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Combustion Systems and Mixers

for Industrial Use


Reliable and Safe Flare Systems and Burners

by Prema-Service

Stationary Flare Systems

Mobile Flare Systems and Rental Flare Systems

Stationary flare systems are installed along with

the required safety, ignition, and control devices
at the operators site. They cannot be moved. Each
stationary flare system is designed individually by
Prema-Service GmbH. Depending on the customer
request, Prema-Service either assumes responsibility
for planning a complete turn-key flare system or
only for the engineering of key components such
as the flare tip, pilot burner or the ignition system.
The flare tips and combustion systems of PremaService are available in various types and designs.

Since 1998, Prema-Service GmbH has operated its

own mobile rental flare system business and is a
pioneer in this specific area. Several mobile flare
systems and combustion chambers are available at
short notice for use at the customers site to safely
incinerate temporary exhaust gases.

Industrial Burners
We design and deliver special burners tailored to
the specific requirements of our customers for the
following range of applications:

single- and multi-stage furnace burners for

gaseous and liquid fuels (including heavy fuel oil)
low NOx burners for the petrochemical and
chemical industry
special burners for boiler systems of power plants

All our burners are available custom-made both

for new systems and for the replacement of old

Typical applications are for example:

degassing of tanks during cleaning;

degassing of pipelines during cleaning
or in case of damage;
plant downtimes;
downtimes of exhaust gas recovery systems
(VRU downtime);
inspection of elevated flares.


Efficient and Economical Mixers

by Prema-Service

Side-Entry Mixers for Tanks

The side-entry mixers by Prema-Service GmbH are
primarily used in the chemical and petrochemical
industry, refineries and the field of waste water
treatment. Side-entry mixers are particularly suited
for large storage and oil tanks. Their functions
include the effective mixing of liquid tank content,
systematic disposal of sediment deposits and maintaining a constant temperature in the tank.
Types and Designs of Side-Entry Mixers
All of our mixers are designed according to the
modular design principle to guarantee best-possible
interchangeability of spare parts. This enables quick
repair and easy installation of supplementary parts.
The performance range spans from 2KW to 55KW.
fixed type (F)
swivel type (S)
high-temperature type (HT)
All mixers and motors are also available as explosion protected versions (ATEX). Due to their special
design, our mixers are very compact, which results
in minimal momentum acting on the tank wall.

Consequently, neither braces nor supports are

Static Mixers (PMR)
Static mixers are required when optimal mixing is
to be achieved at minimum cost. The static mixer
by Prema-Service is designed as a Pulsating Mixing
Reactor (PMR). The pulsating mixing reactor is a
continuously operating mixing device installed in a
pipe. All components of the mixer are motionless
and there is no need for external power.
Fields of Application
Static mixers can be used for blending, chemical
reactions, heating, cooling, homogenization and
emulsification. They have no moving components
and are suited for mixing solid materials, liquids
and gases in any combination.


Robust and Inexpensive Premaflex Pinch Valves Cover

a Wide Range of Applications

PREMAFLEX Standard PQVF Series Pinch Valves

Standard PQVF pinch valves are available with
nominal widths ranging from DN 40 to DN 200.
Our standard PQVF series pinch valves consist of
a housing with two clamping flanges, all made
of grey cast iron GG20, and a high-elastic fabricreinforced natural rubber sleeve. The rubber sleeve
is centered in the housing and kept pressed by
the clamping flanges on both sides. This means it
requires only four components and just a few
hexagon bolts to produce a fully functional
PREMAFLEX pinch valve.
Furthermore, Prema-Service GmbH offers a variety
of housing and flange materials and different
sleeve grades for a wide range of applications.

PREMAFLEX PQVI-POM Series Pinch Valves

with Internal Thread Connection
PQVI-POM pinch valves are available with nominal
widths ranging from DN 15 (G 1/2) to DN 50
(G 2). They are made of polyoxymethylene (POM).
Polyoxymethylene is a particularly low-wear
material, which sets itself apart through its high
degree of stability, viscosity, low cold flow and high
elasticity. POM is food-safe in accordance with the
recommendations of the German Federal Institute
for Risk Assessment BfR. Special designs are
available upon request.
The PQVI-POM series pinch valve consists of a
POM housing, two clamping pieces and two sleeve
nuts made of POM material and features a builtin high-elastic natural rubber sleeve. The rubber
sleeve is centered in the housing. It is kept pressed
on both sides and held in place by the clamping
pieces and sleeve nuts. This means it requires only
six components to produce a fully functional
PREMAFLEX pinch valve. Furthermore, PremaService GmbH offers different sleeve grades for a
wide range of applications.


Quality and Precision Is Our Maxim for Design,

Erection and Service

Repair and Service of Flare Systems

Service of Mixers for Tanks

Flare systems are put under heavy stress from high

temperatures, aggressive media and environmental conditions. Only the regular monitoring of all
components and regular on-schedule maintenance
secures proper functioning in an emergency. The
experienced service specialists of Prema-Service
take on both standard service and repair tasks as
well as special and particularly demanding tasks.
Typical service and repair tasks for flare systems
and combustion chambers include:

Mixers are put under heavy stress from continuous

operation, aggressive media and high loads. All
the mixers by Prema-Service are dimensioned
appropriately to ensure a long service life of the
mixers components. However, wearing parts such
as mechanical ring seals and gearboxes must be
checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

overhaul, repair of pilot burners including

replacement on site;
overhaul of flare tips / flare burners including
replacement on site;
overhaul of ignition and control systems;
new cabling of flare systems;
adaptation of flare systems to new
operating conditions;
adaptation of flare systems to changed
ambient requirements;
removal of corrosion damage;
supply of spare parts and/or components;
servicing of parts from other manufacturers.

Repair work on side-entry mixers for tanks can be

performed both by our specialist on site and in
our service workshop. This means that a complete
overhaul of a mixer is possible within 1-2 business
days. Thanks to consistency in design and construction with due consideration of technical progress
we can still today deliver spare parts for mixers
that are 40 years of age.













Prema-Service GmbH Over 40 Years of

Experience in Industrial Plant Engineering
For over 40 years, Prema-Service GmbH has served the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as refineries, tank farms and steel
plants as a most reliable partner and supplier. A company managed by
its owner, Prema-Service GmbH stands for high quality through extensive
expertise in the fields of development, design, engineering and project
handling combined with in-house production of major plant components
in Germany.
A committed staff, long years of experience, comprehensive quality management and environmental management and ongoing extensive certification that is accepted on the national and international market guarantee
highest reliability. Our globally experienced service specialists carry out
all maintenance and repair work that occurs with our product portfolio.
Moreover, we have representations in many countries in Europe, Asia, the
Middle East, the CIS states, South Africa, South America and Australia.

Our quality and environmental management system helps us to provide
full satisfaction to our customers with regard to our products and services.
Minimizing emissions, preserving and improving the environment and
protecting human health are among our primary goals. Our commitment
is certified at regular intervals and we hold a range of national and
international certificates including DIN EN150 9001, DIN EN150 14001,
SGU, SCC, WHV, Gospromnadzor.

Prema-Service GmbH
Urseler Strae 65
61348 Bad Homburg v.d.H.
Tel.: +49 (0) 6172 677850
Fax: +49 (0) 6172 24730