather try to see and show
the diversity of societies in the Middle East and North Africa.

table of uncontents

arts and performances






Wednesday 19.00 // A*U Stage
quasiGogo creates a sound that incorporates elements of jazz,
dubstep, reggae, calypso and electro, entwined in a hybrid
clash and created on the spot. The organic electronics and live
keys & saxophone will make you dance from your feet to your
ears, feeling the jazzy beat from your brain to your booty.

Parole Emil!
Wednesday 21.00 // A*U Stage
Parole Emil! doesn't tie himself down to any style. His sets
resemble pearl diving in the world's seven seas: deep Afrobeat,
British Soul, Latin American boogaloo or Middle Eastern Psyfunk.
In his luggage he always has kicking rhythms and amazing solos.
Wednesday 23.00 // A*U Stage
Cotumo has been establishing his reputation as a well-known DJ
in Berlin since 2004. He is most known for his radio broadcasts on
stations such as, Proton Radio, RTS.FM and his melodic
DJ mix series Jungstechno. Though he currently thrives under his alter
ego AKA AKA, he still greatly enjoys playing under the name Cotumo,
concentrating more on a melodic but still driving track selection,
which you can experience through his label Burlesque Musique.


Thursday 1.00 // A*U Stage
through musical and geographical boundaries. The result is
a global tangle of D'n'B, House, Cumbia and Bass, enriched
with songs and instruments from around the world.
Jazar Crew
Thursday 3.00 // A*U Stage
These founding fathers of the underground movement Jazar
Crew in Palestine mix the sound of the East and the West
to create an atmospheric fusion with techno and house,
Arabic hip hop and more. There is life UNDERGROUND!
Thursday 20.00 // A*U Stage
DJ c'ET (Jena) creates exclusive exotic styles and mixes between East
& West, hot & cold, fast & slow, but mostly low. Experience extremely
danceable music with impressing rhythmic patterns and authentic
traditional melodies from all over the world - mixed and sampled in
electronic Western club styles, incorporating subculture from groovy
African and Arabic disco styles down to the deepest Tropical Bass.


Thursday 22.00 // A*U Stage
POEKS is a DJ from Berlin playing a hot selection of tropical Afro
Funk, Cumbia and Soul. Combining the sounds of wild rhythms
and driving brass sections with incredible soloists. MING MING
HOOPSALA spices up the show with a great fire-hooping
performance and mesmerizes the crowd with some incredible feats.


Roberto Kensito Milanovicz

Thursday 0.00 // A*U Stage
Three dudes; analog vibes, smooth sounds and the most important
element: groove--from funk, Latin and soul, to Afrobeat and Cumbia
and anything else that adds steam to your feet. Exercise for the body;
when the music hits you feel no pain. So get funky and release your brain!

DJ Ipek feat. Middle Eastern Soundsystem

Friday 1.00 // Luftschloss
Led by Turkish-female DJ pek pekiolu, the M.E.S.S. takes the
audience to a high energetic and groovy journey with live mixes of
heavy electronic beats from Break Beat, Moombahton, Drum n' Bass,
House and Dancehall and a fusion of Klezmer, Balkan & Middle Eastern
melodies. With performances from Turkish Delight belly-dancer
Suzan Demircan, ear crumpling toast rapping from a hyper energetic
MC, suggestive darbuka & djembe rhythms and the traditional qanun
turns into a party instrument, while the clarinet takes you to another
world. Ladies and gentlemen, do NOT fasten your seatbelts dance!

Friday 1.00 // A*U Stage
Born in 1801 in Dapesh. Worked for 372 years in a confetti factory
close to Buthakari. Spectacular escape. Travelled for 42 years with a
flea circus. Exploring folkloristic soundscapes and driving beats.
Now it is time to party.
Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orquestra
Friday 2.00 // Luftschloss
Mr. Shirazy performs multidimensional, combining both visual and
acoustic arts. Through avid jam sessions, he developed an incredible
sense for interacting with other musicians and with the crowd. Thanks to
"Freeak", a home-made futuristic looping instrument, he can perform
either alone or with The Exile Orquestra - a group of professional
instrumentalists and visual artists from all over the world. This explains
the multi-cultural sounds that cannot be described by only one genre;
it is World Music, Electro and improvisation on stage all at once.

Glitzer Spritzer
Friday 3.00 // A*U Stage
Glitzer Spritzer is a DJ and producer duo from Wuppertal. Sebastian and
Tomasz met each ot her while running dressed up in rabbit costumes
through the woods. Scouring their body and souls for meaning and
matter, they decided to create their own journey into deepness, while
bringing laughter, joy and guinea pigs to the people of middle earth.


Mehmet Aslan
Friday 3.30 // Luftschloss
A taste of traditional folk hymns that effortlessly blend together
with modern electronic rhythms. Picking up on the sounds from his
childhood memories, this Swiss-born Turk unintentionally found
his way into producing his own blend of Hamam House during his
formative years in the Basel club scene. With his newfound success,
Mehmet has finally come to realize his dream of crafting live
Saykodelik, Turkish Hymns for club goers around the world by mining
various areas of classic folk music and contemporary electronic beats.

DJ Badre
Friday 5.30 // Luftschloss
Due to his upbringing in Morocco, Badre was influenced by a wide
range of various ethnic beats and sound. He was fascinated by
this spiritual colourful music and started to create his own, in a
highly unique way of combining electrical sounds with ethnic beats.

Oriental Tropical
Friday 6.00 // A*U Stage
Janeck and Michalis identified that music from the Mediterranean and
the Orient can have a deep and strong psychedelic impact. While engaging
this musical energy to an open-minded audience, another phenomenon

appeared. The synergistic effect when combined with similar vibes from
other places like South America and Africa is incredible explosive. The
expert handling of these dangerous goods is warranted by this crew.
Friday 14.00 // Dubstation
Fawda is an experimental project from Palestine combining electronic
music and electric Oud with verbal expression on diverse topics
and issues related to our everyday lives, our futures, and our
imagination. The collaboration includes Nasser Halahlih (electronic
music producer), Ghassan Beroumi (oriental instruments and
electronic music), and Ayed Fadel (vocals and deaf poetry). The
name of the project, "Fawda" is Arabic for one big mess. Ayed
is a family member of Arab* Underground since its beginnings.


Restless Leg Syndrome

Friday 14.00 // Seebhne
A musical team from Austria consisting of longtime DJ and producer
d.b.h and the two turntable wizards Chrisfader and Testa, the concept
behind their joint-venture is quite simple: take a specific genre of
music, sample and flip it into danceable beats. In the case of their
second EP "Dabkeh", the subject of their musical explorations is the
Arab world. The three guys from RLS spent quite some time mining
old vinyl and cassettes to create the tracks on this EP, in the hopes of
getting some wild Dabkeh moves started on dance floors worldwide.


Hello, Psychaleppo
Friday 15.00 // Seebhne
Monday 2.00 // Luftschloss
A project fusing Arab heritage music and electronic sounds.Rare
melodies of the Bedouin "Mawwals" and choirs of old Tarab are carefully
crafted with electronic solos and traditional "old school" arrangements
giving this music a highly distinguishable and contemporary feel. Hailing
from one of the most mystical and musically rich cities in the Levant,
Aleppo, Syria, and now residing in the U.S., Hello Psychaleppo is deeply
rooted in Oriental music tradition. Blending it seamlessly with electronic
music, he creates a journey away from boundaries of style, engaging
souls into letting go while experiencing a new dimension of sonic blends.

The Undun
Friday 17.00 // A*U Stage
The Undun is a live hip hop band from Germany, moving between the
styles of old school, new school, and soul. They perform live, bringing
raw and energetic movement from the stage to the dance floor.

Jamila & the other Heroes

Friday 18.30 // A*U Stage
Born in Berlin on the day when the wall came down, Jamila was already
breathing some of the revolutionary air around. A strong will to positively
affect the world's injustice through cultural activism was inspired by
her Palestinian father who came to Germany as a refugee. In early
years she started writing her own songs that merge soul, funk, Arabic
folklore and disco styles. In Berlin she met her band. Together they
are experimenting to create a vibrant, soulful and must-dance sound.

Friday 20.00 // A*U Stage
NIJU is a project, which resulted from a period of time that left a
lot of scars - the emotions experienced during this life phase can
be heard in the music. He is the founder and producer of the label
Diskotiere aus Mannheim, from which he released his EP "Fairies in
the Moonlight". His musical atmosphere has a clear ability to touch
people, sending a goose bump vibration throughout the crowd.
Il Civetto
Friday 23.00 // A*U Stage
Il Civetto is a colorful mix of world music born in Berlin, inspired by
the Istanbul scene. Their music encourages experimentation - both
linguistically and musically. They create in the moment, always
improvising - never too forceful and always danceable, throughout
both day and night.


Cats & Breakkies

Saturday 0.30 // A*U Stage
"Organic Electro" is how this Berlin band characterizes its music - a
colorful stream of music styles merged into electronic dance music,
realized in the vibrant sound of Berlin's club scene. Their music is created
100% live, not pre-produced. They give birth to a special fusion between
electro and house, techno and jazz. If you want to put it in musical
categories, Cats & Breakkies is not a studio band, it is a live performance.

Zigan Aldi
Saturday 1.30 // A*U Stage
Zigan Aldi is a DJ raised in the underground scene of Berlin, influenced
by his Turkish roots. Gypsy House and Balkan Electro Swing is his
main genre and he especially loves to play alongside live musicians.
Saturday 3.00 // A*U Stage
Detroit-bred, via San Francisco and now, Los Angeles, JOill has been
calling California home since 2001. The concrete jungle classrooms
of Chicago and Detroit were key to his development and gave him
the urban exposure that cant be taught on paper, giving him the
edge he needed to break into electronic music. For 20 years, JOill
has been creating "the good vibe," multifaceted selections that vary
with his surroundings filled by soulful-deep-n-tech house roots.
Tante Dante
Saturday 6.00 // A*U Stage
Everything youve already known, heard and loved but
pitched down on 99 bpm! Thats it! Face it! Be Free! "There
is more to life than increasing its speed - Mahatma Gandhi

Carl Gari feat. Abdullah Minyawi

Saturday 14.00 // Seebhne
In February 2015 Carl Gari and Abdullah met in Cairo in the context
of an eight-day studio session to create a joint venture for the
first time together. These tracks appeared on their latest album
"Edgy Earth", where analogue effect devices and synthesizers
meet with lyrical spoken words and deep soul; digitally distorted
sounds fuse with the hypnotic beats of Egyptian Sufi music.


Hakan Vreskala Band

Saturday 15.00 // Luftschloss
On his debut album, "Every Village has a Madman" the Turkish
and Kurdish singing Hakan Vreskala brings his musical versatility
and socio-political attitude. He plays with different styles like
punk, rock, Balkan, rap and ska; mixes it with traditional music,
creating thus a "Sound of Resistance". The tremendous energy
his band carries provokes dancing legs among the audience.



Arabian Knightz feat. MC Amin und Ramy Essam

Saturday 15.30 // Dubstation
Arabian Knightz, MC Amin and Ramy Essam look back to the Egyptian
revolution and the subsequent events. They report on the current
situation in Egypt, expressing the everyday repression they experience
as opposition artists and activists. Ramy Essam is known for his song
"IRHAL!" (Go away!) which encouraged the masses during the Tahrir
Square protests of Cairo in 2011. Arabian Knightz mix English and Arabic rap
with traditional narrative methods and social criticism, and are active in
leading workshops and initiatives to engage and educate Egyptian youth.


Habibi Funk
Saturday 17.00 // Dubstation
Jannis runs the Berlin indie label Jakarta Records which releases
everything from African music to Hip Hop and Bass music. I got to
travel a lot in North Africa in the last years through touring with Blitz the
Ambassador and the studio session with Oddisee for Sawtuha in Tunisia.
While being there, I did some digging and found some incredible music
from the 60s and 70s. Some of the music in this mix has zero info on the
net, was never sold on ebay and has not been 'rediscovered' yet. Others
are somewhat classics in the field of Arabic groove. The music in this
mix comes from Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon and Syria.

Abu Hajar
Saturday 17.00 // A*U Stage
Abu Hajar is a Syrian political rapper. His lyrics are always seeking
freedom in the Middle East. His voicing out against injustice had
him incarcerated and tortured. Now in Berlin, he joined forces with
a Jamaican born DJ and producer Dave Bass and a Percussionist/
rapper Guglielmo Rummore from Italy that makes this trio fresh
and appealing with no acoustical borders broadcasting a message
of global freedom for all the persecuted souls on this planet.


Yoshke and the Wolfes

Saturday 19.00 // A*U Stage
Formed of musicians from the London School of Oriental and
African Studies, Yoshke and the Wolves are fresh on the scene
and traversing the klezmer landscape with a spring in their step.
Packed to the rafters with howling woodwind and scintillating
strings, Yoshke sits amidst the pack, accordion in hand, marshalling
your feet to the unquenchable rhythms and bidding them dance!



Saturday 21.00 // A*U Stage
Somewhere between gypsy, reggae, funk and Arab sounds, these
multi-instrumentalists - singing in English, German and Arabic easily manage a balancing act between lightness and enthusiastic
devotion. A violin player with an Israeli father and Swiss mother;
a half-Tunisian raised in Rhineland with a bluesy-smoky voice
laid on top of his virtuoso played guitar; a funky Palestinian who
dances around his double bass which he also uses for percussion,
and finally a tuba player from the Mnsterland with blond curls
always smiling brightly. It is this mysterious mix that makes
Bukahara unique and quickly reaches the hearts of even hedonists,
among music lovers. With their freshly released album "Strange
Delight" they visit Arab* Underground this year for the third time.

Saturday 23.00 // A*U Stage
PRAQ! is not only the Viennese underground term for wicked
but is also the name of this incredible trio. From break-beat &
jungle to bebop & solid techno the unbelievable live sound of these
musicians is groundbreaking. Avant-garde/sweaty/ dance floor
guaranteed makes this trio an experience that you don't want to miss!

Ego vs Emo
Sunday 1.00 // A*U Stage
Electro Swing, dubstep and drum & bass, mixed with Balkanesque/ Klezmer melodies, Ego vs Emo is a live instrumental
group with sounds of saxophone, percussion and a computer
full of electronic dance music. The swinging melodies
vibrate throughout, creating an audience of dancing legs.
Gebrder Dargus
Sunday 2.00 // A*U Stage
These two brothers grew up with the Latin vinyl-collection of
their mother. Since then they tour around in their yellow van and
spread their world-music influenced tech-house to places such as
Istanbul or the desert of Morocco. Their special choice of oriental
tech-influenced music together with Guarneri FX is a symbiosis
between a human being, an e-violin, fx-devices and midi controllers.


The Bergenz
Sunday 3.30 // A*U Stage
The Bergenz often faces new rhythm and accords of sounds. Music
and dance bring strength of acceptance, and to make that kind
of intercultural flow possible, they arrange and associate tracks
in an entire sequence for this years Arab*Underground space.
Through a balanced and detailed dialogue about musical influences
of diverse cultures, the gathering becomes an interception point.
Baba the Knife
Sunday 5.00 // A*U Stage
Having grown up in the troubled outskirts of Berlin, Babas sharp reactions
to offensive behaviour soon gained him the nickname "The Knife".
Today Baba sticks to kicking beats playing a pumping mix of Techhouse,
Deephouse and Progressive. Besides DJing, Baba promotes events
and is co-founder and permanent member of Hans & Gloria Festival.
Torro Molinoz
Sunday 6.30 // A*U Stage
Torro lives in Wuppertal in a cozy region called Bergisches Land,
far away from the infamous and booming capital cities of club
music. Whenever possible, the nature lover searches for exciting,


unconventional party-spots and shares his own interpretation of

grooving electronic dance music. Every set is filled with secret bombs
and great anthems be prepared for smooth and groovy house &
techno music.


Bit of Both
Sunday 8.00 // A*U Stage
Bit of Both is the live electronica duo of Ash Roy & Ashvin Mani
Sharma aka Calm Chor, from India. After many years of exploring
musical boundaries, they came together in 2014 to form Bit
of Both. This fascinating project seamlessly merges minimal
grooves and live percussion with electronica and vocals. Expect
crisp, soothing grooves, large soundscapes and much more.
Sunday 15.00 // A*U Stage
Glina is a young, eclectic band, bringing Turkish sounds
from Berlin to across the world. Singing in Turkish, amidst
the sounds of Pop, Reggae, and Blues, the group embraces a
cultural and instrumental diversity, supporting political/where
each instrument will be played by its own instrumentalist.

Compaero Carlo
Sunday 17.00 // A*U Stage
This group creates a fresh sound: unconventional, energetic
and full-power Balkan, Folk and Klezmer. Singing in English,
French, Italian, Polish, German, Hebrew and sometimes like
animals, they bring a special off beat folk to life. Playing the

guitar, violin, accordian, double bass and cajon, they develop a

musical journey that keeps you moving throughout the night.
Sunday 18.00 // A*U Stage
Fishsoup at its best! Heavy funk mixed with Latin, AfroBeat and World Music. As a vagabond, Bouillabaisse is always
connected to the roots of Mother Earth, feeling most
comfortable with the roaring wind and thunder rhythm sections.
Caribbean percussion and Latin rhythm are a must in every set.
Spoonman DJ CLA:S
Sunday 21.00 // A*U Stage
DJ CLA: S was a member of the first Asian Underground Crew in London
in the '90s: ANOKHA. Since then he is on the road in the most diverse
styles of music as a DJ / producer, drummer and Spoonman. His sets
contain good-humored vinyl-junky overstepregular and sustained.


Oceanvs Orientalis
Monday 4.30 // Luftschloss
Oceanvs Orientalis blends itself with the archaeological tunes of
mankinds cumulative musical history and in this very context believes
that everything comes from the East. Despite being an electronicbased formation -due to practical reasons- at the moment, it intends to
transform into a dance (to move the body and feet to music) orchestra
where each instrument will be played by its own instrumentalist.


arts and performances

Derwish in Progess by Ziya Azazi

Thursday 23.30 | Friday 20.30 | Saturday 23.30 // Theaterhangar
Ziya Azazi awaits us with his skirts at the threshold of the last door of
Sufism and Discernment. He reflects his joy of knowing, recognizing,
and even going beyond himself onto the audience. The skirts he uses
in his performance are an indispensable element of his dance. They
constantly change forms throughout the performance. His skirts are
not only his costumes but also a part of him, serving as his partner,
his cape, and the cover he hides behind. The repetitive whirls increase
both the physical awareness and the meditative enlightenment.
Even during the Gezi protests, Ziya Azazi used the power of
arts and performed with a gas mask in the middle of the uprising.


Sufi Dance Workshops with Ziya Azazi

Friday 11.30 // Theaterhangar | Saturday 11.30 // ConTent
The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with an
opportunity to get to know their bodies, their boundaries, their
fears - in short: themselves. Whirling is not the main objective of
these studies but a mere means to reach it. Whirls help to unfold
the true energy of the participants by shaking their physical
and mental states that they have so far been accustomed to.

arts and performances

Soldaten - a lecture-performance with Photo-Album

Friday 15.00 // Theaterhangar
In 1914 a young Orthodox Jew is drafted to Dolyna, Galicia (now
Ukraine), as a soldier in the army of Austria-Hungary during World
War I. Years later he returns having lost his faith. During World War
II in 1936 a Zionist Jew flees from Austria to Palestine and fights for
the establishment of the State of Israel. His son turns to art, but must
interrupt the 1973 samples of a play, when he is drafted into the Israeli
army to fight in the Yom Kippur War. This man's daughter in turn,
also a theatre director, serves her military service in the radio, as
Yitzhak Rabin is shot dead in 1995. Her brother also wants to become a
director, but in August 2000 must join the army. One month later Ariel
Sharon rises to the Temple Mount and the Second Intifada breaks out.
This brother - Michael Ronen - created a lecture-performance at
Maxim Gorki Theatre to explore the stories of his family, the story of
soldiers who have been taken by surprise in the last 100 years of war.

Land without words

Friday 20.00 // Underground
War meets art in this intimate parable by Dea Loher. This onewoman drama investigates the role of those watching at a
distance in times of war and questions whether the value of art is
obliterated by a brutal reality. A writer struggles to find words for
her thoughts and feelings and takes on the role of a painter. The

arts and performances

painter seeks the perfect image, but in K., a Middle Eastern city,
she experiences the effects of war, violence and poverty, impossible
to depict. Now she is forced to confront her lifelong beliefs in the
value of art, and how to deal with her position in the world today.
Director: Lydia Ziemke/ With: Lucie Zelger- A production of suite42


The wedding Arus w Arus - an intervention

Saturday 8.00 // A*U Stage
Yousef Iskandar and Rima Najdi are artists working with
photography, video and performance as their mediums.
The intention of their performance is to bring one of the most
festive and glorious moments of Middle Eastern culture - the
wedding celebration, to public platform. They aim to show the
beauty and collective participation of this festivity and to break
the normative view of seeing marriage in a traditional manwoman constellation to offer a perception of beauty
from details that create a rich and colorful aesthetic.

Furthermore we have permanent Exhibitions & Installations

at Arab* Underground Space, amongst them the following:
The virtual reality experience
Teleport yourself into another person's perspective. Come to our
space, bring your smart phones and connect them to the Virtual Reality
headset. A journey begins. You will be taken to locations in Berlin that
illustrate personal narratives and insider stories within a migrational
context. Together with other participants you will feel as if you really
are there in that very moment, looking around and gaining a deep
understanding of the space and the thoughts and feelings of its people.

Falling Minarets
The two Syrian cousins and artists Hasan and Ayham Mayid
are collecting videos footages of the destruction of Syrian
neighbourhoods and their livelihood. Residential buildings collapsed
by air strikes, are surrounding the falling minarets, which are
strategically the first targets of a bombing. A cyclical video and
sound installation provides an extract showing how it is to live with
the massive experiences of war, which becomes a absurd normality
of life and produces a new visual and acoustic aesthetic of horror.

arts and performances

The Sound and the Fury - Live in the Void

Bijan Moosavi is a Video-Artist from Iran, living in London.
The "Arab Spring" changed the forms of public articulation.
Thousands of video footages were made by people on streets
and uploaded to YouTube, filling the news channels all over the
world as the only visual source of information that reflected what
was happening in those places. But what seems to be appearing on
the safe television screen and at the comfort of someones living
room for a few seconds could hold a life changing story within its
every frame, for every individual who witnessed the event in real.

Helene Fischer meets ISIS

Helene Fischer is taking over. Together with the crew from ISIS she
is bringing pop culture to the next level, vibrant, groovy and made
to succeed. Hooks guaranteed! Double canal Video-clip-installation
@ Arab* Underground by Kim Dall'Armi, student of architecture and
visual communication at Udk, Berlin.

arts and performances

Side-Specific Artwork
Osama Zatar was born in Palestine in 1980. He studied
carpentry, architectural drawing and stone sculpting in
Jerusalem. In June 2014 he graduated with a Masters
degree in Fine Arts at the Vienna Fine Art Academy.
Borders, checkpoints and the feeling of being caged have
been a constant experience throughout his life and naturally
became a main subject of his artistic work. At this years Arab*
Underground Osama Zatar will create a side-specific artwork.


Epona Hamdan: Curious gaze

'Curious gaze' is a series of color and black and white pictures
that were shot with an SLR camera as an investigation of the
now and then, the here and there, of tradition and modernity.
It is an investigation into the fine act of balance of Lebanese
society, trying to face potential external and internal conflicts.
FaderOne: Graffiti
Armin Kiss-Istok is a freelance designer (Dipl.) and urban artist,
based in Munich. He works transmedial in all kinds of ways
from pixels to spray can. On Thursday he is going
to do a live spray painting at Arab* Underground.

NORIENT Short Films

Thursday 13.00 // Kinohangar
This years Arab* Underground warmly presents a short film series
that stretches far beyond the passive view of the Middle East and the
surrounding region today. Starring two male lovers in a setting where
homosexuality is a punishable felony, Roy Dibs Mondial is a travel
film that places the victim/oppressor in the forefront of the produced
imagery of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Ali Molavis Fifty People,
One Question is an ongoing social experiment and film series based
in Tehran, exploring human connections through people and place.
In Hassan in Wonderland, Ali Kareem shows us a young boy who
prefers toy cars and fantasies to the guns and rifles pervading
around him in Baghdad, while Ramzi Hazbouns Pink Bullet
illustrates a fictional interpretation of how the youth deals with
lifes matters, as based in the complicated context of Ramallah.

Art/Violence + Talk with protagonist Maryam Abu Khaled
Friday 12.30 // Kinohangar
Inspired by characters from "Alice in Wonderland", "Waiting for
Godot" and "Antigone", the young Palestinian actresses Batoul Taleb
and Maryam Abu Khaled deal with the military occupation and gender
oppression, violence and grief, on stage and in life. Following the lead
of their beloved director and peace activist, Juliano Mer Khamis, who
was murdered in 2011 outside the Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee
Camp/Westbank, they use their imagination in an unpredictably
brutal environment to create an artistic rebellion. This is a vivid and
brave portrayal of a young, active Palestinian generation. After the
film screening, main protagonist Maryam Abu Khaled, currently
residing at the Maxim Gorki Theatre, will talk about her experiences.


Hvi + Talk with director

Satuday 14.45 // Kinohangar
What do women do if their people are resisting against oppression?
This film portrays four Kurdish women that found answers to that
question in very diverse ways. After the film screening, director
Yksel Yavus will talk about the current situation of the Kurdish people.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Sunday 2.30 // Kinohangar
In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death
and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are being
stalked by a lonesome vampire, a girl skateboarding in a Chador.


Fatih Akin traut sich: The Cut

Sunday 13.45 // Kinohangar
THE CUT is an epos, drama and Western film at the same
time. Although, the movie plays 100 years ago - thematizing
the Armenian genocide - it is late-breaking as it tells stories
from war and eviction, but also displays the power of love and
hope, that encourages us to make incredible things happen.

Alongside the movies being shown in the Kinohangar we have

an all-night-long feature film + discussions program starting at
20.30 at the Arab* Underground, shedding light on topics linked to
our vision. Amongst others the Syrian filmmaker Ziad Kalthoum
will present his movie "The Immortal Sergeant". Schedule t.b.a.
at the Underground Garage.


Voice and Muraqaba Dance Meditation

Thursday & Friday 10.00 // Underground
Everything is one, there are no borders. Experience Muraqaba and
its relation to other meditations and yoga techniques. Open your
voice with Indian Mantras and get your energy flowing in 3tini
(Arabic: "Give me") Dance Meditation. Come and enjoy the moment!
Feminism and Islam
Thursday 12.00 // Underground
To the Western eye, Muslim women are often seen as victims and
Islam is often stigmatized for being restrictive and intolerant towards
gender identity and sexuality. To overcome stereotypes, we first want
to understand The normative Islam by distinguishing what is Islamic
and what is Culture. How is a Muslim feminist reinterpretation of
Islam possible? Does a decontextualized Islam allow to give space for
female and non-heterosexual autonomy? Speaker Cina Bousselmi
is a student of Philosophy and Islamic Studies at Freie Universitt.
No to Military Trials in Egypt!
Thursday 14.00 // Underground
The Campaign No to Military Trials for Civilians started in 2011, when
the founding members stated that the number of detainees by Egyptian
Military Police had increased drastically. They want to break the media
silence on human rights violations, to lobby against referring civilians to
military courts and to provide legal aid to those being subjected by them.
Freedom for Palestine, and what about us?
Thursday 16.00 // Underground
The Israeli occupation in Palestine is one of many military conflicts
around the world, but it receives tremendous international attention.
The international community (including Germany) is heavily investing
in the region, which plays a central role in the global aid industry, and
as well is one of the sources of arms and homeland security products
which are used around the world. How does Israel/Palestine affect
our lives here? Political economist Shir Hever will shed light on this
complex topic.


Not in my name: Daesh/Islamic State

Thursday 18.00 // Underground
The Islamist terrorist organization Daesh, mostly known as Islamic
State (IS), is fighting in Syria against the government of Assad, the
Free Syrian Army, and the Kurdish minority. They systematically
persecute Yazidis, Christians and other non-Sunni groups in Iraq. In
June 2014, the organization has declared a so-called Caliphate, after
having been established since 2003 under different names. The first
part of the workshop aims at clarifying terms and the history of Daesh/
IS. Secondly the Islamophobic equalization to terrorism and Islam as
well as the request towards Muslims, to dissociate themselves from
IS (such as in the UK campaign "Not in my Name") will be discussed.
Speaker Johanna Montanari has worked in Palestine and holds
a Master's degree from SOAS in Media and Conflict studies.


The Rojava Revolution: practical solidarity

Friday 12.00 // Underground
In this presentation, Anna Fischer and Matt Monroy want to provide
some basic knowledge on the revolutionary way of local selfadministration in the Kurdish city of Rojava (North of Syria). Insights
into developments, goals and challenges of their struggle will be given.
In Rojava, an alternative economic system, apart from capitalist
modernity, has been established and subsequently received pressure
from local and international actors. Thus, a political embargo against
the region lead to a current scarcity of food and other materials. This
exacerbates the terrible living conditions of the population while the war
against ISIS pervades. In the following workshop we want to learn from
this example how revolutionary practices in Germany could look like.
What can we learn from the Kurdish liberation struggle?
Friday 14.00 // Underground
With Kurdish guerrillas defeating the city of Koban against the IS
troops in January 2015, Koban became a symbol of Kurdish resistance.
Yet they did not just defend a city, but a political project known as the
Rojava Revolution. Its core theory of democratic confederalism brings
together the fight against patriarchy and the nation-state, radical
democracy, ecology and militant self-defense. Activist Anna Fischer,
just back from Rojava, and Political Science student Matt Monroy will
share their knowledge from a theoretical and practical perspective.



Does the Orient belong to Europe?

Friday 16.00 // Underground
In the past years a number of politicians, academics and social
movements (e.g. Pegida) have argued that Islam contradicts the
Judeo-Christian traditions of the West and that the Islamic World
did not contribute anything important to Western civilization. In this
talk, Kaveh will challenge this view. By giving a historical overview, he
argues that from its beginning up to the 19th century, the West has
always been indebted to Oriental techniques, science and knowledge.
Kaveh is a Berlin based rapper, writer and activist with Iranian
roots. He studied history and philosophy and gives music, antiracism and empowerment workshops in youth centres and schools.


Getting connected-Staying connected?

[Online]Activism in Tunisia
Friday 18.00 // Underground
New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT's) played
a crucial role in how Tunisians communicated and organized the
uprisings in 2010/2011. In this context ICTs can be analyzed as a
tool for creating networked counterpublic within the authoritarian
system that consists of restricted and manipulated mass media. But
how is the situation in Tunisia today? Has the public sphere entirely
been liberated? How has media been used by more marginalized actors
in the transformation process? Anna Antonakis is a political scientist,
currently writing her PHD on the creation and political impact of
feminist counter public spheres after the uprisings in Tunisia.

Sufi Chanting, Healing, Meditation

Saturday and Sunday 10.00 // Underground
Ramsey's workshops are a manifestation of everything he has chosen
in life: from Sufi chanting to Qi Qong - Bio Energetics to Pranayama.
The workshops will include meditation/activation/breathing. Ramsey
is usually guided by intuition and composes his workshops in a free
flow, tuning into the moment and feeling out the group energy. He
lives in Amman, the capital of Jordan, and is part of the arts collective
TBA that organizes events such as little awarness festivals in the
desert of Wadi Rum.


Recognizing and naming Anti-muslim racism

Saturday 12.00 // Underground
Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism are prevalent in the majoritarian
German society. The *GIDA-movements (Europeans against the
Islamization of the Occident) are just one of many examples,
that have brought those to the surface. In an interactive setting
NIR (Leipzig based Network against Islamophobia and racism)
wants to question stereotypes and reveal our own prejudices. In
this workshop definitions of anti-Muslim racism will be given.
Furthermore, we want to learn how to recognize it in order to make
acts of discrimination visible to those who are not affected by racist
structures in their everyday life as they often remain unperceived.
PEGIDA and Co - Rise and Fall of the European Patriots
Saturday 13.30 // ConTent
Through PEGIDA, a racist mass movement has risen to the surface.
In order to understand the hatred, it is necessary to look at the
process of the German reunification as well as the present situation
in detail. What are the values that PEGIDA is attempting to save?
Are they themselves not being eroded step by step in Germany?
Which conflicts already do exist between the established value
system in Germany and that of the people migrating to live here?
What constructive communication is possible in order to transcend
the cultural definitions? Is successful "Integration" the sole solution?
Panel guests will be Florian Illerhaus (Network against Islamophobia
and racism - NIR, Leipzig) and Sindyan Qasem (unfuq Berlin).
Moderated by Lydia Ziemke and Felix Gebauer (berMorgenLand).



Political Rap in Germany from right to left

Saturday 14.00 // Underground
In this workshop, Kaveh gives an overview of the German political rap
scene. How popular is nationalist and racist rap compared to leftist rap in
Germany and in comparison to other rap scenes around the world? Kaveh
argues that right-wing rap is most popular in Germany. Furthermore,
the rap scene of the German radical left is deeply divided due to
differences in opinion between anti-Germans and anti-imperialists.


A tale of a double refugee: From Yarmouk camp to Niedersachsen

Saturday 16.00 // Underground
"I knew I might not be able to come back soon, but I needed to
leave. Since I lost my home in 2012 in the Palestinian refugee
camp "Yarmouk", a neighborhood south of Damascus, I applied to
universities abroad, mainly in the UK because I speak the language. It
didnt work out but here I am, asking for Asylum in Niedersachsen.
Riham holds a degree in Media studies from Damascus, is
a media activist and will share with us her experience of
the last months living in, and finally escaping from Syria.

Essential digital security: CryptoParty

Saturday 18.00 // Underground
Whether youre a human rights activist, an artist, a business person, a
government official, a technologist, or an academic - digital security
matters. And it matters even more as you cross borders, hop onto
airport wifi, and use your devices around the world.This will be a 2
hour workshop which aims to introduce the most basic cryptographic
programs and the fundamental concepts of their operation to
people, such as the Tor anonymity network, public key encryption (PGP/
GPG) and OTR (Off The Record messaging). Kaustubh Srikanth is an
hactivist and researcher based between Berlin and Bangalore. He currently
works as the head of Technology at Techtical Technology Collective. Rahel
Dette is a research associate at the Global Public Policy Insitut Berlin.
Please bring your computer/phone/tablet!


Refugee Project: CABUWAZI

Sunday 12.00 // Underground
The Berlin based CABUWAZI Beyond Borders targets young refugees
and provides them with an opportunity to take part in circus activities.
While training in different disciplines - such as acrobatics, juggling,
trampoline and balance the children and youngsters are emboldened
with respect to their personal and social capabilities including German
language skills. Generally, we start training with them at their
accommodation facilities for one week and end with a fantastic final
show where they present their new artistic skills to the audience
consisting of friends, families, neighbors and schoolmates. We would
like to talk with you about challenges and advantages of our approach.
Come along to find out more about the project and help us improve it!
Chaos on Planet Syria
Sunday 13.30 // ConTent
Who wants what in Syria now? What is the fascination and recipe for
the success of IS? How does IS still help to keep Assad in power? What
are pro-active alternatives to the current state of shock in the West?
How do non-violent activists manage to keep a sort of humanity
alive in Syria? What is Planet Syria and can we hear it loud and clear?
In addition to the panel discussion with Haid N. Haid (PLANET
SYRIA + Heinrich-Bll-Stiftung), Daniel Gerlach (Publisher



of ZENITH) and Mohammad Al Attar (Syrian Author and

Activist) graphics, images and short films from Syrian artists
and activists will deepen the understanding of the situation.
Moderated by Felix Gebauer and Lydia Ziemke (berMorgenLand).

Antimuslim Rascism Today

Sunday 14.00 // Underground
PEGIDA, AfD, Newer Right European Partys, 9/11, Social-Democrats,
Sarazzin, BILD, War on Gaza 2014, Breivik... these are just some of the
many contexts in which reproduce anti-Muslim rascism. The
scientists Dominik Alsah and Samu Borgmann will give an overview
on phenomenoms of the anti-Muslim rascism with a special focus
on Critical Race Theory, Post-Colonialism and Intersectionality.
Islam, Revolutions, Rap
Sunday 16.00 // Underground
What are the reasonings on Left Islam? Tracing intersections between
Hip Hop and Islam? Who is the Ummah? Really, who is the Ummah?
Looking inward and onward? Who listens, when we speak truth to power?
These are some of the questions that we would like to reflect on with
you. We want to give space for the richness in traditions, diversity,
interpretations, creativity in struggles, subversions and strategies.


Nadija Samour is a laywer and activist. Mona El Omari is a poetess,

performer, social pedagogue, empowerment-worker and PHD
candidate, supported by Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung. Together they
will share their exiting cultural and scientific explorations on the topic.


Racism by the Anti-Racist?!

Nationalism by the Anti-Nationalists?!
Sunday 18.00 // Underground
Can so-called anti-racist individuals and institutions also
contribute to racism against migrants such as Muslims by
stigmatizing them? As sexism exists in the leftist scene,
rascism and nationalism cannot be denied either. Kulel Bazal, an
anti-racism activist in Berlin, will give an overview on different
terms and definitions. After that he'll discuss some examples on how
racism and nationalism affect the German leftist scene.




19:00 @ A*U Stage

Voice & Muraquaba Dance Meditation

10:00 @ Underground

Parole Emil!
21:00 @ A*U Stage

Feminism & Islam

12:00 @ Underground

23:00 @ A*U Stage

NORIENT short films

13:00 @ Kinohangar

01:00 @ A*U Stage

No to mMilitary Trials in Egypt!

14:00 @ Underground

Jazar Crew
03:00 @ A*U Stage

Freedom for Palestine, and what about

16:00 @ Underground
Not in my name : Daesh / Islamic State
18:00 @ Underground

arts and performances



20:00 @ A*U Stage


22:00 @ A*U Stage

Derwish in Progress
by Ziya Azazi
23:30 @ Theaterhangar

Roberto Kensito
00:00 @ A*U Stage
Arab*Underground Night
with DJ Ipek feat. Middle Easte
Soundsystem, Mr. Shirazy, Mehmet
Aslan & DJ Badre
01:00-08:00 @ Luftschloss
01:00 @ A*U Stage
Glizter Spritzer
03:00 @ A*U Stage
Oriental Tropical
06:00 @ A*U Stage
Voice & Muraquaba Dance
10:00 @ Underground
Sufi Dance Workshop
with Ziya Azazi
11:30 @ Theaterhanger
The Rojava Revolution:
Practical solidarity
12:00 @ Underground
Art/Violence + Talk with protagonist
Maryam A.Khaled
12:30 @ Kinohangar
14:00 @ Dubstation
Restless Leg Syndrome
14:00 @ Seebhne
What can we learn from the Kurdish
liberation struggle?
14:00 @ Underground
15:00 @ Theaterhanger

Hello Psychaleppo
15:00 @ Seebhne

does the Orient belong to Europe?

16:00 @ Underground

The Undun
17:00 @ A*U Stage

Getting connected Staying connected?

[online]Activism in Tunisia
18:00 @ Underground

Jamila & the other Heroes

18:30 @ A*U Stage

Land without words

20:00 @ Underground
20:00 @ A*U Stage

Derwish in Progress
by Ziya Azazi
20:30 @ Theaterhangar

Il Civetto
23:00 @ A*U Stage


Cats & Breakkies
00:30 @ A*U Stage
Zigan Aldi
01:30 @ A*U Stage
03:00 @ A*U Stage
Rafael Aragon
04:30 @ A*U Stage
Tante Dante
06:00 @ A*U Stage
The wedding A'rus w A'rus - an
08:00 @ A*U Stage
Sufi Dance Workshop
with Ziya Azazi
11:30 @ ConTent
Sufi Chanting, Healing, Meditation
10:00 @ Underground


Political Rap in Germany

from right to left
14:00 @ Underground
Hvi + Talk with director 14:45 @
Hakan Vreskala Band
15:00 @ Luftschloss
Arabian Knightz feat. MC Amin und
Ramy Essam
15:30 @ Dubstation
A tale of a double refugee: From the
Syrian Yarmouk camp to Niedersachsen
16:00 @ Underground
Habibi Funk
17:00 @ Dubstation
Abu Hajar
17:00 @ A*U Stage
Yoshke and the Wolves
19:00 @ A*U Stage

Recognizing & naming Anti-muslim

12:00 @ Underground

Essential digital security: CryptoParty

bring your computer/phone/tablet!
18:00 @ Underground


Rise and Fall of the European Patriots
13:00 @ ConTent

Arabic* Fairytales & Storytelling

20:00 @ Underground

Carl Gari feat. Abdullah Minyawi

14:00 @ Seebhne

23:00 @ A*U Stage

The Kowald Sisters

14:00 @ A*U Stage

Derwish in Progress
by Ziya Azazi
23:30 @ Theaterhangar

21:00 @ A*U Stage

Ego vs Emo
01:00 @ A*U Stage
Gebrder Dargus
02:00 @ A*U Stage
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
02:30 @ Kinohangar

Arab* Underground
Closing Party
with Hello Psychaleppo
and Oceanvs Orientalis
02:00 @ Luftschloss

The Bergenz
03:30 @ A*U Stage
Baba the Knife
05:00 @ A*U Stage
Torro Molinoz
06:30 @ A*U Stage
Bit of Both
08:00 @ A*U Stage
Sufi Chanting, Healing, Meditation
10:00 @ Underground
Refugee Project: CABUWAZI Beyond
12:00 @ Underground
Chaos on Planet Syria
13:30 @ ConTent
Fatih Akin traut sich:
The Cut
13:45 @ Kinohangar
Antimuslim Rascism Today 14:00 @
15:00 @ A*U Stage
16:00 @ Underground
Compaero Carlo
17:00 @ A*U Stage
Racism by the Anti-Racist?! Nationalism
by the Anti-Nationalists?!
18:00 @ Underground
18:00 @ A*U Stage

arts and performances


Dj Cla:s
21:00 @ A*U Stage


Arab* Underground
Arab* Underground
Arab* Underground